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I m a 27 year old Aquarian woman, broke up with a taurean husband and now fell in love with a taurean man again....oh my god !! but they are two different personalities.... they are a class apart.... my boyfriend is 50 but he makes me feel so amazing that I have no words to explain.. he just adores me and makes me happy... he understands me so well... we are having a great time in bed and he is the best thing that happened to me....I hope this lasts !!

Who would have known that an Aquarius woman would fall in love with a Taurus guy. Ironically one of the first things he asked me when I met him was what my star sign was. I won't lie it kind of caught me off guard. I was thinking God what have I gotten myself into lol seriously I don't ever recall a guy asking me what my sign was.

We've now been dating for 4 yrs. non stop and we live miles apart at least 600 but we make it work. I couldn't ask for a better person in my life. He makes me feel like I'm the only one in his world the connection that we share is unbelievable when I look into his eyes I know that I've found the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

When we see each other the sex is amazing from beginning to end. I never knew that I could laugh so much. If all Taurus are like this I've been missing out on something special! To me being able to laugh is a great recipe for anyone's relationship.

What makes this relationship different from my past relationships is the fact that we truly trust one another. I mean look how far we live apart, our communication level is remarkable talking with him is like talking to my best friend no matter what I say his love for me doesn't change. I'm not saying that we didn't have our share of ups and downs because we know that would be a lie.

Whenever a problem does arise within our relationship we know how to handle it like mature adults. After all the heartache I've been through in the past I finally found that special someone and I'm happy about it. The past has outlined my future and I'm grateful for what I have received and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world!

This Taurus guy has been dating an Aquarius woman for about two weeks. I just read our compatibility according to the stars and I almost cried. I have become very close to this girl very quickly, and admire almost everything about her. She's been treated really poorly and seems to recognize what she has in me.

I am at least 80% true to my sign, except I resist the homebody thing, love to travel and enjoy adventure. I basically have instinctually resisted the negative elements of Taurus characteristics, and always have prior to becoming aware of Astrology. I can't seem to find the ideal Virgo, so I'm giving this Aquarian a real shot.

I am an Aquarian woman and I met a Taurus guy a year ago at work. We had started at the same time, both trying to figure things out together. From then on we have been really good co-workers. We always get the job done and our managers never had a problem with the both of us. When I figured out what his sign was, I wasn't surprised how we were able to work well together. I've always read that Aquarius and Taurus people can be good partners into getting a job done.

I had been dating a Capricorn at the time. I felt that my close Taurus friend was starting to become more than a best friend and a co-worker to me, so I told him the truth and he took it. But he didn't talk to me any differently, but instead had been closer to me.

About a year later, me and the Capricorn guy broke up as I was too much for him to handle. My Taurus best friend soon found out and he started to act really weird around me. I soon found out that he had been waiting for me for an entire year. He confessed to me that he was jealous of every happy moment I had with the Capricorn. He even called the Capricorn guy to be very lucky to have me. I never knew he was that truly amazed by me, the Aquarius.

He had never had a girlfriend before, and had believed that finding the right one would take patience. He had been interested me throughout the whole time, and I hadn't put much thought into it till now. I guess that explains a Taurus man's patience and approach to love.

He is now dating me, the quirky Aquarius. Many sources say it is never a good match, and it is really heart breaking. But I believe that this relationship can be an adventure. I chose to be with him because ever since we were able to be completely open with each other, things have gone way better in my life. This Taurus guy has been the sweetest guy I have ever met. He showers me with passion and devotion unlike anything I have experienced.

All I can say is that, this Aquarius mind of mine sure does love a Taurus for his way of making me feel secured, for giving me a good time every time, and for believing and being patient with my personality. He loves me so much and I love him so much too. I never knew I would ever end up with a Taurus guy. But so far, it has been amazing.

I'm an Aquarius women and I'm passionately in love with a Taurus man. I've known him for some time. I was engaged to a guy and it didn't work out. My Taurus guy has loved me from a distance for almost five years.

After my break up he was always there for me and wanted more, but it took me years to get over my ex fiance and I never wanted to hurt him. I finally opened my heart to him and he has been a truly awesome man for me.

I read all the time how detached, aloof, not able to fully show love or commit to anyone and I wonder, where do these people get this stuff. I can be fiercely independent, never rude, always fair... but very loving as well.

He brings out the very best in me, he's patient, super funny and he calms me and says I do the same for him.

BTW, my fiance was a Cancer and it was the most difficult relationship I was ever in... 6yrs. I loved him with all my heart and it was never enough. His insecurities, crazy insane jealousy, couldn't allow him to see how much I loved and wanted us to work. True to Aquarius women, I hold to grudges and would like to be friends, but he doesn't and he broke it off. It was the best thing for the both of us...Me and my Taurus man are an awesome duo!

I had a Taurus friend on the Internet and one day after talking and chatting so much he asked me to see each other - after two years just chatting and it was so amazing for me as I had liked him through these years.

We met, we started a very friendly relationship and the second time we met we had sex and it was amazing. after that I felt guilty as I did not want our relationship to run so fast! I was expecting him not to call as I had this experience before with other guys. But he called me we were again as before...

He went for a trip to Italy and from the time he was preparing for the trip he was changed!!! He did not call to say goodbye, I did. He did not call to say he is back! I did ..... day by day he was out of sight. I even saw that sometimes he was invisibly online and it was hurtful..

I am still waiting for him to change but now it is 10 days he is back from Italy and we have not met... we don't chat anymore! Do you have any idea??????? What had happened there?

To the poster above, some guys regardless what sign they are just want the conquest (sex) and aren't looking for a relationship. He sounds a lot like one of those guys..

I'm really disappointed that everywhere it says a Taurus man and Aquarius woman aren't compatible. I'm a Taurus man, and met up with an amazing Aquarius woman last night who contacted me through a dating site. Well from the moment we met we were talking up a storm, and everything fell into place. We wandered around and talked for 3 1/2 hours straight, never an award pause, never a dull moment. Because of past experiences though, she wants to get to know me as a friend before we date. A lot of the things they say about the Taurus apply to me, but I'm very open-minded, love to travel, get out of the house, same as her. And the internet says something that feels so right already is going to fail? SCREW YOU INTERNET.

It doesn't mean it's going to fail. It just means we have more challenges than some relationships do. How boring would life be with no challenges? A lot of sites may say it will fail, but this one just says to expect to compromise. Seems pretty reasonable.

Im a Taurus male and had been dating an Aquarius woman for the past year. Things couldn't go better between us, it was fast passionate and we seemed to get along great. But something changed quickly and literally overnight, she appeared to have changed her mind regarding a relationship and wanted out. We haven't talked in nearly 4 weeks. And then I read all this stuff on the internet about our relationship not being a god idea and it breaks me! This sucks!

im a 22 year old Aquarius and he's a 19 year old taurus.. the attraction is so powerful. its crazy. I was in love with another Taurus also younger than me but he just wanted my body and treated me like I barely existed outside of that. if anyone wants advice on how to deal with this man, TAKE YOUR TIME... rush nothing!!! keep the calls and texts to a minimum...HAVE YOUR OWN LIFE!! when they see that they will respect and want you more.. trust me. The one im with now is a virgin and its killing me cuz I want him so bad but I keep telling myself he's worth the wait and you know what. He is

I'm an Aquarian woman & I really do my best to stay within my zodiac comparison--my 1st question to a guy is what is your sign. I have been involved with an Aquarian male for years and it has its challenges due to we both are unpredictable, moody & I get bored easily

I recently met a Taurus man. he initiated the conversation & low and behold we had some fireworks to take place he lives in another state & is in the entertainment industry so im I but we are feeling each other. I think with some old south tradition & some Aquarius cleverness this man is going to be absolutely crazy about this Aquarian woman! wink

I'm a Taurus guy and I am in love with this Aquarius girl, I first met her in college five years ago, I fell in love with her, I chased her for one year and then we started dating, just at our final year we broke up, and we both went to different uni, and moved on, she dated other guys, I did the same, but we couldn't stop ourselves from loving each other, anytime we met or spoke on the phone, we couldn't get enough of each other, till this very day we are still friends, and no one would ever make me feel the way she makes me feel, I see us getting married, I love her so much and she loves me....

We have decided to pray about it. Its clear that we are meant for each other, she likes to take time, she hates being rushed, this time am going to respect her and wait as long as it takes because I love her

This really inspires me because as a aqua girl I am always told I have no feeling in which I do. I am interested in a this male bull but scared that I may not show him my interest enough. I hope that if I just be myself that he would love that and go from there. I am not willing to change me for another if the change leaves me unhappy. So hopefully I shower him with enough passion and love my way, and he is cool with it. Wish me luck:)

To the poster above, good luck! Aquarius women rock, just be yourself! Plenty of Taurus guys will enjoy you just the way you are.

I'm an Aquarius and I met a Taurus man at my work. I'm a nurse and he's a security guard and I worked 3rd shift. He was working overtime and one night, we passed in the hallway and he kept looking at me so I smiled, introduced myself and shook his hand. It was like slow motion in the movies...electricity, chemistry, eyes meet...instant attraction. I'm not one to fall in love at first sight, but, I have to admit, he really was spectacular! Tall, handsome, Porta Rican man with a contagious smile! My Taurus man is sweet, loving, generous, says what's ever on his mind (no mysteries), fun, passionate, attentive and hardworking. I can also see some personality traits that may be difficult for me like his possessiveness. Since Spanish is his first language and although he speaks very good English, sometimes we have some communication issues. Overall, the good completely over shadows the not-so-good and honestly, he is the best boyfriend I've ever had. It's a good match.

This heavenly bohemian Aquarius woman is engaged to a Taurus man!!! Yes you will have you're bumps in the road but who doesn't??? I have been with him for 7 years now lol I know right? The proof is in the pudding as you can see!!! Good luck other Taurus Aquarians!!

Im am an Aquarius who later fell in love with an Taurus man...The moment we started talking he made me feel good. He made me laugh and made me want to go way beyond what I wanted. we did soon have our ups and downs but we soon came to an great understanding with each other, if you can compromise, its the best for the relationship. But one has to be in charge of the situation or things can get detached so remember stay close and be friends before lovers.

I am 22 yrs old Aquarian Female, and have been with a Taurean male for about 7 years. It has been absolutely the weirdest, toughest, craziest rollercoaster ride ever. I can honestly say we don't connect on any kind of level. The older I get, the worse it gets. Good luck to all of you that are starting because it has been pretty intense for me:)

I'm an Aquarius and I WILL NEVER DATE A Taurus MAN EVER AGAIN!!!! They do a lot of Fronting. I found that they seem to have it all together on the outside but the inside is all jacked up! They never want to be the sensitive people they are. Always think someone is out to get them, or something better is around the corner. Don't get me wrong, I've been married to one and dated another and they both started out like dreams come true. Somehow they turned into nightmares that just wouldn't end. They treated me like I was a prize that they could put on the mantel and move on to the next. They couldn't handle my way of thinking or the things that would come out my mouth. I'm very blunt and can become a wicked person if I feel darts being thrown. They are good lovers and providers...as long as you don't ask them for money LOL!

I will say they do make some of the best friends to have. Lots of laughter and they love to have a good time...partying. I just never felt more alone in a relationship like I did when I was with a Taurus.

Aquarians STAY always from this sign if you want to remain sane. THEY WILL AND DO LIE to protect themselves!!!! They aren't our kind! TRUST!

hey everybody I am a 20 year old Aquarius female and im in love with my ex boyfriend who is a Taurus male 24 yrs old. Its something about him that I really like but its like very weird and it seems he would have all these females cause he has money cars and charm but he betrays like he dony be out and about a lot like he's not a playa. What should I do fall back or try harder because I want him back

I'm an Aquarius woman, and I have dated two Taurus'. Both, have not worked out. What the other horoscope compatibility signs have said is true for me at least. I'm too much surprise for them, I have big views on life, and they are too sensitive for the Aquarius woman such as myself. I couldn't take it anymore. Worst compatibility EVER.

hello again.. im back. I wrote that I was 22 dating a 19 year old Taurus and he turned out to be the biggest pain in the ass. I respected his space but then last month (DEC) he started saying it was too cold to see me ,,I was very hurt and eventually withdrew...then he drunk texted saying how he understands he's been neglecting me and how much he misses me.. Before that he invited me to NEW YEARS EVE party and then never hit me up about it. When I called to talk to him the next day. he rushed me off the phone. I wasn't mad cuz I knew it was a fake invitation anyway just to keep me around and because he doesn't want me to date other people. Women beware Taurus men are the most selfish creatures on earth. they will hold on to you when they don't want you just so no one can have you. Anyway I erased his number, blocked him from aim and Im moving on...its a new year and there's no reason for me to be hurting myself needlessly! Good luck to everyone!

I am a Taurus man and am madly in love with an Aquarius woman and have been friends with her for just over two years now. I have told her of my feelings for her but she just wants to remain friends. She is very religious and told me she has given her life to God and doesn't want or need more than friendship. This has been a real killer for me because when we met, I knew, without a doubt that I had finally found my soul mate. It breaks my heart to see her often, knowing we can never be together. It also makes me angry, not with her, just of the situation. I feel I need to move on for my own sanity but I love her too much to ever hurt her or walk away from her. She is an absolute gem but I don't know what to do. We just get along so well and enjoy each other's company immensely. I don't think I could ever love another in the same way. She is my best friend.

For the post above, if you feel so strongly, you should propose...Maybe she is not interested in dating. Maybe she is playing for keeps. I am an aqua girl and we do not want to ever be seen as an average girl. She wants to be your wife vs. your girlfriend.

I am an Aquarius girl, and like this Taurus boy, I believe that we can work, as I have also had a connection with them, so fast much more than I ever had before, but when I meet them I was with a cancer, and the same, as another comment, it was the hardest relationship ever, I was getting closer to the Taurus now I am broke up with the cancer, but now the Taurus knows I like him and vice versa, he is acting weird maybe that's because he's scared! I don't know but he drops hints then acts weird. I like him sooo much and I believe we can work, just its horrid now not knowing what he is thinking but dying to know.

I have been dating a Taurus male for just over a year now. I am an Aquarian. It started off fabulous. the first four months we great. After two failed marriages I was relieved to find someone I feel so completely myself with.

Now he pulls back a lot, I don't mind the stay at home thing cause he is flexible and will go out from time to time, but on the relationship side, we are still "Friends" according to everyone, he wont tell anyone about us which makes things hard. We have times when things are great and he makes me feel like I am the only person in the world. and the sex is amazing. I have never encountered sex like it.

But then in the next breath he cant be contacted. Wont return calls or text messages and can be more unpredictable than I can. I have many sleepless nights trying to work it out. and when we have our arguments, they are explosive, its great to make up, but so many things get bought up from the past with him. he is like an elephant and never forgets. I am happy with him. But I just don't know if it will last.

I am an aqua woman and I have fallen in love with a Taurus man. Everything was going great we met as friends and then after about four weeks I found myself wanting to see him all the time. He makes me feel so safe and comfortable, but I made the mistake of telling him that I loved him to soon. And that kind of made him recoil. He said in time but he cant reciprocate those feelings to me right now. I appreciate his honesty because Im very honest as well. In time I guess we will be where we need to be I refuse to give up on us. I believe it is in the cards for us to be together.

I am Aquarius female and I was once in a relationship with a Taurus man. We intrigued and attracted each other at first because we were both quite social, friendly, and had a good sense of humor. Of course initially we were attracted through lust because we both found each other attractive at the club. After talking, we hooked up and the relationship was fine. Although I think I was a bit too wild for him and I often found myself bored with him. What kept me in the relationship was the SEX! It was awesome! Taurus's are known for being amazing in the sheets. This IS definitely true! I ended it to go back to my other ex who is a Libra. The sex isn't as amazing with the Libra but it's definitely close. NOTHING IS BETTER THAN SEX WITH A TAURUS! definitely a plus ;)

im an Aquarian woman and have had two Taurus men in my life, one being so loving and caring the other honest reliable loved his homelike etc...

they are moody, bad tempered, selfish, uncaring "deep" and on it goes, and it doesn't take them long to show this side of them, the only time they ever show their true feelings is when they are drunk, but try to talk about it when they are sober and you are banging your head against a brick wall.

I was madly in love with one of them and was badly hurt by him so no I wouldn't ever go out with one again and believe me they are easy to spot and avoid..

im an Aquarian woman who was seeing a Taurus man,

he was caring, wanting to know how my day was something that I wasn't used to..

he made me feel like I was safe with him and that when we were together we were in our own little world.

they are the best lovers, taking his time to please me ..very sensual but would also do anything I wanted. not afraid to try anything, I think we were very alike that way but id say he was the one with the ideas.. id follow along enjoying...

I could spend hours online with him, and when we were first together he let me ask just about anything I wanted to know about him, which me being an Aquarian was everything, although I believe Taurus men love to keep secrets, whereas Aquarians are open books..

he can be deep like the last poster says, he is def huffy and can go in moods for a long time leaving me feeling a bit lost, whereas I think life's too short to stay in a huff with someone and I forget quick about anything ive been annoyed with him about, wish Taurus men would be a bit like that..

they think about the future a lot, and I cant think beyond tomorrow that prob made me seem a bit airy to a stable deep Taurus man.

I think he found it easier to share his feelings than I did, not because I wasn't thinking it, just because I find it hard to explain how I feel, maybe that frustrated him a bit.

we were good together despite being opposites and he brought out the best in me, id like to think I made him smile. I still think the world of him and glad that I had this Taurus man in my life.

Help Aquarius Ladies: I meet the women of my dreams. She is smart, sexy, even though she does not try to be. Loyal to her ex, even though he cheated on her. She is ambitious and dedicated to her career, social work, very independent, not very touch feely, does not seem to have very many friends. I have been trying to get close to this women and just realized she is not interested in a relationship. I am a Taurus and of course will not give up. I am much older 43 and she is a divorced 28 year old with two kids. I also broke up from my cheating wife so we have something in common. She is from Mexico and has the most gorgeous accent. We have some trouble communicating because of our language barrier even though we are both Hispanic. I am Puerto Rican born in the USA, however, she does speak good English. She is getting ready to go back home with her two kids, she is working on her Masters Degree. I am insecure about my age, not my skills, talents, or anything else. I tend to be a bit aggressive, maybe not so smart with an Aquarius. I think this women is special and I want to get closer, not just physically, but emotionally. How do I get closer and maybe get her to love me? I know she likes me and respects me but has told me not interested in anything else. Don't know if this is because she is leaving or for other reasons. I hear Aquarius women rarely change their minds?

Do you think I should take a different approach or give up? I have meet so many women but for some reason my heart tells me not to let this one get away. Something about her just cant stop thinking about her. I respect her, think she is very talented, bright and hope she succeeds at whatever she ends up doing. I am her greatest fan and will love her whatever the outcome.

I'm a 23 yr old Aquarian girl and I'm in love with my Taurus man and we both know through god anything is possible. he's 20 years older than me and we both teach each other about life and so on are relationship is very very open we both cherish honesty and stability and neither one of us has a perfect life but we know how to be there for one another trust is a big issue for him but we both know to keep our love strong we have to compromise he is very supportive of me and he cherish my thoughts and ideas about life unless he fills like my ideas or thoughts may cause harm he always expresses his love to me which also helped me to open up because expressing my emotions has always been difficult for me until I met him I'm a loyalist and he loves me for that I tell him everything even when I think he's gonna get mad but he loves that about me I've stuck by him through things a normal female would be afraid of but that's me I never give up on true love we balance each oth er I knew he loved me when I told him something that I was totally ashamed of and I just knew he would stop talking to me but he didn't I was extremely surprised I never been treated with sooo much love I would never leave him cuz what others say god would have to take him from me because I won't stop loving him I was hoping to find a loyal man like me somebody to match my love and everybody has ups and downs but only the strong survive.

Im a 22 yr old Aquarius women and I dated a Taurus man for two years...The first time we went out he was very sweet very caring an attentive and the sex was great everything was great during the first year. He showed he cared an told me his feelings and so did I. I trusted him and was very loyal. Then all of a sudden everything changed he stopped calling so much he stopped texting back he barely returned my calls and the communication was awful. I felt neglected and it was emotionally trying and hard on me. As many times as I tried to explain this he just never got it like it never clicked in his head. It got to the point were I just couldn't take it anymore. All the sleepless nights were I cried just because I hadn't spoke to him all day smh. It was the worst feeling ever and now were are separated but we still tells me he loves me and wants to be with me and only me but he isn't ready for a committed relationship or to make that next step. I really don't know what to do ...I want to keep him in my life because Im in love with him but I don't because I don't want to go back to feeling neglect :-/

I am a 43 year old Aquarius, Taurus are simply awesome, I have never had better sex, I am so happy it touches my soul, so caring and romantic and very good in bed, this is the second time I am experiencing heaven in my life.

I have an incredible Taurus man, well sensitive and all which at the beginning used to turn me off) but he treats me like the best thing ever never have I experienced love like this in my entire small life and I doubt I ever will.

the sex is mind blowing, the connection is like yes this is my soul mate, I love him cos he taught me love and caring stuff since I had nothing like that before

we both want to get married just wish we had money but we definitely planning that.....

I am in a relationship with a Taurean man, have been together for quiet some time now, and it has always been stressful! Drives me crazy. I am an optimist, he is a pessimist. I see the beauty in things, he sees the ugly and not willing to give things a chance. He is very safe and everything has to be planned. Me I am spontaneous and I am bored out of my mind! I just do not feel we really connect at all. I do not know for later, but I am a very intuitional person and just do not feel like we are soulmates. I am unhappy most of the times and do not really miss him when he is away, contrary, I am happy. Sad, what should I do?

So I hang out with this Taurus guy in December, then from February on he was gone, I am totally crazy for him but being a typical Aquarius girl feel totally insecure with him, I found him back in college but he is gone most of the times. What should I do? Go for him? or just let him go?

I'm a 28 year old Aquarius who found love with a 27 year old fellow Taurus. I'd have to say, all resources I've found and read about Taurus folks have all been true for me.

We chatted for a month and a half and I ended up dating him for a month and it was unbelievable. He definitely has swagger and charm and I'm definitely attracted to his strong personality. He's very smart and holds intellectual conversations with people. Quite the dancer he is, he's phenomenal under the sheets as many Taurus' are known to be. I've opened myself to him in such a short amount of time as no man has ever made me feel as comfortable as he did. I loved that he always wanted to make me feel good all the time and just always reminded me how much he wanted me for only him.

I grew to want him more each and every day as he was like my medicine to cure this addiction I had for him. Although he is quite the busy man, I respected his space as he was finishing his third degree in college. He's got a really great job and is really good with his money. I've heard that he's quite the ladies man as he loves the attention and seems to enjoy flirting which would give any girl mixed signals like me.

Due to the fact that I had just recently been through a divorce, he was already aware of this and had accepted it. Part of me was still unsure if he really wanted me for me or if it was just for booty call. I've confronted him about that, but he assured me that he was courting me for my body and for my company. The fact he said it that way still didn't reassure me. Through the short amount of time we dated, he would occasionally ask if we were considered "dating" or anything more than that, but I would tend to tell him to "just roll with it". Honestly, I had my guard up that time, but after months and time to myself to focus on what it is I'm missing and needing most, I realize he's what I need in my life. He's the missing ingredient to my soul.

The last time we held somewhat of a conversation was through text, but every now and then I'll drop a "hello, hope you have a great day" message and he wouldn't respond in a timely manner as he use to which makes me sad. I often check my messages to see if he is online and it's driving me crazy. I just want to be able to ease into asking him out for lunch or dinner so we could talk. We never put any closure to us dating, but honestly I don't want closure. Just want him to understand that the time I had to myself was more so to focus on that rather than to rush into a new relationship with someone that I eventually grew to like and love later down the road. How can I get him to reciprocate?

Met this Taurus boy 7 years ago at work we were both in relationships with other people throughout that time. He was there for the Good and the bad. Seen me at my worst and still stuck around. Had a really Good relationship as friends year 5 I got pregnant and he wad there for me every step of the way. Only after I gave birth he professes his love for me. Things go fast he gets distant and then he leaves for school. Every time he comes home he stays every night with me. I tell him in so many words in one of my Aquarian rants that I love him and he broke my heart. He tells me that we can be friends only. so I get a little distant every day convincing myself that I don't love him and try to do things not to make him proud of me but to be proud of myself...he texts me lyrics to a love song with my name in it calling me his queen on his birthday. I'm really trying to except the fact that we will never be together and love him as a friend like I did but he makes it so hard d. Now he hasn't said anything to me for a few days Like he's embarrassed cause he let his feelings slip. Because he's a very private person. I love him whether we're a couple or not. He's been the best friend I could ever ask for and I wish I could go back to the way it was but I know that when we talk or see each other that attraction is so intense. Yet we act so reserved. I don't know what to do! I just want him in my life but not for the back and forth. Friends lovers or nothing. What do I do??

the worst part of a Taurus man is the selfish streak, they will always put themselves first..

I am in love with an Aquarius girl. Sex with her is great, but she can't be with one guy, the thing that she did to me is heartless, they have no feeling. I treated her like a queen, give her every thing she wanted, and she sleep with my cousin and friend, but I love her still, I tried to change her, but it is not working, I am telling you guy now do not get involve in a long distance relationship too. I give her everything, I still can't figure out why women take Taurus guy feeling for granted, I am a Taurus, women out there, Taurus man are great, its a good choice if you have a Taurus man

I met my Taurus guy about 6 Yes ago at work. We were both in relationships when we met but became the best of friends. spending more time than our significant others approved of. Sleepovers like 4 nights a week, we really bonded forming a genuine love for each other. During our friendship he had seen the best and worst of me and still stuck around.

Going in to the 5th year of our friendship I found out I was pregnant, my Taurus hated the father and urged me to leave him. I finally did the day my daughter was born. During the pregnancy though, he was there every step of the way. Satisfying every craving, rubbing my back and feet. Sleeping at the hospital when there was false alarms. He was so great to me. He professed his love for me months before he left for school. We knew he was leaving so I was shocked. I cried about which way to go because either way I'll always love him.

I met a Taurus man at a party and after we talked for hours on end (I did the talking and intriguing) and he said the most simple things that blew my mind...And the sexual tension was Oh My. need I say more. Every time I looked at him I kept thinking that maybe our attraction to each other would fade at least for me as an Aquarian who thinks fast, analyzes and lets go easily. But the attraction continued. I was afraid he would leave me, but he slept over after the party and never stopped the loving. Then he took me on at least 5 dates in the morning and throughout the day.. I learned we are so different yet so completely in lust and I was amazed at every bit of success he had and has made in his life while still having a blast and being on the edge, yet comforting. I feel like this is going somewhere. Lets hope so!!!!!

Through a chance encounter at a party I met the most charming, intriguing, intelligent Taurus man... He is a couple of years older then me, but at a similar point in life.

We both have been through a tough break up (first loves), however this last relationship was about 2 years ago for him, and 1 year ago for me.

We have been dating a couple of months now, and I have been introduces to most of his friends, and even one family member. He has taken me to a couple of events as his date!

We spend most of our time indoors, at his place, as he enjoys wining and dining me (with his expert Taurean cooking, of course).

Everything has been exceptional- yet there is one catch:

Although he has opened up to me about his childhood, self-professed personality traits, habits, past relationships, dreams, etc., he almost refuses to talk about how he feels about me!

Of course, I know better than to push this out of stubborn, emotionally insecure Taurus Man.

There was one time that we talked about our feelings about 2 months ago, but of course we were both pretty drunk.

He told me that I was beautiful, and different, and that I was "going places" and "so full of goodness". He told me that he "wanted to be with me for a long time".

However, when I very gently brought up the idea of a prospective relationship, he seemed very turned off.

At first, I thought maybe he was just using me for sex. But I am only the 3rd sexual partner he has ever had, and his last sexual encounter before me was 2 years ago!! He is a very desirable man, and I'm sure has plenty of opportunities.

So, my questions is...

If calculates, methodical Taurus Man, who hasn't been emotionally or physically tied to any woman for 2 WHOLE YEARS is continuing to date me, why won't he just jump the gun and make me his girlfriend?

I thought Taurus's loved the idea of commitment and relationship, and that I (Aquarius Woman) was supposed to be the one fleeing from it.

What a role reversal!

To the post above: I am with the Taurus guy myself, and what I have learned from these guys is that they are VERY cautious and don't take risks (or jump the gun). I don't think he is using you. Just let him take his time and you should be fine. Anyway, any news on your relationship's progress?

It has been almost 5 months, and we still spend time together every week. He even stayed with me for a whole week! We are getting vert close- he's starting to become a part of my life, but still no actual "status". He still wines and dines me (in the comfort of his home- Taurean homebody for sure) and holds hands with me in front of friends. He has no problem telling me that I am "beautiful" and he even told me that I make him "happy", and seems very positive when I am around, even though they are very pessimistic at heart. I keep thinking that if I hold on a little longer and keep the relationship drama free- not over complicating it by asking "where is this going" that he will establish things in good time. The relationship is definitely progressing... but do you think he'll just hold me here, at arms length where it's safe and comfortable? Are we stuck in a notorious Taurean rut?!!

I am a 23 year old Aquarius woman and I've been dating this Taurus (same age as me) since I was 20. It started out pretty intense (in a good way) with us walking and taking for hours.

I thought we had soooo much in common; he would never say anything bad to me or put me down or even deny me my little quirks. Fast forward to now (3 years later) and he is insufferable.

He does not converse with me anymore (I'm lucky if he even grunts responses to my questions), and he just straight up tells me that he started dating me because he thought that socially that's what he was supposed to do (to be in a relationship like everyone else). So 3 years later and it was all a facade. YAY?

It's true he works a lot (which he likes to rub in my face by calling me non-ambitious even though I have a job), but he never leaves the house when he isn't working. He is pretty much opposed to everything besides getting drunk with friends once in awhile (I assume to keep up the social facade since he doesn't actually know what FUN is) and being on his computer (if he even breaks the computer pattern/routine for one day he becomes grumpy, angry, moody, and a complete MESS).

The only reason I am still with him? We live together and bought an awesome TV. I love the TV more than him and am waiting to get enough money to pay off his half of the TV since apparently he can't leave the relationship without the TV or the cash.

That Taurus greed you heard about? You may not believe it now when he is buying you all those nice gifts to woo you, but wait until he is comfortable that he's "got you" and your first real argument when the Taurus man will pull out this gem out of thin air: "I've invested so much money in this relationship, how are you going to pay me back if we ever break up?" Yes, it is possible for a human being to be so callous and devoid of humanity.

One of our typical arguments:

ME: Can you do me a favor and clean up that mess you made last night in the living room when you get a chance.

HIM: Okay, I'll do it later.

::1 week later::

ME: When are you gonna clean that up?

HIM: ::whines:: I'm busy.

ME: Busy browsing the web for your 10th hour?

HIM: ::increasingly whiny:: I don't want to do it so why should I do it? I've always done this and if you weren't here I would continue doing what I want the way I want to without the nagging. I only do things I want to do so you should respect that what I want to do now is relax.

ME: So who's going to do all the non-fun things if everyone just relaxes?

HIM: ::confused look::

He doesn't understand WIT or SARCASM; Taurus cannot BANTER for the life of him; he will continually mistake things for their literal meaning. There is no humor in a Taurus and it will become increasingly hard to resolve fights since he will stubbornly hold on to the notion he is right even when he obviously is not. He cannot make fun of himself so he is difficult to console.

I'm ranting about this because A) my boyfriend sucks and this is cathartic and B) I feel kinship with my aqua girls and if you find yourself near a Taurus like this, RUN!

Warning signs your Taurus is gonna inevitably piss you off:

1. He is so secretive to the point he just LIES about things that don't matter. For example, you ask him if he saw your water bottle and he will constantly lie saying no until you find it in his backpack. At which point, he will confess and say that he only lied because he thought you'd be mad that he drank your water and forgot to refill it, so obviously it's not his fault for lying; it's YOURS!! Like, wtf, I'm an Aquarius I don't care that you took the water bottle, but I do care about your CRAZY PERSON lying. Like someone said earlier, they lie to protect themselves and they will continue doing it even after you find out by saying that they're lying to protect YOU. Don't believe them, they're lying.

2. You suggest a spontaneous day trip to the beach or Atlantic city or six flags or wherever, and all the Taurus can say is "let's go tomorrow." So already half the fun is cut because now it's a Planned Event and not spontaneous, but you say okay, and then when tomorrow rolls around this happens: "Will you pay for me since this was your idea?" Um, so now you're pissed off because he is cheap and obviously doesn't want to do whatever fun activity you want to do. So you try to compromise (I hear that's healthy in a relationship), which brings me to...

3. After an hour of compromising (strangely feels like fighting), the Taurus will throw a tantrum or some equally desperate measure (they're not beyond breaking things) until you grow so weary of their pessimistic mood that you call off the whole thing. Now Taurus has won and will proceed to do (you guessed it!) whatever boring activity he usually does between 10am-11pm. Bull in a china shop is not to be taken lightly.

4. And the last warning sign is his addictive (i.e. BORING) personality. This one is pretty straight forward. If he likes to play video games all day, that's cool, but would he rather play video games than hop in the car and drive across state lines (mini road trip!) to get some Sonic's? If he would rather just play the video games, then BORING! Would he rather drink Budweiser (the cheap beer!) every Sunday between the hours of 8pm and 11pm instead of trying that new Mexican restaurant with the pinatas? Then BORING! Would he rather watch youtube videos all day instead of taking a hiking class or seeing a psychic or creating a website together? Then BORING, BORING, BORING! If you find yourself thinking that the Taurus guy has an addictive personality, but since he's just addicted to stupid crap thus making him boring, then heed my earlier advice...

RUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! (preferably to someone fun, maybe an Aries?)

To the post above: I think your Taurus boyfriend is just a very primitive type of Taurus and a user, clingy and needy little SH*T with no life. Please be a proud Aquarius and get rid of him. Leave him to find somebody as boring as him - maybe some "cow". I think there are lots of boring and immature people among other star signs, but this is quite a "strong" example. I bet your IQ is also much higher than his, and if this is the case, you are wasting your time on him. Why don't you find yourself a new and exiting guy, starting today! Don't wait and don't pay for that TV thing-let him pay you!!! for the time you wasted on him! As they say, "TIME IS MONEY"

Aqua girl.07 07 2010

I am 38 I met a Taurean man nearly 5 years ago. I was in a real bad way I mean rock bottom. I used to go to the pub to bide my time as I didn't have any children with me due to personal issues in the mean time my children's father dies I was devastated lost everything my life was over. He use to c me at the pub and ask people why I was sitting their crying he came over to me and asked me to to sit with him we started talking and the next day we saw each other at the pub we talked we found out things about our lives or more than less me an open book being so down and out. any we became good friends and he is the godfather to my daughter for the past 4 years he has changed my world giving me the security ive never had doing everything he could for the kids we were okay but I'd get bored and I'd tell him that we spoke a lot we even started to have sex. last year my father got sick and the pressures and stress on me and the family got to much whilst dad being sick the univer se around me kept rocking on disasters deaths friends losing loved got to much for me what topped the cake was my neighbors son hung himself and I was the first one on the scene with her horrible things have happened whilst dad was dying of cancer. He would do everything for me and my family that he could he ate with my dad Dads last meal I didn't. ! week before dad died I'd had enough stresses shocks anxieties I lost it and told him to fuck of. I am paying for this now as the person he is that's what he did fucked off. Dad died a week later I was a mess (imagine) he didn't come to the funeral but sent flowers and was seen at the cemetery by all of us as we were leaving. oh my god I miss him so much and I do believe that I love him so much. Yet we are very opposite and this kind of thing telling him to go has happened once before. He is older than me he makes me feel so secure and loved . What the fuck have I done what should I do please any suggestions by another taurean male help me I do want him in my life.

I am an Aquarian woman and I have been with this Taurean guy for now 14 yrs, and I am not happy in this relationship anymore, I haven't been for at least 2 yrs. It still breaks my heart that it seems to not be working out he's way too clingy for me, I want my freedom, and that doesn't mean that I want to fool around with anyone I just want on my own now I have lived with husbands, boyfriends or kids all of my life and now my kids are 18, I am 46 and ready to be on my own. I hope that somewhere there might be some hope for us but I honestly do not know. I saw our compatibility chart and I understood why we are not connecting anymore. I have been talking to someone online now for 2 yrs who is in my compatibility chart as being perfectly compatible with me, but I do not know where it is gonna go.

I am a Taurus male, and I recently posted myself on a dating site to find someone... turns out, an Aquarian girl messaged me... and I had dated an Aquarian girl yrs ago and I became very bored and annoyed with her... then I found out my mother was an Aquarian too and we are always getting in huge fights... so I decided to look up the compatibility for a taurean man and Aquarian woman... and as you all know, it says it wont work... but this Aquarian girl im talking to now seems different, and I feel a huge connection already it hasn't even been a week... but im scared it will blow up like my previous relationship or have bad fights like I do with my mom... I don't know what to think/do... anyone have any ideas?

I'm an Aquarius woman and dating an tarus man. We first met when we were 15 at high school. We were really good friends and had an amazing connection but had lost contact when he moved to a different country. 10 years later we met at a school friends birthday..as soon as I saw him my heart stopped! I couldn't even look at him without blushing and he felt exactly the same. We kept in contact after that night, nothing could happen though as I was dating a guy. doing the long distant thing. A few months had passed and we bumped into each other at another party. We were chatting all night long and after a few drinks we both confessed our feelings. He had told me he loved me from the first day we met. and seeing me that night..he couldn't get me off his mind and wanted to be with me. I would usually freak out by this but he was so different. I knew from that night onwards that I had to be with him so I had broken it off with my boyfriend at the time and gave myself time. A few months passed and we bumped into each other at another party (yes we are very social) and we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We went back to his house..OMG the build up of all the sexual tension over the years. I felt like I was going to explode!! The sex was so intense...This man really knows how to satisfy!! A few weeks had passed (yes it took a very long time..8 months to be exact) and we officially started dating. He is such an amazing person and I've never felt so much for a person! He is the funniest person I know and loves making me smile. He always makes me dinner and takes me away for romantic weekends. We moved in together and it is the best thing. I use to live far away from him but now it wonderful seeing him everyday and getting lots of hugs and kisses :)Yes we are both stubborn and we do have our ups and downs...like any couple! I could never imagine myself without him. the wait was worth it and I have definitely met the love of my life!!

Update- (I'm the one who wrote about the Taurus man I met at a party a couple posts above)

After months of dating and beating around the bush, I gently brought up the prospect of us officially dating. I told him I was no longer okay with the casual nature of our relationship, as we have been seeing each other for over 6 months exclusively. With a bit of a discussion, he agrees to take it to the next level and make us "official". I know that Taurean are not supposed to be pushed, and that they need to take things at their own pace, but I also believe that they are very insecure at times, and can also be a bit shy. This little push was just what he needed, and we both couldn't be happier.

Nothing between us has really changed, we are both more secure and comfortable now that we know where we stand.

Maybe Taurus does need someone more out there, comfortable, and eccentric like Aquarius to help inspire them and show them that relationships can be delightful, simple, and unfussy...

I am an Aquarius lady, and I have been talking to a Taurus man for awhile now. He is very patient with me, he does not get mad easily, and he is sometimes very sensitive. But he is very sweet, will listen to everything, and stays with me even if I am not saying a word. I am the type if Aquarius who can get mad at stupid things, and I am also very super sensitive. I can give good advice, I have been told. We are both very smart, and we both like many of the same things. The thing is that we are both still VERY young. But I always say that it doesn't matter that we are young because we aren't TOO YOUNG. People fall in love at many different ages right?

Another thing is that we are very far apart now. I have not seen him in over a year. And it is very hard for the both of us. We talk every now and then. One time when I was really upset & wanted to give up because it was too hard for me, I asked him "Is this as hard for you as it is for me?" And he replied, "Yeah, it is hard for me. Why wouldn't it be? But we are struggling together." 'TOGETHER' that's what made me realize, he wants to be with me no matter what happens.

Our two signs say that we shouldn't be together, But our hearts say that we should! Im not trying to be corny or cheesy, but just because our signs say this about us doesn't mean that its true. Honestly, in my opinion, it really depends on WHO YOU ARE. HOW THE OTHER PERSON IS. and how you two handle it. I honestly don't think that this is true about me and him because we have gone through a lot even if it doesn't seem like it. We balance each other out, that's how I see it. We are stronger together. I hope to always be with him because, I have fell in love with him.

I am an Aquarius lady, and I have been talking to a Taurus man for awhile now. He is very patient with me, he does not get mad easily, and he is sometimes very sensitive. But he is very sweet, will listen to everything, and stays with me even if I am not saying a word. I am the type if Aquarius who can get mad at stupid things, and I am also very super sensitive. I can give good advice, I have been told. We are both very smart, and we both like many of the same things. The thing is that we are both still VERY young. But I always say that it doesn't matter that we are young because we aren't TOO YOUNG. People fall in love at many different ages right?

Another thing is that we are very far apart now. I have not seen him in over a year. And it is very hard for the both of us. We talk every now and then. One time when I was really upset & wanted to give up because it was too hard for me, I asked him "Is this as hard for you as it is for me?" And he replied, "Yeah, it is hard for me. Why wouldn't it be? But we are struggling together." 'TOGETHER' that's what made me realize, he wants to be with me no matter what happens.

Our two signs say that we shouldn't be together, But our hearts say that we should! Im not trying to be corny or cheesy, but just because our signs say this about us doesn't mean that its true. Honestly, in my opinion, it really depends on WHO YOU ARE. HOW THE OTHER PERSON IS. and how you two handle it. I honestly don't think that this is true about me and him because we have gone through a lot even if it doesn't seem like it. We balance each other out, that's how I see it. We are stronger together. I hope to always be with him because, I have fell in love with him.

Aquarius women are cold and aloof they don't want to commit. They play games with your mind and charm the shit out of you and then all of a sudden they are gone. This girl disappears.

I'm an Aquarius woman and my ex is a Taurus. We tried hard to be together. It's true I enjoyed freedom. But not him! We are together for 1 year until we broke up. IT'S TRUE WE AREN'T COMPATIBLE.. ):

I'm 20 and an Aquarius and 3 months ago came out of a 3 year relationship with a Scorpio, im now talking this Taurus guy who I have to say has me hook, line and sinker. he seems so lovely and kind and funny.. but its early days so we shall see. my Scorpio ex doesn't know yet. if and when he does find out he may kill the Taurus guy.

I'm an Aquarius and the Taurus man I'm involved with is SO confusing. he worked in a bar near my town and he'd always looked at me and one day I noticed how hot he was and asked another barman for his number, he replied

'He's liked you for like three years you know that right'? and gave me his number

I text him, and we've been texting casually for a month now, he's asked me out for a drink and we've spoken on the phone twice for over an hour.

HOWEVER... he doesn't offer a lot of information up front, I feel like I have to delve it out of him, and he doesn't say anything flirtiaous to me which I find strange.

when I asked him about this, he say 'my actions speak louder than my words, I don't like flirting through text, I think its a bit cringey, but you are really hot so don't think I'm not like that.''

I do feel its me chasing him a bit, when I VERY VERY subtly brought this up he said 'I am interested otherwise I wouldn't be texting back'

He has me hook, line and sinker and I find him so frustrating.

can anyone help here??

Im an aqua girl dating a Taurus man. We have only been seeing each other for just over a month.

It all began with a physical attraction. I am very open sexual and I think I blew his mind the first time we "did it". We get along quite well. We are both very intelligent beings. We both have a great sense of humour. The sex is dirty, wild and lusty, but also can be very sweet.

I feel lucky to have met him. I have read a lot about Aqua/Taurus relationships being hell due to aqua's love of freedom and taurus's fear of emotionally commitment. But if you think about it ... this could work.

I do love my freedom. And the fact that he wants to take things slooooow is not a bad thing. Im use to men professing there love to me very soon after meeting. And when I allowed myself to get swept up in this, the relationship has never worked.

I find it frustrating at times funny enough that he doesn't tell me im beautiful or talk about "us". But I think he could be good for me in the sense that taking it slow probably is the right thing for me to do at this point in my life. Since the opposite has not worked.

I think if your an aqua girl trying things out with a Taurus guy, than be "detached" like they always say we are. Don't pressure him. It will be so worth it and beautiful when he comes out of his shell on his own when he's ready. I make sure to let him know that I find him sexy, and that I can't wait to see him again. But in the same breath I will say that I wait for him to text me sometimes, even though Im dyyyying to text him.

I think these guys like to be the aggressor too. I think that they are insecure at times, especially with matters of the heart. I think your best bet is to know what your dealing with and not do the chick thing and be like DO YOU LOOOVE ME?????

Back off and let him come to you. And if he is too pussy to come out of his shell ( like after 3 - 6 months of dating) than dump him.

I plan to stay very calm, live my awesome life and if things work out, than they work out. And if not, his loss.

Aquarius people are amazing ;)

I'ma 24 year old, Aquarius gal and I'm crazy about a 26 year old, Taurus guy! He's got such a beautiful soul. I met him in a chat room 5 years ago and he and I have became great friends. I finally met him last year, he lives in California and I live in Indiana. I went to Cali and he was so fun to be around. I went again this year to see him and I had a blast. He makes me smile,laugh, and sets my spirit free. We both feel the same about one another, but we have to get our lives together first. I want to get my associates degree and my career started and he's going to get a job in order to do what he needs to do with his life. I pray to God that it can work out between us. He's my best friend and one day I'd love to be his girl. Taurus' are great guys!

I am an Aquarius female and I am not detached the feelings I have run deep at first the word scared came through my mind after the Taurus man and I said our I love yous but when you truly love someone your willing to let you gaurd down and trust each other as lovers who'll you'll battle with, not against this is how I feel help am so much of an Aquarius that I stand out which us Aquarius love doing from my detached manner Im in love with a man when saying man I mean someone who hold my spirit up high

I am an Aquarius female and I am not detached the feelings I have run deep at first the word scared came through my mind after the Taurus man and I said our I love yous but when you truly love someone your willing to let you gaurd down and trust each other as lovers who'll you'll battle with, not against this is how I feel help am so much of an Aquarius that I stand out which us Aquarius love doing from my detached manner Im in love with a man when saying man I mean someone who hold my spirit up high

thank you for your advice whoever posted underneath me (about the guy I met in a bar who has worked there for 3 years and I find him frustrating)

he is now being flirtacious which is good! and we have 4 hour long phone calls... howvever STILL he is all over the place! one minute its a lot of texting and he's chasing me, then he's gone for a few days...... KILL THIS MAN!

AND i'd like to point out I normally am not the clingy type.. im not a typical aquaruius and don't really give a damn!

I'm a Taurus male who is madly madly in love with an Aquarian female even though the odds are stacked against us. Neither one of us believe in Astrology, which is great because we are not supposed to be compatible. All I know is what I feel. Every day I wake up and fall in love with her all over again and it is the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. I've never felt this connected or more compatible to anyone. I love our relationship. "we" are the most important thing and nothing else matters. Astrology frankly has nothing to to do with it.

Hi..It is very interesting to hear these blogs..I am an Aquarian female with a Cancer rising an' a Taurus moon..Relationships are so difficult and it really depends on the two people having a rapport, getting on well, having similar dreams an' chemistry and also the communication you have together plays a massive part in how things will work out..

I wanted to comment on one of the above blogs that a taurean man posted (beautiful men that they are) we aquas (or maybe I shall speak for myself)also have a very insecure time of it sometimes...bordering on low self esteem! that we feel that there would be someone more compatible for the fascinating, charming, lovely taurean man..(sound's strange).. that we do tend to dissappear!!! As, I always find myself thinking when I have been blessed with a Taurus man in my life that my ambitious, sexy, powerful, sweet, feminine Scorpio friend will most definitely be irresistable to my Taurus man, and so I run..

I am always attracted to taurean men they are wonderful(don't get me wrong) think they can be a bit mean and have quite big egos at times too...What I have been told is that all the cows go chasing after the bull! So that has not helped my self esteem when dating this sign..Having said that they have also helped me get in touch with the feminine side of me and given me a safe harbour of care and sensitivity..And Yes! the sex is amazing! The Taurus moon probably makes the whole thing even more enticing I suppose....so, anyway life is confusing, sad, fun, amazing and can be very sexy with a Taurus man..so if it's working well between you, you are lucky an' could prove to be the most fun and memorable experience of your life... so cherish the moments you have with the gorgeous taurus...

I'm an Aquarius woman, who believes strongly in Astrology. Never ever liked Taurians, women or men. And, surprise surprise, fell in love and lust with one of them. He is a very handsome, intelligent, insightful, sexy man. Very classy! The funny thing is that I can even read his mind or feel his deeper feelings. I truly feel connected to him and I hope this admiration for him will last. So yeah, I would give it a chance. Still, I am somewhat hesitant to really get involved with him, because of the our astrological "incompatibility". I hope this is the case where exception proves the rule.

I posted twice now about the Taurus guy who I met in a bar in my town who had liked me for 3 years... TOTAL PRICK.

-cancelled dates

-didnt confirm times and places then got annoyed when all I wanted was a text saying 'right we'll meet there at that time'

-his texts were the most inconsistent thing I have ever known

-then when I finally bumped into him on a night out, (he knew I was out and didn't really take the bull by the horns and say 'ill come meet you where are you') he ignored me, walked about 20 yards ahead of me, didn't offer me his coat when I was cold, he got let in the club before I did and didn't even turn back and say 'ill see you in there', then I saw these girls with their arms flung around him. i'm an aqaurius so you girls know we are not jealous.... I WAS THE GREEN EYED MONSTER. that was two days ago and I havent had ANYTHING.

when a couple of days before that he said he was telling his mum about me.


anyones opioions or advice would be much appreciated on this.

Please Help! Need a Taurus males opinion. 10/13/10

I am an Aquarius female and my ex is a Taurus. We split up last week and I really want him back. what can I do to get him back in my arms? we have been together for a year> We were planning to move , get married, and start a family. I don't even know why we split up. Please I need some advices I love this man so much.

I am an Aquarius who had a 4 yr relationship with a married Taurus back in 04. He is the best man to be with because he is patient and loving. But one downside is that we don't communicate as well. He is very goofy and doesn't get abstract ideas or concepts readily. Other than that, I can go on and on about this Taurus man. Taurus men are basically simple and down to earth. If you love them with all your heart, they will love you back in turn. No mind games whatsoever. oh, and one thing,he made me feel that he really appreciated me being in his life. although the relationship ended because the wife found out, he wanted to keep it going. But I just know it was time to go because all good things come to an end.

Taurean men are very sensitive, down to earth, funny, sensual, and caring...I though have had two experiences with taurean men and for me they were the most beautiful and diabolic relationships I have ever had. I found that I was so intensely attracted and found that they both bought out a very dark and spiritual connection within me.. I felt that we both new what each other were feeling and thinking and I felt just like an open book to them both and they both put me down a lot and the affects of this were felt later and would get progressively worse as time passed..They are opportunists though I think they are also very self assured being the emperess of the zodiac. So the Aquarian woman will feel a bit insecure with this feminine and intuitive sign.. I did learn a lot about myself and have endeavoured to get in touch with my more feminine side as I was maybe a lil inappropriate while intimate thinking that this would be what the Taurus man may want though he was tot ally unimpressed by this..And know this by my depression..I am sorry for what I did and have hopefully now learnt my lessson, I actually have felt, as though, "I wish I never met him at all". Though for some insane reason I still hope to see him again.. What I would say is be cautious, and look after yourself, as they always will look after themselves.. I know the intensity of the attraction, and it is quite difficult to live through after the relationship ends.. I really think that they are most likely to fall madly in Love.. with your Scorpio friend..Take care an' God bless the taurus/aquarius relationships out there..

hello again I wrote about dating a younger Taurus man ...i was 22 , he was 19..Now im 23 and he's 20 and nothing changed...Im so in love with guy and I don't know what to do..I lied to lied to him and told him I was engaged..He got all upset but basically told me I was just gonna cheat on my man. I was involved with someone else but when the relationship ended I was right back calling and texting MR. Taurus.Sometimes he's just such an asshole but I cant help I feel for him. He told me he lost his virginity to another girl and I lost my mind. I couldnt believe I it. Im currently in Grad school working on my masters in public health.We spoke in September when I first moved for like 2 hrs. He asked y I was so persistant and y I loved him. I always tell him how I fell but then I get mad because I no its a major ego boost for him. Towards the end of the convo, he started telling me how much sex he's having with him girl and how he cant wait to see her when he goes to work the next day. I screame d "I never asked you that" . He started laughing.It scared me because I don't scream and I cudnt believe how much I could here the jealousy in my own voice. After that I just wanted to get off the phone. Before we did he told me he really loves me..I didn't say it back I just hung up..Ive been texting him the last few weeks I always text him on friday or saturday nights and now he never responds back...its killing me..Im just gonna stop texting but its really killing me. Taurus men drive me crazy and this one is doing a dam good job..School is good and im focused.. Im even in a relationship with an overbearing, pushy Leo with a heart of gold and a will of steel but I miss my taurus. Y?

Aquarian woman (26) and I've known my Taurus (23) since he was 12. My aunt and his mom are good friends. I hadn't seen or talked to him in years. about a year and half ago his mom had come out to visit my aunt while she was in town. A couple days later it was his birthday and while on facebook, I instant messaged him to wish him a happy birthday. Now at the time, I was married but my marriage was coming to an end. While chatting with Taurus we both had admitted we have had crushes on each other for years. We exchanged phone numbers and talked/texted all the time. I flew down to see him for a weekend and it was amazing. When I got back things started to die down. He didn't call or text me like he used to. He said it was because he didn't feel like it. Come to find out, he was seeing another girl..and I have to find out by him posting a pic of them together on facebook. He said they weren't together nor had he slept with her... in which he slept with me while I was th ere(2 weeks prior). I found it hard to believe him. So, I started dating someone else (to get back at him) and we talked from time to time. In October, it started up again between us. We didn't text or call like we did before but still it was more than it had been. We talked about the girl, he said when I had asked if he slept with her that he really hadn't at the point. He was making a trip home for xmas and wanted to be sure to see me while he was home. I could never get anything out of him, he said it was real in the beginning then said he doesn't feel the same as he did, to I was just a piece to him, to him saying he wants an open relationship and appreciates the way I am. He did come over while home for xmas and the sex was even better than the last time.He walked in the door and gave me such a passionate kiss and took me to the bedroom it was just awesome! He goes back and we went back to not talking that much. In Feb, our convos start up again and because he can't tell me what he wants, I went back to the guy I was dating after him and we hooked up. Taurus found out and flipped a lid and quit talking to me. He told me he wasn't gonna sleep with me if I was sleeping with someone else. I said that wasn't fair on his part because he wouldn't tell me what he wanted from me. End of March we started talking again and I made plans and bought a plane ticket to fly down to see him in May...something wasn't right on my part as I suspected something was going on when I had seen posts on fb regarding a couple girls from my town were flying down to the same area he lives in for the week and it just so happened to be the same week he said he was busy and to make sure I didn't fly down then.. Well, after these girls get back and post all their pics, sure enough he was in the pics. I called him and told him I wasn't coming and that I refused to be this piece to him. he got mad that I even accused him of hooking up with any of the girls. This was a huge fight in fact the first big fight we had and I wasn't backing down on. I quit talking to him and didn't fly down to see him. A month later, I text him to see how he was doing and it started all over again and we were talking all the time. then it died down, we text a couple times every few days and I had made plans to fly down with friends of mine since her boyfriend was going down anyway. So last week was my trip there and I had no intention of staying with him but it turned out I did. Where I was supposed to stay was 40 min away from him so he let me have full reign of his brand new truck while there. I cooked him dinner which he loved and again the sex was phenomenal!! he took me out to dinner and was very gentleman like opening doors for me and what not. On our way to dinner, I was getting a cold and asked he stop at the store so I could get medicine. Figuring he would drop me off at the door so I could run in to get it real quick..no, he parked and went in with me. He also got some medicine for himself (although was just telling me he doesn't take medicine for headaches and pain relievers don't work on him) We are standing in line and he asked to see what I was getting and took the box out of my hands, looked at it and then put his arm down still holding it and didn't give it back to me. We get to the checkout and he ended up buying my medicine for me. After dinner, he stops at the gas station and before getting out asked if I needed anything. I said no and was fine. He asked if I still smoked and I said yes. He then asked if I had been while there. I said yes. he said you don't need to be smoking anyway.. I said I know and i'm out so it didn't matter. so he asks if I want him to get me a pack..after telling him several times no, he says are you absolutely sure, I said yes, if you could please. he walks in buys him a drink and then comes back with my cigarettes. I'm home now and brought up to him today if he would be with me and his response was why do you do this? you know how I am. He avoids saying yes or no. he did say you know im going to be single for awhile. When it used to be that he will never get married. At the beginning he said he would never move back home. I mentioned it to him in July he needed to move back and he said no. Then in August he said he had been thinking about it. While I was down there he talked about it almost daily. Really confused with this whole mess. I love him with all my heart and want to make things work. I just don't get the mixed signals he gives me. Going out of my mind trying to understand it! Does he really love me or do I just need to move on? We've been doing this on and off for a year and a half and every time I try to walk away, I end up going back. Any insight is appreciated!

I'ma 24 year old, Aquarius gal and I'm crazy about a 26 year old, Taurus guy! He's got such a beautiful soul. I met him in a chat room 5 years ago and he and I have became great friends. I finally met him last year, he lives in California and I live in Indiana. I went to Cali and he was so fun to be around. I went again this year to see him and I had a blast. He makes me smile,laugh, and sets my spirit free. We both feel the same about one another, but we have to get our lives together first. I want to get my associates degree and my career started and he's going to get a job in order to do what he needs to do with his life. I pray to God that it can work out between us. He's my best friend and one day I'd love to be his girl. Taurus' are great guys!

Well, here's my update. He's breaking my heart. He went back to his ex-girlfriend(She's a Scorpio). This all occurred on his ex's birthday,he felt vulnerable apparently.He doesn't understand how much I love and care about him. It's hard on me too. How could he tell me that he loves me, but leaves me for her? The reason I came back home is that I have to finish college. It wasn't like I wasn't going to ever have anything to do with him again. I've been nothing but a mess these past days, crying, barely eating, I'm having problems sleeping. I feel like a fool. :*( He wants to be friends, but I don't know. He'll never know how much I love him. This goes for all people no matter what zodiac sign you are or what gender you are, you don't know what you've got until it's gone....

well, I am a 15-year old Aquarian and I am inlove with this 15-year old Taurus. I know we're still young but since it's already here, why would I let it go?

well, he is my classmate back when I am in first year high school. I had a crush on him and he had a crush on me too. so that's where it started. we continued this mutual understanding till we're in third year. but unfortunately, she met this Sagittarius girl, and had a relationship with her. I told him it's alright, he can choose whoever he wants to choose. but of course, I'm totally in pieces by that time. I haven't moved on. after a few months, the girl left him.

at fourth year high school, they (this man and the girl) were both my classmates. but I have nothing against the girl. this Taurus man asked me to be his girl once again. I agreed. I loved him so much! we have a lot of of arguments but we always fix it right away.

i know he's destined for me after all that we've been through. I don't believe that Aquarius and Taurus don't go well together. :)) I am happy with him!! I hope we'll last until the end. :))

umm... I'm Aquarius girl and he's a Taurus man. we're both are still students and when I first met him, I was raged with anger because he took the phone away from me while I was talking to my mother. The anger died down when I saw him smiling. It melted me when I see him smiling. A week after that we're having sports and we're of the same sports team. It was like a coincidence but I don't know... So I continued and made good friends with him. Although we both were just newly friends, it was as if knowing him like a few years. He was so passionate and so sweet. I realized my feelings so late and it was like a week later I realized it. But, yeah... what made me shock is that he was in a relationship. But, he was much more closer to me than him with his girlfriend. He caresses my cheeks, necks, hugs me... When it comes to June, he smiled and said that they both had broke up. He then hugged me happily. On August he rejected me but then, I felt like he was saying otherwi se then his heart said. I knew he was not letting anyone to hold close onto his heart. We can't escape from falling in love but I know, he's in love. September, he started to kiss me and when I asked him what we were, he just answered; 'we're not friends nor lovers' we kept our relationship a secret, we didn't tell anyone but our relationship seemed very obvious by actions we did. He just said that we're in a special relationship. During October, we started french kissing and I stayed back at school just for him. I was always with my friend so that we wouldn't get caught. We both couldn't get out from home because both our parents wouldn't let us out unless there's a family member following. I]He was so passionate when we're both together, He kept on caressing my neck and wanted to make sex but then, we're still young. Maybe when we're much more grown, we can do it anytime he wants. I love him, and I let him know each and every day. October was our happiness and when it came to November,... things we're not right. People are tearing us apart and we didn't talk for quite some time. But, I know, I can feel it, he still loves me. He sent me text messages to make sure I still have his heart. He loves me, he says it everytime. And, among all the girls he ever had, I was the biggest deal he ever had. He gifted me with many things but I don't want anything else but his love and care. We still contact each other now and he's very concerned whenever I sleep late. He would tell me to sleep right away and I would go very excited and went to sleep immediately.Wish us good luck in our relationship because our ties are not cut off yet. It made me upset that the sources say that Aquarius and Taurus are not compatible... Or maybe.. because I'm a mixture of Aquarius Pisces and I own a few things other Aquarius don't. Thats all I wanna see. ^^

I am an Aquarius woman starting a relationship with a Taurus man after being friends for a year && both of our personalities are slightly altered because of personal life experiences however we are extremely compatible and the longer we talk and hangout the more compatible we seem to get considering my past personal experiences I like the Taurus need stability I however am at the start emotionally distant however so is he I feel with me being emotionally drawn naturally plus experiences I have more patience with him when I feel he is emotionally drawn however I think what also helps us is that we know we are completely different however there is something about us that naturally clicks and that seems to trump our differences

I am an Aquarius woman married to a Taurus man, but the catch is my father is a Taurus, my children's father are Taurus (2 dads) and i've mostly dated Taurus I swore myself off from them all of them were really great on 1 end but horrible on another until I met my husband. We met like in the books love at first site (for real) 3 weeks later we talked a week after that he took me on our first date it was to another state when we came back I thought we would never talk again NOT he pulled to my home and asked am I coming in or are you getting a overnight bag for my house..WOW we were never apart from that day a year and half later we had a beautiful wedding with fam and the blend of my 4 kids and his 2. I believe because he is closer to an Aries we click he's so awesome.

im (20) have recently become involved with a Taurus man (28).... (im an Aquarius woman) and I have to say he is one of the kindest, most considerate, protective, sexually charged, romantic man I think I have ever met... everything I want in a man.

we get on fantasically, he finds my wierd, abstract ways hilarious and my detachedness attractive as its a challenge.

i love his protective ness and how jealous he gets, and his sex drive woah!

so far; its amazing and ive never been this happy....

i'm an Aquarius and I am boring. :( I like to stay home all the time if i'm not working. I think I suit better to a Taurus man. Not every Aquarius is the same. I like to cook and always know where my man is. I'm possessive by nature.

im an 18 year old Aquarius girl. recently, ive been seeing a 23 year old taurus. ive seen him almost everyday since we've started haning out. he wants me to be his gf, and id rather take it day by day and get to know each other then see where it ends up. by doing this am I pushin him away?

he makes sexual advances that im not ready for.. by tellling him no, and stopping him, will that also push him away??

like he seems more "in like", as we like to say, but im worrid thats going to change as soon as the new exciting feeling goes away. I have fun with him, all we've done is kiss so far, but the kissing is amazing. we're so in tune with eachother.

i notice sometimes that we do disagree, even when talking in plain conversation. sometimes I hate how he's always talking about things before he lets them happen. he's a planner and im an experiencer. I want to let things happen on theyre own while he's calculating it.

ive also caught him lying about things that he has no reason too. being an honest person myself I cant stand liars or even the thought of them. but the lies he's told were lies he thought would impress me. so I feel like I cant be too harsh on him.

im not stupid though, I know how guys in general work. but I think he's figured out that ima smart cookie and ill catch him.

taurus's will make you feel very safe. he makes me feel like im in my comfort zone all the time. even if he's just sitting next to me.

he has this way of saying things, and looking at me, that no guy has. he makes me feeling beautiful and sexy and like I have soo much to offer.

so far he's a good guy that im willing to keep seeing and feel out. just be carefull with they lying and shadyness that tauruss can bring to the table. and try to keep that new exciting feeling for as long as possible. but for aquariuss, that shouldnt be too hard cause we're always spontaneous.

what do you think of a 27 year old Aquarian women with a 21 year old Taurus man?

Im 20 year old Aquarius and my new man (28) is a Taurus and WHAT A TOTAL SWEETHEART.

Seriously. He is just amazing.

He is a typical Taurus and I am typical Aquarius minus a few details- I LOVE jealous men and im neat and tidy freak and love pampering my man. He loves going out so never minds when I do.

i have never met a more kind considerate person... ive always been with piscean or Scorpio men who have treated me like shit and have always hurt me.

He puts me on a pedastool and he tells me everyday how beautiful I am and how lucky he feels to be with me.

He would never cheat on me and whenever im feeling down or having a cold, moody Aquarian day, he can always cheer me up. No matter how much I push him away, he's always there. So adorable. Im gonna be happy for a long long time.

as Rihanna song goes 'He makes me feel like im only the girl in the world...'

And the sexdrive- OMG! its perfect! HIS TOUCH- is so sensual, it actually sends shivers up my spine, him just kissing my neck makes me weak. I am nypmho and he wants it all the time! WHOEVER said Taurus and Aquarius didn't match was soooooo soooooo wrong!

I'm am Aquarius girl... 24 right now. From just before my 22nd birthday to just before my 23rd birthday I dated a Taurus male. It was the most beautifully doomed relationship I have ever had. The ride was worth every ounce of subsequent pain. I was too aloof, not welcoming enough for his sensitive nature, and he was too closed off from the world. It was just never meant to be. And so for one year, I spent a few days and nights per week with my Taurus, keeping my distance, knowing the tragedy that was to be our fate, and forever holding those three words inside of me that I wanted so desperately to scream in his face. The truth is, I never gave it a shot, so I will never know if we had more than amazingly mind blowing sex. We still talk, and I still keep the distance, careful to make sure we never run into each other at the bar. I even moved to the other side of town. I am currently dating an Aries. He swept me off my feet while I was still in my non-existent rebound from my Taurus; after all, you can't rebound from someone you were never fully in a relationship with. My Aries has sucked me in against my ultimate will and I'm loving every moment of it. We have been together about a year now and haven't spent a single day apart. My heart still yearns for Taurus... Most likely because I knew it was never meant to be. It is human nature to want what we can't or shouldn't have. I hope I don't tear my Aries man apart and make some stupid choice with Aries someday. Good luck to anyone who is in love in general. "the heart has its reasons, whereof Reason knows nothing." ~ Blaise Pascal.

I'm an Aquarius women and my boyfriend is an Taruius man... we have been togther for 19 months now. Its really weird because I read all are these things bashing the two signs in a relationship. But me and my Taurius love are each others other half, yeah we clash but that is just how relationships work. I love him with all my heart, he's always there so respectful, and sweet he meets all my needs. he's the first thing I think about in the morning, and I still feel the same way since the first time I laied eyes on him, it was love at first sight. so I believe theres hope for these two signs. he proposed to me about a month ago and I can strongy say i've never felt love like this before I cant see myself with anyone else, I don't wnat anyone else. if i'd say jump he'd ask where and how high and i'd bend over backwards for him i'd do anything in this world for my Taurius man.

I'm a 17 year old Taurus male, she's an 18 year old Aquarius woman. We were just acquaintances, then I started hanging out with her every day. And god, now we are extremely in love. I never thought a relationship like this would ever work because I had a crush on her for the longest time and I never had the slightest idea she liked me in that way. But then one day she starting holding my hand, and then I just knew. She is passionate and beautiful and sexy. It warms my heart to no end to know that a human being as beautiful as her is so loyal to me. x

I'm an Aquarius woman who is engaged to a Taurus... I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! He is passionate, protective, a provider, god fearing, fun, romantic, smart and sexy. He adores me and I adore him... We conflict with each other sometimes because he is a bit stubborn and I live in the future. But, overall our love is here to stay. I can't wait to marry him and spend the rest of my life with my Taurus man. We are a perfect example of how the future can change an Aquarius woman and a Taurus man to compatibility.


Love happens once in life for a taurion and that's what I am.

I met her two years ago, everything was fine till our families came to know about our relation.

No Matter what happens in my life I have an oath that every other girl or woman except her in my life is either a sister or mother or a daughter to me and no one can take her place in my life. Its just my faith that she will come back in my life.

I brought her a lot of pain and don't want to bring any more pain and want her to be happy forever. Earlier I was possessive, but now want her to get married to a guy who can give her more love,luxury and stability in her life as according to her she can not fight with her family like I did. She is an aquarian, but I like her being kiddish. I am 8 years elder to her, I am 32 now and she is only 25. I pray to God may she get somebody better than me and in the return may he always keep her in my memmories. Wanted to give her as much happiness as she wanted, but she doesn't want to be with me if our families are not ready. Its critical, but I will keep loving her no matter what.

Taurus men are very passionate and love hard when its the right woman.

Im an Aquarius woman married to a Taurus man...we started off as penpals,then friends,became best friends.Never noticed when we fell in love.We have a great relationship,he makes me feel beautiful,sexy,wanted.He brought my selfesteem up.He is so caring,understandfull.Known each other for 15yrs. and we still make each other laugh....so who ever said that this signs r not compatible...think twice...

After reading all of your posts, and my hopes comes up and down today as an effect of all the different Taurus-Aquarius love stories in front of us today, I can now say we officially broke up tonight. I guess that's life and some good things didn't last.

-once a believer of this match and now I can say what the astrology says is clear.

-i should have not let my stubborn head to rule @ the first place from the start as I did.

-no regrets just lesson learned :) i've been happy :)

-but another heartbreak and it comes to an end, bye my Taurus guy, I love you... Goodbye. :)

- true :)

I have never been able to admit being in love with any man, but the first man I can admit being in love with is, of all signs, a taurus! he is incredible ... but, just my luck, he has a Scorpio woman in his life. and although their relationship seems incredibly unstable, with everything i've read it seems like scoprio is the perfect match for a Taurus man. devastating!! but i'm not giving up hope yet, I can't!!

I'm a 23 yr old aqua dating a taurus. Yes, he is very sweet, kind, funny, lovable, however, he lies too much. I honestly don't understand how he tells me how much he loves me and that I'm "the one" yet he still goes and talks to other girls. Ive caught him in different ocassions and it hurts to know how bad he lies even if the evidence is right in front of us. I'm truly in love with him but I cant stand his lies. Taurus ARE great guys, however, they have a problem with lying and trust :\ I have been with my Taurus for 15 months.....

I'm a aqua female he has come out of a 5year r.ship with a Taurus man and 2b honest I can only remember the bad more than the good. They are very secretive, never answer you with a yes or no, they will hurt you unconsciously and when you do explain what the problem is, they don't apologise - no actually they do they say 'my bad' but then tell you that you should'nt have done xyz for them to tear your heart apart. Veryyy possesive with the worst anger problems. They loveeee female attention - but if you even say hi to another man its questions questions questions but yet they find it hard to answer yours. Having said all of that... the good points are that if they do reallly love, no matter what, they will always be there for you rest assured of that. If you are in any kind of problems they will do their best to help you and oh myyy oh myyy the sex is out of this world!!!

I think an Aquarius/Taurus friendship is one to make sure you have or experience at least once in your lifetime. An Aquarius/Taurus Relationship is what you should try to stay far from as it starts off all fun and roses but ends up in the cemetry.

I am now having a sexual relationship with another Taurus and that is simply because the sexual attraction and interaction between aquaris/taurus is out of this world. I see all the traits in my ex in him and slowly but surely I am starting to catch feelings for him. However, I will remain true to my Aquarius instincts and keep heed to the lessons learnt from my last r.ship and not utter a single word of emotion for him to him as I know this will eventually end in disaster.

Another thing - when a Taurus man is sexually aroused he says everything he doesn't mean (i want you to be mine, you belong to me, I want you to be my girl, promise me you;ll ride for me, lets rule the world together) Aquarius ladies, listen if you want to but please do not beleive!!!

Aquarius girl and Taurus guy I am an Aquarius dated this Aquarius guy. I played games and wouldn't have sex with him. would he come back cuz I don't wanna chase. and im a feb aquarius. what about the rest of the females

I find astrology to be fascinating and have always tried to go with the flow of who is compatible for me and who isn't. I am a twenty year old Aquarius woman, and my boyfriend is a twenty year old Taurus man. We've been together for almost two years now. We are a young relationship and just young in general, but let me tell you, I've never been so happy in my life. This guy is respectful, kind, curious, interested in what you say, witty, intelligent, handsome and just warm. He is my friend. We definitely have struggled with communication, as were both fixed signs and tend to be stubborn. But if you just suck in your pride, and let him know exactly what bothers you instead of pretending like you don't care, they really will try to do their best to fix the issue. I've never dated someone who really adored me like this. I've always wanted that mysterious, rebellious guy, and I had it once. He was a sagittarius, supposedly a match made in heaven for the aquarius. NOT FO R ME! My Taurus is. The Taurus is safe, yes...but what's wrong with that? All I know is that I'm in love, he treats me like i've never been treated before and i've never loved someone as much as I do him, before. If you feel it, than thats all that matters!

I recently met a Taurus guy through a social networking/dating site. I promise I wasn't "looking" for anything and had considered cancelling the account within a few days of creating it. I began receiving lots of flirts and messages from this guy (tauran white male - i'm a black Aquarian woman) and it quickly went from the usual cheesy flirts to actual interesting conversation. I was surprised at how much this person and I had in common. Although... you never can really tell over the internet. It's a hungting ground for sleez buckets and gullable people can find trouble if they are not careful.

Anyhoo, we talked on the phone for a wopping 5.5 hours one night. My suspicions were confirmed - this guy was of the same geeky weird backwards misunderstood species as myself. Niether of us appear to be strange on the outside but our tastes in music and hobbies make other people wonder. We just kept amazing each other at how similar our preferences were... and I knew it was a longshot to begin with. He did/liked everything I did/liked ? and in some areas was more knowledgeable than me. I thought it was great. I mean... complete different sides of the tracks - but this guy said he was in to black women. I said... I don't really have preferences where race is concerned. So what did we have to lose? We arranged to meet at a local beach one sunny afternoon. Before I left to meet him, he messaged me and asked if I had ever met someone off the internet before. I didn?t reply.

When I arrived I noticed he was kind of stand offish? I interpreted that initially as shyness? But I'm thinking - a Taurus?? AKA BULL.. shy? Nah. On top of that, not having immediate confirmation that he was pleased with what he saw made me nervous so I fidgeted a lot and made random comments like - wow those trees are pretty. I didn't know what to do. I mean I tried to address the awkwardness by asking him why he was so standoffish and I think I offended him because he started going on and on about what do you mean... tell me tell me? It wasn't really THAT big a deal and I didn't want it to be the focus of our conversation so I tried to change the subject and talk about other things, like a snake that had just slithered out of some bushes into an adjacent bush. Thank GOD for snakes.

So we walked around this park and along a beach and I just kept waiting for confirmation that he was attracted to me. We sat down on a bench and I started to sit down giving him some space and he did grab me to pull me closer? He had on these dark sunglasses that I insisted he remove? and he complained because the sun was too bright even though we were sitting with our backs to the sun So I teased him about not liking the sun ? I asked him if he would sparkle. So we joked about that a bit. Long story short we talked? we walked around? he commented that I wandered when I walked, and I do. A few times he thought I was walking away from him but I wasn?t? once he grabbed me and pulled me back towards him. I tried to make sure I didn?t wander as much? not like I walk away.. I just kind of walk freely, like I?m unattached I guess. If he seemed more interested I would have walked closer to him. He showed me his car? he?s some car enthusiast guy so he does all kinds of cool stu ff to it. He likes to talk about his job a lot. I listened?. It?s really interesting stuff. I Knew that I would not think this guy was the hottest thing walking? but I?m old enough (both in our 30?s ? I?m older than him) to know that is probably the least important of all things to look for? he was fit the bill on the outside? but what drew me to him were the things that came out when we talked on the phone. Those things weren?t really coming out in person. I couldn?t understand why. I eventually told him towards the end of our meeting? look now I?ve started calling it a meeting instead of a date. LoL But I told him I was confused.

When he walked me back to my car, he gave me a hug!! What? So I said wow you?re not gonna try and kiss me?? That?s different. He started saying something about first dates and other stuff? and he told me to remember something we talked about on the phone, about how a kiss means more. We had both previously agreed that kisses carry a lot of weight? I think we?re both genuine, passionate people. Which is why I was ready to chalk it up to lack of mutual attraction since I wanted to kiss him but not vice versa. I really did and I didn?t think it was a bad thing. So I put a little bandaid on my ego and? sat in my car. I even put the key in the ignition? and you know what he did? He stood there? in the way of my car door. So I was like, oh well maybe there?s something he wants to say? There was nothing. He just stood there and looked at me for maybe.. . it seemed like 15 minutes. Maybe it was 5 or 10. It was a long time though? so I fidgeted more and made more fail attempts at sma ll talk. Since he was staring at me I stared at him back. LoL I?m sorry I was at such a loss? I had no idea what to do? So finally? I said well I guess I?ll drive off now? lol. I was laughing when I said it because it was really weird but funny in a way? and he said ok I?ll go. He made like he was going to walk away ? and still didn?t. So then it hit me.. I didn?t thank him for driving all the way over to my neighborhood to meet me! So I said thank you for coming all the way out here. He returned the thanks. So then I thought I should offer him a ride to his car?. And I did. He kind of said no.. that?s ok? but still made no attempts to walk away? and I got slightly annoyed. So I started the car and said hey just get in I?ll drive you to your car. So he did. When we got to his car? he mumbled something about next time? and I kind of snorted. LoL Sorry ^_^ I was just done by then. I mean I did like the guy but? not enough to get on my freaking knees and beg for a definite diss or a definite confirmation of attraction. It was just weird. I drove off. We haven?t spoke in two days.

I guess I just want to make sure I?m right. He would have behaved differently if he were into me.

I am a 43 yrs old Aquarian woman, I met a Taurus man 4 years ago. The night we met, we had an instant attraction, I was smitten. However, I was just getting out of a marriage, and I believe that scared the Taurus Safe and Secure man, we kept a friendship and talked occasionally but it never really took off. I believe both our signs can be aloof. He would disappear for a month and then suddenly reappear, and of course the passion that our combination creates, had me shaking, heart pounding every time he called. We would date a few times and then he'd POOF disappear again. This of course would infuriate me, which would shut him down completely. We butted heads enough and I got to a point where I thought this relationship is too hard, I had already been in a long difficult marriage and was hoping to find something easy..We stopped all contact, it was over and we said our goodbyes. I tried to forget him and I dated others. It was good for a while, but my thoughts always went back to my Taurus.

We hadn't spoken for 5 months, and I was really missing him, although he drove me crazy,,he also made me the happiest I have ever been in my life, I felt like a school girl, and the sex was amazing,the best in my life. He had made a couple of attempts to contact me in those months but I shot him down. Its a scary feeling wanting a man that is so hard to grasp. Then one afternoon in November I was feeling very sad, My Taurus is an intelligent well spoken man, and he always gave his full attention and great advice, we had a friendship which I missed greatly. I took a step and texted him, just saying hello. I really had no expectation, it was not uncommon for him to not reply on a good day. lol. Instead to my shock, and it still shocks me, I received a text, saying, he hoped I thought of him in a good, way and that he misses me. He asked me out for dinner and I was so SURPRISED, HAPPY, SCARED, it was like a dream had become real and I was terrified and exhilerated all at once.

We went to dinner and he told me he missed me, my company and everything about me. We have been dating since it is now 8 months. I am still smitten and overjoyed that we are trying to get this working, we still do have bumps, but I am trying to live in the moment. The only wish I have is that he would express his feelings, I do love him, but my fears of not having it accepted stifles me. I am waiting patiently but its bursting out of me.. I do believe that if the connection is good anything is possible with any zodiac. If I had a crystal ball , I would know it all, but then it would be boring, the journey is awesome and I will never regret being an Aquarian woman with a Taurus sexy, hunky man.

This is a disastrous relationship, based on experience. I'm an Aqua girl who dated a Taurus guy because he pursued me like no other. He was a liar and a schemer; as an Aquarius this was a very surprising discovery for me since i'm typically naive and guileless. The Taurus man will lure you in with chivalry, smooth talk and expensive gifts. But when they think they have you in the palm of their hand, you're dunzo! I also have a Taurus male bestfriend who's crazy about this girl (who's ugly and a cheat!!) because he CAN'T CONTROL HER. That's the secret with them: they'll try to control you, but if you want to keep that man interested, don't allow them to. Remain your carefree, fun Aqua self. Be scheming too, my dear sweet Aquarian! you have to be with this man, tho he appears harmless at 1st. Go minimum on the talking/texts, even if he wants otherwise (he will). Have sex only aftet months of dating AND after he's spent a lot of money on u. If a Taurus won't spend money on u, you bet your ass he's not gonna hang around long. As for me and that Taurus, I stopped answering his texts/calls bec he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. I'm a hot, sexy Aquarius with over 200 IQ. I have no time or inclination for his games. He's not even hot, plus he can't spell to save his life! We had fantastic sex, yes. That was because I too was amazing in bed. I think I've ruined him for life. Keep your chins up my Aqua girls. If you want this man, look beyond the fairy tale he's selling u.

Hey everyone! Less than a week ago this 37 year old Aquarius woman met a 39 year old Taurus man. I've always had trust issues with men from bad past experience and find it hard to share my feelings or even to compliment men from fear of letting my gard down and getting hurt again. This new guy for some reason feels safe and I feel like I can trust in such a short period of time. It's scares me but I actually think i'm falling for this guy. He lives 900km away but I think we could make it work. He's sweet and compliments me non stop... witch i'm not use to but it feels real good. We've only had one date and he had to go back home so I don't know what to do. We haven't had any sexual encounter yet but were very hungry for each other. He should be back in two or 3 weeks so I guess i'll have to wait and see. Thing is people say these 2 signs don't work but doesn't it depend on your ascendant also. I hope all these negative stories are gonna be our case. I'll have to hope for the best. Seems like the best man I've met in a long long time. Wish me luck!

I'm an Aquarius woman I been dating a Taurus man for about four months and half now he is nothing but get to me treats me like I'm the only woman he will ever love when we first got together I kinda was hesitend about it first cause I really don't care much for relationships but he is a great guy he knows how to make me laugh when I really don't to we may have our ups and downs but we try to make it work that is what I love about our relationship the most we talk things out

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