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I am a Cancer woman and my boyfriend is a Taurus. We get on so well and have an amazing sex life, I have never met somebody so loving and passionate as him. He's away on business at the moment and I miss him so much, in my opinion cancer/Taurus is the best match you can get.

I am a Taurus and my wife is a cancer, and she is an incredible mother/wife/lover/friend. Deeply caring, sensitive, career-oriented, well organized, and a pretty good cook. I've never been this happy with any other sign. We've been together for six years and it's been great.

married with my Taurus for 14 years, and we really love each other. Cancerian wife

I am a Cancer women and engaged to a Taurus man I must say never have I been so happy with another man in my life. He is absolutely wonderful and we are both so incredibly passionate. our sex life is indescribable and fiery as well as playful and sweet. He can always relate to my situations and moods and is so tender and sensitive towards them.

a taurean doesn't share much unless asked , though very loving

I'm married to a Cancer woman and I am truly happy. We've been married for 3 years, but been together for 8. She's my air, the best thing that has ever happened to me. Wonderful mother, wife, lover, friend, and accountant! lol. This is exactly what I wanted in a female partner. Plus, she's got a gorgeous body (especially after having 2 kids).

Best match ever. Truly made for each other. Taurus man is absolutely adorable, very balanced and grounded. He's the most loving and caring person. Too good in bed!!

I'm also a Cancer woman that goes with a Taurus. I don't know what it is about them. It's going to be 4 years this Easter we have been dating. I'm am still excited as if I just meet him. One thing I can say about them their very committed. I never have to worry about him being with someone else. He is all about business especially making money.

A Taurus can be too emotional and moody for me (Cancerian woman) to handle. I have Scorpio in moon and I am not a mood swing person. 'Mood swing' is most well-applied to Pisces.

Another thing that I couldn't tolerate about Taurus is their extreme stubbornness and inflexibility when come to things. They can sometimes be even stubborn with things which are wrong while they think is correct.

I, a Taurus man of 39 have just started dating a Cancer woman of 28. I found her very interesting and though we have not married I found her to be a promising motherly wife.

I think Taurus/Cancer is a great match. Having not actually been with a Taurus man, I have just ended seeing one. He helped me grow as a person but his stubborn streak was something that clashed with me because we Cancers can be just as stubborn! It was a timing issue for us, so hopefully I end up coming across another taurean..

Damn ya'll make this Cancer woman want a Taurus man!!!! I'm friends with one and he's just what you guys described, just one slight problem... he's married :(

I am a Cancer women, who can't believe that this Taurus man is so protective yet so gentle to all my needs. He is my king and he treats me like a queen. This is really a dream come true!!! SOULMATES

I'm a Cancerian female who has a Taurean male friend. Before he was my friend, he would stare at me and position himself around me at work. We have a lot of commonalities. He is an amazing lover, yes LOVER! can We communicate without words. The only sad thing is, I've never cooked for him and I'm a really good cook. He is THE ONE and I knew it early on. The way he speaks to me telepathically and time suspends and we are lost in those moments and there nothing but us exist. It's unlike anything I've experience. He is slow about things, but he is worth the wait. No one will replace the feelings, nor will I ever forget him. If I could describe him it would be as a steady, passionate, kind, temperamental, possessive,& considerate.

It is very true with the Taurus men / Cancer Woman match. I am not sure what it is, we seems to communicate through our minds/telepathy. We somehow could guess our thoughts without actually saying it. The amazing thing is true, that I as a Cancerian woman who's always seems to be so insecure, though I have no reason to feel that way coz I am pretty good looking and well educated. My Taurus man, have just this problem of expressing himself in the beginning. I had to tell him, that it is good to hear those loving words. He is not a very handsome man, however I just have this irresistible attraction to him. I guess because I feel safe and secure with him. I truly believe that we are soulmates and this is the best feeling I had ever felt in my entire life.

I have finally met the love of my life I have been through so many failed relationships 3 kids never been married I am 34 and met this 44 year old Taurus on line he has been through a lot as well sometimes I think he is reading my mind but we get along so well he's good to me and my children he's the one and he believes I am the one he is so protective and love making money and being thrifty as much as me, thank you god for my soulmate, he is very good and guess what we are an interracial couple, he's Italian American and I am African American, we are waiting until marriage to have sex, but it gets pretty hot just thinking of it he's great in everyway I am glad I waited on him, my brother is a Taurus, my oldest son is a Taurus and we are very close, my older brother is so protective of me, and I love him as well, my oldest son is also protective of me so I knew right away that I would enjoy a taurean man, strong but ever so gentle

I'm a cancer. Had a brief experience with a Taurus. I still can't get him out of my mind 4 years later. He has no idea that I'm probably still in love with him. He's moved miles away now but I agree that cancers/Taurus have an undeniable attraction.

Cancerian female, I was dating a Taurean male-- we met in a fateful way: a car crash! A week later he rang me to ask me out. He has an amazing voice, accent (English) and incredibly soulful eyes. We dated for 3 mths and I really fell hard! I noticed the last couple of times we were together he wasn't making an effort -- he's pretty selfish in a lot of things ie I would always have to go to his place, he would never come to mine, etc. We broke up a few times but never really got back together, and just the other day he finally said he is not interested in being in a relationship with me however he would consider being my "date" if I get an invite somewhere-- not as in boyfriend, just if I don't want to go alone. Now I think he is just using me (again being selfish) to network socially as he has just started a new job which is quite senior. This is really hard. We connected. And now its over. Any advice here would be warmly received. Should I just look for another Taurean man? Still hopeful!

I'm a Cancer woman. Is it common for Taurus men to let the woman ask first, or make a first move? This man I recently met, he's a Taurus and it seems like he likes me, but I don't know if he's being shy, or he is trying NOT to "try so hard" Why is he not moving faster in trying to get to know me? I seem to be asking most of the questions, instead of him. Is this normal for Taurus, or is it something else? However HE gave me his phone # first. with the 3rd email he sent me.

I have truly found my soulmate in my taurean man. I am a Cancer woman and was married for 24 years to a Leo!!!! Not a good match he was definitely overpowering and left me quaking at times. I was reluctant to commit again and had several very short lived flings then I met my Taurean and within seconds was deeply in love.....I told him second date. He is protective without smothering me and treats me so gently I melt. Sex is amazing with lots of passion but also lots of laughter too. I want to be with him every second we communicate without words, by looks, smiles and touches.

Cancer woman dating a bull. Yes! All is true from what I read on all the post. This man is 13 years older than I am and I would never thought I'd be so attracted to him despite the large age gap. I never met a man so passionate, lovable and affectionate. He is one who plays the mystery man in the beginning stages of dating and plays it too well. I know he is in love with me because when we are together we are so intimate it crazy. Love making is over the top! We share our deepest feelings and I know it is just going to get better. I find stability and a sense of security when we are together and we only been together for a short while. I'm gonna marry this guy one day if asks me.

I broke up with my boyfriend 0f a month for a Taurus man its going well so far my ex was a Gemini he didn't really give me anything out of the relationship but lots of criticism on how im slow or "fat" or I get around ... me and the Taurus guy were friends he told me I deserved better I believed him and dump my boyfriend on the same day he said that. he's everything I could dream of I don't know he's something amazing after just a month and maybe a week I think I love him already and we haven't even had sex yet... he very calm, easy to talk to and fun to be around and it doesn't hurt that he's sexy and always misses me as much as I miss him btw he's 18 im 17 I don't know what im gonna do when he moves away for college... just thinking about it makes me want to cry

I am a Cancer woman and am deeply in love with an older, Taurus, man. We had a rough start though, as I was in a car accident two days after he moved in with me and my teens. I must agree that we are a fantastic match. But, we are having a sex issue, where he is not attracted to me anymore. I am devastated. I did not know how to be with someone who was not interested in me sexually. At first, our sex life was pretty good, really good. Great! I don't know what happened. Depression? Kids? Too much craziness at home? I wish we could have sorted through this, but he is not interested. Cancer woman and Taurus do work together energetically, and I know this from this relationship. Crazy.

Yes...Soulmates. I just lost my Taurus boyfriend. He was the love of my life. I would have happily spent the rest of my life with him. He had just turned 45 on May 2nd and passed away on May 19th...much too soon. I hope to someday meet another Taurus man to love. I'm a Cancer woman, born today, 41 years old.

Cancerian woman here and dating a Taurus man 8 years older than me (I turn 29 july 22) only been dating him for a cple weeks.. known him for only a couple months. I cldnt be happier! It's like he knows my thoughts and feelings before they even occur! We have plans to marry and have a child in the near future already! I say perfect match Cancer and Taurus!

I have known this my Taurus for about four years now I met him and sparks flew like fate! but we didn't speak for about a year and a half later ironically I became great friends with his sister and THEN found out that was her brother we talked some but at first I played hard to get and he strayed away then I got the courage to ask him out on a date he never really answered me six months later Christmas a few days before Christmas I asked him to go for a walk with me he says ok! we walked around for two hours looking at Christmas lights when I tried to go he wanted to walk me home ironically as I have read from the other people on here he is older than me :D only by three years though that night was pure romance anyways on Christmas night we spent the night together no sex but I asked him after we had been fooling around all night and he said no! I knew he wanted to I could tell but ugh! I could not believe it! then we started seeing each other like every two weeks an d this might be weird but he is kind of creepy he does some of the weirdest things to get my attention and he has a very bad staring problem and ya if it were any other guy I would be so creeped out but with him its hot ! ugh I used to always ask myself what is wrong with me when I think about him I get so hot he is a great kisser and a loving person he LOVES back rubs and thank god I LOVE to give them he is so so so hot even when he is being mean only once has he been mean and almost made me cry well all this flirting and fooling around finally I got up the courage to I guess ask if we were in a secret relationship because I was at his house all the time and he didn't want his family to be awkward about it especially his mom who was already weird about it saying I should go on a date with him blah blah anyways but when I brought it up he said he cant have a relationship right now from were he is in his life because he had to move back in with his parents and he barely has a job he told me no guarantees but refused to tell me how he felt about me he still does all the creepy stuff and I want him more and more every time I see him I think we are meant for each other but he is so stubborn he will not tell me what he wants :( every time I fool around with him its like either we connect afterwards and he wants to know about my life or I leave immediately afterwards without a word it is more of a spur of the moment thing when we hook up I guess I never know what he wants his body language says he wants me but verbally he is not ready I don't know if I should wait I have waited so long already

im a Cancer female and my boyfriend is a Taurus we have been dating for 7 months he is ignoring me would he ever be the same call me everyday and text?

I am a Cancer woman. I've come across a Taurus man about 3 years ago online, honestly, I hadn't expected us to stick around this long. He's a very attractive man, and we share a lot of common interests. But when I first encountered him I had just wanted to befriend him, I had a previous online relationship I was beginning to change cause that was complicated, and didn't want to go through with it again. For some reason, this Taurus man seemed arrogant probably cause of his good looks (dream blue eyes) and talent for playing bass and incredible taste in music, but I was wrong. He was charming, funny, and straightforward. The funny thing was, I was attracted to him but I didn't crush on him. But for him, he was already saying 'I think I love you' from the start, it made me laugh a lot. I had to keep telling him that we were just friends, he barely knows me. He understood, and from then on we talked everyday, flirted a lot. Sexually, he was very luring and sumptuous, and he felt the same for me. And let me tell you, Taurus men are not always true to their word, but there is something in the way they promise to keep their word that enables you to distinguish what promises he'd really keep, or meant, or the ones you can tell just might not happen. He told me that he loved me and will love me for a long time. I didn't believe him, at least at the time I didn't want to. I told him we couldn't say such things cause that's the future, and we're not in the future. I think I slightly offended him, but he understood. Despite this little flirty/slightly passionate relationship, we had started off as best friends. We knew that no matter what happened we would still be friends, and we could date other people and be ok with it. The only time I realized I really cared when he got a girlfriend. I was so jealous. Later on, they had ended anyway. The funny thing was, I was being a drama queen and saying goodbye to him cause I didn't think I could have him since he's miles away, and he got a girlfriend. and he was sad, and got worried that we wouldn't ever talk again. I said maybe, but I don't want this online fling and everything. then I went against my own words and got attached again. Its that connection as everyone's said, between Cancers and Taurus' they just keep coming back, or some coincidental path just leads the two signs again. Then his girlfriend and him ended up breaking up cause he didn't want it anymore. The funny thing was, that he still talked liked me even though he was with his girlfriend, and he talked to me all the time, so it was like I was the girlfriend instead. I know its wrong, but it happened. During that time he was having issues with his parents, and his girlfriend well lets just say she hadn't taken the time to be giving him comfort with a patient process, but I did. Anyway, long story short.. he's dated other girls, while I've secretly cried my eyes out a lot, and simultaneously id be happy when we'd talk again. He was the center of everything. He was my English homework (an essay about someone who changed your life) he was my time, effort, and just a lot. It wasn't healthy but that was the truth. Finally I decided to change, but every time I was being strong again a sign would bother me. Id ignore it. Then id get dreams about him, the more I ignored it, Id get more. Finally this year, he messaged me and had said we hadn't talked in so long. I was happy but shocked to hear from him again. Then we talked on text, and on the phone. He had a girlfriend and they broke up, and after all, he said he loved me. He brought up bits of the past, and then we were together. But then cause life changes, and turned out his latest ex was pregnant with his baby, that goes on top of change. he's one year older than me. im in college, and he's just working to support himself and eventually this baby, and I'll be working too... Its the timing. Him and I wanted each other so bad for so long, and I believe that we will be together someday, even (if that means we finally meet and hed find someone who made him happy, and so would I) as friends. He believed in me, and loved everything I did. We did everything for each other. We were perfect. It is a burden for two people ever so right for each other cannot workout just because the circumstances that each person lives in separates them towards a different path in life, but only once in awhile lie ahead crossroads. I don't want any other Taurus man aside from the one I had. he's different. Ive had other Taurus friends, and they live around my area. But out of them, this one who had to be miles away who really got me. he's amazing. He'll always forever be my best friend, my everything, and hope I will always be his favorite, his angel.

I, as a Cancer woman fell deeply in love with my Taurus man. We are just friends again, like we were from the start, but we get so attracted to each other its like every time we talk and spend time together, we forget what matters around us, and drench each other with adventure, fun, flirtation, and most of all, friendship and love. Its a confusing state of euphoria that I have never found with anyone else. Of course, we've had really bad times, but we got through them all the time. I know I can always count on my Taurus man, we can count on each other, despite how bad the situations get, we just keep coming back and forgiving. But I still love him deep in my heart. The reason was timing, and distance. Yes, I found him on some silly website, and we've been good friends for about 3 years now. I didn't think I'd know him this long. As we're far away, life goes on. Someday, I will be with him, even if that means we both meet someone that makes us happy, and we end up remaining friends. We respect each other to find who we really are meant for, to keep us happy. There's no selfishness, just more love. he's the greatest.

I have fell madly in love with a Taurus...it didn't take long. But, I keep telling myself it is in Cancer's nature to be smitten easily. I wish he would be more open with his feelings, and give me some sense of direction...

I am a Taurus man in love with a coworker who is cancer. we were getting along so well I would buy her rose just to say I am thinking of u. but everytime I turn around she seems to enjoy attention from older men when I ask do you like this old fart she would say no but yet she seems to like it when he touches her. best part is I bent backwards to train her to show her things in her job. Boy after she became good at her new job I seen a attitude change. sad part is when I needed help from her she would never offer and would never have the guts to say I am sorry or thank me for her help. remember she is Cancer and I am Taurus best part which hurts the most is when she fought with me over a stupid client issue. she marched in my office telling me never to talk to her and that she would smash my face called me a bastered. she didn't even want to talk like an adult she seems to want to verably attack me.

so help me understand why when you like someone who is Cancer and I a Taurus why she treats me like crap gives me more verable abuse. If I am upset I will not say anything calm down and then like a normal adult say hey you have upset me and this is why. but rather she wants to attack and have emtional outburst and then ignor me and not even want to talk at all to me. thats my experience even when she said all those stupid hurtfull words I still went out and bought her a yellow rose and sent a ecard saying sorry if she felt I hurt her feelings. but up to know she doesn't care about wanting to talk or make up. I can see if I was to cheat or lie or be dishonest but this is not the issue. rather with this Cancer women she lies to me not wanting to even put me on her facebook as a friend. yet they say Cancer and Taurus are excellent together. what about me I get nothing but just a hurt heart and hurt feelings. I am so sad and not even wanting to ever look at marriage because I kn I wil l give and give but just get hurt.

I have been with my Taurus man for 6 years now, we met first year of college. I love him, I know we are soulmates, we are getting married this summer. To those of you looking for answers about a Taurus, for the first year he would ignore my phone calls, never call me back, he would only come over once a week and Im a cancer, so Im very clingy when I like someone. I broke up with him numerous times in this first year to scare him into calling/seeing me more, well it worked the last time I broke up with him- he promised to start being a better boyfriend and being around more....and he finally did..now its been 5 years and I cant get rid of him haha. Once a Taurus man is with you, he will never leave you or cheat on you...he ultimately became completely in love with me....so stick to it because a Taurus just needs time to let you in their life and when they do they'll never leave your side.

I am a Cancer woman and my Taurus makes me feel insecure about myself. I cry all the time and I feel like if Im not who he wants me to be then we argue. I think we would be very very good friends. He is the father of my kids and I think that is what keeps us together.

I am in love with a Taurus man , I am a Cancer , although I was born on the cusp ..Gemini /Cancer..there is an age gap..I am 47 and he is 30...He is from Iran and I America...I've never felt so completely understood and loved although we have never met , we've lnown each other for almost a year and I plan to go to meet him in Turkey soon. I would like some feedback from you guys ...the cultural difference , the age differences , none of that bothers me...what do you guys think ?

I am a Cancer woman, in love with a Taurus man. A beautiful person, quite funny because on the outer shell, he comes across arrogant, but he is very sensitive and caring underneath it all. We have had our falling outs over little things, have had a relationship without it being confirmed verbally, but I know he loves me his eyes cannot lie, but I am a shy crab and haven't the guts to tell him 'I love you'. Yet he understands that I have been hurt deeply in the past, and his patience with me is amazing that I fall deeper for him. He treads softly around me and never suffocates my space. He is my best friend and my past lover. I just wish I could tell him how I feel.

I am a Cancer woman dating a Tarus man. We met at work. He would just stare at me. One day at work he came up to me and smelled my neck, normally I would have been appauled but I liked it. We too can communicate without words, the chemistry between us is majical. He is very sensual and passionate. When we are together he makes me feel like no one else exist. I fell for this Taurean fast. Even before sex. Sex is out of this world (cosmic!!) slow and very intimate. Never have I been loved like this! He is definately the one. Unfortunately there are circumstances that prevent us from completly being together. Being a Cancer Woman, I have a keen intuition and I know that in the process of time he will be my husband! Cancer/Tarus= Passion,Love,Stability

I am a Cancer woman ,fell in love with co-worker -taurus Man and after dating him for 2yrs now am married with him.having two beautiful kids.He is a best lover,best husband and now he is a BEST ever DAD..such a caring husband in my both delievery ...........touch wood..God bless us.......

I am a Cancer woman and married a Taurus man...we were married for 32 years...he then died of aspestos lung Cancer related to his job that he was on for 43 years...he was a hard worker sometimes working double shift..a great lover.(every night)....and never once did he not tell me (thank you) for a dinner I cooked...he was the best father my son could have ever asked for...and soo attentive when I was sick...and always said..(i'm perfectly happily married) when someone hit on him....CANCER WOMAN....grab yourself that taurus...he will treat you as a princess..and protect all that is his in his family....I MISS MINE SOOOOOOOOO MUCH.....it has been two years since he has passed and left me here....and I will never want anyone else....I WANT TO GO WITH HIM....he will be your soul mate ladies.....grab hold and never let go

Do all of Taurus man have blue eyes ?

well I do have a Taurus guy that I like - blue-dreamy eyes....

but he's always gone on and off and on then straightly off...

I am a Cancer woman who just recently stopped dating a Taurus man that I too meet online. The connection between the two of us was like no other I have ever encountered. He was gentle and aggressive just the way I like. He's very stubborn sometimes I would call him and get no answer or call back. I didn't understand because at first he would call me all the time. He would sing to me on the phone when we didn't have anything to say. I did some research on him and found out he was married. I am crushed to say the least. He told me he informed me that he was married but separeted from his wife in the beginning. I don't remember the conversation. I am at a lost for words cause even though it goes against everything I stand for I still want him. Not married....but I can't help but to still think will he divorce her and work on this relationship with me that we have started. Then there is a issue with distance between us; we live miles apart. It is difficult I pra y everyday that god works it out in my favor. I want him soooo bad I can just taste it.

Omg, I've been dating a taurus, exclusively a little over 2 years. We have had our few bumps in the road, but we have overcome a lot of things and are very much in love. He is away at school, so we see each other at least twice a month. He is extremely focused on schoolwork, and I have to sometimes pull his coat tail to have him to relax and enjoy me!

My love knows what Im thinking and I usually know what he is thinlking. The lovemaking is indescribable!!! I can not see myself with anyone else. I know they can be stubborn, at times, but mine told me that coaxing him the right way will get him to change his mind. I feel blessed. I know we are getting married, without a doubt.

Omg, I've been dating a taurus, exclusively a little over 2 years. We have had our few bumps in the road, but we have overcome a lot of things and are very much in love. He is away at school, so we see each other at least twice a month. He is extremely focused on schoolwork, and I have to sometimes pull his coat tail to have him to relax and enjoy me!

My love knows what Im thinking and I usually know what he is thinlking. The lovemaking is indescribable!!! I can not see myself with anyone else. I know they can be stubborn, at times, but mine told me that coaxing him the right way will get him to change his mind. I feel blessed. I know we are getting married, without a doubt.

Most Cancerian girls I (Taurean Man) came across looked like they're interested in me. I'd say they're better then their Watery mates Pisces and Scorpio. I will be interested in dating one too.

Taurus from Venus.

I am a Cancer woman in desperate need of some advice. I am falling hard for a married Taurean man.

I cannot even explain how I feel when we are together in so many words. The energy is electric! So much sexual tension. I can't take it anymore! He is intelligent, hilarious, caring, sensitive, AND gorgeous.

When we are together, he jokes around and teases me (in a playful/sexy way), which I love, but I hate that this kind of flirting is going on when he's taken. (One time, while we were arguing over something silly, he said quite loudly, "wow, there is so much sexual tension between us!" He said later that he'd said it as a joke to see the reactions of the people around us, but I could feel it on my end.)

As a cancer, I value family (a lot). This is where my dilemma lies. I know that he is not getting the kind of love and affection that Taureans crave (from his wife), but I think he is staying in the relationship for his children (he's an incredible father). I would never want to be the cause of a broken home, so I am at a crossroads. Should I continue to be his friend and silently suffer, or cut off contact with him?

What do you think?

I just came to find out about Taurus man ,im a Cancer and he is the perfect match for me I been with a Leo for the past two years ,i mean our relationship is good butwe are two different people who are trying really hard to make thinks work betwween us ,really but I hope it do.anyway but I met a Taurus man just his touch maks me want it...lol.. I feel so comfortable when im around him and what makes it so funny I only know him for a week he is 36 and I am 20 .....................and we are bout married ...makes us even..lol.

Have been with my Taurus (on the Aries cusp)man for over a year now. Looooove him. Match made in heaven, and I was quite surprised because he is not the kind of guy I would initially be drawn to. He is unassuming and quiet a bit socially - but in a private relationship, he is rock solid, competent, confident, knows his own mind. He is the stable solid rock river bed to my Cancerian river stream. He lends structure and foundation to our relationship, while adoring and enjoying how I soften him up and encourage him to see beyond his stubborn predictable boxes. Extremely passionate relationship -- sexy, but also cozy, playful, warm, and sentimental. Yes, oh my, yes.

I am a Cancer woman in a relationship with a Taurus man for two years. It's been a slow long road progressing our relationship, but we have such a deep connection we never want to be apart. Even when I get impatient, there is an endearing quality about him that keeps me waiting for this bull!

I am so excited to say I have just met a Taurus man (cancer woman) and I already love him to no end and know he feels the same. I have had very VERY bad experiences with pieces and leos and this Taurus guy is certainly shaping up to be my perfect match. He makes me feel secure loved and cherised. I am in love big time and I want to be with him to the end (sorry I know how corny that must sound!!)

I have been seeing a Taurus for about a month now and have never flet so happy in my entire life. He loves me and I love him and I know we are going to be together for a long time. We are planning to take time of work to be together, get married and get pregnant. I know it sounds mad but we are meant to be and we knew it after a few dates. I've never been so vocal and it is the same with him. I've been looking for this my whole life and he to with I, a woman who adores him and will support him in whatever he does. He in turn, supports me, loves me and makes me laugh. In bed it's gtruly amazing. When I am and ot with him, I miss his so much. With others, I've always maintained an air of independence which I've wanted. Now, I have what I want and that is him. I love him.

I am a 29 y.o. Cancer femaleWhile my partner is a 24 y.o. Taurus male.The first night we met, I thought he wasextremely handsome and nice. I didn't thinkmuch of it. That night we exchanged info andbecame friends on a social net-his idea. Ittook me a couple of weeks to even respond to him.I guess I was worried abt what everyone would saybecause it didn't take any longer for us to becometaken over by one-another. Fast Forward 2 monthsand we are best friends, lovers, potential businesspartners. He is my everything. He treats me just likea princess. I will say, some of it is from me beingvocal about what I will take and what I won't take.He never gets his feathers ruffled when I am in oneof my moods, which really don't last long with my tauroAs say as it would a petty leo. We have talked aboutmarriage, children, finances. I know he is going to bemy husband, in the near future. I told him that I wanteda brood that looked like him and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. We rarely say many words-inherently, I know as he does(most times) what we feel, think, need, or want without verbalizing.We are both writers. He is an excellent artist(drawing).We share many musical likes. There isn't a thingWe don't enjoy doing together, even if it's a shower.He is the boss and I allow him that because he caresabout our future. I am just a silent partner,lol.He is dominant and to him I am submissive. He loves that I am domesticated. I can cook,clean, be wild in the sack, and go out and earnWhatever we need to live a comfy life.

I have known my Taurus man for over 10 years, he's the most incredible person i've ever met - but we've never been in a relationship!

He's a wonderful friend for a cancerian; understanding, grounded, warm. We've seen each other through every hardship of our lives and I feel truly blessed for having him in my life. I can't comment on how it is romantically between a Taurus and a Cancer but I can see how it could work long-term between the two. If you fall in love with a Taurus then don't let them go (but if you do, stay friends! You'll love each other always).

I have been seeing a Taurus man who I met online for about 6 months. I am a Cancer woman who has not been in a relationship for ten yrs! i'm in my early thirties and yes I have dated but no commitments since the man I have two children by. so in a sense this bull was the 1st guy I really let in.. as I said we met online and at first he was not at all appealing to me but I liked his pictures and thought he would be a nice teddy bear of a guy to cozy up with for the winter. lol. we finally met in person on a whim one day and I was instantly very attracted to him. normally as a cancer, I can be very guarded with meeting new people but he had such an insatiable aura that I was automatically drawn to him. I found myself wanting to be touched by him and wanting to touch him. anyway, we were pretty strong after that. we saw one another pretty frequently and text more than talked but it was still communication either way. btw despite my complaints of wanting to see more of him and did not like so much texting...this man ignored my complaints but only assured me that we would talk and see more of one another. he fell off here and there but would try to make up for it. being the sensitive and moody crab that I am I was offended and didn't mind letting him know. my point was clear, that if you like me as much as you say you do then show it. well I guess he called himself trying and I also even asked him if he was married or in a relationship. I have to tell you all there have been some inconsistencies with things that he told me which I later found to be false. I don't know if he was simply trying to figure out if he wanted to be bothered with me in the beginning or not and maybe that's why he was so secretive. i'm not sure. i've been reading up on his sign for a while now and i've learned to slow down and be a bit more patient with him. I even told him that I am following his lead. he makes many promises and dates with me but only manages to keep a few. he says he very busy, I swear I want to say he has a woman but he's brought me around just about every place I can think of. I can't say that he's hiding something anymore. I just want more time with him. he says he likes me and misses me. I love being around him and I am very comfy in his space. but my goodness, how long will he go at this slooooow pace. now I must also tell you that in hs I was in a four year relationship with another bull and believe me if I did not break that off I know we would still be together, they are everything and more that the horoscopes say..loyal, dependable, stubborn, nice. I mean my hs love was the nicest lover I have ever had. he never spoke an unkind word to me and I notice many of the same traits in this bull. he would rather stay away than tell me no or be mean. lol what am I to do???

Hey! They never lose interest in sex, but are lazy I thought mines had lost interest. But we are back to normal

sometimes they just need some space for some reason. If they love you they will always love you unless you do something like cheat on them. Your car accident had nothing to do with it. Act like you don't care that's the advice I was given and he came right up to speed. If he still touches you anywhere he's okay just being the lazy thing he came be if left to his own devices. Dress up keep going and have faith.

I've always had feelings with this Taurus boy but we never spoken to each other much, but I do have this strong attraction towards him, I feel very connected to him somehow, when I don't see him, I think of him NONSTOP though. I hope something happens between us.

I'm a Taurus man, right after divorce with my ex-wife (she was Aquarius). A few months ago I started to look for a right life partner, communicated with a few different girls and finally almost chosen one (she is Scorpio) but it's incredible... One of these girls was Cancer and she's from other country, some 10 000 miles from me... and I had already arranged with the Scorpio, but I always think about that Cancer girl. Maybe she's not so extremely beautiful, but she have the most beautiful heart in the world... and I can't stop thinking of her :( It's something magic, she also always try to contact me, but I try to avoid contacts, because I don't like to play with feelings. I do not know how it would finish.. Nevertheless, it looks like a Cancer women really has something a Taurus men are looking for in life and first thing is Cancer's warmth, patience and beautiful heart.. and they're so feminine...

Super duper in love with my husband(taurus) our sex life is so amazing. Cancerian. (15 years of marriage )

im a Cancer woman and I love more than everything a taures man,but we pretend that we are friends,even when a year before we had sex but we were drunk,and after that night we didn't call each other.Now we study together in the same class and I still love him but im sure that he feel's the same.He is the man of my dreams,and I'm sure that we gona end up together cuz him neither I cant stay with no one else,Im 1year older than him,but I don't mind

I just met this Taurus man off fb...and its crazy because as I am reading these comments im just smiling big.im a Cancer woman. he sent me a msg saying I looked familar..turns out he used to cut my grass for 5yrs when we were in highschool but I never noticed him because I was involved but he noticed me. we havent even met yet and I feel a strong connection ALREADY!just based on our conversations. I miss him and I havnt even spent time with him yet..im NEVER like this...simply because I refuse to fall head over heels!!but its been a week and we will be going to olive garden tomm evening..i cant wait..i have a crazzy feeling this is gonna be good..

I'm a Cancer woman currently infatuated with a Taurus guy I know. I met him at my college (we took english together) and he sat right next to me the whole semester. I found him extremely intelligent and handsome, but we never got to really know each other at first (I added him on FB and we got to speak a little online; but I was the one initiating conversation) Little by little, I felt myself attracted to him....to a point where I dream and daydream him. (He has beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. Funny, huh?)

Next thing that happens, a couple months later, I get a job on campus and who do I find working there?? HIM. I can't understand if this is mere coincidence or some sign from the heavens. lol So, I decided to take the initiative again, and see if this time it could possibly work out into something more than just another acquaintance. So I asked him if he wanted to hang out with me and he said yes (permitting his schedule, of course) and I felt like we really hit it off. I guess being a Cancer, I am intuituve and unconsciously know when the feeling is mutual (more or less)! He's really sweet with me and I have caught him staring at me quite a couple of times....I don't know what the future holds for me but I hope for the best. Start off being friends ladies, and then gradually express your interest! Only fools rush in! And they say Taurus guys take their time in matters of the heart....

OH and IF a Taurus guy you like touches you, it probably means he likes you....I know because he touched my hand to warm it up for a while (I was freezing) and I loved it. :3

I (Cancer woman) just recently met my passionate loving Tauris man after a long period of celibacy. We were attracted to each other immediately and have a lot in common. Its been only two months and he has swepted me off my feet. Right now I'm fitting into his busy schedule, but I am going to be patient listening to all of the Cancer women above. He is the best lover I have ever had and he makes me feel wonderful. On our first date, he nibbled the side of my neck and I knew he was the one.

I am a Cancer woman who met a Taurus man a few months ago. He lives hundreds of miles away but there was enough of a connection we exchanged phone numbers anyway. We have a lot working against us, but I really think he's the one-I've never fallen so hard for someone, and I've only met him in person a couple of times since the initial meeting. I am being patient and trying not to get my hopes up too high, but.... I swear this is meant to be.

I am a Cancer woman and have been with my Taurus man for 7 years and have 2 children with him. I wouldnt have any other way he is a great husband/mate/friend /lover/father that I could ever have

I am a Cancer woman and met a Taurus guy 10 years older than me and I have to say on my part it was love at first sight!!! never believed that could happen before. It was going really well in the beginning and I let all my barriers down, so consequently the more I see him the more I wanted to see him. Then suddenly he went cold I think it all went to quickly to soon, hopefully one day he will realise that it was meant to be and will get in touch. My advice is if you do meet a Taurus man and you get that instant feeling no matter how much you want to just let your emotions run away with you. Stay in control and take it slowly as you are in danger of losing them as they can not do anything spontaneously everything has to be well researched and thought through!!1

I (Cancer woman) I have liked so much this guy so much but I never told him. Saw him about 10yrs ago at a store he actually notice me first and at first I didn't seem to remember but then I did he used to bug me at school and he told me if I didn't know why. He told me if a guy bugs you he likes you! And here all this time I thought he didn't like me. Well, not so long ago he found me on Fb and send me a request. At first I didn't remember until he told me the same story when we first meet.Well after trying to plan to meet up for dinner for about 6 months I was thinking he was just flirting but I stared to read more about Taurus and I knew he was either to busy or taking his time. I even told him the way I felt by emails. Finally..we where able to go out. When we saw each other we went for dinner I guess he had plans but the FWY was closed so, we had to go local and dinner was kinda bad for him I feel so bad but he was okay with it and keep it cool.I was so shy I co mpletely didn't say much. I was so in shock I was speech-less during our dinner. although there's was so much I wanted to know and wanted to ask. He keeps asking me to talk but I swear I was speechless we even had made plans for that same week to go out again. Dinner was kind of short. When I text him asking if we where still going to go out he reply saying: it was best if we didn't see each other. I told him if it was because the way I acted that I was sorry! he judge me so quick and after txting back and forward I told him I rather have him as a friend instead of loosing him. Told him I'll be here whenever he needs a friend. He reply saying him too and he wouldn't let me down. He even deleted me from Fb but we have been txt a little and I believe if he really wanted to loose all contact he would had asked me not to txt him ever again. Although he said we could be friends but not hang out again. I don't know what to do? I know I don't want to give up on him. But how will I know if he really..wants me as only as friends or could it be he wants to get to know me by txt. Any advised will be appreciated.

I am a Cancer female who is dateing a Taurus male who,is stubborn as a bull, very possessive and very protective, I luv him once you had a Taurus male you have hit a home run in the park.

OK, I am a Cancerian woman who has been seeing a Tarus off and on for a little over 7 years. When I met him, I was fresh out of a Divorce and didn't want anyone to love me. I wanted a one-night-stand, to be honest. The sex was OUTSTANDING the very first night! He was trying to mend an old relationship with someone, and I was still in love with my Ex Husband, so we saw each other between failed ralationship attempts and reconcilliation attempts with our exes. Once we both realized that our past relationships and other attempts at love were not working, we turned to each other (I did first). He turned me away at first, but then came back to me with the utmost intensity and a passion I have never seen in him. He is so attentive to my every need, want and desire. When he talks about the future (ex: building houses and such), he always says "is that what we're gonna do"? as if he is planning it with me there. It seems he can be a little insensitive at times, but I think that is just me being too sensitive (as we Cancers tend to be). He showers me with gifts, great sex and affection, and delicious meals that he cooks for me. I love him, tremendously, and hope to spend the rest of my life with him. My only regret is that we could have seen this coming 7 years ago, but I think we had to learn all of our lessons in order to appreciate the all the good that is coming of our union. :) He's amazing. Oh, by the way, I am 30 and he is 37.

I am a Cancer woman and im with a Taurus guy he's fun outgoing and the most caring and loving guy I have ever met he's everything too me!!! I couldnt ask for anyone else

Reading these is pretty funny, but also it is reassuring. I'm head over heels for a Taurus man (I'm obviously a Cancer woman) and he is just like everyone is saying. I've known him for about 10 or 11 years, we used to hang when we were younger and lost contact for a few years. I believe he found me on myspace again and I was in a relationship where my ex was jealous of myspace, so I finally deleted it and got a facebook.. I think it was him again who found me on there... I was still in this relationship (a Leo) and things were rocky... he observed everything and would do and say things to make my day better, make me laugh, catch my attention, etc... He, no doubt, saw that it was eventually going to end... as soon as it did, he started talking even more... It's been about a year since I broke up with the Leo, and the Taurus and I have spoken enough to let each other know we are interested, but we are both too busy right now. I keep letting him know I care and I am he re, because the deepest part of me knows he is a very good match for me. I talk to others, but nobody even comes close to comparing. I see a little possessiveness in him, but I find it cute. Normally, I would be turned off, but his subtle ways about it are endearing. I know he's worth the wait and I am pretty sure he knows the same about me. I'm extremely sexually, mentally, emotionally, and otherwise attracted to him. I think I am finally breaking his barriers as he has invited me out recently (I couldn't go) and he invited somewhere else. Somewhere deep down, I think he may end up being my stopping point. I'm 26, almost 27 and he will be 30 in May. Everything about him makes me warm. His love for food and cooking, his intelligence, his ear for music (I am an artist, he's a musician), his loyalty to his loved ones, love for small animals, sensual nature... I can not wait to see what the future holds for us.

I am a cancerian lady who met a Taurus online. He added me on fb but as soon as I saw his pic I felt an attraction. I added him sent him a welcome message and left it at that. Then I would start leaving comments on his status's, don't know if it was my personality but we started communicating. I don't know why but I felt drawn to him but I didn't think anything woulld come of it because he lived so far away. Then one day he leaves this mind blowing message for me telling me how much he likes me, I couldn't stop smiling. We've met up and I have never felt so comfortable with someone so quickly in my entire life and the touching? Oh yeah, they do touch you a lot, but their touch is sensual, my skin tingles where his fingers trail, he felt so good. I've had really bad relationships in my past and because of the distance between us I let this cause a bit of friction between us. The thing is, I sense that this is a man I can trust, finally. He is so gentle and loving, sexy with this wonderful melodious voice. He's been a bit angry with me because I can't believe this wonderful man could actually like me, he says he does so that must me that, isn't it? One thing I've learned about a Taurus man is that you have to be patient but I believe the the path I'm going down is the right one for me. He is worth it, just need to conquer my own fears.

I am a Cancer female and I meet my Taurus soul mate at a hospital we have a mutual freind we talked got to know each other in the 5 hrs we spent there he stayed at my house that night slept on the couch I felt something for him the first time I saw him I dropped him off at home and a week later he called me. we have a wonderful friendship a connection that is more spiritual I have never really had a connection with anyone else like this he agrees? we don't really feel right without each other. he is younger than me which we both agree is no problem. there is a problem however his heart still belongs to his ex who is an Aries they arguee all the time but truth be told he is stuborn an he still cares for her.. we have tried to not contact each other I told him if he cares for her so much he may need to see if they can work things out I felt that I would rather him do that so if he was to ever be with me he would know it was really over with her. he called less than a w eek later to check on me I didn't answer couldn't really he did this for over three weeks we didn't talk.. he kept calling the said if I didn't answer he would come down becuse he was worried.. some how he is back in my life but he still has not let go of her what can I do..

I am Taurus man who fell in love with a Cancer woman.Yeah.........(sigh)...she brought the word "LOVE" out of me.. that is all.. hehe

I am a Cancerian woman who absolutely loves the tenderness of a Taurean male. Currently right now I am not in a relationship with a Taurean male, but I am seeking one. I do have a few aquaintences that are Taureans and I wish I could begin a romantic relationship but there are obstacles amongst them such as age or marriage or just cannot be's... I have dated many signs but after so I have realized a Taurean is the truth for this Cancer!!!

Hi. I'm a Cancer woman. I have had my heart broken by three Taurus men. The first was my first boyfriend who I lost my virginity to. I guess Cancer Sun and Ascendant folks live too much in the clouds and are too romantic. We also are extremely cautious. I thought that this would be a good combination and something that a Taurus would respect but that did not happen for me. The first guy had several girlfriends and I didn't know until too late. He ended up marrying one of those other women. The second Taurus I dated I really loved...like completely. He also had a girlfriend that he finally told me about and was really crazy and afraid when he finally decided to tell me. He asked if I would tolerate that because she needed him. I said no. He said bye and peace out and called me a few times after that but it was too hard for me to stay in touch with him. They now have a baby. My current Taurus travels alone often. I really love him but I try not to get too attached to him. He told me that he just wants to be friends a few months ago and I didn't like that. I told him that I will never talk to him again because I have enough friends. I am looking for a lover and partner. He became very upset when I said this. I also catch him staring at other women especially those who are the opposite of my looks. Short and blonde. I am tall and dark haired. He also cheated on me once before he expressed his desire to be just friends. I forgave him for that because I love him. He still emails this girl but says that she is just a friend. He also is friends with another girl that he slept with before we met (we have been dating for 1 year). He told me that he loved me but maybe not enough because he still enjoys spending time alone and doing things by himself. I told him that I will no longer be one of the girls in his pack. It's insulting and very psychologically damaging to my confidence. He also told me that I was the most beautiful woman he has every seen but he seems to think that this is bad. He says "everyone thinks you are pretty and cool and nice" and then he laughs. Like he wants someone who is ugly, rude and that nobody else likes. He is Scandinavian and says that he doesn't want to be like the norm and get "caught" by a woman. I am finally at a point where it doesn't hurt me so much to imagine him out of my life. I deserve better than this and I can't wait around for him to change his mind about me. I have learned that a Taurus does what he wants and at his own pace. Nothing I could do can change his perception of me. Even the things that I know he has misinterpreted. They are like dry concrete. Once it's set nothing can change it. Except if you destroy it and in that case...what's the point. I have not spoken to him in 2 weeks and that doesn't seem to bother him. He has not called or emailed in those two weeks. I have a broken heart...yet again but I am strong and I am healing. I have many fun things planned for myself and I am hoping to meet another guy sometime in the future. I don't think all Tauruses are like this, I just think that I had a few bad experiences and that I haven't met the right Taurus for me. Good luck loving a Taurus. I hope that they never take that love away from you. Just remember to be direct and ask lots of questions in the beginning. I didn't do that and assumed that the guys I was with were faithful because I am a faithful person. Just ask and try not to get too suckered in to the good sex and chemistry. If possible just be friends with them in the beginning so that you have time to see their true character. Had I been friends with mine I would have seen the truth and not become involved physically and emotionally.

I am a Cancer lady, with Scorpio in moon and Gemini in Venus lol. I have dated many taureans, and they are lovely creatures! My advice to my cancerian ladies, do be confident, do know what you want in life, and never fall apart. You have a shell for a reason, to protect you from the harshness that the world may hurl at you.

Many times I screw it up with taureans, its either I am 'absent', missing in action, or throw the impression I don't really care about them, but the truth is, I do care about the Taurus I am dating, I just like giving them their freedom, maybe too much freedom makes them wonder if I do care. So if you are dating your taurus, let it be known to him that you care, by touching them. A simple touch gives them a wee confirmation that you like them. I attract taureans all the time. How? by being confident, friendly, polite and cheeky at times. You can spot a bull a mile away, it's normally the guy that looks dead straight at you all the time, stopping him in his tracks, the head cocked to the side, the nostrils flared lol. Do be gentle with them, make no demands and he will approach you at his own pace. Good luck my Cancer ladies! They are one of the greatest partners to have, loyal, stable and really good in bed. They will take you away to somewhere blissful, they are the lovers that need to make sure you are catered for in order for them to enjoy themselves. I could go on and on about taurean men. MMMMMM lol

Me female Cancer with my Taurus husband...he really cared about me...im lucky enough to have him in my life... we're married for more than a decade and we love each other sooo much...our sex life is so amazing...we have one beautiful daughter

I am a Cancer woman dating the most amazing man that ever lived. I had all but givin up on finding a mate. He walked into the room and our eyes met-- we just knew. I went home with him that night and we have been at each others' side ever since. That was a year ago. I have 2 children with another man and my Taurus has taken them under his protection and guidance as if they were his own. He is however, quite possibly the most stubborn man I have every met/know. But I study personalities and knew our differences going in. When we have a conversation and he disagrees, he digs in imediatly. I see this, back off, and ask him what he wants to do for dinner? You should see the shock and relief in his face! He will eventually come around to my idea-- but he claims it as his. I just let him have it. I know where it came from. ;-) All in all, I wouldn't trade him for all the tea in China or all the gold Fort Knox. He's a keeper and he's all mine. (Oh, by the way, we are both REALLY possessive-- that works too because we both get why we are doing it!!) Gonna keep that man and love him until the day I die.

I'm a Cancer woman, 33 years old. My experience with a Taurus man, 35, has been bittersweet. He is absolutely gorgeous, intelligent, musical, responsible, a good lover and a hard worker.

Unfortunately, he's also abusive. He has a Scorpio rising and a Libra moon, which take away that stability and groundedness and replace it with his being easily angered and extremely fickle.

Although we got along wonderfully most of the time, and the attraction was instant, he couldn't handle his alcohol at times and would just snap on me out of nowhere. Or he would change his mind about how he felt about me and claim he didn't want a girlfriend, and didn't want us to be anything more than "friends." But we did everything a girlfriend and boyfriend do--cuddled together, stayed over at each other's houses, went out on dates, had sex--he just didn't want to put a label on it. I never pushed him into making a decision on it, but I hoped for it.

When he got into abusive mode it could be downright scary. He did some pretty rough things to me like hit me, throw me to the ground, cut me with knives, punched me a couple of times, bent my fingers back and broke some of my property (including this computer!). I never reacted to him when he did these things. I just sat there and took it and he'd apologize immediately and things would go back to normal. I know I'm probably crazy for staying with him despite all of that. I know how unstable he is and what an extremely tough life he's lived. I thought if I could endure his abuse he might consider me a source of comfort or strength and maybe stop doing it, because I also knew how much he loved me.

Long story short, he ended up in one of his nonsensical rages and cut my throat under my chin with a kitchen knife. I called the cops on him later, despite not wanting to but I went against my better judgment, and he did 20 days in jail on Assault with a Deadly Weapon. While he was gone, I agonized terribly. I felt horrible for sending him to jail, but I was looking out for my own safety at the time. We corresponded through letters and things seemed to be all right by him, he'd forgiven me and whatnot and we agreed that we'd watch our alcohol intake from then on.

Later, though, after I refused to testify in court and they let him out on probation and a deal, he found out he'd lost his job and was near losing his place to live. I became the enemy again. He tried to tell me that he needed to stay away from me "for his own protection," instead of trying to work things out. Everyone I know says it's better for me, because abusive people don't typically change, etc. etc. I used to be abusive to my ex-husband and a few other people in my life. I know for a fact an abuser can change, because I did.

I miss him so incredibly horribly much. Not a moment goes by that I'm not thinking about him. We have an empathic connection, an astral cord, so I frequently feel his emotions, especially when he's in distress. He said he wanted nothing to do with me, and that he needed to "move on with life," but I know our relationship was so strong and impactful that I don't believe it's truly over. It's just a waiting game now. He is the most amazing person I've ever met. I know Taurus and Cancer can be perfect for each other. He just needs to work on his anger issues and I hope he's doing just that. I truly believe he'll come back around, hopefully a different person. Because I've never loved anyone as much as I love him and probably never will.

even the stars would agree that we are so perfect for other. I myself is with a taurus, and 3 keywords comprises this astro combo: passion, commitment & security. this is definitely for the long haul! Happy 8th year anniversary to my Taurus man!

I have known a handful of Taurus men. I should say I have known that they were Taurus. I have always found them to be sincere, honest, and kind. This seems to be the mark of Taurus in general.A lthough there was one Taurus who broke the characteristics all others have been the best individuals I have ever known. I am a Cancer female, just for the record.

I was attracted to 3 different men at different times, all of which were Taurus. One was bit older than I by 8 years. We were friends for 3 years and life never gave us a chance to see if just friendship could go any further. Sadly this person moved to a completely different part of the country and communication seized. One I still talk to from time to time. The second is odd by comparison to all others. As much as I think we both are attracted to each other, and I am not aware as to what is there our timing of communicating this is always off. He is definitely not what I am attracted to physically but internally he is great.

Last person I still can not get over. Yes Taurus, but a few years younger, very mentally mature, shy, slow to move as all Taurus men seem to be, and internally gorgeous. He is the one who I have known the least. We shared 4 instances together of hanging out. Nothing ever happened of the physical nature. But there was such a level of magnetism there that made my head spin, and I know he had similar experience. I moved he moved we communicate maybe two times a year if that. But till to this day when I meet a man date him I know in my gut he is not the man for me. Each and every time I go back to those 4 dates and he just lingers in my mind. It's bit painful to relive but impossible to forget. I don't think he is my soul mate. But I always wonder what if.

I may be bias to say this. The world would be a better place if there were more Taurus men. For all the reasons that people have posted within this section.

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