Taurus male interested in a relationship?

by Confused
(New York NY)

I am a Scorpio woman, 49 years old and he is a Taurus Man 45 years old. We first saw each at the Market. It was crowded and he stepped aside to let me go by. Our eyes locked, I smiled and thanked him.. and looked back. What a handsome man.

A couple of days later I received an email from him. It just so happens that we are on the same on-line dating site. He explained who he was, we chatted a bit then met for coffee and a walk. The next day, he emailed me saying that although he had a great time; he thought we were way too different to ever make a go of a relationship. No problem I say, it's been a slice and off we go on our merry way.

3 weeks ago; which would be about 6 months after our initial meet. He contacts me again; to say I was surprised to hear from him would be an understatement. We chat for a couple of days then we meet again. This time at his place; he needed help planting his new vegetable plants. All goes well and we chat for about 6 hours. We have met about 7 or 8 more times since then. He emails me every morning to ask if I slept well, to wish me a good day..and sometimes something amusing regarding sex.

The sex is the most amazing I have ever experienced. He makes my toes curl. I have never met a man who can sense my needs like this Taurus male.

The problem is every couple of days or so; he emails me saying that he has to take it down a couple of notches. No problem I say.. since us Scorpio women are not overly emotional. Then within a few days he contacts me as if nothing ever happened.

My question would be.... Is this Taurus male really interested in a relationship or not? He had written to me saying that to him I am like a drug he cannot get enough of and no matter where he is if thoughts of me come to his mind....He smiles.

Signed... : Confused

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Understanding his intentions
by: Anonymous

This Taurus man is definitely interested. But he senses a lot of differences between you two. A Taurus will analyze a situation to death. A Taurus will over-assess a person before he takes the final dive. The reason why this is so is because once committed, these Bulls have a real difficult time detaching themselves from a person (yes, even if the relationship is not working). The only exception? CHEATING! Tauruses are a lot like Scorpios in that aspect. Anyone who comes into their life that added some sort of permanency, immediately belongs to them.

This man is an old-fashioned gentleman despite his cool facade. He does not want to mislead or disrespect you in any way. Despite the obvious differences, this man is very fond of you. He does not want to come across as a jerk. His solution, to keep you at arms length before he makes the final determination if he will pursue this or not. But in the meantime, he does not want you to be emotionally invested in him. Emotional meltdowns make him uncomfortable.

You will have to be patient when dealing with this man. If you're seeing someone, please keep it to yourself. He abhors competition.

But if you lack patience, and you want to speed up the process. May I suggest, cooking him dinner. He may also have a weakness for pastries.This is the BEST way to win over a Taurus. Select a great bottle of wine, or his favorite beer. Rent a great comedy. This man has a funny bone.

If you want to get closer to him, it will require a tremendous amount of patience. This man is very private, and you will learn about him in bits and pieces.

Good Luck


Thank you Taurus
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your reply. This man is an great man and such a gentle soul.

I believe he will be worth being patient for. He contacts me everyday. I don't make him wait for a reply; playing games is not for us Scorpions.


So True
by: Anonymous

I have been in a relationship with a Taurus man for 6 months and all I can say is WOW! What a ride!!! We are unable to detach from each other, but he is still assessing me. I watch his every movement and it drives me CRAZY when he becomes distant, but I am trying. He does give me bit and pieces. I cook him dinner almost every night and make sure that he is okay. When I do this too much, he thinks like I'm acting like his babysitter. Overall, I can't complain because he does respect my time. Another thing with this man is that he lashes out when he feels that I am personally attacking and his words are extremely painful, but he has made improvements and stepped back when he gets angry with me. I'm sure that's a good thing.

Taurus male interested in a relationship?
by: Confused

All was going well with my Taurus male, then last weekend we spent another beautiful day together visiting a couple of places he knew I would enjoy. 2 days later, we talk for a couple of hours he told me he had some issues to resolve, I told him I understood; and you got it....He steps back again.

I told him during this conversation that we all had some issues in our lives that we had to resolve and that I also had an issue years ago that I had to resolve in order to go on in life. I'm scared that telling him my issue, that I was raped(Not intercourse involved, that he now thinks differently of me.

I have texted twice since our conversation and no reply from him, which is so unlike him.

I have really started to have feelings for this wonderful considerate man and feel that it may be over and that I have lost him forever.

Signed ..Confused

I hope this helps
by: Understanding his intentions

As a Taurus, I will be honest with you. The 'rape' issue may have scared him off a bit, but this may not be permanent. How long have the two of you been dating? 'Gradual process' is an important element when dealing with a Taurus. We can not be overconsumed with eveything at once. Especially when it deals with a special person or loved one who has been violated. Since Tauruses are keen nurturers, our possessive side tends to kick in, and this need to protect you at all times will consume us. He will have to distance himself from you to analyze and assess this situation. What he's probably thinking? 'Is she emotionally stable to move on? Am I mentally prepared to handle this?' With Taurus men, their issues are mainly finances, or family focused.

Because these men are private, non confrontational peace-loving people, they will not tell you if something was bothering them. I understand that most Scorpios are also bounded, but in this situation, you will have to be bold and bring this 'issue' up in an email. My advice, avoid any emotional connotations. Use logic. They're very practical people. Secretly, he will admire your persistence. Tell him:

"Look, I understand the information I provided about the rape was too soon. We're still in the process of getting to know one another, and I respect your decision to take things gradually. I am very fond of you, and highly respect you as a person. I just wanted to tell you that we all had trials and tribulations that we had to overcome. We're not perfect human beings. We're flawed. But mentioning the 'rape' was my way of letting you know, as far as your 'issues' go, this too shall pass. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here."

I guarantee you...he will call you.

Hopes this helps
by: Confused

Hi Understanding his intentions :)

Thank you for your comments. I do hope you are right that he will contact me again. I really missed him over the weekend.

We have been dating since May 2010, we met the first time, Aug 2009. At that time he had told me that he that we were too different to make a go of things; then he made contact with me again in May 2010,we have been seeing each ever since.

I'm not sure if it's because he is a Taurus, but he remembers everything I like/enjoy; what time I go to bed at night so he never keeps me up chatting thru the week past my bedtime; what time I leave for work in the morning again so I don't leave too late for work if we chat in the morning. :)

I swear I have never met a man who is so considerate. How can you not have feelings for this loveable guy :)


Mistress in trouble
by: Anonymous

Ok I know what I'm about to say makes me a bad person but I believe everything happens for a reason I am a Virgo women falling for a married Taurus man with whom I work with.this man has been married for 10 years and just had a baby who's 7 months old (I know it's awful)now I'm not a homewrecker nor have I ever messed with a nasties man before.we like eachother so much and were very compatible we literally don't go more then a day without communicating I sometimes feel like I've found my match.Were from different backgrounds which makes it so much more interesting we make each other laugh and the sex is like two souls and one heart beat I do not encourage him to leave his wife I just go with the flow all I want to know is what can possibly happen between us or what should I do

Thank you! I'm not alone!
by: Anonymous

WOW! Your confusion has helped clarify some of my own. Thank you fellow scorpio! I am a 30 year old scorpio woman who has been seeing a 25 year old man "off and on" (you know what I mean) since September of 2009. I can completely understand how connected you feel to him and how distant he can be. At the same time he is a very reliable companion. He "just isn't in a place to be able to commit to a relationship right now." I don't doubt that since he is working his way through college and I am trying to be a single parent. We both agree in this scenario that trying to form a relationship could be a recipe for disaster. I am glad he is able to see things like this clearly where I tend to get swept away in the moment. He makes me feel incredible. I can't wait for the day that he is comfortable enough to open up and enjoy everything I want to be for him. Hopefully if I am patient it will happen one day. I don't know where this may lead but I do know that I also need to proceed with caution as to protect my sensitive heart. I have a very hard time reading him at times. I can't predict where this may lead so I guess that's what scares me. I do have faith that I do make him feel as amazing as he does me. So I will keep pursuing this because I can't stand the idea of passing up someone so intriguing and amazing to me.
I also wanted to add that I can't imagine your guy being scared off by your experience. I have confided some pretty scary things about my abusive relationship with my children's father to my Taurus man and he is very sincere and understanding. His hesitance is probably related to something completely different. I tend to get insecure when he pulls away too but everytime it is for reasons that have nothing to do with me. You can probably relate to that too. Good luck and thank you!

by: Anonymous

Am a female scorpio who had a nlce taurus as a friend. Everything was alright then for some reason I started having these feelings for him which scared me. I tried to brush it off but i could not. For some reason i craved to be with him. When i could not control the feelings i decided to inform him about it. He was very understanding and i told him i will keep it in check. However i could not, as i really wanted to be with him.The attraction is too strong, that i wish i could control it. I invited him out on three occasions but he gave me excuses and said maybe another time. I was not happy with this so i spoke to him and told him i do not like it when people pretend around me. He said it was alright and the following day when i was going to work he wished me a good day. I am so drawn to him that i do not know what to do as he keeps on telling me that we are not compatible even though i can tell that his body language and reaction is saying something different.A few weeks later, i sent him an email telling him how i felt about him but wanting us to be friends and when he came home i asked him whether he received it and he answered in the positive but then said that he felt being pressured. I apologized and told him am finding it difficult to let him go. He tells me he has to leave the apartment we shared and that it will be best not to contct him becuase he does not like me. I was so hurt that i wanted to touch him and so i touched him on the arm even though he said i should not. I did and he rushed into his room. A week after i apologized and he accepted it not without tellinig me that we do not have anything to talk about. I have tried to give him space and he tries his best to avoid me at every instance. It hurts so bad and i can't focus and he is in my head all the time. I just can;t seem to let him go. I know am in love with him but how do i repair this relationship. I really do love him. I started having all these feelings for him before realizing he was a taurus. The things he does that confuses me is the fact that when i get male visitors he gets very jealous and he reacts. When am cooking he will come to the kitchen to complete me but when i inveite him to eat he will politly decline. We went out on my birthday together with two of our friends and a gentleman was chatting with me and he cme closer to ask me what the gentleman wants and i told him. He hanged around me the whole night So i do not understand what is going on.Even though he insisted on leaving the apartment he is still here. What does all these mean. I really need help.Plese help.

To the anonymous poster above
by: Understanding His Intentions

You smothered him. It freaked him out! Taurus individuals hate to be controlled. They don't mind taking the passive role...but it has to be willingly, and on their own terms, only! He is defintely interested in you. {The jealous outburst speaks magnitudes about how he feels about you]. The possessive Taurus is not the sharing type! But for some reason he does not see longevity with you. Ask yourself this? You know he's interested. What exactly is causing him to be hesitant? I'm sure the smothering aspect is one of the reasons. But I'm sure that's not the only reason.

Here is a list of reasons that causes Taurus individuals to be turned off.

1) Emotional meltdowns and manipulation. We prefer vulnerabilty, but not weakness. He likes his woman traditional, feminine but somewhat strong-minded. She has to know what she wants. Be honest at all times. No undermining, game-playing. He's extremely confident on his read on people.

2) Taurus men hate being told what to do or rushed into anything. Telling him how you felt was a great thing. A Taurus man always wants to know where he stands with you. But overwhelming him with your emotions in such a short period can completely freak him out. With a Bull tread lightly. Her prefers the courtship to be very gradual.

So please, take the emotion down a notch. And let him lead!

to the girl that asked for help with the roomate
by: christian salazar

I think that taurus is completetly in love with you, BUT as he holds you in high regard(pedestal ,virginal) by you inviting other men makes him feel like a fool, you have to understand that he is a gentleman when you are a round he will treat you like a(his) lady, but if you were to act like a whore(bringing other men) in his eyes you will NEVER be worthy of his great,awesome, sacrificial, ever-lasting love.
He understands that you are not property and do not belong to any man, but he WANTS you to act like you are his and his ONLY by your own free will, my best advice is for you to completetly HUMBLE yourself by "admiting" your lewdness and asking for forgiveness preferably on your knees(NOT KIDDING) because to a taurus male when a woman humbles herself to him the more he holds her in high regards(pedestal) trust me I would know, I am a taurus male who had a promiscuous scorpio female who I totally loved but whenever her phone rang I knew it was another man asking to come over and use her, and in my eyes that instantly brought her down, it's a shame she never asked for forgiveness and repented, I would have forgiven her, she wanted to sleep with me and I with her, but I wanted it to be special(not just sex) and I think me not telling her why I didn't sleep with her pushed her to the arms of other men, I'm sorry I never told her, just as sure as he is sorry he can't tell you all this. I hope it works out for you.

Stil missing him
by: Confused


It has been since last August since I have seen my wonderful Taurus male. We have texted a few times but not met.

Last night, we were texting; just general conversation gardening and such with spring just around the corner; then he just stopped answering. I bid him a good night and told him it was nice chatting with him again, no reply ( I iniated the first text).

I am debated whether or not I should let him know that I miss him. I'm guessing I have nothing to lose :)I would so love to have him in my life again.

I have dated a few times since last August but no man comes close to this special Taurus male. :)

For the life of me I still cannot figure out how he can treat me and make love to me like I am his treasure then walk away. :)

Sign ..Confused

Taurus male with dead X ... Will he take a chance on love again?
by: Anonymous

I met this Taurus guy through a dating site, we seem to click right away, and continued getting together over dinner, he has cooked for me and I for him. (I am Cancer, Scorpio rising) According to what a Taurus man supposedly look for in a woman I represents. His wife died of cancer 3 years ago and he told me that it was hard for him to move on. I have been a great listener, since I feel that it is important for him to talk about it and for me to get the full picture. I let him know that I was interested and a couple of dates later he kissed me and he told me that he really wanted to give us a try, since I might be the one for him. Several time in-between our dates we have gotten together with our kids, just hanging out.
Last time we got together it got quite steamy, and he was clearly turned on by me. I did not let it go any further, since I was not ready to go there with him yet and think that he may not be completely ready either. We slowed down and just cuddled and he felt asleep in my arms. As I left, I told him that it was not that I did not desire him, but I needed for it to be from the heart and not just lust. He agreed. He sendt me a sweet text message the next day.
My question is, will a Taurus man that has loved deeply and lost, be able to love again the same way? Am I a test run, or could he be seeing potential in me? I just do not feel that he sees me as his girlfriend. I REALLY like him and am willing to be oh so patient, although he has moved in a faster pace then I had expected. Several of his moves has caught me completely off guard. But as of now I do not know if we are still just dating or if it is more serious than that… we have never had “the talk” and I do not want to push it. He is not showing any possessiveness, jealousy or constant contact side… just the lots of touching.
Would love some input on Taurus’s mindset in this situation.

To Cancer Female/Taurus Male/Dead X
by: Anonymous

Christian Salazar (the poster above described a Taurus man perfectly).

Taurus men need to see honesty and vulnerability. You're a Cancer. No one displays that better than you. So don't be afraid to embrace it, and let go! Taurus men are very physical signs (nymphos to be exact!). He would have came on to you regardless. But it doesn't mean that he will not be respectful. This man is patient. Very patient. Traditional. He will wait for what he wants.

But you will have to learn to love, and be open. Fear of rejection will drive the Right Man away!Holding back will prevent him from opening up. As Salazar asserted earlier, 'humility' will send him to his knees. His heart will be in your hands.

Is he using you? Absolutely not! Will he continue to guard himself if you continue to put up a wall? Absolutely yes! This does not inicate that you should sleep with him right away. But humble yourself, be honest and vulnerable about your feelings, and trust me, he will wait for eternity to win you over.

Taurus male with dead X ... Will he take a chance on love again?
by: Anonymous

Thank you SOOO much for your input. I have been completely open about my feelings for him, putting my self out there, been vulnerable and all, I have kept my walls down, I am willing to risk getting hurt. We do not talk about "us" and feelings on the phone or in person, the emotions are expressed thrugh text messages, although all he has said so far is that I am sweet, and that my kisses are lovely. I have done nothing to have need to get on my knees and "humiliate" my self, so I can have him in my hands. I just want him to feel that love that I feel, and wish that I knew where he is at, in all this. Of cause I would never dare to as this question.
Will all Taurii men show the typical signs of possessiveness and constant contact, because we do not talk or text everyday... and we only see each other once a week, due to the fact that we live 45 min apart and both are full time parents. How am I to know that he is emotionally involved, because once he is, I would love to give my self to him physically.

Cancer Female/Taurus Male/Dead X
by: Anonymous

("I just want him to feel that love that I feel")

He already does. Taurus individuals love hard, but we love very differently from Cancers. Cancers where their heart on their sleeves, but Tauruses carry our hearts in our heads. We're cautious investors. We will examine, and a sum up a person's intentions before we resume with any relationship. We're not very trusting people either. With Tauruses, when we commit, we FULLY commit. Full throttle. It's You and I. Me & You. All or nothing. We need absolute certainty, that you're not going to crush our hearts into tiny little pieces or that you have malicious intentions.. This is why we're very slow to initiate any prospective relationship. We ALWAYS want to know where we stand with you.

("Will all Taurii men show the typical signs of possessiveness and constant contact")

Yes. In due time We ALL do! LOL!

("How am I to know that he is emotionally involved, because once he is, I would love to give my self to him physically.")

He is already emotionally involved with you, he's just not verbalizing it. As I stated earlier, We carry our hearts in our heads. If you give yourself to him physically, he will still respect you. Once we see 'vulnerability' we tend to ease up and relax a little. We're very put off by people who are guarded. And we hate liars! He may still be feeling you out. Or doing some background investigation of his own. Don't panic. LOL! This is a natural reaction for most Tauruses. He's also probably trying to figure out ways to incorporate you in his life (his schedule). We ca also be quite predictable and will 'over-plan' everything!

Good Luck to the both of you!

Cancer Woman/Taurus Man/Dead X
by: Anonymous


I also wanted to add one more thing....

Being with a Taurus requires extreme patience.
But the benefits are well worth it!

If your intentions are genuine, and not malicious. He will see this. But it may take him some time depending on your behavior and demeanor.

This will require 'consistency' on your part. No flakiness, uncertainty, or hiding from your Taurus!

Taurus male with dead X ... Will he take a chance on love again?
by: Anonymous

Whow, thank you. Truly music to my ears. I will take you words to heart, and just go with it. Next time just be utterly vulnerable and let my emotions flow and show :)
Thank you again and may you have a pleasant life journy, Sweet you.

Taurus male with dead X ... Will he take a chance on love again?
by: Anonymous

I must add, that I do find it a bit unfair ;o) Having the emotional debt that us Cancers do, then having to leave our self so vulnerable and unguarded for SUCH a long time to win a Taurus heart. In my head I am very patient, but my heart and feelings is a different story, and must say that this is quite the emotional ride. I SO hope that this will be, all I hope it can be and that he does not crush my heart into tiny little pieces. That fear is not stopping me, but it will always be there ;o)

Taurus male with dead X ... Will he take a chance on love again?
by: Anonymous

Ok, so I am back. HELP. Need advise again…. I got the phone call I have dreaded.
Although very physically attracted to me, and the ability to se longevity in us, he is not over his x, and the emotions are not there. He needs to draw back from what we have started. He really wants to stay in touch and be friends. I told him that I would like that, but now I do not know how to stay open about my feelings, without him feeling that I am expecting more from him down the road. I want more, I will not deny that, and will not stop hoping for more, Should I tell him this? If I enter the friendship zone, will I ever be able to be more to him? If the emotions are not there now, will they ever be able to be there? I ofcause am hoping that the reason that he does want to stay in touch is that once he does work through his issues, he want me to be around so we can give us another chance…. Am I too naïve to think this? PLEASE ADVISE…. !!!

Met my match on many levels
by: Anonymous

To be brief I am a 33 year old Scorpio and he is 31. I met my Taurus twelve years ago in a small town which I had two kids of my own then. Honestly it was a side piece type situation. Although, over time I grew closer to him but I knew he wasn't ready so I didn't persue. All of a sudden he left and lost touch. He was young and I knew what the circumstances were. Now tweleve years later I have gone through tremendous ups and downs and was in a better place financially and starting over despite a situation that erupted and was fairly fresh but I had hopes that it would end soon. So my mindset was on achieving better and being a better person in general. We conversed he visited and then he flew back and stayed. I got to admit I spoiled him at first and he became Dependant as if this was something he was use too.I found out that he was spending large amounts of time talking to other women.So fast forward arguments became painfully abusive then became physical. He takes no responsibility for his actions and blames everyone for how he is today. He has kids of his own whom of which the moma is what I would call a yes man. I am very opinionated and make every attempt to talk things out which seems to never work. Its like his way or no way. For six months he enjoyed the fruits of my labor then when I realized what was happened I turned the tables and made him take the lead...wrong move. He then felt he was superior that he was pulling his weight yet far from it because I was still helping with the bills.Let's face it he was only part time. I began school and things went spirilly out of control. He couldn't handle the weight,I sought out for a different job but unsuccessful. All of a sudden u saw everything I worked hard for being sold out the window to pay bills. Keep in mind of my personal situation that was very emotional and demanding. Fast forward we had to move because we couldn't handle the rent any longer and so we got a apartment in his name...WRONG MOVE! Three moths after moving I found out that he had been sleeping with a broad taking my vehicle at 4am in the morning when he was suppose to be at work! This man lies about everything even if its black and white. Now he feels he has control!! The physical abusive was turned up to 10..violent to the point that he goes out his way to scream and drag me out the house to the neighbors GET THE FUCK OUT! REALLY? He says the most horrible things that truly cut like a knife!!I'm constantly trying to find ways to improve the relationship without becoming some Dependant yes man like his child's mother...I REFUSE. He says he cheated cause we always fight...he's bored in our relationship cause we are around each other 24/7. What sparked the last abuse was because he is now collecting numbers when he goes to the gas station and I called her myself. This is insane!!!! I know what many might say but I still want to hear what the hell is with the Taurus's or is this a special case? HELP!!

Help! I know he likes me but wants to date around?
by: Just a Girl

I've been seeing a Taurus man for a couple of months (we have known each other for a long time, he was married and now divorced). We started out hot and heavy. he wanted to spend every day with me. we still spend 4 or 5 days a week together and he tells me how much he cares about me and wants me in his life. Yet he also tells me he isn't ready for a commitment and that he just wants to "date" for a while. Says he doesn't want to hurt me. We are open to see other people and I found out he had picked up a random girl one night and had sex with her. the next day he messaged me first thing and asked me out for that night. I found out about the girl bc someone saw them. I confronted him and he told me the truth. He also admitted he had had another one night fling with an ex gf. said it made him realize he 100% didn't want to be with her. I told him I appreciated the honesty and we proceeded to have a great rest of the weekend. He makes it clear he really cares for me but also clear he wants to be able to play around. He was married for 15 years and that ended with him getting hurt. I'm trying to be patient but I am worried I'm wasting my time. I also worry that anytime we are apart he is sleeping with someone. I'm not sure what to do!

not knowing
by: Saflady

Hi I cancer lady 52 dating Taurus man 51 still new about 12 weeks.
At first we only chatted on dates which was every Wednesday and weekends, but then he started showing affection touching kissing, until one weekend we could not hold out and we started to make love, well he froze and then kept rejecting me.
Now he comes over gets us all worked up but it goes nowhere?
He gave me an amazing Christmas card telling me he loves me and that I have stolen his heart, he also invited me to his house cooked me dinner, took me into his bed, but froze again, he asked that I stay the night.
He never contacts me first I do it first, he does answer but nothing that lets me know he's interested.
We having dinner at my place in a few days and I just don't want the build up to just receive rejection again, but also don't want to stop his advances in case he thinks I have lost interest.
Please help this is driving me crazy,

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