Taurus man does he just want me for sex?

My Taurus man is 39, works alot and is single...but has never asked me out, we have been friends now since Jan, we hang out with other friends on a regular basis and he texts me everyday, not sure what his intentions are, we have been intimate since June and since then its been a weekly thing.. but no asking me out!.. so my question is, whats his deal???..We also work for the same company different depts (we do not see each other at all)..

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sorry in advance...
by: Anonymous

If women are worried about being used for sex or if a real relationship is what they are after and not a fling... Why sleep with someone without any type of commitment first? Why put yourself in that position at all? Why do people not understand that when you say "just friends", that means friends only and not sex? You don't have sex with your other friends, so why with a guy and then call it friends? Try dating a guy (no sex), have him ask you to be his girlfriend, then make your own decision about whether or not you want to sleep with him. Since you have already dug your own hole, I say if the guy is still playing games with you, forget about him completely. Don't call him, don't hang out with him, etc. You'll never get over him if he's hanging around. Start fresh with a new guy who doesn't play games and knows what he wants. Good luck..

so true...
by: Anonymous

This is a classic no-strings-attached sex scenario. Why would he ask you out if he can have sex with you without paying for restaurant bills, cinema tickets, cocktails, gifts, etc. You only do that if you are serious about someone. I suggest you forget about him and work on your (low) self-esteem.
Good luck.

taurus men
by: Anonymous

Ask him out for a low key dinner or a meal,if he texts u he is interested in u and thinking of u

by: Anonymous

he does txt me a lot...but still i wonder what's he thinking...sometimes I feel like he might be hiding something but not sure, maybe it's just me letting my thoughts get the better of me...

your topic
by: a taurus

no us taurus's don't just want sex we want someone who understands us.

Check them out
by: Anonymous

I dated a taurus for over 2 years ... I have children so my time of course is limited but he was very limited in his time as well. He did work 2 jobs but after him telling me he loved me and yes he texted ad talked to me everyday, I found out he had a g/f that came in picture after me.

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