Taurus man break up due to me being obsessive

I'm a scorpio woman and I dated a Taurus man 4 about 3 months, he was awesome, sweet, shy and EVERYTHING THAT I ALWAYS WANTED ! but he just changed all of a sudden, and ignored me 4 a day or 2, until his friends told me he wanted 2 break up with me. I was crushed, I still love him till 2day, we're friends, but he's always so rude and I still do tolerate him, cause IM IN LOVE WITH HIM. I asked the real reason why he broke up with me a couple of weeks also and he said it was due to my obsessive ness. :(

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Taurus man break up due to me being obsessive
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio woman and I am attracted to Taurus men. But I don't think I will ever meet one that's perfect for me.

Focus on yourself!
by: Anonymous

I feel sorry for you, I'm a libra with a scorpio moon that actually effects me more than the sun sign does! My taurus man left me, I'm glad you've shared this info because it may help. I actually do want mine back, he suddenly wanted a divorce after everything seemed right. Now I've heard that Taurus gets irritated if someone basically caters to making them happy-ironically he used to complain that he couldn't trust that I was being real, and once I got used to doing everything I could to happily prove my love for him, he leaves. We actually argued a lot in the beginning, never lacking passion, but in the end we hadn't been arguing for a good while, I though things were getting better but maybe he missed the arguing? I don't get why it happened, but I know I miss mine too, but I am moving on for both of us, improving my faults and preparing for the possibility of being with him in the future if it so happens. I still have dreams of us and nightmares of losing him, it's tiring missing him i feel sometimes like I am coming off an addiction other times I am happy, but I know it won't last long because he's the one I want to share it with. Mine also had told me no matter what he does he can't be happy, even when he had started to date this new broad, but he had also just told me he's not ready for a relationship! Maybe they just don't know what they want & someone as dedicated and intense as a scorpio may surely scare that kind of person away! Just work on yourself as a tribute to him, be patient, and open to any new possibilities. I wish you the best of everything!

taurus man breaks up for wanting his own space
by: Anonymous

I've been with a taurus man for 6 month's now i'm a taurus woman, i was in a previous relationship for 20 yr's that ended 2 yr's ago, so was thrilled to be going out with someone i got on so well with or so i thought, what a lovely helpfull guy he seemed to like my kid's took us out, did the gardening without being asked to, then last weekend out of the blue it's over, his reason he need's his own space.And i was dumped by txt message, i asked for reason's was ignored all week then yest i got an email saying he want's to be on his own, it's such a shame because for the first time in year's i felt quite special and adored because he was telling me daily how much he loved me, and the affection never stopped, i will never understand men for as long as i live.

Another one that needs his space...
by: Anonymous

Wow I just read all three comments above and can relate to all of you.

I'm a pisces woman and very dedicated and a go getter soooo... I have been dating a taurus man for the past 6 months. And he told me from the very beginning that he had a very hard time getting attached to a woman so he wanted to take things slow real slow it turned out to be!

But I am completely head over heels for him and has everything I'm looking for in a man sooo I swallowed the pill and went along with it although I didn't hesitate to at least invite him to join in on my activities...

Every time we spent together was just perfect in my eyes and he had told me the same as well, the chemistry between both of us was awesome.

And after 6 months... I get an email. He feels that he can't give me what I'm looking for and he is not comfortable making me wait for him, he needs his space... although he specifies that he may regret that move. He brakes it off in that email.

I went to see him the minute I got that email... but was so in shock that I was at lost for words.

I tried for almost 2 wks just to meet up with him so we can at least talk about it. But he always found excuses... the one time we had scheduled something, when I got to his place... he had friends over.

So, I ended up giving up but that was really hard for me to do.

Although I'm back on the dating scene now if he'd come back, my feelings for him would resurface all over again...

I had promised to help him with something which we should be getting together sometime soon but he seems to keep putting everything further to a later day.

I know I should give up completely though...

Been there and done that also......
by: Anonymous

I can relate to the Pisces woman, too. That is exactly how my story was with the Taurus male I was with except he broke up with me over the phone, not through text or email. I think they get scared if they really like a girl and it goes too fast for them. They get scared and break it off. Then they come back later....slowly trying to get back in. I will receive text messages now and then from him and if I mention another guy you can tell it really bothers him even though he doesn't want to be "with me". Anyone else had this with Taurus men? I will never understand guys and I am really too sensitive for any that I've met except for my ex-husband (Pisces also). The problem with him was he was too lazy and didn't care about keeping up with bills or a job! I'm not saying all Pisces men are like bc I know some that are not lazy AT ALL. Have any other Pisces women had the same issue with not being able to find a sensitive enough man?

Taurus Males
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces Sun Sign with a Capricorn Moon. After a long year of ups and downs with my Taurus male boyfriend, he broke up with me in a phone message today. He said it was over, that he would give me money to move out of our apartment and that was it. Then he calls back a few minutes later and leaves another phone message saying that he is not giving me any money now and that I can save money myself to find my own place but he wants me out by as soon as possible. Since I do not work and he has supported me for a full year with the promise of marriage, this would mean he expects me to find a stable job, save money from that job and find a safe place to live in just 2 shorts months? That is impossible. Basically, he knows I will have to live on the streets as I have no family to turn to. My Taurus claims his reason for ending our relationship was due to me not wanting to spend time with his child. His child is a unruly, severely foul-mouthed, bratty, spoiled teenager and I do not have any interest in dealing with that, period. Why do men try to push their children on women who never wanted kids themselves? He should respect that I just wanted to be with him and he has total freedom to see his kid anytime he wants, I have never stood in his way. I will never ever date another Taurus as long as I live and if this one tries to come back after such horrible treatment towards me, I'll kick him to the curb really fast. It's just not worth it.

Never give up who you are for any man especially a Taurus.
by: Virgo

From what I have seen, Taurus men like to be in control. The worst mistake that you can ever make is to give up your job or ambitions for one especially for someone you are not already married to. You not adhere to what he says is just the thing he needs to try and ruin your life or make you feel as though you have to cling to him. Also, children come with the package. If you don't care for children, don't be with a man who has children (especially children over 5 years old).

Currently, I am talking to a Taurus man who comes and goes. We have not started dating yet, but every time I start to forget about him... He pops up! We have not had any deep conversations because he hasn't given it the chance. Everything has been casual. Sometimes I feel like he is expecting me to ask him out and that isn't going to happen. I told him that when he is ready to spend time with me, I am ready to spend time with him. Until he asks me out, I will continue to admire him from a far.

One more thing... I am in the entertainment industry (off and on) and I wouldn't know when to tell him. I noticed that when I started to talk about job not related to entertainment and how long I have been there, he became a little displaced. He then told me a few hours later than he was the manager where he worked.

We have been talking 3 months and I am still waiting for him to get off his butt and ask me out.

can't figure out this Taurus man
by: dg

I am a Leo woman, married and so is my Taurus man. We have been involved for the past 8 months now. He says he loves me but seems to want to hold the reins of the relationship in his hands. He is the one who calls, initiates text messages. He doesn't want me to call or email or text - because it might be indiscreet. He gets annoyed if I complain that he takes forever to call. I am finding all this overcaution very tiresome. Has anyone experienced this? I feel I am out of control in this relationship and have nothing to do but wait till he calls, texts etc.

Taurus man is flaky as hell
by: Anonymous

My god. I can't believe what I am reading here. And people say there is nothing in star signs. I am in the same situation as all of you girls. My Taurus promised the earth (no pun) marriage, etc. I left my long time partner, got a flat to be able to see Taurus. It was a long distance affair. Thank god I didn't leave my job,family & home town to be with him, as he totally pulled the plug on me weeks ago. Cut off , left high & dry, having to cope with being alone again after a 15 year relationship. False promises with Taurus,manipulation,control, coercion, forcing issues, forcing me to leave.Depression. He broke from me three times during my break up, this was the last & final time I mean he blew me away when we were good, but where is he now? I still love the b*****d unbelievably. He won't come back. I know it. Last thing he said by txt to me was 'It's over, please don't contact me again' I mean wtf???? Thanks for the sympathy & support dude. So you wanna be alone?. I wish he'd F-off & die. He broke my bloody heart.

Taurus men hot and cold as ice th next
by: Anonymous

Ive been dealing with my taurus man for over 6yrs! Hes very stubborn and doesnt like to talk on the phone for long! Hes loves sex! And loves to have sex with me! We have very hot steamy deep sex that we both enjoy! He makes me very angry when he hides stuff from me a taurus man doesnt like be questioned and will calmly ignore u completely, I hate when he does this! Hes so cold at me sometimed it maked me cry! I share everything with him and he can be selfish! I find myself going overboard to please him! And the more I do he turns on me!! Were both emotional but im totally vert emotional! Everytime we break up we end up back in each otthers face like we never left. I text him saying im finish for good and he calls me a couple hrs later talking like im to blame for all our disagrements. Im always giving in most of the time! I personally feel that great sexual chemistry keeps us alive with our both freaky selves this realation wouldnt have lasted!!!

Complicated as the Gordian Knot (dont play Alexander the Great)
by: Anonymous

Hi to all.
I am a pisces woman aged 32 and my taurus is 40.
He is extremely extrovert to people around him , trying to win impressions, he is all over the place, looking for attention and admiration by his potential crowd. Likes to be loved. But not liked to love that easy.
He is an adventure man, loves travelling and exploring, loves conspiracy theories, sports, drinking, going out as well as staying in. I too.
We have been involved for about 8 months, without him being too intimate with me, concerning feelings and stuff. Thats where introvercy knocks on the door.
We had good times together, but that only involved having fun together. I never recall him asking me a thing about my problems, or anything that would trigger a relationship issue.(non issue there)
I never brougt it up cause i didnt want him to think of me as another woman whose insecurity asks questions about the future. So i let it be.
I noticed several times his non-attachment to me.
I mean come on we can tell such stuff.
Next post is my sequel. Have only 3000 characters, lol.

My sequel.
by: Anonymous

Then, one night out of the blue, after i had cooked, started talking and ended up breaking up by him, on the excuse that he is 40, he wants to be married in 1-2- years and wants to f.. around with ather women before he settles down.He said he felt the beast within him. The beast who wants women, not me exclusively.That he may regret it for life, but he wants to take the risk.
So i left his appt telling him, we want different things. I = HIM and he- OTHER WOMEN(any would do)
We play together at theatre(thats how we met)
and we still had shows ahead. Sure thing we would bump into oneanother.
I never called him or txt him. Till the shows dates came, he would call me late at night, letting me know where he was, as an invitation. Never went. Told him where i was and he came.
But i was not that open. He could see the difference, that i was hurt and cold. But tried to be near me. That confused me as hell.(still am_)
The shows came and we got together in bed and when i asked whats happening he told me he didint wanna repeat himself.(so lame)
So i distanced myself again. His mother (to whom he had introduced me in the past and she adores me like her own stupid son)came to town and invited me over to dinner. As i was in love i went, thumbing up for good outcomes.
I found him so introvert when we 3 ate together, so awkward that i felt stupid. Then i told him i couldnt lie and pretend to his mother to be something im not. I told him i loved him and that he doesnt. so we dont have to play theatre to make his mom feel falsely secure about her 40 year old son. Leave me alone i dont deserve to be downtalked to. We feel different things. He once again txt me to meet at a bar with friends. I went and talked to everyone but him. At the end we got the 2 of us left and tried to talk about us. He told me he was happy to see me because he missed me.

Last of my sequel.
by: Anonymous

I got mad for being played and asked how he thinks he misses me. He says as his wife(kinda i didnt take it too seriously)
Then kissed me and won me over. H e took me out to dinner again with his mom and introduced me to his dad this time. I kinda thought he doesnt mean anything seriously, maybe wants to show off to his parents before they leave back home that he has a nice charming girl beside him(yeah thats me lol)
He doesnt seem that commited again, though he actually hugged and kissed me in front of all our co actors at a party. Never did that in the past.
It felt like heaven for a moment.
Its been now tow days since i met the whole family
and i cooked with his mom again last night and we ate all together, along with two more close friends of ours.
I am so confused...he is not warm , not very cold, but keeps distance. And i can not tell whats happening. He knows how i feel and told him that it doesnt make him a man to behave like this to me since he knows what i feel.
I dont know what to do, dont want to be his pawn, or victim, i want him a lot but i dont want him to dump me again.
I cannot explain the behavior. He wants me or is he just showing me off?Or keeps loose ends together for a casual sex?
I cant tell. The parents thing throws me off. The i miss you thing too. The distance too. I s he really that insecure?
Is he really having doubts about wether i make a life time mate or is he just satisfying his ego??

my taurus left me too!!! ;(
by: Anonymous

Are you sure your not my clone? Im going through the same thing after communicating for almost 3yrs. What the H E double hockey sticks is going on and why are we effected by these damn taurus like this?

I don't know what to think!
by: Scorpio Woman with Taurus Man

I am a 21 year old scorpio female who have been talking to a 31 year old taurus man. He is an Army recruiter and I met him because I wanted to join and still do. Well long story short. He hit me up on facebook. He came over my house. We watched TV and talked for a while and then he acted like he was to tired to drive home. Well, we had sex. Yes, I had sex with my recruiter. It was good but I did not like how he wanted to be in control of the sex. I like to be the dominate one in the bedroom but anyways. We spoke on the phone he came over a couple more times and then He asked for oral sex I said no! I dont put my mouth on anything that aint mine well he laid it down better than ever and ever since then he doesnt talk to me that much anymore. Everytime Im just about to forget about him he pops up on my phone and says something randomn but he does not want to come over or talk he just wants to text. I dont know what is wrong with that guy. I guess he wants me to chase him. HA Dick is good but money makes me come. This how feel if its meant to be it will be you ladies dont get messed up about these men regardless of their sign. What one man wont do another man will. Im out!

I don't know what to think!
by: Scorpio Woman with Taurus Man

I am a 21 year old scorpio female who have been talking to a 31 year old taurus man. He is an Army recruiter and I met him because I wanted to join and still do. Well long story short. He hit me up on facebook. He came over my house. We watched TV and talked for a while and then he acted like he was to tired to drive home. Well, we had sex. Yes, I had sex with my recruiter. It was good but I did not like how he wanted to be in control of the sex. I like to be the dominate one in the bedroom but anyways. We spoke on the phone he came over a couple more times and then He asked for oral sex I said no! I dont put my mouth on anything that aint mine well he laid it down better than ever and ever since then he doesnt talk to me that much anymore. Everytime Im just about to forget about him he pops up on my phone and says something randomn but he does not want to come over or talk he just wants to text. I dont know what is wrong with that guy. I guess he wants me to chase him. HA Dick is good but money makes me come. This how feel if its meant to be it will be you ladies dont get messed up about these men regardless of their sign. What one man wont do another man will. Im out!

Libra Woman in Love with Taurus Man
by: Anonymous

Ladies, Taureans can be a pain in the ass. I have myself been through all this shit. They just keep playing with your emotions and nothing else. Commitment is a far fetched thing. And believe me, once they are in two minds about you, they would forever remain the same. They can show that they love you one time and the very next moment, they would leave you crying. From my experience, i am telling you, MOVE ON..thats the only way...because even if things seem ok now, you will never feel secured..

time to be free
by: Anonymous

I'm an aries and I can relate to the hot and cold of a taurus man. It's true they can keep you hanging on forever simply because they are so charming. No other man can bring out a womans soft side like this man!!! I've been in a back in fourth situation with a taurus for 10 yrs now and he's never gonna change. The love I once had for him has died down due to all the pain but there is still an attraction that keeps him in my life. I just want to be free of this attachment cuz it's caused a lot of doubt about men in general for me. I want the best for him dispite the way he has treated me over the years. Sometimes I think I'll never find another guy who will be able to bring out this loving side in me but it's no longer something I can ignore. I can no longer pretend to be that stupid young lady who thinks one day he'll finally see my heart and give me his.

Tarus men
by: Anonymous

are Ok but make them work for it make them feel wanted and it s not always about the money if they want material things make them work work work for it

Taurus are fools
by: Anonymous

I m half and half understand somthing libra 0ct 19 born 84 polish chick involed with a germen tarus men took the f control right out from, him was involed a couple of yeards back with another tarus honey they both are stabborn as hell so are you don t chase hiomm say ok u love me im tired of having an on and off relionship with you u either commit to me i m gone worked like a charn disapered for a few years and never came back and he realizes what he lost so did @ pieceas I got involed with ands sop did this on we had a fight pissed me the f up i stared to look for him to say ok sorry i made a mistake he didn t wann heare it oh honet eventually he came back and im like do I know u its all about power

by: Anonymous

not worth the time of day make them proof they are true to u shut the emotions off they wanna go go see you there is the door make pastive changes and don t let them mess him you re emtions don t cry beg plead say ok honey u wanna break up i except that and do not go back to them if they think they can do better show them you are number 1 and only for them they can t except ok we are done for good sweetie that s fine well and good if they know u have it for them they can take advange of u you can play them too say oh lets go to the movies or threter the next day i broke or or say let s take turn s paying for things here s another one sorry i m not interested in you re f mood swings and i am not having an on and of relionship get other you re self and be with me or don t be with me Because i have alot to offer to a men and if you do not wan t it someone elso might you love me tell me thats hurting u always paying cut the money of they like nice fine things in life do not give them that unless they earn it and theyu are willing to pick up some of the tab for the shit too

by: Anonymous

HI i m a libra proud of it born oct 19 th 84 my names daga well more my nickname almost a little scorpio close eought maybe u mess with the wrong libra maybe she had and has feelings for u and she messed wirh you to proof her point maybe u said or did somthing to push the libra alwy maybe u didn t wanna commit thats yo re name and that s you re probs with libras we can be nice maybe she did not have the gut s to say how she felt may u should talk to here and tell her how u feel about her if she reject s you her losss because you see a smart eought for it

well well
by: by Daga

so libra s rock my dear tarus men i know whom uare i date one in the past you are no perfect people too tarus are so stabborm as hell they want what they want so telll me somthinmg what excatly did u do to make the nice libra play a game with u one u need to reseach a libra two maybe she wasn t a pure libra three u euther said or did somthing to make thatlittle poor libra mess with you or she thought u were messing with her a she fought back here s some advice find the libra confron t her and ask here why maybe this has nothing to do with u enjoy or move on BUT WHEN U BREAK OFF AND ON with a libra and she feels u are messing with her what did u except from ere if she got hurt before that s another reason not you re faultmaybe be a good listener or con fron t her either way piece pal enjoy

well well
by: Anonymous

Welcome welcome my little Taurus friend so what did u do to make the nice sweet Libra play games with you do slip and let me know do u love the libra are u attarcted to her tell, her how u feel proof u are the right men for her details so i can better help u one tell her how u feel execept if with pride if she has no feelings foR you either u did something or she a was playing u because she thought u were playing her she did not know how she felt about u she may or may not be shy people might have said something to her about u and she plAYING U ECV IS PISSED AT U GO CONFRONYT HER AND ASK HER WHY ARE U MESSING WITH ME DO U HAVE FEELING S OR AM I A PLAY THING DUDE MAYBE U HAVE misunderstanding maybe just maybe one of her friends or you r s said something to her what are u afraid of getting you re heart brokem maybe the libra love s alot and doesn t wana get yelled at and u Taurus men a have tempers go wait for her and takl to her like a person waht do u have to louse

Taureans are so insecure
by: Anonymous

My ladies, I am in love with this guy since last year, we met at his workplace, he introduced to all his coworkers, his boss and people now really like me, they hug me and kiss me all the time.. And the Taurean gets jealous looking me with a weird face. He made me explain everything I did in my life, the people I was in love with and suddenly decided that I was going to be his best friend, I mean the only one shunning away all the others.

He told women broke his heart in the past, he gave too much love and got nothing in return. So I can not look to the other men or he gets furious and do not talk to me for weeks on end. But the majority of my friends are male. Nice, interesting males that call me but he inspects my call phone once in a while. I gave him small gifts that he shows to every people at the ofice but the only thing I got from him was a gold necklace, he keeps telling me he loves me, he needs time to decide what to do, I am getting tired even if his coworkers tell me he likes me a lot.. They say Taurus gets depressed, they need solitude and are very sttuborn.

I've never betrayed him, I treat him with respect and dignity; I have a life and I need him to come, to be introduced to my family and friends...a long way to go based on astrology books.

Next month it will be a year and I'm still waiting...waiting...and geting insecure. Am I only a trophy?

Scorpio with Taurus male
by: Anonymous

I didn't know if I should leave a comment, but I'm really confused. I met a Taurus man online, he was kind, cute and caring in the beginning. We wanted to try an online relationship. Last week we had a bad fight, he said he needs space, but I wanted to talk about our problems. He freaked out and was really rough and mean. I know I was maybe too loving, but I can't describe my feelings towards him, because I never had that before. He seems so perfect to me. Well, he didn't text me since sunday and he didn't call. He said his feelings went down and he wanted to see if he miss things, but he didn't. I told him to break up, bur he didn't. Why can't he just say that he's done? He knows I wouldn't leave, because I never give up. He knows I really like him. What to do? It's been only two months now, but my feelings are deep and I don't know why. I miss his voice and his text. I'm sad, I'm mad, but I can't let go. I need help :(

Scorpio woman & Taurus Male
by: Anonymous

I'm a twenty one yr. old Scorpio woman that dated a Taurus male 22. He & I have always been friends and have always had a connection, but have never had the right timing to pursue things. He approached me a couple months after a long relationship I was in and asked me out. I was actually pretty shocked at his forwardness of confessing he had always wanted to try things with us right away. We began hanging out quite a bit four or so times a week. As most Taurus signs he's slow to trust and had never really introduced or brought a girl around his loved ones. He brought me around friends and extended family quickly and was very pleased I hit it off with everyone so well. I was not about trying to be in an official relationship at the time & we both have the same different views on dating. We casually talked about with some friends one night how we thought labels were pointless as time marched on however he wanted to make us official even though he had said he would never want to do that again with a girl that it was dumb. I had an ex that wouldn't go away & even though I kept my Taurus assured I was not pursuing things with the ex I didn’t want to hurt his feelings either, which is why I did not completely commit to being official. Obviously this bothered him more than I thought. I am a very motivated person & like to constantly prove to myself I am independent. I'm not very affectionate, but he made more so that way than any others in the past. Most Taurus signs are go getters, but sometimes not in a financial aspect. My Taurus is all about the music. He plays and sings writes, etc. and is all about music festivals and discoveries. He worked a small part time job and knew to be with me he'd really have to step up, because of how high I normally keep my standards. He wanted to do it though and began to.

I Don't Understand The Taurus Man
by: Cancer Woman

I have been dating a taurus man for the last 9 months and he has been wonderful. He was everything I thought I wanted in a man. He has 2 minor children and divorced, I am also divorced. We spent so much time together, vacationing, gardening, he loves to cook and I clean. I love him so very much. He has never said he loves me, but he does so much for me and without me asking him.

Two weeks ago we were talking and making plans for a long weekend with the kids as well as for our retirement together and then out of the blue he asked if he could move in with me and I said no. He hasn't spoken to me since. I have tried to talk but he won't take my calls, respond to my texts, or emails. I've tried to apologize and explain my position but nothing. I finally couldn't take it and went to his house unannounced and we talked and now he says he needs space.

I am confused and I asked him if that meant I was no longer his girlfriend and he said yes that is what it meant, however; before I left he said he didn't mean that. But he still won't talk to me and I don't know where I stand with him!

Cancer Woman -Taurus man can't understand him.
by: Anonymous

Well i will tell yu what happened Cancer woman..
You confused the Taurus man..lol
And he decided he cannot be in a relationship with someone who does not know what she wants..
He Loved You and wanted to take your relationship to another level.
You said he and you talked about retirement..I am sure you talked about that in terms of doing that together..Not apart..
And talked about taking trips with Family..
See when Taurus man asked you if he could move in with you and You boldly said No..
He took that to mean you do not love him and do not want to move onto an bext level of your relationship..and it also threw him off the level of stability he thought he had or was building with you..
If you say you do not want Taurus man to move in with you and become part of your life then why you do want to harrass him and make him be part of your life just for companionship..that is not what he wants or was asking you for..He wanted a comittment from you and you said NO!
So what is not so easy to understand..You actually got what you wanted Freedom from a relationship.
As taurus man sees it..You are not going anywhere relationship wise with him.And Taurus men love long term relationships..And love stability..
Which you failed to provide.When he asked you for it..
So there you go to answr your question..Not so confusing after all Cancer woman..Lol

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