Taurus man is a cheating liar

by Ginger

Good Morning. I am a PiscesI met my Taurus guy online. At the time I met him I had no idea that his girlfriend had recently left him. I have read that Taurus are straightforward and upfront. Well wrong! He was very articulate and business savvy. After talking everyday several times a day we decided to meet. He lives about 900 miles from me so he flew to my hometown we met had dinner had awesome sex and really had a fun tome together. We still talk like we normally have but I have found out for sure that he is seeing someone else. The person he is seeing and is planning on moving closer to be near is the girl that left him and moved to another state. She is back and he is with her again. I have asked him about this and he denies that he is with anyone. If he could be honest enough to tell me the truth, I would be more open to continuing to date him. He refuses to tell the truth and wants to continue talking to me. Do they cheat hell yeah! Do they lie hell yeah! I honestly think that he likes me a lot but he also loves her and they have what he and I do not and that is history. I believe that while he is totally in love with her that he is afraid that she may not feel the same totally for him and just in case he does not want to let me go. This is very selfish of him. He has not considered my feelings and how I stand to be hurt. I know that not all Taurus are like this but ladies beware don't fool yourself that ALL Taurus men are as straightforward and honest as some of these posters have declared. I am not telling you what I suspect, this is real talk. So any of you honest straightforward Taurus men out there got anything to say about this? Why lie?

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odd ball in the bunch
by: Anonymous

Its like you said he was being bussiness. Men cheat, people cehat in general. But I if you trying to understand him as a taurus you have to understand taurus's house. Most taurus like and seek to posses things whether it be objects or in some cases people, and in this case women. This. Taurean seems childish to me but he does know what he wants and its all in the liying. Human beings only lie for a few reasons. In this case its to avoid consequences, in this case its losing you not as a relationship or mate or anything but as a pssesion.. on the flipside of this you have to wonderwho this person is that's worth lying for. Bare in mind that once. A taurean tuely loves he nevr stops loyaly loving that person even if for some reason he is forced to move on. In this case I'm prety. Sure this girl he's with now has hurt him or moved away fro him before and now he's just weighing his options between you and her. I guess a taurean I want to say you shouldn't let even this one spoil the rest I just think. The idea of you as a possession is the thing that's driving him instead of the idea of love. Maybe this girl may have affect his ability to love seeing as she's diving in and out of his life. Either way unless you want to be his toy you have to show you won't deal with that. The threat of lose drives the taurean man just as much as the thought of gain and owning. Establishing that should bring a ton of clarity to the situation.

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