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I'm a female Gemini married to a Taurus man. They say that a Gemini and a Taurus should never be together. Gemini's are active and can never concentrate on one thing for long enough. Whereas a Taurus is steady, level headed and not easily distracted.

Although we've been married for 20 years, we have had to tailor our relationship to suit our varied needs in order for the marriage to last. Doug is happy sitting at home watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn. I would rather attend an art opening with a glass of wine.

Doug has no interest in traveling to places he is not familiar with. I, on the other hand, love adventure and love to learn about new areas. Doug only reads the newspaper. I love books and try to read a new book once a week. However, we love each other dearly and realize that just because we're different doesn't mean we can't jive.

It's all about compromise. If I sit around and watch a hockey game with him on TV, he is willing to attend a home tour, or a new art exhibit with me. Every year I travel with him to his family cottage in Canada. But I travel to places on my own if Doug is not interested. Doug allows it because he knows that is what I need.

Marriage is a give and take that can work if you work at it.

I'm a Taurus man dating a Gemini woman. We have our differences for sure, and it's not an easy relationship however we both seem to enjoy the challenge and I can see things gradually improving as we learn to compromise more (unlike many relationships I've been in). Overall I'd say it's hard work, but I like it!

Who says Gemini and a Taurus should never be together? The sites run by practicing astrologers (such as this site) don't say that, and I don't much care what the amateur sites are saying as they just seem to copy each other like parrots and not have the balls to give an independent opinion. I'd say the low scores here are justified, but like the article said if you can both "adapt" it can work out great. I'm finding that to be the case and I think she is too.

I am a Gemini woman and my fiance is Taurus. He supports me a lot for my interests, because he loves me a lot. he didn't used to like going out to movies, but after he met me he takes me to those movies to keep me happy and even though I m a vegetarian, I prepare a fantastic dish of non veg for him, because he loves to have good food at home, rather than going to restaurants. Earlier I was scared for this relation as I believe in Horoscope too much. And according to this, Taurus and Gemini can't be together. So, when he proposed me I was bit worried about it. But his loyalty & truthfulness made me to love him. I love him a lot.

Soo... im currently dating a Taurus man, I'm a Gemini female. Exhausting doesn't quite cover it, not sure if we have what it takes. We could be agreeing with one another, but we are still fighting. We read up on astrology all the time in attempt at over coming our issues. He is not patient he needs to be the center of attention, terribly in need of approval from others and unbelievably competitive. He can be ridiculously dishonest, and he's insecure to a fault. Me being adaptable makes me insecure, like him. So were meshed which stirs up a whole other load of issues. And his temper...OMG! There is no trust, and as great as my communication skills are, and as much as we talk. There's no compromise in understanding, very rocky foundation, but I love him, he's affectionate, we really enjoy each others company we love traveling, shopping, being lazy together. How the hell do we make this work?

I am a Gemini women and im falling for a Taurus man. we 've been hanging out for about three months spend a lot of time on the phone and I am getting really attached but he shows me very little to tell me if were gana take that next step astrology suggest that we don't be together but I really want this guy and being a Gemini I must have him I just don't know how to get him to trust me and see that being with me would mean nothing more then beautiful begging's.

I'm a Taurus Man, dating a Gemini Woman. We have been dating for 1 year exactly. 6 months of this relationship, was long distance. We traveled to each others homes, and met families for every chance that we had. Our connection is still unbelievably spiritual and beautiful. The more I read about astrology, we are the Textbook example of Taurus man vs. Gemini Woman.

She wants to explore a bit (see other people) however keep our relationship strong and understanding as it is. We plan to live together, and maybe get married. This has been difficult for my Taurus like mind, I want stability, I want her to love me, I want to be the only man in her life. This was difficult.


Honesty, Friendship, Patience, Understanding, Respect - These are all part of a relationship no matter what horoscope you are.

From a Taurus' point of view: you must let go of your EGO. Because you ego is that thing that tells you what you want, and if you don't get it, you suffer.

Put down your gun, don't be afraid. Trust her, and let her fly around. If you really love a bird, let it fly, and if it comes back, love it forever.

I am a Gemini lady, there is this Taurus guy whom I have fallen for very deeply, I met him a month ago, We are doing fine sometimes, he is very loving, oh and the sex was very good (I wonder if I will get to experience it again), he seems to have trust issues, he has a temper, my goodness, and I mean a very short one.

Sometimes I don't even know if he will call once he has recovered, to be honest I am not sure if we're going or coming, they say Taurus is a stable sign, right now, I feel more stable than he is( Imagine a Gemini being stable- that is how deep I feel for him). Am willing to wait and see if it will work, but I think if I can get him to trust then we will make a good match.

Hi All :)

I am a Gemini woman and very much in love with a Taurus male. We where together two years, we argued a lot mainly because we are both so stubborn by star signs. We split up two months ago again and I just thought we'd work it out as always and he did contact me, we went to dinner, he came over to watch a movie and was always finding a reason to put his arm around me or hug me...being a Gemini I got a bit impatient and kept pushing him to get back together to which he then told me he just wanted to be friends and that I should let him go. Then a week we where chatting and he said he couldn't see me cuz every time he did he just wanted to kiss me and wasn't over me so it would be too hard. have had so much time to think and have realized all the mistakes I made, I really want to prove to him I can change and I love him more than anyone else ever could and am kinda lost without him, I feel like a part of me is missing...Is there anything I can do to change things as I want to make him happy and show just how much he means to me but I heard Taurus are put off by weakness. any suggestions would be so much appreciated :(

Taurus man here, we aren't put off by weakness I don't think! What we are put off by is indecisiveness and flakiness which really aren't the same thing at all. Personally I don't mind how weak a woman is, as long as she doesn't run hot and cold constantly. We know what we want, and kind of expect a woman to also. As long as she does we can work though pretty much anything else in my experience. I love my Gem girl and yes she does sound like some of the posters here. As a Taurus I'm proud to be the way I am.. I wonder how many other signs can say that?

I find it works well with a Gemini.. We joke that I'm the rock and she's the seaweed attached to it lol

Im a Gemini woman and is in love with a Taurus man. I met him like 5 months ago. When I first met him I really wasn't all that interested. But he tried to talk to me everyday when I would see him. But I wouldn't give him any play. Until one day I was walking with my girls and as always he tried to talk to me .But for some reason I don't know why but I was like he looked really cute today so I asked my girlfriends what they thought they was like yea girl he's cute! Not that anything was wrong with him before I guess I didn't pay him like that much attention. So after that I asked one of my closet friends get his number for me call his friend and ask him. she said okay so I had gotten the number and I called so after that we started kicking it hard. I found myself really liking this guy. But it seemed like the more I liked him he backed away even more. But I also know as a Gemini woman I could be a little bit overbearing. With the yelling and all I don't mean to yell but some times its kinda hard to explain myslef. But we were never official we was still in the dating faze. Now we are so far apart . I wonder is he still thinking about me like im think about him. Can some please give me there opinion!!!!

Well I have been married twice!!!! & both were taurean men... you would have thought I learnt the first time!!! Divorced from one now separated from the second.... yes they have tempers, controlling, jealous...

Gemini's are social butterflies & flirtatious, this is down to the mental capacity that a Gemini craves, listening & communicating... storing information..... Taurean can't handle the attention a Gemini receives. Gemini's are adaptable in all situations & are a master of opportunities..... A taurean doesn't like being upstaged. If a Taurus can't get what he wants, he stamps his feet until he does. When they think they are losing you, they make promises & never keep them...

I spent nearly 25yrs of my life married to a taurean.... I steer clear with a bargepole!!!

Ok. Well Im just trying to get some insight from other people. I am currently dating a Gemini woman and I a Taurus man. At first we both fell in love quickly. She told me that she couldn't be without me. I have some Gemini characteristics because I do like to travel. One date a raced the sun just so she can see the sunset off of the beach and she loved it. She also likes to go get movies whenever we are bored. I feel like she completes me because she brings that adventurous side out of me. Then when we both left school. She started to not tell me that she loves me anymore or called me baby. When we talked I asked her what was the problem and she said that she felt really "smothered". Yes I am stubborn, BUT I couldn't see like without this woman so I have made some adjustments for her and we have been good.

I just had to get use to her free natured spirit. I have allowed her time to get herself together and give her the space that she needs.

Right now we talk maybe 3 days out of the week. Hopefully she has made some changes for me whenever school starts. But I told this woman as long as she keeps loving me. I'm not going to go anywhere. I mean that. She my girl and I'm going to stick by her side no matter what.

I am a Gemini woman, just started a new relationship w/ a Taurus man.. its been almost a month we have been official, but we talked for three months before that happened. I honestly love the relationship that we have, we both got out of serious relationships prior & were single for the same amount of time, we took things slow, I'm understanding maybe not so patient, but I was patient w/ him because I wanted to know for sure this would work, we went thru a rocky moment but in all he came back to me. We both compromise, but no lie we are both stubborn, he's more stubborn than I am though, but we both make our sacrifices & swallow our pride.. if I won't he will or vise versa. I love that he's always honest w/ me. No matter what the situation is, I've caught him show a lil jealousy here & there but nothing major yet, but I'm prepared for it cuz I know its bound to happen so that's where I compromise & try to keep the male attention off of me so he doesn't lose his security w/ me & there's plenty of women that try to steer him their way, & I love that he shows me off to the world & let's them know who he is w/. We have our differences but we communicate well.. I give him the time & space he needs & he does what he can to make me happy & trusts for me to do what I need. So it is real possible for this match to be a long term match, all it takes is compromise & having an open mind, all the qualities I have he lacks, & all his qualities I lack, we are literally opposites but we pull together to work as a team & as one.

I am a Taurus man and I have dated several Gemini women all of them very diff yet all the same. Each time has ended in us remaining very close friends never losing our connection or feelings for one another but being together doesn't work. I am the type who doesn't like to argue I am very passive aggressive and I would rather let things go. They all feel the need to CONTINUE to talk about the same things until they get over it. I am stubborn and have a short patience I believe that if I put in the work it could have easily worked with any of them. Being with a Gemini will take a lot of patience and maybe even making a few compromises that you feel are worth it without losing the essence of who you are. I believe that Taurus Gemini relationships work very well if they both allow each other to be themselves

Im a Gemini woman and dated a Taurus man. The relationship I had with him was just unbelievable. He never trusted me, we argued, and OMG his temper was out of control, and he wanted me to be with him and he never gave up on me but stuff happened and we broke up. But the good thing about the relationship was that we both adored each other, I loved him so much, I would do everything just to stay with him. He loved me but he had his mixed feelings at times. But other than that we would try to work out our issues but each time we did another issue was lurking. He is the most loving person I been with. But if a Gemini and Taurus want a relationship issues have to be worked on both ends.

I am a Gemini women. I've been with a Taurus man for almost three months. I changed a lot for this guy. he has trust issues and he wants to make sure im not ever going to do anything against him. I stopped talking to all my homeboys for him. I learned that I have to be very patient and understanding with him. I shouldn't play with his feelings because I noticed he remembers just about everything I say. I think I just mite end up falling in love with him. I trust him and know he's not ever going to hurt me. I feel really secure with him. it gets hard every now and then but I know my life is going to be soo much better if I have him by my side

I dated three Gemini women and I have to say there kinda kinky and to out going trying to be the center of attention and they talk way to much like all Gemini's all they do is complain and fart a lot

Double Gemini here and all I can say is "don't fight the bull!" Handle him. Let him realize you are not being flighty, scattered, unreasonable with a slow, yet firm approach to practicality. Taurus - sensual. Fourteen years to learn the bull is as he said, simple and at times boring but also loving, kind, gentle and very loyal. Will back me up no matter what, doesn't get on my case even when the best of my crazy Gemini's schemes have gone awry. I am home safe and secure, even as I travel and groove to my fun events, I know I'm loved by my stay-at-home-too-often Taurus. Love of my life. Blessed be me.

hi im a Gemini woment who married with Taurus man 2 years ago and before married we dated for 2 years so its 4 yrs now we are together.he loves me a lot care me a lot and we have good sex life.he loves cooking, cleaning, washing so I don't need to take tension for those things.He is bit possasive when I talk to my male friends but once he knows them he is fine.he does not mind what ever I wear, he just say wear the cloth what you feel comfortable, not for others.Do watever you want to do, just let me know what you doing, I wont stop u.he is very protective and loving.He is a good cook and loves good food.He is always in kitchen and make me delious food and spent time with me.I love him I love him a lot.And he is ready to have a babe, he says I will work hard and will after you all.I will do this for my beloved wife and my child.He loves me a lot and he is too honest and loyal he never look other gilrs and compare me.He always admire my beauty and says you are my world.I need and o one, once I got u.But he express his feeling seldome.When he does he touches my heart.I love him....a lot.

I am a Taurus man married to a Gemini woman actually all 3 sister's are Geminis and boy are we so different I am really quiet around them they can talk up a storm we are so different in taste sometimes I feel like I don't have anything in common they get very offensive leads to arguments so through all this drama have to keep my cool cause if I don't they will see the bad side of me and all hell breaks loose they can't handle it. So the best thing to do is avoid the problems.

I'm a Taurus boy and I find Gemini girls go too far for me with their talkativeness. I can find them nosy as well when they ask questions. Most of the time I always wonder if they are flirting.

I am a Gemini women and have been dating a Taurus man. We have been together for 2 years. It has been very rocky but that is only because we are both very stubborn and oppinionated individuals. We both let one another be who we are and that is why it works. We also bring out the best in one another. Yes it is a challenge but what relationship isn't. I love him with all my heart and wouldn't trade him for the world.

Well I just started datin a taurus/ bull like two mnths ago.....I ment him one time b4 I left outta town..thought he was beautiful....we been talkin on the phone for almost three months/we had our first lil arguement. ait was really ova nothing but he didn't call me for like two days: he told me it was cause I said something'that I wont repeat" bout anotha dude but it was manor....I love bn the centr of attention specially when Im attractd to the person...I like (Bulls) they so strong!! hope it works....O and Im a Gemini female!!

I am Gemini girl got a child with a Taurus guy he is protective, loving,caring, honest, generous,classy, home loving, very disciplined, stable, reliable, very short tempered, possesive,very controling, very strict, a family man,jelous, stubborn,can argue for hours just to proove a point,never put the matter to rest please tell me how to tame this bull coz we always at each other's throt?

I am a Gemini woman dating a Taurus man. Our sex life is incredible... we both enjoy trying different things. He is a thoughtful lover. He will send pics and notes during the day so that he stays on my mind. I read the Geminis really enjoy oral sex, and this is completely true.. giving and recieving.

I have just seen a Taurus guy I had a mad crush on years ago on facebook,he hurt my feelings at the time coz I thought he was so hot I could barely talk to him when he approached me,i got too drunk and he went off with my sister! I then saw him a few years ago and I felt a 'vibe' with him but I was still shitty with him so I flirted with his mate. I saw him recently on facebook and I feel really strongly attracted to him and I just want to say hello and give him a second chance but im too shy,i read somewhere Taurus men like dominant woman and ive never come onto a guy before,what would you do?

I am a Gemini woman :) .... I was with this Taurus guy for 3yrs and in those 3yrs I was the best girl friend I can be but all he did was cheat,lie and push me away.... It hurt me very bad . According to him he said he did that because he wasn't ready for a relationship yet but he kept me around because he didn't want me to be with someone else . Sooo anyways eventually I ended it and wen I ended it he claimed that he changed and he was ready but I was done I cudnt take it anymore .... That was a year ago and he has called me crying and apologizing every single day in that year trying to get back wit me ...... I on the other hand have found an Aquarius and he has opened my eyes and is showing me what the word love truely means :)

I am a Gemini Woman and my soon to be ex-boyfriend is a Tauraus. We had been dating each other for 7months now. The relationship started off a little bit of rocky because of his lies. I thought I was able to get past them but I couldnt. Then one lie after the next came. What turned me off about him was his uncleaniness, dishonesty and that he is not a family matter ( Yes a Taurus Man)! He also has a 15yr old daughter who he has custody of and don't know how to take care of her. I let them move in with me and thought things would be better now that we are together as a family. I realize that he is stubborn, don't know how to take care of his daughter and a very cheap! He also has a bad attitude and is reckless with his money ( when he do have some). Please my Gemini woman stay far and clear from a Taurus man. Especially if he lies in the beginning.

Im a Gemini woman and I have started to date this Taurean guy,we started off as friends,and then I got so attracted to him,I admitted my feelings to him and he was optimist about this.The reason why I fell for this guy,is that every monent I am with this guy ,he loves me,and I can see that in his body language,he is a bit of possessive,which I find amusing.

Ans yes I have to settle down sometimes for him,cos he's pretty calm,I cant even stand at a place for a long while.

So we are dating and he is getting intresting,I mean I still remember,that when we first kissed he holded me so passionately,like he means his every touch,and that's what makes me think that I might just hang on with this guy for a long while.

I am Cancer women who was with Taurus man 20 yr now he is with a Gemini women after 2mths who left her 2 young sons to be with him she has a reputation for cheating but they are now togther 6mths people have said she is after his money and home etc but is she ? will this last?it is only now he is saying he don't love me but we had great relationship for 20yr and only last 2ys had money probs etc not that we didn't love each other hence why I left

I am a Gemini girl in love with a Taurus male. :) he keeps a smile on My face, engages Me in conversation..even when I KNOW Im talking his ear off lol:) he lets Me express My feelings and is always checking if Im ok. He makes Me feel safe and loved. He is always showing his love to Me doing nice things for Me, he even cooks when I let him lol. I love cooking. We cook together. The sex is good. Especially oral which I love haha. He could talk alittle more dirty during the act but he tries just to please Me. I don't think he is overly possessive or jealous but he knows and wants to be sure Im his alone. I have trust issues but can honestly say I don't think he hasever been dishonest..even though I sometimes accuse him:( we r both home body's..shocking? When we do argue, rarely, he lets Me talk as much as I need to and makes sure its resolved before we move on. He never like to say sorry or be overly emotional through words and such..but I notice he's starting to more and more. He makes Me feel beautiful and so comfortable he's patient and understanding. I can't say enough about My bull:)

I am a Gemini woman falling in love with a Taurus man. We met several months ago through mutual friends and had an instant rapport. Later that evening he kissed me and the chemistry between us was amazing. A couple of weeks later we spent several days of blissful quality time together and began a long distance relationship. He seemed to fall for me quickly & hard. We can barely stand to be apart. Communication has been wonderful between us. Lots of phone calls and old fashion writing thru texts, mailed cards and lengthy emails. He sends me flowers for little things with sweet notes. He doesn't forget anything I say and I am very careful to leave out details about past boyfriends. He makes me feel calm and secure. I am not as flighty as I was in my younger Gemini days, so I know how to stir his passions and sooth his insecurity. Only time will tell how this will play out as we become able to spend more time together, but I am willing to give it my best shot because h e is one of the most caring and passionate men I have had the pleasure of knowing. His deep voice, self assuredness and sexual energy has captured all of this Gemini's attention!! I think we both have a good shot of making this something wonderful, fingers crossed!

I'm a Gemini woman, in a two year relationship with a Taurus man, and from the very begin it was all good, I always was surprised that he was so attentive and patience, now two years in we are starting to clash and if we aren't doing things just the two of us it doesn't work out, I want to marry this Taurus man but i'm scared that if we don't find a balance we have wasted each others time, I love him very much its just lots of compromises for the future !!

Ahhhhh I need advice pleeeeeeaaaase!! Okay I'm a Gemini and been inlove with this guy since day I met him (Taurus) it's been just over a year now.... Weve never dated , but I am how ever the mother of his 2 month old child.... He still has the girlfriend he had when he cheated on her with me and ive just confessed I still have strong feelings... He told me he did like me a while okay and who knows what can happen... We've only just got our friendship back and he is the most amazing person I've ever met and I would give him the world if he asked. We msg ALL THE TIME and It is so obvious we have a string connection.... We like have exact taste In music and so much in common, but at sane tine were so different. Do I just be patient and wait for him to come to me (if he will) cuz I've been waiting forever already, and I don't want anyone if I cant have him

I'm a Gemini gal just getting into contact with a Taurus guy, we have only been in touch for a few days and I agree Taurus guys arent exactly you're version of prince charming in the beginning even tho they can charm the socks off you in an instant! I wasnt too keen on him at first but now i'm constantly thinking about him... I have read about other couples experiences and it seems like Taurus man and Gemini woman isnt such a bad pairing if you can learn to compromise on you're needs:-)

I wanted to steer clear of Taurian men... I was married to 2 & I have written on this block about it.... but.... I have, I don´t know how but rekindled my feelings with my second husband. He has chased me for nearly 3 years & I have finally given in, he has made me fall inlove with him all over again... but... now I am trying to push for things he is backing off... why do we always have to play cat & mouse. We have 3 children together under the age of 11 & live separately... but now I´m wanting for us to be together (after 3yrs- when he has been going on about us being altogether for the last 3yrs).

He can be very possessive & has to know what I´m doing & makes sure that he comes to see us for the weekend... part of me thinks OMG its all back to normal & you are having your cake and eating it & the other part of me says I love you and we are going to get this sorted.

Really don't know what to do, we both have a pull on each other... we´ve been together for 13yrs & married 5... I just cant imagine my life without him... Im I doomed???

I am a Gemini woman and have been dating a Taurus man for two years. We started off cool when we were just hanging out but when we got into a relationship, he became possesive, controlling, jealous, and judgemental. Yes he is affectionate,dependable, and gives me love but he is also sneaky. We have many fun days but we have plenty of bad days when we argue and fight. His temper is so bad.I don't know if this realationship is going to work because I feel like im not myself when im with him. And as much as I like to talk, you can't tell when i'm with him. That's one of our major problems, communication. I really love him but if I think he belongs with someone else.

I am a Gemini woman just started dating a Taurus man. I can see how we could compliment eachother. I need his stability and he needs me to loosen him up. But I have noticed very early in this relationship how jealous and possesive he is. He puts me on trial daily for crimes I havent even committed!! He says trust is earned conastantly and Im tired of heqring it qnd I on the other hand am very trusting. Feels like some type of emotional boot camp so far. Hanging in there...

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