Taurus man is he playing or for real?

by Ms Prettii

So I met my Taurus guy when I was in the 10th grade. He was the most handsome guy I've ever seen in my life :) I told myself I would get him if it's the last thing I do. So after seeing him around school a few times I got his # and we started texting except his texts were short which I didn't like :(

I somewhat gave up on him after awhile cuz I'm an Aries woman and we tend to be impatient so I gave him some space. I would text him every now and then or call. Sometimes he would answer back but only to maybe the first 3 texts and calls he barely answered i felt like when he did it was a miracle (lol).

Whenever i asked him if he wanted to hang out with me he would say "we'll see" which never happened. So after high school I decided to give it another try and it was better, he was more responsive the only thing was he always said he was not trying to be in a relationship when i would bring it up.

So one night I text him and his brother responded told me he was locked up I was hurt and did everything in my power to help his brother get him out. When he got out he was grateful for what i did and made me his girl. But nothing really changed cuz he wasnt texting as much or wanted to talk as much neither but he would come over and spend the night but when he did he would be so protective of his phone which i questioned to myself but not him.

During February he got locked up which I was there for him 100%, I went to see him with his mama and more. The day of valentine day i told him i was sad that he's not able to be here for us to spend the day together he said he was happy that he is locked up cuz he hates valentine's day and when i asked why he said he's not into all that lovey dovey stuff and that hurt my feelings :(

Long story short after he got out which was march awhile after that we ended up breaking up which hurt like hell cuz i really think he was probably seeing other women not so sure but recently we've gotten back in touch and he says he wants another chance with me cuz im a good woman and he wants to be that man for me but I haven't seen him show it.

He texts every now and then and calls, when i come around he gives me hugs and tells me he misses me and he told me one time he loved me. My question is, do I give him another chance because i still love him but i don't wanna be hurt again?? Is he playing or for real this time??

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You're getting played...
by: Aphrodite Bull

You're dealing with an un-evolved Taurus. Unevolved Tauruses are usually selfish, self-centered, hedonistic, and 'skilled' bullsh&tters!Because Tauruses are natural romantics and quite nurturing, we understand the art of seduction very well. We're very good at getting EXACTLY what we want, and figuring out ways to reel you back in again.

Due to this selfish nature, he will attempt to get what he wants at all costs while being totally insensitive to your needs and feelings. He claimed you as his 'Girl' when you bailed him out. But showed very little interest in you before. He has other women. He may be hustling, too. Being overly-protective of his phone is proof of it. You're there for his convenience only. So dealing with you will be done on his terms and his terms only. That's his agenda. I'm a Taurus, I know!

My advice, find a Taurus who is way more evolved. You will see a HUGE difference!

To Aphrodite Bull, please help me with TAURUS
by: Solenn Wilson

I am a Leo Lady and He is a Taurus man.
so here is our story: me and this Taurus Man started as friends. We met since we have the same group of friends. at first, things were ordinary. until time passed, we became closer than what we are expecting. in the middle of our friendship, he confessed to me that he likes me. But since he is one of my closest friends, I got scared that if something will happen between the two of us, and if thing would not work out for us as a couple, i might lose him as a friend as well. I told him that, and so we continue being close friends and eventually, bestfriends. with these bestfriend relationship that we have, i can still feel that he still likes me even though we barely or we don't talk about it. and the story goes. in the middle of bestfriend relationship, things got a little steamy. (yes, we had sexy time together even if we are just bestfriends) we continue this act until i realized that it is wrong, and since we are bestfreinds, we talk about everything including the feelings he had for someone else. so apparently, i have to put things like sexy tme to stop. and so we did. but even after we put it to stop, we still continue being bestfreinds like what we always do. things were apparently okay, i believe that we became closer as time pass. but, as for my nature of being someone who is dramatic, at times, i give him dramas that could be out of the line. some because of my problems,some because of him because at times he is distant for some reasons that took us time to talk about, the reason which is me. in example, he said that he was distant then because he was torn between me and his precious special girl cause he has feelings for me, he said. so apparently, we talked, still be bestfriends etc...


To Aphrodite Bull, please help me with TAURUS
by: Solenn Wilson


time passed, things became weird. he changed around me, he became slightly distant again. so i try t understand and waited for him to talk to me about it because i know he will. and thing happen, we did talk etc. eventually, he met thing new girl.he said, he likes this new girl, (he tell me stuffs like this since we are bestfreinds). he tells me stuffs about her etc. at first it was okay, i mean, i am happy forhim. but things got a little strange. things changed between the two of us. i barely see him, unlike before, i can't reach him cause at times he is with her, and again he became distant and indifferent with me. due to my dramatic nature, i told him and asked him this and that. i just want to understand why. but he denied that he is distant etc. and so things happened, i met this other guy, started to just have a crush on him. then i told my taurus bestfriend. to my concern, he told me he doesn't like this guy because of this and that. and i saw a bit of sadness upon his face.which immediately faded after some minutes. i just wonder why is he like that with this new crush of mine if he already have someone else as well. alalal, and things happened again.. lately, we have some arguements again, about the samething, why is he distant, in different etc. hay. any advice? why is he distant? is it because of his new girl? and with this, does he tends to forgets about our bestfriend relationship? am i really his bestfriend? i must admit, i might still have certain feelings for him, and actually, i miss having him for my own. i just need some advice, some clear advice on what should i do. this might include how do i get him back to how he was with me befor etc. but in general, what should i do now? signed: the Lioness :)

by: Anonymous

i've been dating this taurus man for a year, he wanted to be around all the time and called all the time and just recent he admitted that he has feeling for me, no time after that he became distant..I don't know whats going on.

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