Taurus makes me so confused and sad please help me

by Luana
(philadelphia, PA, USA)

So I've been seeing this taurus guy for a little over a month now .. in the beginning it was really good and he was very affectionate and expressive, but then he got distant. he said it was because he was dealing with drama with his family and stuff so I tried to be understanding .. and he did come back again, but then things started to be very hot and cold with him .. I heard that that is how they can be but I don't know if I can keep holding on because I'm not sure how he feels about me anymore. He had trouble saying he missed me (he would say his body missed a body and that mine was good/perfect instead of just saying he missed me) and he says he is bad at texting but last night he had no problem communicating with me that he needed help with an essay for our class that we have together so that pissed me off .. i sent him a facebook message saying that it was interesting that he blows me off sometimes and says its becasue hes bad at texting but when he needs something there is nothing wrong with his phone ..

so basically
1: when he was more expressive he said his heart would beat faster when i was around and that i gave him chills when we kissed
2: we had the best sex ever .. it was too hard for me to resist him so it ended up happening
3: we have a lot in common and have good conversations
4: but now he's making me feel confused and stupid for having feelings for him in the first place and i am very close to just giving up. i want him to know how i feel but i don't know how to do that .. i dont run into him often on campus (were in college) and i know texting him saying "i need to talk to u" is going to be scary for a guy so i feel like the only way is to call him and leave a message if he doesnt answer?

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your choice. good luck making him make one.
by: Anonymous

If you ask me it depends on however you want to handle it. Just know the more pressure you put on the taurus the more traumatic the situation will be for him as all taurus have to overcome their (inertia) stubborness. The point is though if you want a certain change from a taurus(whatever it may be: communication attention) it'll probably take the time a message, which would most likely seem a ultimatum, allows. It really comes down to how much you think you care for him, and how much you think he cares about you. Taurean men are loyal but are also known to make "booty calls" out of important mates in their haste and need for a sex partner. Not saying he has. Its just really important to know how he views you so you can realize if either of you are mistaking what the relationship is. He might care about you more than he knows right now.

oh dear!!!!
by: Me

Don't listen to the advice of "Anonymous"--she is as clueless as you are!! And, from what I understood, you are going to uni, so shouldn't you be a little brighter than this? OK OK, maybe its a little too harsh :)And what is your star sign, btw? You are probably cancer or pisces--and that's probably why you sound so naive...
You are asking what "his body missed a body and that mine was good/perfect instead of just saying he missed me" means...Isn't it a little too obvious, no? So let me read the writing on the wall for you...His body (or his penis, to be precise) is feeling horny and is missing a body (or a vagina, ANY vagina) and yours is perfect (your body/vagina is perfect because it is AVAILABLE to him)! So yeah!!! Sadly!!!
If you are feeling like getting even with him, write a really bad essay for him and fail his selfish ass;) Or dump him when he least expects it, because "his d@@k is too small"! Good luck!!

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