Taurus is like a game of chess!

by Scorpio Slave

I've been involved with two Taurus men romantically and have several more as friends and family. This has allowed me to observe and interact with them in various situations and points throughout their lives. I'd like to focus on three in particular, that may provide some insight.

Taurus #1, my mother. Because we are both fixed signs (myself a Scorpio), my mother and I butt heads a LOT. We didn't have the best life when I was a child, which led to a near non-existant mother/child relationship. When I became a teenager, I more or less left home and had to get to know my mother all over again while viewing her as a woman without restraints and demanding that she see me as the adult I became prematurely. I am so thankful for it! It took us seven years to build our current relationship, which is a friendship rather than mother and child. It was very hurtful for me in the beginning, because Taurus stands by what they think and she disagreed with just about everything about me. But after I quit pushing her and allowed her to begin asking questions in her own time and to just OBSERVE my lifestyle, she has come to a point where she openly admits "I still don't think it's right, but I accept and support that it's right for YOU."

Taurus #2, my first boyfriend. We were both very young and he was still in the "player" stage of his life, never taking seriously the girls that he dashed into relationships with. I was very much one of those girls- until I got pregnant with his child. At first, before we knew for sure that I actually was pregnant, it pushed us farther apart. But when we finally began to talk again six months after I miscarried, it ultimately became the cement that bonded us together for life. Nowadays, we look at each other as brother and sister; but when we get a few drinks in us, we still hold hands and talk about the little girl that almost was while calling each other by the old nicknames again. Taurians seems to like personal history, and sharing a major moment in their life like that will assure that they always keep you close to their heart (just be sure that you played a GOOD role in that memory, or else it'll be a grudge that they're holding!)

Taurus #3, a man that was having an affair with me. When a Taurus takes those vows, they mean them! Through hell or high water, a Taurus will stand by their wo/man, at least on the surface. He and I met through a mutual friend and talked occasionally for some time before finally meeting. The first couple of meetings were full of flirting and foreplay, but we didn't sleep together until the third time he came by on his way home from work. What a poor sight he was when we met... His wife was abusive mentally and physically and she had nearly crushed his soul, but he refused to leave because they have children and he believed in his marriage vows. The affair was more than just the sex- Taurians aren't very verbally communicative but when they have something to say, they need to be heard. I was his audience. Because they are so shy and introverted, they need some one in their life that they can lean on and get advice from when they do finally open up. For a time, I was that confidant. And, of course, Taurians are very physical, needing to give and receive physical affection. I was the one who was there to hold him. By being that support for him, our affair led him to become the headstrong, confident Bull he really was again. Instead of leaving his wife like most other signs would have by that point, he used the tools I helped him find again to not only end the abuse in his marriage, but turn it into the one he wanted. He's still married and happily in love with his wife, with no end in sight, and I've gone back to being the same distant friend he rarely calls that I was in the beginning.

I hope my insight helps.

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by: Anonymous

Very Very Very True.

Advise from a Taurus man
by: Jason Dawson

I am a 29 year old Taurus I have been in six relationships, the longest was three years the shortest was 8 months. Out of them all I asked out only one my highschool sweetheart we dated for 3 years before she said that it was just a crush she was a Aquarius. I have dated a Taurus female and several other as well as having feeling for a female friend I have known for over ten years who is a Leo. It took me that long to tell her how I felt. As for my other five relationships I talked about I was oblivious to the fact they liked me I was always to engorged with what I was doing at that point in my life to notice. Taurus guys tend to get to carried away wit work and school or hanging with their friends to notice others paying attention to them that are not part of their normal group. So I you happen to find yourself liking a taurus man you should say something cause even if we notice we are not the type to always come out and say something. But most of the time we are just Oblivious to the fact!! I hope this will help some of y'all out there in dealing with Taurus men you know I know if it was someone I know I would want someone to give them this advise as we are sometimes bad at talking to girls :(

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