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For me, An Aries woman, it was love before we got together. When we got together, the love suddenly stopped. Everything was, just different.

When I was sad, it was hard to say he made me feel better. When he was down, it became impossible to calm him down. It ended up him breaking it off with me from thinking I wanted to, but it came out all wrong as miscommunication.

Later on, he felt sorry; then laughed about it later.. It kind of hurt, but I've found someone new and got over it.

I am an Aries women and loved my ex Taurus boyfriend to bits. I would have done anything at all for him. unfortunately he took me for granted, then finished it then wanted me back as soon as we got on good terms again he finished it again lol. What the feck Taurus men are mental, no offence, but they're so hard to figure out. As far as I can see they seem to only want what they can't have - and that's messed up.

I am a Taurus man and I dated an Aries woman. She was usually very nice, but sometimes she would have bad days and be extremely rude.

But when she was nice I had a great time. I would wake up and she would treat me to a great breakfast. Then after breakfast we would hang out together and have so much fun, but then sometimes she would freak out about one smallest things and we would get into a fight. Then we would be on bad terms for a few hours and we would make up, but the tension would sometimes be around for days.

Then eventually the drama of the relationship became too much for me and I left her. I missed her for a while and then someone new came along and I had a great time with her and eventually married her.

I'm an Aries female and my boyfriend is a Taurus

I totally love him, more than any of my boyfriends in the past. He is nice to me and treats me well. I get jealous sometimes and we get into it but we make up quickly and then tell each other how much we care about each other...its kind of fun.

I think I would marry him and I didn't think that I would ever find someone I liked so much that I would marry them. I love cuddling him and I hope it lasts forever.

Hi there. I have been dating a female Aries for 7 months and it has been great mostly. I'm a Taurus who likes to feel secure and although I know she loves me, sometimes I feel she doesn't because she keeps her distance.

She doesn't say many lovey things and when I asked her why, she says that isn't her. I get the occasional I love you but that's about it. And as far as sex goes, everything I have read on the net says Aries have a huge sexual appetite. We had sex for the first time after a month and for the first few months it was great. We had it quite a bit. But now she got one of those arm implants for birth control.... Her period has been coming and going all the time.

She said this has made my sexual appetite decrease and now we don't have it as much. And when we do I always initiate. It's like she doesn't want it anymore. I always keep reading how a female Aries likes to initiate sex and will always want it, however this is not the case with us now. We are talking about moving in together in a few months. Any insight?

Do you guys argue much? It's very counter-intuitive to most Taurus's, but Aries often need some element of friction or competition in a relationship to fire them up sexually once the novelty of a new relationship wears off.

If everything is smooth and harmonious they can lose interest in sex and become almost bored with it.

If you want an honest and serious suggestion, try being an asshole to her. Get into a hair pulling, wall slamming match, and I suspect you'll find her Aries passion comes straight back.

It's not an easy thing for a Taurus guy to do, and obviously there's a fine line here, but some Aries women prefer a caveman to someone who's sensitive or cuddly all the time.

hi I am an Aries girl. I met a Taurus guy about two weeks ago, I was with my group friends he was with his, he spoke to me first just to say something in general. after 5mins all his mates were talking to me and he stopped talking to me. after a few days I added him on facebook and we got talking and exchanged emails...ive never had the problem of getting a guys attention but this time its proving to be difficult, he's only 2 years older than me. any advice on how to get his attention?

My ex is a Taurus man, maybe the nicest, most gentle man I know. His patience and calm ways was so appealing too me personally. Plus his high sex drive. Yes these men can be possessive and also jealous at times. My Taurus ex well he'd come and go, But then he decided to make me jealous with another woman, it worked in one way but it also made my heart a little colder towards him, and I have disappeared altogether now. There's nothing he can do too persuade me as the trust is totally gone.

If I lost my trust, well I lost it for a good reason, normally I will put up with most things from a partner. But considering feeling highly misunderstood in the first place I felt betrayed to. When I disappear I disappear for good and there is no way he or anyone can change my mind on this one. Who would want too go back too feeling betrayed, misunderstood and to mind games that degrade me as a person.

Im an Aries woman. I dated a Taurus man. In the beg. I would always say to myself how perfect he was! Towards the end of the relationship I started to notice that all the things I fell in love with him for are the things I hated most. He is extremely anal. and hardheaded. He would always put me down in ways that you cannot imagine. He makes himself seem so perfect and innocent. He is a sex addict and he has cheated on me. I problem got the worst Taurus of all time !

I'm an Aries Girl and I have been dating my Taurus boyfriend for 6 years now and although I love him to pieces he frustrates me on almost a daily basis. I think our two personalities operate on two completely different planets (Mars and Venus) . Everyday I'm finding out that we are sooo different from each other yet so well suited.

Its funny because being an Aries means that I am meant to be the one more resistant to commitment , yet his face almost turns grey whenever we talk about marriage?! what's up with that? lol

why do Taurus men drift away easily from Aries women without any expressed reasons?? it's sad and hurts badly that it sometimes take less than a year! are Taurus men players? do they love keeping multiple women at the same time? please I need answers.

Im an Aries woman who fell in love with a Taurus man, we had fun and I loved him more than anything, we were so close an had lots of fun, one night we ended up having sex, they day after I sent him an sms 2tel him hw I loved him, he texted back telling me he has a girlfriend and he was jus having fun with me, no strings attached, I thought he loved me, he used 2 kiss me so tenderly an made me breakfast in bed, I loved him but I guess I thought wrong, if you are an Aries ,stay away from the heartless Taurus

Most of the comments I read were depressing. I'm an Aries woman and have been great friends with a Taurus man for over two years, and I knew him longer. We recently started dating and everything seems more than perfect. He doesn't get angry easily and when I get annoyed he is able to calm me down and make me happy again. I think it helps that we have been friends for so long so we already know who each other is. We have almost everything in common, except for our personalities, which seem to compliment each other.

I read multiple times in Aries Taurus compatibility that it grows over time. So my advice, even though I'm new to the relationship, is to stick with it. I've never been so happy in my life. When him and me first started being friends, I hated him. He drove me crazy with his stubborn attitude, but little did I know, he loves my personality... even when I overreact at the smallest thing.

I am an Aries about to turn 18. I have known this Taurus guy for about for years now and the day I saw him it was instant attraction... for me. he definitely made me chase him and in the end he kissed me and kinda courted me but then suddenly dropped me after we kissed. this has happened more than once. I have resisted for a couple years now and though we are on good terms now, our biggest problem is miscommunication. its confusing because he had a girlfriend and flirted with me.... ALOT. but he tells me repeatedly that we could never be together because I flirt too much. IDK??? he's def one of those guys who does the long term thing but he hooks up so much and expects you to be okay with it. maybe im just not one of those people who can jus hook up. my advice to Aries girls is to act strong around Taurus men and DO NOT let them walk all over you because if you let them.... they will.

My ex is a Taurus, I am an Aries. He is a nice guy but I could not see myself marrying him. He was sweet, caring and affectionate but sometimes ... I just couldn't. He broke up with me a week after telling me he wanted to be with me always and then kept trying to come back. I didn't take him back even though I like to give people second chances. He was just frustrating me. He liked to be Mr. Dependable, always running to help everyone and always neglecting me. Then he'd get upset when I decided to hang out with friends. I just felt that I would be trapped if I ever married him. But I'm also scared of marriage, in general.

My first love was a Taurus guy...we started out as enemies but in the latter part I deeply feel in love with him. This guy is the most conceited guy I've ever met, he drives you crazy because of his stubbornness and very opinionated. Secretive and very quiet in public places but when we two get alone together he's personality is very opposite. Very romantic, caring, funny, and affectionate...this made me get going gaga over him. I feel in love 10 years ago...up to now, I'm still chasing him.. hahaha!!! poor Aries girl...very hard to get Taurus man...

I married a Taurus man. I am an Aries woman. From the start we have been very good friends and we always have fun together.

We have been together for about 5 years and married for 4 years. As in any relationship, you give more than you take.

When it comes to Taurus men, I learned that the best way to this man's heart is through his stomach. Once he is well fed, then the loving begins! He makes me very happy and he spoils me like a princess. Sure we have our arguments and mostly about money or family drama, but we both have learned to not let the arguments get in the way of our love.

He is a great man, a great provider and will do anything to make me happy. He says he is in love for the first time in his life and he is happy that we met. I feel the same way.

He is the only man that ever treated me decently. Every relationship needs communication and mutual love, respect and sex. If you can get those to work, the sky is the limit!

I am an Aries woman and I have been with a Taurus man for almost 4 years now. He is the best! Yes we argue on a regular basis but it's rarely bad arguments. We love to play and joke around with each other also. At times though, he can joke around too much and I'll get mad. We have great sex! I have a higher sex drive than he does though. Sometimes that bothers me but it isn't a huge deal. He is very stubborn and he DOES NOT LIKE IT when someone touches his computer, game console, phone, etc. He is extremely possessive over his belongings. He isn't a jealous person (I'm actually the one who gets jealous!) but he is very protective of me just as I am of him. He is great at saving money while I love to indulge and spend it. He tells me everyday that I am the most beautiful woman in the world! He is such a great man and I am lucky to have him! I love him so much

Taurus man here and I have tried to date an Aries woman for the past YEAR.

One night after months of dating her I jokingly said:

"oh I dunno if I can date a woman that doesn't have the internet :P"

and she replied coldly:

"oh..I did not mean to give you the impression that we were dating. I like you but need time for it to grow and I'm too busy right now for anything serious. But would like to maintain our friendship"

So I started dating other women and talking about it with her for a female friend's advice and this seems to annoy her greatly.. but too bad she decided we are friends and that's what friends do.. talk to each other for advice.

My attraction to her has slowly disintegrated as she's always busy and rude at times for the smallest reason.

Anytime I make plans she just says she is busy so I stopped contacting her all together AND now she contacts me constantly asking when we are going to hang out... I make a plan and "sorry I am busy that night and through the weekend" so WTF? Why ask if you are too busy?

I think I'm done with her in my life. Aries women are just too damn cold and unstable for me... and the passion.. what passion? She misses any clue that I am about to kiss her when every woman in the past easily understands "my move" which is slowly and confidently leaning in for a kiss after a nice big hug good night.

I'm now interested in a very nice friendly fun Virgo woman!

Aries women are not for this Bull.

Aries woman and could be falling in love with a Taurus man. Him and I have been friends for a couple years then started growing attraction. We'd have fun talking about any subject. I'm one of those quiet shy Aries outspoken too. He's more opinionated and never shares about his thoughts or feelings. I waited 6 months until we got intimate and slowly our friendship started dying. We text here and there. I mean we have a text-communicating relationship we're both texters. Lol. I don't complain that we don't actually talk and neither does he. After a while I started expressing little hints that I liked him and that I like being with him. He ignores the subject and brushes it off with "we're just having fun". Since then I haven't brought up my feelings but we continue sexting and wanting to meet up. I think because Taurus are patient he really feels the same way but is taking precautionary steps. And when I don't hear from him in days. I feel he's with another woman. All this time of not expressing. I want to almost give up and move on. But I like him so much I can't. What should I do?? Is this love??

Aries chick. && I definitely have this thing for a Taurus. We're very good friends and we've crossed the lines. I'm ready to be with him but he just got of a relationship and wants to go with the flow.. Well its been about a couple of months. How long am I gonna go with the flow for? I mean I love being around him and joking around with him and EVERYTHING. But he's so freaking slow. I jus don't know how long I should wait but I know one thing I am VERY IMPATIENT. any suggestions.

Aries woman seeing a Taurus man.. At the beginning he was chasing me so much.. he said he loves me very much and I m the girl he wants to spend his life with ...and now that after I fell for him, since last week, he was so distant. He told me he will call, but never did. I just waited to see if he will but he until I fell asleep, my phone didn't ring. And if I call him the next day in the afternoon, most of the time, he wouldn't pick up the call.. Then call me back like after 4 hours or so giving me all the excuses.. This pattern has been going on for about 10 days and I m starting to get suspicious of his behaviors. I m not a clingy woman and I give my man a lot of space. But I think this behavior has started to make me worry. HE was not like that before. He used to call me everyday and we would be talking on the phone happily. Or at least he would ask me to come online to chat. Nowadays, no chatting either.

Maybe he changed his mind or he lost interest. But if he wasn't sincerely in love with me, why he said he wants to spend his life with me.. I m very upset and feel cheated.

Here's my story (sorry, they always come in epic form!), I hope it'll help other Aries women out there realize there is a plan of attack when it comes to snagging a Taurus (TAKE IT SLOW), and though it's hard, it's an amazing journey:

I am an Aries woman completely enamored with a Taurus man. I have to agree with the one user who said the majority of these comments are depressing... But that user followed it up with a key statement that hits the nail on the head, compatibility grows over time. We really are two different signs having one major trait in common, stubbornness. That alone means, it's NOT easy, you are going to have to try and understand the Taurus for what he is and adapt or you will lose him. Now does it seem fair that YOU have to adapt? Of course not, but its certainly easier that way, just trust me on this one. Another key thing to remember is that they ARE sensible, and while you may be "changing" your ways to meet their needs, it's really only so they can see things in a different light. Once you figure out how to get your point across without overreacting, you will be listened to, and you WILL be taken care of!

We were friends for three years before we started dating. He's stunningly attractive and we always had the most AMAZING chemistry, but I was in a long-term relationship at the time, so we just started to build a solid friendship without the pressure of is he/she into me? I always had a thing for him in the back of my mind, but I never gave it too much thought, he was a player, after all. Looking back, I know the reputation he had was due to the overly-charming nature of the Taurus, he was easily a lady-killer and he never committed. Now I realize that once a Taurus decides to commit, the flirting is only for you and they completely expect the same in return, even that harmless conversation you're having with the bar stranger WILL be misinterpreted. They need to feel secure. As an Aries, that can be hard to deal with, were the centers of attention and we rule our own worlds.

Anyway, having thought about him for years as the unattainable eye-candy, I just never expected to find myself in a relationship with him, even after my man and I had split. Without that pressure there, though, I was able to get to know the amazingly selfless, genuine individual that he is. Even though we didn't hang out all too often, I knew he was someone I wanted to keep in my life forever... Someone that would always be there when you needed him. After a night of drinking and flirting, we finally hooked up. It was phenomenal. The next morning, he woke up wanting to cuddle and I ran out of there as fast as I could trying to not let him know the way I really felt about him, keeping a tough outer shell to protect myself from what I thought was his player nature. I knew I would fall and fall hard, so I just kept telling myself that it meant nothing, just a pure night of passion. Well, a few months went by and we'd see each other here and there, pulling each other under stai rwells and into coat closets to share a quick, passionate kiss (with our dates for the night in the other room). I routinely supported him at one of his local dj gigs and wed always be the two closing down the bar talking and laughing over cocktails. I still continued to tell myself (even though it was really hard to listen) that it meant nothing. We stopped running into each other as frequently and I didn't hear from him for a while I eventually got word that he was in love and knowing he's not the man to settle down right away, my heart broke a little, I knew it was something serious. Obviously I told myself the whole time we were just friends, so I respected his new relationship and decided I wasn't going to make any moves when we occasionally did run into each other. As nice as it was to see him, it killed me on the inside to not be able to act how I always had with him, and I later found out that he avoided me because he didn't trust himself around me and wanted to give his girl his all (sweet, I know, but for an Aries that's not getting what she wants, it was bitter, bittersweet).

For that reason, I was incredibly surprised to see him show up at my doorstep at my Halloween party. A smile instantly took over both of our faces. He said he just wanted to say hi because he missed hanging out. I had been drinking so I wanted to jump all over him the second I laid eyes on him, but instead, I just playfully teased him about how he had dropped off the face of the earth thanks to his new girl. He told me things weren't going too well, and she left to work out of state leaving him unsure of whether or not they were together yet just a few weeks before that, she was telling him she wanted to marry him and have his children. At that point, I lost all respect for her; shed lied to him about being pregnant among other terrible things. My party wasn't exactly the best place to be catching up on lost time, so I got us off the topic by jokingly saying ?well, that's settled, were eloping to Vegas! He didn't stay for very long, but during the time he was there we were inseparable. I walked him out to his truck and made a move. He accepted and then quickly changed his mind I don't know what's going on right now and I don't want to regret this later on. Please don't get me wrong, I WANT to, you're gorgeous, he said. Even thinking about it now that moment sent shivers down my spine. The chemistry was THERE yet I found him all that much more attractive when he was able to control himself and be respectful to her, even though we both knew it was over

The next few weeks were particularly hard. We hung out all the time and did nothing but support each other through the tough times. It was a bit strange, he was pining over his ex and I was finally dealing with the loss of mine (after pretending for a year that I wasn't bothered by it), yet here we were just holding each other in silence, watching movies and falling asleep on the couch together. It eventually got to the point where we were spending every day with each other. Finally, one night everything just changed and we found ourselves in another passionate exchange. I joked about it taking so long and he just kept saying he was sorry, he wanted to wait because he didn't want to lead me on while he was still thinking about someone else We agreed neither one of us wanted anything serious and we were just having fun. But then the holidays rolled around and he came home to my parents house on Christmas morning and I went to his family party that evening. The next week I wa s invited to his nephews christening, me and a whopping 15 other people (including family), so I started to think a little more about what was going on, obviously there was something more there.

This is where I started making one terrible mistake after the next. To the point where Im actually surprised were still together (especially after reading more about the nature of the Taurus). I overanalyzed everything. I knew I was head over heels for him when I first laid eyes on him years ago; it was silly to all parties involved for me to pretend that I wasn't For me (even though I had yet to admit it), it was simple; I wanted him, all to myself. I had serious trust issues thanks to past relationships. I knew he was a flirt, and I still hadn't completely shaken that player idea in my head. I wanted commitment. I wanted to know he was mine (even though I knew damn well he wasn't anyone else's). I pushed and pressured him so hard, that again, I cannot believe were together today. I played silly hard to get games and did things just to get a rise out of him because, I mean, why did it matter? I wasn't his girlfriend, right? I even kissed another guy on New Years Ev e just to prove to him that if he didn't want to claim me, there were a ton of other guys that would. I made rude comments about the fact that he didn't want me to be his girlfriend so his options could always be left open. I made sure I had control over the situation when we were out in public all things Taurus DESPISE!

I thought I was playing smart, I thought I had mastered the game Little did I know every single time I did something I was pushing him farther and farther away. He doubted I was even still the same girl he started to fall for and I must admit I was going so INSANE over my insecurities; I no longer WAS the same girl. I had created the insecurities for him that I was trying so desperately to alleviate for myself! After I told him about the NYE incident (I couldn't take the guilt for more than a day), we got into a HUGE fight, I broke down crying, exposing every insecurity I had, where my heart really was, and why I thought the stupid games would work. I told him I loved him, much to my surprise he immediately said he loved me too, that I actually didn't hold a candle to his ex and that terrified him considering how head finally let someone in and she shattered his heart so quickly, now he was looking at how I was acting with other guys and couldn't help but think he was making another bad decision. I just don't know how I can commit to someone who's all over other men like you are. I spent all day with you and you kiss someone else when I turn my back to prove a point? My flirtatious, hard-to-get ways turned around and bit me directly in the ass. I tried to see the situation for what it was, I was really hard on myself for doing all those things to try and make him jealous I felt like a complete ass.

Not too long after that, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was thrilled, but again, made a lot of bad decisions. He wanted to take things slow and I was constantly fishing for security. I took offense when he didn't want to plan too far into the future (not the marriage and kids talk or anything, but even summer vacation talks were too much pressure for him). I still flirted because I had considered it harmless and thought he would want to be the same way. I though it was good for both of us to know we had SEXY significant others that still had it. We both were flirts by nature before we met, so that shouldn't change, right? I still continued to play games, not answering his calls, making him wonder where I was (when really I was just sitting home overanalyzing everything). This was my dream man - I had to figure out how to keep him! I still didn't fully get everything that had happened between us and I was used to men showering me with affection and compliments, he d dint do that and I couldn't understand why.

I realize now, 8 months after he asked me to be with him, that if I had just taken a chill pill from the get-go things would probably have progressed faster and in a more serious manner. I pushed him into committing when he really wasn't ready and I hadn't really proven my loyalty to him. Now we finally understand each other, but its taken a LOT of fights and exhausting discussions to get where we are. At first, I always had an answer for everything, I immediately took defense to any constructive criticism head give (and they give a LOT of it, but its only because they care and want what's best for you). I would bring the horns of the ram to every fight and end up in a deadlock with the horns of the bull. Bulls are the stronger beings, in many ways more than just the stubbornness, though. He usually was right, because he, as a Taurus, was thinking sensibly; I, as an Aries, typically lived by the moment and on pure emotion? We hated each other at times. But we needed each other. One day, I finally decided to start backing down. He wasn't used to it and even though I wasn't resisting him anymore, he was so ready for a fight that head already brought that Taurus temper to the table, so I had to deal with a lot of harsh behavior from him while he settled into the calmer me and realized I no longer needed to be the enemy (they won't ever let their harshness go for long without an apology and sincere regret). I listened to every word he said and took it for what it was. I changed my flirtatious behavior because even though I didn't get why it was wrong if I wasn't crossing any lines, I knew he wasn't going to see my reasoning and I needed to make him feel secure, or I was going to lose him. He spelled it all out plain and simply for me, I was just so busy being defensive that I never listened. It took a lot for me to finally concede. I guess I just realized that, I, from the start, I hadn't had the right approach; it was time to change. Time to give control back to the Taurus man that so desperately needs it rather than fighting so relentlessly for it. I know, an Aries letting go of their control over their worlds is a hard thing to do, but you have to realize that once you do (and once he realizes you have), he will become more understanding (and therefore less bull-headed!) because there's no longer a need for their defense mechanism. He will be nothing but supportive and kind to you. Once this occurs, you realize you didn't lose your control, you just are finally sharing it with a Taurus that is finally willing to listen.

Again, its taken a lot to get to this point of mutual understanding and I cant wait to watch all the glorious characteristics of the SECURE Taurus continue to unfold. All the fairy tail things you read about them ARE true. They love to shower you with gifts, they're amazing shopping side-kicks, they can fix anything and everything and they do it for you without even asking because they're constantly looking out for your best interest, they always have your back. Once they realize you're not out to get them, that is.

I'm a Taurus man dating an Aries woman. We've been dating for a year now. I love her to death. She is exactly how you guys have portrayed: passionate, enthusiastic, feisty, and believe it or not, a great lover.

Taurus' are not the best lovers per se, and we know it. We can fall madly in love with anyone beautiful with a kind heart. For us, there is no innocent flirtations. Once we flirt, we will think about that girl because the chemistry will be a reminder of the possibility of being in that person's life and possessing that person's soul. Taurus' can be egotistical possessors.

My Aries always have had many friends, and yes, they were mostly men. These men were attractive, successful, and players.

Having been a player myself and having managed a lounge bar for 1 year, I have become jaded; to me, commitment for any relationship fades and wanes with time. Alcohol, beautiful girls, and the night life is always a bad combination for someone in a relationship. I see boyfriends hooking up with party girls behind their girlfriend's back, girlfriends having rendezvous in the bathroom behind their boyfriend's back. This is where a part of my insecurity comes. The other part is the fact that I've cheated my ex girlfriends before.

Seeing my Aries baby having afternoon tea with successful men, her ex-boyfriend, and even my brother and my brother's friends, always made me feel insecure. I couldn't understand. If I made her so happy, why did she need to hang out with friends?!

As a Taurus, I don't trust myself around beautiful women. As an Aries she trusts herself around anyone. She told me once that "baby, you are me, and I am you." Everything she does was, according to her, for me. As she loved herself more, she loved me more. As she saw her friends more, she loved me, again, more.

For Taurus' out there. Most of us have trust and security issues. This is a given since our sign values security the most. This also means we hate insecurity and therefore, the causes of insecurity and all of it's symptoms leading up to it. This involves our girlfriends talking to other men, flirting with attractive successful men, telling us they need to hang out with their friends instead of us.

After reading everyone's posts and seeing my problems of insecurity, I realized that Taurus and Aries match very well. We just both think we don't. We both love each other very much, we just both think the other doesn't.

Our own insecurities are destroying the great love Aries and Taurus' could have. The writer above me quoted it already, and I'll quote it again "love takes time."

Taurus' need to understand that Aries will not cheat on you. They are too loyal and straightforward to deceive and play both sides simultaneously. However, your distrust and doubt will make her feel only one thing: unappreciated.

She gave up so much for you. She loved you with all her heart and have guarded your shared love against everything, probably even from her family too. She thought you guys would be together forever, the kind of everlasting love she loves so much portrayed in romantic movies and Disney cartoons.

For you to doubt her love and her intentions is a slight on her as a person. You have told her she was wonderful, now by doubting her, you have undone all those sweet verses and vows of everlasting love. She feels she has disappointed you, that she no longer deserves your love, that she has become "imperfect" to you. This breaks her heart.

I did this to my girl. She was deeply hurt. I never said these things, but she felt my doubt and my anguish from self torment. I knew about my insecurities and that they were in valid. I knew the selfish, easy (taurus) way out was to make myself feel better by dating other women or seeing some old flings and rekindling those fires.

I didn't. I stuck to it and dealt with my insecurity alone. Sometimes I would talk to her about it, but his mostly just made her feel bad about herself. She felt she failed as a lover, that I was too perfect and she was the root of my torment.

The only way I found of dealing with this is to read about other people's experiences. Many of these relationships ended because we gave in to our insecurities. We gave in because we couldn't stand the torment of facing the possibility that maybe our significant other was really in love with us, that we truly deserved their unparalleled love in return for ours. In effect, we are our own executioner.

I have been enduring my Aries for the past 3 weeks. She has been going out more and more frequently with one of her ex-boyfriends. She would tell me about their conversations and how their day went. She was trying to make me feel safe. She wanted me to trust her. She wanted to calm my insecurities. I love her for this.

Sometimes I would think myself so lowly that I would pretend everything she told me was only the superficial. I would create scenarios of their meeting as being more than just old friends catching up and hanging out. I would create my own symptoms of insecurity. I imagined that they gave each other long stares and hints of the possibility of hooking up again. I imagined my girlfriend needing excitement I could otherwise not give her. I became my worst enemy.

I am currently still dealing with my "black hole" as I like to term it. I know it takes time and patience, which comes naturally with a Taurus. I know she loves me, now I just need to convince myself that I deserve her love and that I should feel happy she is able to be " out there" making friends yet still being in love with me. Or better yet, that her making friends made our love ever so stronger.

When I have a night out with girls and boys, I would always come home missing my baby more. I think that's what goes through her head too.

Sometimes what I feel, she feels too. So as long as I love her, she'll love me too.

For you people out there, no games, no fear, put your heart on the line, so what if it breaks, you won't die, I promise you. Deal with your "black hole" and convince yourself that you do deserve her love. Don't let your own insecurities destroy the best love you've ever had. Hold on.

Aries girl with Taurus man. Dated in high school freshman year and broke up soon after. We are in a relationship once again, we are now college/university students. Although we did break up for 3 days in the first month, my Taurus man quickly came back for another chance. We are almost going on our 3rd month and things are great. Love is very possible and all you have to do is meet each other half way, because both Aries and Taurus can become very aggressive when it comes to possessing each other and battling over who is right in an argument.

Although this may be true, our connection is great and depending on your bull, you can determine whether he's worth it or not. He's a great, caring and cuddly one..definitely a keeper. Just avoid making him jealous, and Taurus avoid any mind games, because once an Aries is gone...it will be certain.

I hate to see all these horrible comments on Aries/Taurus relationships, but remember...we're all individuals with many more signs in our birth charts. I personally believe that Taurus provides balance and security and Aries can show a Taurus a love that they have never encountered before. (I have seen this in other Aries/Taurus relationships as well)

Aries needs to avoid any unfaithful habits and Taurus must show Aries of his fidelity and restrain from bad behavior. Aries women may become a jealous bug, but us female rams do not accept anything less than what we want.

It surprises me to see the comment above mine saying that the Aries woman blames herself. Us Aries women have the capability to get over things, so this shocks me!

Good luck Arians & Taurus;

Im an Aries woman and he's a taurus. weve been talking for a while now but he is tooooo slow and im impatient sometimes we click sometimes we don't even know what to say to each other. I don't want to find someone else because I think he can take me places and he is wonderful, what should I do ?

I miss my Taurus, but It always felt like I was selling myself short with him. As much as I love him deeply I love myself more!!! At the very end he treated me badly and I got distant and started looking for mr. prince charming too come along. I miss him so much at times but will not admit that too him.

Aries and Taurus, yes a great match as we are so simular and understand each other. The chemistry is amazing and heart warming with tons of fun on both sides.

I am an Aries woman currently dating a Taurus man. Honestly we had sudden attraction at first sight. We have decent conversations and have many things in common. We enjoy each others company and have been dating for a year now, however we had once been separated for 3 months.... we weren't able to talk or even see each other for a while... Then one day we met up again and we are still deeply in love with each other. We have talked about our future together and it seems to be very successful.... I am all interested in trying new things, and being able to compromise. I am a very chilled aries, my burst of energy is short lived and spaced out. I'm also not to interested in speeding through anything. He enjoys my imagination and patients with him. His stability calms me at the core and love seems so pure and peaceful. Especially the fact that he and I like to discover new things together. Adventure won't become much of an issue.... I personally find our relationship to be very soothing and will become long lasting.

one of my best friend is a tarus and I love him so much..let the relationship grow in due time. he is just what an Aries women needs.

Aries girl here. I fell hard for a Taurus in high school and it's been a roller coaster ride ever since (oh, 7 years or so). A few days ago, after a 2 months of agonizing silence from him, he finally contacted me.

We have ridiculous amounts of passion for one another, but as a lot of other people have said here... it's something you have to work at to make it work.

And for me, him being 6 states away is not going to work.

*sigh... somewhere down the line, our paths will cross again. They've managed to many times before.

Ok I am a Taurus man and I have been with my Aries wife now for over 22 years, and I wanna say it can work, but for you Taurus men out there trying to keep up with your Aries girlfriends, if you want to keep it exciting between you two, than give them there space act like they need you more than you need them, and show them this when you are out with them don't allow anyone to talk down to them and always be first to respond when she is attacked by some one else verbally, and she will charish you and always want to be out with you or txting you while shes out cause she'll feel more strenght that way, her friends will try to get you off her mind you but she knows if you was there you would have to offense to that statement and so she will say something to protect you, the sex will always be on her you wont have to stress that because she will want to keep you in her corner, and all Aries woman are masters in the bedroom, so she will use what she knows best, plus she k nows you enjoy bedtime more than anything, when it comes down to it Aries woman love sex, but the catch is you have to be deserving of there love to experience it on a regular basis, as a Taurus man we don't want much but respect, love, and some attention every once in a while, other than that, dealing with an Aries is simple because they love to show attention to there lovers, but at the same time don't like to be crowded, so again love your Aries woman but always hold back just a little because they also love the chase, once they have you centered they start to lose intrest in you, that makes you as a Taurus work harder when you don't have to, and when you are together treat her like you are both going to die at midnight and when you're apart at like a stranger this will keep her thinking, and as long as a Aries woman is thinking she is interested in you, also a good idea is to always buy her small gift but never hand them to her let her find them but make sure they have her name on them being they are so jealous and with Taurus absent minded approach to the relationship she will find the presents and say to herself things like how lucky she is and brag to her friends about your thoughtfullness, cause there are a lot of fights between this couple so the least us Taurus men can do is leave small hints of love laying around where she can find them, also when The Aries is mad at you ask her if she wants you to leave she want to say yes but her jealousy says why would I want you to leave, thats when you say sorry for being me and walk away, she will follow trust me and you tell her how much you love her and leave the room, she will come to you and apologize after a while, but you must remind her like a broken record that you care enough to fight with her, its when the arguements stop that you need to worry, shes gonna want to have some make up sex and you are too but this sex is suppose to be angry and violent, and last longer than your regular moments together, and if your lucky she will find was to always get that make up sex from you so watch out. and some good places to leave her gifts is in her draw, on the floor on her side of the bed, in the kitchen, in the wash room, in her car glove box, even if its a small not or a message on your mirror she can only see after she has tooken a shower, oh and edible arrangements delivers some nice treats you can have dropped off for her when shes home alone, or at her place of work, a loving Taurus man that has studied his Aries lover. oh and always listen to them and it wouldnt hurt if you massaged there feet while you are listening to how there day went or messaging her back and neck or her legs. Michael

I am Aries, He is Taurus and I pissed him off and now he will not talk to me! What do I do?!

I am an Aries girl, dating a Taurus guy. I am in high school, and ended a relationship with a Gemini about a month ago. I have known this Taurus guy for 5 years, but we were never close, we just knew each other cuz our moms know each other. Anyway, he told me after 5 years that he had always liked me, and then after he said that I didn't belive it cuz we were never close. So I decided to give this relationship a chance. It was going great, I luved to hug and cuddle with him and man he says that most nicest things ever, like I luv you and I say it right back cuz I do! But now sometimes I question if he REALLY luvs me, and I luv everything about him, but idk, we don't go to the same school and we don't live THAT far away, but we cant see each other everyday. more like every weekend or so. I do miss him all the time, only cuz he somehow won my heart, because no other guy I have ever dated won my heart. and you know how its says that Aries and Gemini make a good match? well no t for me! he (my ex gemini) wasnt communitive at all, and if he was.. all I wud here is "i did this" and "i did that"...and when I tried to tel him something...he was ignoring me. So to say, WORST boyfriend ever. And now since this amazing Taurus guy came along, my heart opened up and is willing for commitement. almost everyone thnks that Aries are brave and nothing will bring them down, well you know what? as soon as our egos have been hurt and we are questioned, we are like 3 year olds, looking for a way out, and sometimes cant hold back the tears. So yes we do fall in love hard, because even though we may flirt around, we are very loyal to the person we love (in my case its my Taurus bf) but yea, just Aries out there, stay true to urself, and remeber time heals a lot of pain, and if you cant find you're prince, remeber he's coming, if you're wondering why he's taking so long, well maybe he got hit by the bus and is in recovery or maybe he is stuck in traffic in another country trying to get to you who knows, but remeber, stay true to urself, make smart decions and belive in faith (:

I think Taurus men are amazing, they are calm, measured, sincere, loyal, straightforward and kind. They seem to be attracted to an Aires honesty and directness but when we flip they hate us. The chemistry is absolute because you both can read accurately the others mind and there is definitely passion and energy. I am so attracted to their calmness and ease at coping with problems whereas I think they look in shock as I rant, say what I think and try to shock and surprise. They can be tight, we just aren't and they can take themselves too seriously. They hate our histrionics and can't bear to be embarassed and shown up. I thought I could be successfully tamed but my personality just wouldn'tbow to his control and structure. Bit straight in bed and lacking taking control, if they took control we would appreciate it.

I am an Aries woman married to a Taurus man going on 26 years in June. I moved to the south from the north, which was a huge adjustment, and I met my Taurus being friends with his sister, and I'll never forget those beautiful, baby blue eyes that just drew me in!! He and I come from completely different backgrounds, night and day, and I can say this will complete sincerity that I am a better person because of him. I raised myself from the age of 7, and had a very difficult life, so I didn't trust anyone, didn't have a sense of humor, never needed one, and it was very difficult for me to believe that such a wonderful man would want to be with me. I have never met a more long-suffering, kind, gentle, tender-hearted person in my life, and I have lived a lifetime and half compared to most, and have met a lot people, but no one like him. I'm sure are more out there, but I am happy that I do not have to search anymore. Yes, we do butt-heads and have our "tiffs", and disag ree a lot because we think so differently, but we communicate very well, and we are still best friends like the day we first started dating. It is true that Taurus' are quite stubborn, can be quite possessive of their mate and money, and we've had our issues in these areas, but we've made it through some really tough times, and we try and work things out, no matter what. I have a nasty little temper, as most Arien's do, but I don't stay mad long, and sometimes I'll leave to put space in between me, him, and the situation, get my head where it needs to be, come back home, and we make up. We have a lot of fun together, he makes laugh like no other person can, EVERN WHEN I'M MAD, but he does pick and play too much, sometimes, for my taste and it does bug me, but I just tell him to stop and he does. Making me happy makes him happy, but he can be VERY clingy, and that's not a good thing for an Aries. However, one thing that has made us work for so long, I believe, is that he's always accepted me, for me...baggage and all...and never put perameters on me, always giving me a lot of space to be an Aries, because we Ariens love our freedom and space, and he knows better than to tell me what I can or cannot do...lol!! I'm extremely independant, and like to do things my own way, and when I want to do them. He's learned not to fight me on this issue, and I have learned not to try and force him to be a certain way, or do certain things he's not comfortable doing, except learning to dance...lol!! I learned how to love, and what it means to be loved, and accept it, because of him, and I am so appreciative for this because no one had ever been like this with me before, and if you want to win an Aries heart, Taurus', give her space to be herself, do not smother her, but support her and be kind to her, as Arien's do not appreciate mean people in any form, and will not put up with it for long IF at all. He definitely is a sedentary type person, and I am the complete opposite, which you guessed it, has caused issues, and he tends to be happy just staying home and watching tv or playing his games, and I just cannot deal with this, so I'll busy myself doing what makes me happy and brings contentment, and it works for us. Taurus' are very earthy, grounded people, they have a huge need for feeling secure and knowing they are loved, which at times, I know I do not say enough of the kinds of things he probably is wanting to hear, but I do try, and we always say we love each other..he can really go overboard with this one..but he'll tell me I'm beautiful all the time, and I tell him he's handsome, and we also make one another laugh a lot. I can be a very intense person to be around, especially when I am deep within my own thought world, and if interrupted I do snap at him, but I'd have to say, overall, I am very happy that I met him, he's my best friend, and I love him very much. We've learned to make things work, even when it's been really bad, and keep going. He makes me have a reason to get up each morning!!

I am an Aries man and I was in a relationship with a Taurus man for 7 years. I loved him very much. Yes he was all of the Taurean traits, but the best lover I ever had. We both were sort of adventurous. He was shear stability for me and I was drive for him. We faught well I should say I faught, he just stayed level which would drive me crazy. Sex was crazy. we both liked each other sexually very much and intense. His sex drive was crazy which made me feel like he was really attracted to me. We broke up due to his not being open honest and clear with his wife about who he was. And I learned a really big lesson. I miss him dearly. He is now single and divorced and I wont go back to him if you paid me although I miss him like crazy.

I'm an Aries woman & i'm currently with a Taurus man.

We seem to get along great at times but then other days all we do is argue, we argue more than anything else. I've never known a couple to argue as much. I love him more than anything & he says he loves me too. he's a sensitive person but i'm more of the type to keep my emotions bottled away. No matter how much we argue I will always love him

I am an Aries Woman and I am engaged to an Taurus Man. We have been together for 5 years. You have to let him be a MAN and take charge, which I love!!! Yes Aries Women love sex....but Taurus Men do too! well my Taurus Man does...lol. It was hectic when we first started dating but now we know how to communicate and talk. And don't be too proud to say "sorry" it helps a lot! I love my Taurus Man!!!!

Aries woman broke off 2.5 year engagement with a Taurus man. This website post about the sex was spot on. He was boring in the bedroom, and hated that I wanted sex more than he did. He would withold sex from me like a girl. He was very secretive, and trust was lacking from the get go. When the say bull sometimes they mean bullshi^er. He was very much a homebody, and did not like to go out. He was posessive and kept me somewhat alientated from my friends, because I am a single mom he didn't think I should be out in bars. I loved the idea of him, because I thought he balanced my wild nature and that was good for the kids. But ultimately he killed my passion, and I hated all the rejection. He needed 2 or 3 days after an argument to get back to good and there was never any makeup sex. He did not give me any level of security, and then he would say I was insecure which I am not. There were many issues but the biggest thing that drove me away was the sex, it was serious role reversal and I couldn't take it anymore.

I met her (aries march 23) at a nearby coffee shop. I'm the Taurus (april) I met her and it was ended in the same day. She walked and talked with me through the park and she made me laugh. no one makes me laugh. After a few hours, I ask her to walk me home... and she does. She gets a drink of water and I maintain my composure. As much as I wanted to ravish her in my arms, I decided to take my time. At the door, I ask her If I could kiss her, and she kisses me. Then ... this is where the trouble starts. It gets all hot and heavy. she took off my shirt and I took off her jacket.

Then she says "i have to stop, I can't do this" and leaves out the door. I chase her down and calm her. She returns to my house, and we kiss again and we go to my room and the same thing. I take off her jacket and she takes off my shirt, as I placed her hand on my willy she freaked out and left again. This time, seriously upset. She called me a typical guy. And told me to leave her alone and that she is not interested. She admitted to being single earlier in the day, so I don't suspect she was cheating. I think she freaked out, but I don't get why. I am very saddened. I wish I would have just left it at the first kiss. But life took its course. Anything similar to this happen to anyone?

i'm an Aries woman in my mid 30's and have had 2 experiences with Taurus men. hands down they were #1 and #2 best lovers i've ever had. and as an Aries woman, i've had quite a few lovers! they seem to play mental foreplay and the intensity and kink that somehow magically seeps in later is mindblowing. the first one was nuts so I split out. and he wasnt too happy about it.

the second one, i've only been seeing for about a month. it's going well so far, I see him 3-4x a week, we don't talk much on the phone, but i've met all his friends and we have good talks in person. he's warned me that he's been emotionally detached in the past, which i'm glad he did, but that he's trying to be available. I figure I just do my thing, give him space, and see how it goes, but as an aries, im pretty impatient too... I wish he could just let go and really dive into it the way I do...

I'm an Aries woman, and I have 3 cases of dating Taurus men...the first, I was with for 5 years, eventually engaged, left him 2 months before the wedding. He was VERY flirtatious, on the verge of creepy kinda. He was very selfish, quick to get angry, especially when drinking. Everything had to be his way, he liked to talk down to me and act as if I were a child. He had to be better than everyone else all the time and would even go as far as to make up ridiculous stories and lies so that people would think more of him. He thought he was God's gift to women...so not the case. He eventually became mentally and physically abusive and that is why I ended up leaving. He also had pretty much no desire to have sex.

The second one, I was with for a year..now, I must say, he was charming, intelligent, sweet, and I fell head over heels IN LOVE!!! Oh, and the sex....AMAZING!!! Possibly the best sexual connection I have ever had with anyone!!! However, in the end, I found out that he had a girlfriend that he had been with for over 3 years. So, he totally played me. I also found out that pretty much, everything he ever told me was a lie, even the part about him having a job. So, needless to say, that ended badly and I was heart-broken.

The 3rd Tarus man, he was long distance...he was the sweetest guy I have ever met. He was always there for me when I needed him, etc. He was definitely not as sexual as I am and he was not always honest, even about how tall or should I say short he was, and he was very insecure about himself. He was very jealous, too emotional, and could not hadle his normal, everyday responsibilities.

So, I will probably NEVER date a Taurus man again!!!

Was winked at on a dating site. Could not wink back as had winked at him the year before. Met up once and then again. Though not much follow through with his texts, took his time all or nothing. Intelligent guy. 40. Then after 2nd date told me he was busy Friday night with friends and then going away the weekend which was perfectly fine. Now, I am sending the daily texts. He responds whenever. I text him on Friday 2 pm - "have a fab time". Got nothing back yet at 4pm that day he was on line looking at my profile? I text him today as he is away and nothing, text was funny things about my day at my gym. Huge physical connection. Compatible careers. Mutual respect. Can't keep hands off each other. He leaves me 9 or 10 pm as getting up early for work as has a project management job. Do I presume he likes me or not?? First evening he made nice comments. Certainly phyically turned on. At 45 I do not have a clue. Usually very astute. Many thanks. p.s. he I s back tomorrow - not sending him a message tomorrow!

I am an Aries woman married to a Taurus man 16 years. It is nothing short of amazing but yes some work! We do act differently but have the same common goal of love,dedication and respect. He is stubborn, and I have learn to say pick my battles, Aries has to learn that fighting is not something a Taurus man will tolerate often! It wears them down and causes them to think the relationship is not stable. One way to I have learned to approch topics are with ease, food and sex! This might seem like a set up but its not its just a way to give a Taurus man the things he needs before thinking of yourself or your own agenda. I truely have become a whipped Taurus man! But he is well worth it!

As an Aries, it's never been hard to garner attention from men, but it took me so long to find something serious and commit to it because most of the men who courted me, I, um, typically ran away from. I would know from the start that they were just not for me. I guess it took awhile to understand myself and start to appreciate attention from men I was interested in, but these were few and far between. There would be a lot of men who made me go "WTF?" who would go after me and court me like crazy, and make it really easy, but I would still back away and keep my distance. I don't know, but kinda always felt that my love, youth, and attention was prime real estate and that I din wanna shower it on someone who wasn't right for me. Then I met this really attractive taurus, we kinda made out and then try to have something going, but in the end it failed. The thing is, I was really interested AFTER we made out cuz I got to learn more about him, but he wasn't at all and I felt he was going with the flow. So I bailed faster than lightening. I kinda hurt afterwards cuz I felt like he was what I was looking for.

Then I met this gemini, and btw I am really not compatible with gemini, but we hit it off. Mostly because he made the courtship easy and obvious, but not like a pushover, and also, we had very engaging and intellectual conversations. And in the beginning he was very tolerant, nice, thoughtful, kind and gentlemanly. Flat out, he was like a prince, and I love fairy tales, but most people don't get that from me cuz I tend to hold myself as a extremely practical and down-to-earth person in public.

But they manage to sour things up, the Gemini do... in the end I felt disillusioned because of how he had changed so much, even tho he told me he still really liked me and made SOME minute changes... it just wasn't rite, so a week after the second time we got back together, I bailed again. Which was wise, cuz that made room for my current boyfriend who is again a taurus! I love him so much and only after one week(!) together, we were like... "where have you been all my life?" He has called me his "soulmate" a few times now and most of the time I was like "HUH?" cuz like, they usually think further than I do.... but then I took the time to digest everything, and yeah, it really seems like that. I love to argue with him in a joking fashion, and we always take swipes at each other's attractiveness (but hey, we both know that we are just HOT STUFF and sometimes we are so into ourselves a little ego-bashing is in order to tame the Narcissus in us) ... the SEX is... AMAZING...

he is possessive tho, but controls it with his sensibility, altho I am considering taming my wild side so he can keep his stuffing... Sometimes I definitely feel that my social life is a big part of what attracts him, because for him, dealing with a crowd of people is daunting and he likes to remain q uiet and pensive during large gatherings. I feel like he is exactly what I need, he is thoughtful, showers me with his affections and takes care of me to a tee, even tho sometimes I tell him I can take care of myself. But I always knew that I couldn't do with someone who would *steal* my limelight or expect me to be this spineless vase of a woman whose only purpose was to focus the limelight on him... But I also know how hard it is to find someone who is right for you, so it is important to get to know yourself before you can really settle down, cuz I feel that the only way I can actually make sacrifices is if this is really worth it for me and both of us, and on that page, we are both the same.

I am an Aries woman dating a Taurus man. Although we have only been dating a few months, I know this is the man I want to marry. For me this says a lot. You have the impulsive Aries and then the overanalyzing Aries. The impulsive Aries find love in every corner and jump in headfirst. The overanalyzers have to review, and re-review, different angle, review and then re-review again. I overanalyze. I don't jump in quickly where my heart is affected. This beautiful Taurus man treats me better than ANY man ever has. He sees to my every need, instantly. What scares me about him says he was sure after a week of dating that he wanted marry me. Who does that??? My insecurity is that if I give him my heart, will he change his mind? How does he know that I am the one (esp. after a week). Our conversations are awesome and we have talked for hours on the phone. (One night from 10 pm until 8 am). The sex is great and I see it getting even better. I?ve read several posts about how a Taurus should give his Aries space. That is sooo true! TAKE HEED!! We luv the chase. We luv to feel cherished. Once we love you, we love you! You are the in and the out. Although we secretly love it when you get jealous (we will NEVER admit to it), don?t take it too far or you?ll lose us. We can?t abide sum1 holding on too tightly! We will push you away. Sometimes our penchant for telling the truth, get us in trouble or people think we are rude and abrupt. We really aren?t. When we do become rude and abrupt, it?s basically because we don?t want to be bothered. We are definitely not shy in the bedroom and love to please and be pleased. For my Taurus man, I know the way to his heart is definitely his stomach and my faithfulness. As long as I treat him as my King, I have his devotion forever. What he doesn?t know is that as long as he showers me (with attention, love and occasional gifts ? not a priority tho) and makes me feel cherished, then I am his forever. Debate me, inspire me, anger me (not too much) and you keep the passion alive for me! I look forward to many years with my beautiful Taurus man!

Early days but Arian woman is seeing a Taurean man. He has been Separated for 2 years. Was married 24 years. See him twice a week around his busy schedule. He is away this weekend and I have not heard anything today???? Not like him, very unusual. Work say he's off Monday? and it's only Sunday night. What was a one night outing with friends Friay night turns in to a weekend away. He is 50 soon. Am I being used or is he so laid back and trustworthy that he is asleep!! or dead!!! Impatient Arian

I'm an Aries woman who made the mistake of marrying a Taurus man. Yes, as an Aries i'm impulsive, fun-loving, and likes the throw caution to the wind. I have constanly lain my ways to the side to please him. Like a circus lion, I jump through every hoop that he set for me and took every crack of the whip. Taurus that he is, never ever even gave a treat or says "good job." These men take things for granted. He knows that he is being unfair, but the stubborn bull in him refuses the give, even a little. Under his mistreatment, I almost had a mental breakdown. Because the feel no responsibility for anyone except themselves, he left me, high and dry. He loved it this way because he I was totally dependeant upon him. Nevertheless, Aries woman that I am, headed for the mountains. Rams aren't creatures meant to continually be on flat land, they can hop from peak to peak. Bulls are meant to live in flat land, no exceptions. I clawed my way into a job working for a celeb rity. I have even been on national television. Now, the bull wants me to come back to flat land again. He has offered me everything that he witheld and more. As an Aries woman dealing with a Taurus man remember that he wants what he can't have. Never give all of yourself to the relationship, so he feels that you're illusive. I'm making great money and doing everything that I have had to deny myself while I was with him. Yet, he doesn't want to divorce. He actually paid he not to file. That's how to deal with a shallow Taurus man.

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