Taurus girl no longer affectionate.

by MaleVirgo

I am a Virgo, and have been with my Taurus girlfriend since 2008. We have had a pretty rocky relationship... A bit my fault, but we should be fine now. I got with her while still in love with my ex. I went on a few dates with my ex while we were starting dating as well,( I kinda told her I was out with friends, she even approved of me if bowling by financing it. My ex and i didn't have sex or do anything more then light make out, so I don't see that as cheating, but my Taurus does). When my Taurus found out she blew, refused to speak to me for a month. which took effort since we were living together.

A little after she found out, things started to get better. I stopped contacting my ex, but she was always questioning me. She sometimes confronts me for flirting, which I sometimes do, but I don't mean anything more then just flirting to get better tips or to just enjoy company. Really, I would never even call or pursue them romantically, it is more for kicks. She has stayed with me, we even now have a kid together. So it can't bother her that much.
However over the last year she has just completely become adverse to any form of affection, she begrudgingly even hugs me, and gods forbid I try to kiss her.

What is going on? How do I get back the loving affectionate girl back? Why are Taurus so unforgiving?

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