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Yeay! I'm the first to post!

Earth signs in general are attracted to me but taureans top this list. I am dating 2 right now. one is very Taurus while the other does not seem very Taurus at all. he acts more like his Aquarius moon.

I am contemplating ending things with the really Taurus guy. he is not for me at all. we just aren't on the same wavelength. he is very lazy, not a great conversationalist, jealous, and too passive for my taste. though intelligent I found him to be awfully boring. the up side is that he was very sweet, respectful, borderline chivalrous, and adored me. still not worth sticking around though.

The other Taurus guy is so different! he likes home but he stays pretty active, is spiritual, on the aggressive side, is an awesome communicator/conversationalist, highly sexed, and is so much fun! he's sweet in a different way. we speak the same love language. we do play little games with each other but all in the name of fun. we're so relaxed with each other. very comfortable but not without its energy. good times!

I think in the case of the Taurus it would be advisable if other aspects in the chart are compatible too. I think why the first one isn't working out is because he is a little too Taurus (sun/moon/Venus) whereas the other has Taurus sun, aqua moon, and Venus in Aries.

To me Taurus men are very very selfish at least the one I was talking to , And he was also controlling and possessive and in the end he became verbally abusive and he was also a player and when we were talking and in the end he blamed me for every thing and he was a player . I will never be with another Taurus male unless we both do want the same thing And by the way Im a Leo female. go figure.

Taurus man are all players and only see things their way or the High way they are the most selfish sign their is But they do have so charm and a lot of they are very quite so you always have to guess what there thinking about ughh the drive me crazy

I agree with you Im after a Taurus man right now. We've been fooling around since June and it is now Dec. I finally got him to tell me he likes me more than a lay. He Refuses to tell me anything else ugh. But as always I will get what I want. I pursue my men and never had a Taurus but I had A Virgo recently and LEOS with VIRGOS not a good idea!!!!!!

I am currently involved with a Taurus man and I am a Leo woman. He is very reliable and makes me feel very comfortable because he is such a gentleman. He is very short with his words and does not like to talk about his feelings. He will always find a way to avoid talking about his feelings. He told me he has feelings for me. I am just waiting for him to make it official.

my ex was a Taurus. and we were together for almost 3 years. a first we were madly in love, he was everything I was looking for. but he was a whore and kept messing with other girls, which is the reason were not together. and he never keeps his promises. he puts his money before me, but he's still very overprotective of me and wants the best for me. and is still very much apart of my life

I have dated only two people for a long term and both happens to be Taurus. I can tell you that they always find me and I am a Leo man. My experienced resembles the experience of the first poster above. With my first, I was forced into a long distance relation which I knew it wouldn't work and I have explained to him straight forward but he never understood or excepted it. My experience with him just like in the first poster, boring, lack of energy, insecure, indecisive (which used to make me really angry but I simply couldn't show my anger as we Leos usually try very hard not to hurt people we care about), possessive so and so fort. It lasted a year and a half. If we were closer, I don't think it would have lasted even that far but he was a great person, dependable, honest, caring, hard working just not a good match as a lover by any means.

The later one was simply the opposite of the first in many areas. Both are very educated and accomplished though the later one was with a sharp mind, intellectually great match, energetic, active, highly confident, analytical, honest and all the other good qualities with whom I have been with for more than 5 years. He is in an open relationship so we are friends with benefits. On the other hand, he is also possessive, controlling at times, and want to know where you were and what you have done minute by minute just like the first. Simply, they don't give you much breathing room. I understand they adore Leos and that's great though avoid arguments with them but not likely as they are very confrontational and we Leos highly dislike it. When there is an argument and they have their opinion, oh boy, forget it, they will insist they are always right. They will never second guess that there may be a possibility that they are not informed well about it or might be wrong.

After reading others' postings on this site, I just stopped arguing anything that leads towards confrontation, I immediately begun saying "yes, handsome, you are correct."

Although my second guy has been one of my best friends ever in my life and we do so many things together, those confrontational moments, their stubbornness have made me run out of my patience. The other day, my guy took me to a nice place on a date (which is something I have always done with my guys to be spontaneous and keep the relationship fun and alive just like the first day we met) while I planned to surprise him with mine. Anyhow, Taurus guys have their moments-mood swings occasionally- and done something I found offensive in public. I felt embarrassed. I wanted to really almost cancel it. Anyhow, this wasn't the first time. We never disrespect each other but there are moments I tell my Taurus guy not to do a few things especially in public that I may find offensive though they tend to disregard.

To make it short, at that moment and after reading the postings here, I decided never and ever date another Taurus and please no offense to Taurus guys. Just that two experiences with them are enough, too much confrontation but if you remind them, they will tell you that it's not a confrontation or as my later buddy says it "you got to confront the situation"...for what? Just move on and ignore the little things.... anyhow as I have been thinking of not dating another Taurus, I have been talking this young man for sometime who is very interested in me and feelings are mutual. Since it's long distance, I wanted him to come and live with me for a while so we get to know each other while having fun. Meanwhile, I just wanted to ask him his zodiac sign, oh boy, he tells me he is also Taurus. I immediately backed off not making him realize that yet. Though I have already made my mind. I don't want too date another Taurus... at least, not for a long loooong time no matter how attractive he is and how much he admires me. I'll run as fast away as possible. No offense to anyone just wanted to share my experience with all.


The back story.

I'm a Leo woman and dating a Taurus man. I've kinda grew up w/ him we went to the same school and his sister is my best friend. Taurus always liked me, but I guess I never saw interest when we were little because well of lots of reasons. They moved to different states, however I kept in contact w/ his sister which is my best friend. Its been 10 years since I've known both of em. Been 5 years since I lost contact w/ my Taurus. Then one day back in late July I reconnected w/ him through myspace and ever since we hit it off.

The Lioness

Being a Leo woman I do live up to everything a Leo woman should be. I am very adventurous and wild. I love going out and having fun and being the center of attention. Sometimes I get a bit to crazy out there. I am loud and I don't want to sound conceited but I like looking good. I do have many admirers. I am very quick forgiving and I don't hold grudges, people make mistakes and they learn from them that is part of life. Needing a lot of attention and affection makes me feel admired and I love that. I can be very aggressive at times when I'm angry. And w/ my man I do need to be the only one in his eyes or I will become jealous and I RAWR! I am very impatient. well that's me.

My Sexy Bull

My Taurus man is a homebody and only close to ones he has known for years and that are close and dear to him. He doesn't like going out to party because 'that is not [his] scene' >.> .. He is very patient and persistent. He does his best to make me happy. Its been months we've been talking and we lived in different states me in jersey him in Ohio. I do not do long distant relationships because I am unfortunately complicated and needy. I tell him everything. I am kinda living w/ him now. He likes to plan things and have some organization. I like to do things spontaneously. He does not like taking unnecessary risks, I do. We are completely different people. He likes sticking to one thing.. I love variety and doing different things. Reading the section of Taurus man traits and the question how to know if he is in love w/ u.. it says he will show possessiveness and jealousy.. ahh yes before reading that section, a few days ago we were talking about my admirers that I had and that c ontinue to try and talk to me. He doesn't want me to have any contact w. them even just as friends.. and I told him babe you never told me you were a jealous possessive type.. and then today I go and read this and was like babe! you're like so in love w/ him me!! lolz.. just I know he loves me but that was just a lil proof. **giggles** well that is my story

Our relationship.

We work through certain disagreements by compromising. We compromise and talk things out because we both want it to work. I do get bored most of the time because he likes to stay home and I like going out and partying. We compromise by him taking me out for a drive a walk or shopping and such. I believe a Taurus man and Leo woman relationship wont work if they don't put the effort into making it so. I love the fact he is very patient w/ and affectionate w/ me. Being the fact we've known each other for quite awhile and we both want it to work, I think he might be the one for me... hehe :) I'm so in love w/ him and he is as well.. by the way.. sex is AMAZING!!! lol.. just thought I should add that.. its quite umm incredible .. haha x thanks 4 you're time. just thought id like to share my experiences :) have a good day

Well I'm a Leo woman (with a Scorpio moon), stereotypical Leo: Confident, gorgeous (but in a slightly masculine way), bright wild hair, elegant bone structure, know how to carry myself; I like to go out to nice places, to go dancing and partying, am constantly doing something. I'm proud, ambitious and act like nothing can hurt me...Naturally in relationships I need attention, compliments, and a guy with eyes for no one else...

So far, this is what I've noticed of my Taurus: Extroverted and able to act confident because he's learned how to, when you get under the surface not so confident, especially in his intelligence...He's the chameleon...he just silently waits to fall into the missing position in a crowd. He's only emotionally attached to people who have been in his life forever (his mother, father, sister, and three best friends)...He's stubborn, loyal and likes being in charge but is passive aggressive about it. He and his friends are "pick up artists" and he met me a month ago "picking me up" but we haven't had sex and we're not "dating" because we both got out of very serious relationship about six months ago (three years for me, six years for him) but I don't think he's just after sex...Why would he spend a month hanging out with a girl he's not getting sex from if he was? And he talks to me, tells me things I genuinely believe he doesn't tell others.

The thing is...we have seven things in common: Family values, religious values, work ethic, we're both stubborn, loyal, proud and majoring in philosophy. Our natures are totally different in ways I can sense but can't pin point. I suppose at least that means we'll never be bored and predictable. There's chemistry there, definitely. But it's like we have two moods...horny and fun or serious and conversational. I listen to him go on for hours, about whatever he needs too. Like I said, I think he really does open up to me...But I called him on not being emotionally attached, basically he has trust issues...

He's wary of relationships though, he got burned really bad. But he seems to be unable to decide if he wants a relationship with me. He isn't needy and clingy and he doesn't call me all the time...and at this point I'm learning that's just his personality as weird as it is for me. I'm used to attracting guys, and I'm used to them not leaving me alone...But I'm also used to not being attracted back; his independence is part of the interest and appeal. I've never met a Taurus man who wasn't attracted to me, but I've never been attracted back.

So the attraction and interest is there, and we have fun when we're with each other, we're good at talking. Basically...How do I make him fall in love with me? Tips?

I am currently with an unbelievable Taurus man. he absolutely rocks my world! then again, there are other planets to consider here. my sun is opposite, but compatible, his moon in aqua. his sun is compatible with my Virgo moon. I am also an aqua rising. his Venus in Aries, mine Leo. the list goes on... all I know is that I am in the most fulfilling, gratifying, communicative, honest, & fun relationship I've ever been in! at first one would swear he was all aqua. he's open, social, universally conscientious, a talker, likes experimenting & personal adventures. as I got to know him better his strong Taurus side surprised me with its presence! all of a sudden he was claiming me as ''his'', became forthright with his feelings for me (even sported a tux the night he propositioned for an upgrade!), became much more affectionate & sentimental, & I see more traditionalism. he's usually very unconventional. I think it works because we realize that even though we're different than most , the similarities are uncanny!

how do you make him fall in love with u? 1st, stop indulging you're primitive inner Leo. tilt you're head, change you're perspective. it's not about trying to get someone to love u. you have to love you first! 2nd, stop gauging you're self-worth by how this man views u. I understand the importance of reciprocation & acceptance and that takes us back to #1. you won't have to go searching for what's already been there. I'm not trying to be condescending. I just want you to be aware of yourself and the part you play in the grand scheme of things. it all starts with u.

I am sssooo torn, says Leo woman. My Taurus man loves me so very much. we are both very strong willed and passionate people and are still working on a compromise for the fights. We get Very mad. My stubborn self cannot allow the time he needs to be "heard", and his stubborn self is so trying to be "heard", that I don't feel he listens...hmmmm...we love each other and genuinely consider we have our own passionate selves to deal with, but its real hard to stay off each others toes! However, the good days are sooooo great, I know where I want to be in 40 years, it is right next to him....we are both working at our future, and egos) and as mad as we get, know we are worth the fight! (PS...I'm right, of course- :)

Taurus's also have the tendency to attach themselves to someone with whom they don't have " emotional attachment" cos they don't want to get hurt. they need to feel safe but need to be with someone cos they are needy and clingy. I hope that is making some sense. I have met two Taurus guys, have two Taurus cousins and knew a friend who had a Taurus boyfriend.. all of them are different. some are trust worthy, some not so much, the "Taurus boyfriend" was a cheater... and they are stubborn.

Extremely Possessive and Controlling, if he is Trrruly in Love with u.. It indicates that you r precious in his life..

Yeah, jealous up to an extent that, not even your brother to whom you love since you're childhood is allowed to get in between both of u.... If I talk about my brother and say that I love him... he starts to pass the cheap comments about him and wants to convince me that your brother does not love you..

I'm a Leo woman and I really like this Taurus guy he has a ex girlfriend (ehem Scorpio) and they are like on and off I fell for him so quick and he totally tries to ignore me.

I think its because he thinks I like him (which I do) but still I don't understand him his ex lives far away he wont let go of her and just give me a try. he's so stubborn and I don't understand him oh and he denied me on facebook too...its weird when we had such great convos and the looks he always gives me makes me melt. but im so lost



because I think a Taurus guy likes me but he doesn't speak to me I notice that he shakes a lot when I come in the room and I catch him staring at me constantly. he tried to talk to me once but I kind just stared at him and just nodded my head. but he is very talkative he talks to everyone and talks loud like he owns the room. but if I say something to him he's just like a little mouse. its very confusing I don't know if he is acting this way because he is threatened by me or because he likes me.

I am a very confident Leo woman who is with a Taurus man. He is appealing because he is intelligent, but is quite secretive, particularly about his private life. That's fine with me. I believe that although he exerts confidence, he is a little insecure. He likes to control the relationship, but because I don't make a fuss about it (act like I don't care) he is all over me.

My experience has been that the more I hold back with words, the more he tells he how he feels. He hasn't stopped telling me he loves me, and I bet it's because I hadn't told him. Since telling him, he has opened up, as he has he moments when he likes to converse, and I know this has pleased him as he is always giving me a look or now showing much more affection. The sex is fabulous, he has been the most passionate lover I have had, but it took him time to trust me enough to let himself go.

What can I say about being stubborn? Don't even attempt to change his mind, just be clever, and keep your opinions to yourself. I have found that keeps him more open, as he needs to take time to think about what he's said so that he will come around to what you think.

He is honest, but he takes time to trust you, which was an issue for me at the beginning, because I don't like to be mistrusted.

A Leo is his dream woman as long as she plays it easy and hard to get. He likes a challenge and is very old-fashioned. It's been three years, and I love him and he is still around. Besides, if it doesn't work, there are many other fish in the sea, for fabulous Leo women.

How do you know if a Taurus guy is in love with you?

I've been dating a Taurus for a year now. It has turned sour. He is very boring, doesn't say much and doesn't want to do anything. To top it off he's never wrong. He has yet to try and make and changes that will help us get along. I'm pretty much done. I've decided that I'm not going to initiate the split between us. I'm just going to zip my lips and go on with my life. If he cares enough he'll maybe open up to figure out what's going on. I've been spelling things out this entire relationship and it's gotten old now. But I would put my bet on Leos & Taurus's just not working. I've tried and tried and the two personalities just don't work.

Soo.. Im dating/seeing this Taurus guy. I am completely intrigued by him. I am not use to having to work so hard for a man in my LIFE! I am a Leo... but I am not too extravagant like most Leo's. I am definitely needy and love affection, proud, loyal, adventurous, ...typical Leo... but I don't always need to be center of attention although I love it and I am not as dramatic as most other Leo's. I met him through a mutual friend. And I was told he was shy... so I initiated contact. I am usually the pursuer. As I am picky and I feel like when a guy pursues me.. I usually don't pay him much attention.

So this Taurus guy... for whatever reason, I was drawn to him. I fully believe in the laws of attraction and intuition, metaphysical things. So for whatever reason, something told me to "get at him" so to speak. We've been talking now for about 9 months. And he drives me completely nuts because he doesn't tell me anything. He is very surface and doesn't seem like he wants to connect with me emotionally. He is so secretive... very hard to read, I need some type of reassurance that he's into me. He says he's "shy" but when we are together I can't get enough and he seems comfortable with me. although he wont tell me. Sex is AMAZING!! So with the post above. I agree. the chemistry is bananas. He is very touchy feeling and affection. He gives me butterflies.

I've found that I am the one doing most of the talking.. Im like an open book. heart on the sleeve type of girl. I've told him I want him and I like him...etc. And he tells me he likes me too but I can't tell if he's just saying it just to be nice or how deep this liking is. What drives me insane is that he doesn't call me all the time. And he is a freaking sports fanatic. Sports trumps everything. I was really surprise that he was even texting me one day when he was watching a game!

I know he's been hurt in the past and has trust issues.. as do I but whatever the reason I think I can make him happy. He doesn't call me all the time and is very independent and to the point where I couldn't stand him not showing me any attention and then I am always going back and forth if I should continue talking to him because I don't want to get my feelings hurt. This is the first Taurus I've talked to but I do have many Taurus friends.

My question is...how do you know if a Taurus is into you or just talking to you because it's something to do.

SO I am a 20 yr old Leo female with a 30 yr old Taurus male and let me just say Taurus is one of the most confusing in the zodiac, He has let me meet his sister and brother in law & his huge circle of friends. We have both told each other our feelings (he was actually first to do so) I don't know if that means something special or not because of the way he acts when I'm not around. He NEVER calls, when I text him I get one word replies. When we are together he almost talks my head off, he loves talking to me and I'm a good listener. We both like to go out and party but we both like to stay in bed or at home sometimes too. I feel that this man has a good balance for me because I am the kind of person who is always on the go, I have no patience and he is teaching me how to be patient for sure. We both share the same music taste, we both love sports, we both love food and I love seeing his reaction to my outfits when I dress up for him. He loves showing me off, and I love it when he gives me little smiles or when I catch him staring. In bed its a crazy connection I can feel intense energy radiating off him its really sexy he knows just what to do to make me purrrrr :) He is a more mature Taurus so he takes things slow, but the way he goes about it makes me confused, if he likes me then why doesn't he want to talk to me when I'm not around. Why does he always keep me waiting? I would love it if someone had some advice for me on how to deal with him being so independent and leaving me wondering what to do.

I am a Leo woman and am dating a Taurus man but am severely confused. I found he cheated and I was extremely hurt. I have never dated a Taurus before. I do notice that he stares when I am not looking, however, he cannot constantly make eye contact. I feel like in a way I intimidate him. I am goal oriented and so is he. He just got his Bachelors in Sociology and Music. I am working on my Associates to transfer to a 4 year university eventually get into Architecture. Therefore, we both in that aspect do have a passion for beauty and the arts.

The day we met, we were both extremely attracted to each other, so things quickly got steamy. The relationship at first was very physical he was very aggressive and I loved that...as time has passed, the steam has died down. He requires a lot of touching, and intimacy, but does not tell me whether we are together. He is very secretive like Scorpio and keeps his family very very private. He does not talk about his life outside of our "relationship."

He makes smart remarks like "my mom knows that I'm with a bad girl..." but I quickly retaliate "your mom doesn't even know I exist."

I do not know where this is going. I really like him, and he tells me he really likes me. When I confronted him about the cheating, he quickly apologized and held me, however because I was hurting, I did not hug back and that made him feel bad. I did not do it out of spite, I was just so focused on that feeling of inadequacy I did not know how to handle the situation. How do I know if I can trust him again?

We are taking a two-week break to see how things work, I can tell you that I have missed him since the last time I saw him. We briefly talked today after reading how they do need constant touch otherwise they look outside of the relationship. We both expressed the emptiness we feel without each other.

He holds me when needed. He dries my tears. He says he does not deserve me. What am I supposed to do with this feeling? I feel incomplete without him.

what I feel is......

Taurus man is very very patient and highly practical.

They are so much mad about sex.while Leo woman needs to be pampered.

Taurus man is good in finance and money.

They are easy with the life working!

Leo craves to be cared and to be admired and showered with attention and admiration.

Taurus man are not childish. Leo tends to be childish.

Luckily, Taurus man has great patience, so Leo can be calmed down rather than going on with arguments.

both are loyal!!!

I am A Leo Woman dating a Taurus Man, I Must Say He Is Caring, Loving, Generous (though he is watchful when it comes to money) and very kind. He is Stubborn like a Taurus and I am as stubborn as a Leo as well. The relationship is going GREAT, though we may have our differences we learned to accept it and move on (though when we do fight, we wont stop) We try to win the battle even though neither of us wins because we decide to laugh at the situation later and remember how much we love each other.

I'm a Leo woman with a Taurus male in a relationship for 3 and a half years. I don't know if this helps you girls, but this has been my experience while dating him. We are both very successful in our careers and he loves that I do something worthwhile. He is very encouraging and supportive. If you are confident enough, then you will know that the silences at times with him, means that he is studying you. The way he looks at me, makes me melt. Play it by ear, Leo lady and he will pursue you. My man took a long time to tell me he loved me even before I did. When he does, you'll know he means it because in a brief moment, he'll say everything at once. My advice-don't tell him how you feel first. He'll fall all over you. He's the type of man who doesn't want it too easy, or he'll think that you're easy to stray. He'll look at you and you'll know exactly how he feels.

He is confident, but like everyone, there is an element of insecurity, probably because as a female Leo, you are unlike any woman he has met. The sex is unbelievable, never been with anyone so passionate and sexy. Once he opens up, he may not tell you all the time, but when he does, it is perfect. He will look at you the way no other man does, and when he does, you'll know he loves you. He admires strength in character, to don't be too female. Don't put him on the spot, just as you don't like - respect that he doesn't like confrontation, just like we don't. He can get wrapped up in work, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care, in fact, if you call him on the spur of the moment, he'll love you the more for the thought, even if he can't do the spontaneous at that time. He'll treat you like a woman and wants to be treated like a man. He has a sense of humor, so always make him laugh with your zaniness.

He may pretend that he doesn't care, but he is already more in love with you than you know. Just be level headed as the initial stage of this relationship will mean you need to be one step ahead of him intelligently if you want him to fall for you. He's great because even though he is quite conventional, he doesn't care what others think and is willing to take chances when he trusts someone. He's loyal and can get hurt deeply, if you question his intentions or love. By the way, he is jealous, so if you catch his eyes becoming angry when men look at you, you'll know he is nuts about you.

Read his face, it tells more of the truth about what's really going on with him and that will help you understand his silence.

He's nuts about you, but needs to be sure that you feel the same - and fabulous for us, we don't need to say the words.

He is the sexiest and most passionate man, about all things and what I've noticed the most is that he is in awe about the way I (Leo woman) am proud, fun-loving and independent.

Be patient and you'll get a man that rocks your world, even if he does drive you a little crazy with his out of place remarks or stubbornness. After all, our sunny personality make all the clouds disappear.

I'd like to hear more from the Taurus men out there dating/married to Leo women.


I am a Leo woman married to a Taurus man. We've been together for six years and have been married for three. We each had one child when we married. He- a Taurus son. Me- a Cancer daughter. I fell in love with he and his son(who was 6 at the time). So I guess I love two Taurus guys. Now we have two more children,a Cancer and a Leo boy. The Leo shares my birthday. There is a lot of passion around our home...the Cancers are the calm ones. My husband and I love each other passionately. My Taurus step son is very protective of me as is my Leo son. My husband tends to be very thoughtless and stubborn and tries to be very controlling. He used to be rude about what I wore...if he thought something was too sexy, he would be weird and jealous about it. He would always ask me what I was doing with male friends and want to know where I was all of the time. As you Leo women know, this type of behavior does not work with a Leo woman. I want to wear what I want and go where I want and do what I want. And you'd better trust me, or you will ever hear the end of it!

So finally, I told my husband,"I promise to look nice

I am a Leo woman married to a Taurus man. We've been together for six years and have been married for three. We each had one child when we married. He- a Taurus son. Me- a Cancer daughter. I fell in love with he and his son(who was 6 at the time). So I guess I love two Taurus guys. Now we have two more children,a Cancer and a Leo boy. The Leo shares my birthday. There is a lot of passion around our home...the Cancers are the calm ones. My husband and I love each other passionately. My Taurus step son is very protective of me as is my Leo son. My husband tends to be very thoughtless and stubborn and tries to be very controlling. He used to be rude about what I wore...if he thought something was too sexy, he would be weird and jealous about it. He would always ask me what I was doing with male friends and want to know where I was all of the time. As you Leo women know, this type of behavior does not work with a Leo woman. I want to wear what I want and go where I want and do what I want. And you'd better trust me, or you will never hear the end of it!

So finally, I told my husband,"I promise to look nice foryou every day if you let me wear what I want and don't say anything. We have had many heated conversations and arguments about my need to not be monitored and how I'm sick of him badgering me when I say no. For me no means no-- end of story. As a Leo, I am extremely decisive and know what I want.

Leo women...I'm thinking it's almost against our nature to live happily with a Taurus. But I really love my husband. I was drawn to the fact that he is far from a pushover. My Taurus likes some adventure and excitement,but he still likes to lay in bed a little too late in the morning for me. I'll say "I can't lay here anymore. I'm bored." And that's my cue to go and do something else. I love to cook, and I am the homebody. I'm more of an introvert, so I read books about other places and write books, too. Plus, I'm a high school teacher, so I get to be performing in the stage of my classroom all day, and by the time I get home, I'm done. I'm ready to relax. My husband is always on the go, although he's slow to do everything, and he always makes us late,so we'll be in the car waiting for him while he's messing with something in the house. My Taurus man is a bit of a scientist, so I'm quite fascinated with his brain and he with mine. We're both very creative and like to tell stories and play sports-- he's more lflashy and I'm more down to earth. Funny, but maybe all of those things are why we like each other. Maybe he's learning to be a little more Leo,or I'm learning to be a little more Taurus. Or else we have weird moons.(I think he has a moon in Leo and I have one in Virgo.)

my Taurus man is perfect:):) lol or almost.. our only problem is our tempers.. someone please tell me how we can overcome when were exactly alike but see everything different

I am a Leo woman in love with a Taurus man... we are actually in the middle of an argument right now. This will be our 3rd week of being seperated. WE ARE BOTH SO STUBBORN. First week he broke down and contacted me...just to see "how I was doing"...2nd week I broke down and contacted him just to see " how he was doing" LOL. From what I have observed so far... Taurus men are hard to read...scared of being hurt...and will pull back if they think you are going to hurt them. I give him enough room to breath BUT I know my limitations... if I give him too much room he will walk away... he is just too stubborn. So, Leo woman... if you want to be with your Taurus man...don't read into EVERYTHING they do or say. ACTIONS are what speak louder than words...when they pull back it doesn't mean they don't care. IF THEY DON'T RETURN YOUR CALLS OR TEXTS ...then leave them ALONE...they need serious space and we LEO's need too much attention. We (Leo's) will have to be the one that backs down... sorry but true! I know this is just unheard of ... but we have to find the balance... and if we find the balance then it is SO BEAUTIFUL! :)

Everything about my husband (Taurus) and I (Leo) is EXTREME. We argue to the point where we get mean. When we come down from those arguments there's lots of loving, lost of never-agains, but we both know...I love him a lot, but I have grown tired of his bossiness and he is tired of my need to be in charge all the time. It is so true when they say neither of our signs backs down. I can't even help myself. He is more willing to compromise than I am, and I guess I've worn that out. Now he's ready to have his say in things, and that is so foreign to me lol. My love for him is true, though. I forgive him pretty quickly. Sex is great. He knows I like to hear how good it is. I would really do anything for him, and he takes great care of me. Great father too, but he needs his time to himself; not trying to be bothered with kids all day.

I am a Leo woman and I dated a Tarus man for over a year. Tarus man is a provider. He has his feet firmly planted on the ground and is at a constant pace. He likes the way playful Leo makes him feel. A playful carefree state that is hard for him to achieve on his own. My Tarus didn't like to spend money or anything frivolous, but wasn't that good at saving it either. He was a pretty boring loving, though sensual and good intentioned, he way was too "inside the box" to make a passionate lover. They are fiercely honest and loyal. They make good fathers and husbands. They feel a strong sense of responsibility. That said, they are also characteristically stubborn and hold grudge. In my experience, my Taurus' are Alpha dogs and have a little kick of testosterone. They are also very deep and sensitive underneath the tough exterior. Just don't hurt they're feelings or the expressive, communicative Leo, will be left with nothing but a cold shoulder to talk to.

I am in love a taurua man I didn't say to him about my feelings .. I feel that he loves me too the way he talke his warm voise his .. and my Colleagues notice my shyness when he come and talk to me .. I love him really but I cant say to him always when he come to our section and ask about something he stand very close to me is he in love with me or I am dreaming?

I am a Taurus man and I find Leo women attractive and they find me attractive as well. The first girl I was ever with was a Leo who was the aggressor because I was shy and inexperienced. I have had several Leo females that were very persistent and aggressive. I had never had a woman just openly say how much they like you or will be as graphic in saying what they want to do to you. They make my face turn red. They are NOT shy about it, they will let you know they like you. I flirt with a Leo at work right now but neither of us is available and had another Leo that basically fell in love with me quick but we were only friends. She is jealous of me speaking to this other girl. I love the energy they give off and they must feel the same way about me. I think that this can be a good match or a disaster, it's up to them, but I feel that the good can completely make up for any problems.

every Leo woman is wondering whether their Taurus man is in love with them or not....i feel the same too....i knew him for 2 years and then we started talking frequently...he started sharing his thoughts and stuffs about his life....i felt connected...now we are together for almost a year...or thats what I think...he says he doesn't want a serious relationship and do not want commitments....and I didn't force any opinion on him....he is very physical and sensual as well....but the main common drawback of all Taurus men...he dosent call all the time.....he replies to my texts after 2-3 days which ,as a Leo woman, drives me NUTS....then after a week or 2 he calls me up again...and things get steamy....my heart melts when I am with him and also when I leave his house......he is stubborn,controlling, and again stubborn.....i don't know whether we are a thing because he never told me so....i have to ask him f he likes me or not...and the answer was yes....he even askd me out with shaky knees.......i really don't know what's goin on with us..i even decided once to tell him NO but couldnt do so....because he jus hypnotises me when I am with him....i go nuts when I am with him...he drives me nuts when I am not with him....what should I do...i just cant think of not talking to him ever if I say No...and yes it has to be saying NO.....because he said whatver you decide...uggghhhh!!!!!

I am currently seeing a Taurus man and I am a Leo woman. he is everything I could want in a man but so many comments on here are so true. they are secretive, don't let on much at all in regards to feelings and thoughts. He is extremely loyal though and I need that in a partner especially being so loyal myself. We have only been seeing one another for 2 months but I can see what it would be like if I succeed in him trusting me. he was hurt badly by his ex and I by mine, a Cancer. That was awful! Cancer and Leo do not mix! The difference is though that Taurus guy is always broke (like me) and loud and fun, going out and being social often. So if I can get that side of him and the rest I will be in heaven. And the sex is phenomenal!!!

Iv known this Taurus guy since I was little, I fell in love with him when I saw him for the first time, at first he was very mysterious and secretive and he would always keep things to himself. He found out that I had feelings for him from one of my best friends (who has known him since they were 7)then he started to avoid me, as a Leo, I don't like to be avoided, I make friend easily, and I'm very social, he used to always walk away when ever I came near him and that broke my heart. He went away for a year to another city, so I used that time to socialise with other guys along the way, but somehow I was always drawn to him, I would of had sleepless nights of just wondering what we would be doing, if he still remembers me, if he's with someone else...

But now in the present tense, I am his friend, like a buddy to him, we share a joke, a laugh, but we never talk about our feelings, he still knows that I love him and that he means the world to me. I have a whole army of friends to try and help me win his heart,(I even got one of his mates to help me on my too... tehe :P)I'm so in love with him, and he treats me nice too. So one of my friends told me that he might also have feelings for me, but he's giving me mixed signs, I used to date another Taurus and that was different, I broke up with him because I thought we would be better as friends so I dumped him..

The strange signals he gives me...

.When I catch him staring at me he looks away

.He always looks me in the eye when I talk to him

.He laughs at my jokes (even if they aren't funny at all)

.When I ask him help with something he's always willing to help

. He's sarcastic most of the time

. He's very unpredictable

. And he still keeps things secretive

What do you think I should do? And do you think he's telling Me?

im an X girl friend of a Taurus man and im a Leo woman. At first he was obsessive, and romantic. I truley thought I feel in love with him. then he became into someone that I don't even want to know anymore. he got extreamly cocky, verbaly abusive and un trusting. He promised me the world and then crushed it all for me. we ended up clashing and disagreeing about everything.

Hi I'm Leo woman 8/19 talking to a Taurus man 4/23...we've known each other a few weeks to a month now...and I seen him twice...we talked on the phone and texted but ever since christmas eve...we've been talking on the phone for hrs...I told him I was feeling him he said the same to me...HOW CAN I TELL IF HE LIKES ME? CUZ RIGHT NOW I'M CONFUSED IF HE LIKES ME OR JUST ENJOY OUR HOURS OF CONVERSATION

Im a Leonine (8/19) and I had a relationship with a Taurus guy (4/24). He was the MOST amazing partner I ever had. He lavish me with expensive gifts, took me out to fine restaurants, smart talker and drives me crazy in bed. He was someone I could always depend on and Ive always been secured around him. He'll tell me directly what what's the real thing even though he knows it will hurt me but on most occasions, he feeds my ego with so much sweetness and tender loving words -- he would even appreciate my pimple! He will always find time for me and would always cheer me up by letting me see the brighter side of every bad situation. He was perfect! We just need to end it since he was married and couldn't take the guilt anymore. 6 months have passed and I still long for him.

I am a Leo woman with a Taurean....where do I begin? He does love money, the finer things in life, that is for sure. He is a perfectionist, says that I am beautiful, but doesn't really mean it...he always works...the almighty dollar is what matters to him, and...the worst part? He never talks, shares his feelings, which leads me to believe he is sneaky. He is rarely spontaneous, ok in bed, not spectacular.....just sooo not my type!! But I am marrieed to him...will not likely last though...

I am a female leo, and I was married to a male Taurus for 3 1/2 years. The sex was great, he always was very open about his desires, and I was very willing to satisfy him in every way possible. Unfortunately, he was very secretive with me. He would never discuss anything outside of our "relationship."

He cheated on me with another Taurus womanÂ… Then relationship when downhill from there. He blamed me for it, stating that when I pissed him off, he would go out and cheat. What an asshole.

im a 20 year old Taurus guy...*GUY*... for some reason I have many many Leo friends (male) I never really get along with Leo Females, unless they are ATTRACTIVE..... to me, attractiveness is everything, I met this Leo girl (17) and she blew my mind... her skin was so beautiful and so soft, I automatically started complimenting her and she instantly took notice of me..... then I started telling her she has a nice butt too.... she wanted me to touch it but I refused because I thought she was testing me whether im a player or not...

i really liked her, and I realy got physical with her, I always tend to "accidently bump" up to her, see how she reacted... she usually smiled up to me.... so then I started touching her skin in public, she liked it too.... then I bought her icecream, she appriciated it..... she eventually told me I had really nice eyes and she kissed me........ later on she wanted to come over to my place and we had sex..........

I am in a long distance "friend with benefits" situation with a Leo Woman. We recently spent a weekend together. She seemed to want to prove how popular she was and how many admirers she had. As a Taurus I am much too grounded to be impressed because it is not necessary for me to love her. I love her beneath her constantly evolving "story". I love her essence. I love her warmth, her humor, her zest for life and the sex is nothing short of spectacular! I am constantly amazed at the sexual chemistry. I have sworn to myself to let her go because there is no future and as soon as our hands touch it is "on" for the rest of the night. Downright borderline addiction I tell ya. However, her need to "shine" weighs heavy on me. It wears me out. Plus she is very sensitive. I can be straightforward at times but I really do not try to hurt anyone's feelings, but she will turn anything I say into a personal slight. I am at my wits end rather to run away forever or enjoy our incre dibly passionate moments that linger for days. What to do?

I have been in a relationship with a Taurus man off and on for about 3 years. Im a Leo with a Virgo moon and he's a Taurus with a pieces moon. We both have an emotional attachment to one and other and we can both feel it. Its like no matter how long we go without talking when we finally do we pick everything right back up again like it never happened. He upsets me a lot because he's a sneaky cheater. It dosent matter though because im the best he will ever get and he knows it. anyways I love him so much and could totally see us married one day with a family. After all the stress from his games I still love him and just don't no how I would ever let him leave my life. I don't care if Taurus and Leo don't have a lot in common we don't fight and our relationship is good as long as he behaves. I love him and he is my life. I really don't think I could ever be with any one else ive tried I i hate it. I really like the ways he does things and I don't want anyone e lse in my life but him.

Mine is a slightly more complicated case. I am a married Leo involved with a married Taurus. Actually, we go back a long way. We met when we were single and I fell head over heels in love with him. Was quite shy in those days (unlike what I am now - a true Leo, lol!). Anyways, he was kind of attracted and talks reached marriage but at the last minute he dumped me. I hurt badly for 2 years. Now, we somehow connected. I am married with kids, he is married with kids, but now he seems more than interested. He calls, texts and does many sweet things that tell me that he is probably attracted to me. I know I am. But I am not sure where this is headed. We have never discussed our spouses other than casually mentioning them in conversations. What I would really appreciate is to know what I am in for. He has sort of verbalised his feelings, and once when I had offered to back off when he hadn't called for a week, he was all over me and openly showed that he cared. But, my p oint is this. Are we in this for the long haul?

Okay, I'm going to try to help out some of these Leo women. I am a Taurus man with some experience with Leo women. In some ways I'm a stereotypical Taurus and in other ways I'm not. Anyways, MOST Taurus men will not come out and say how they feel. This does not come easy to us at all. It's about how they act. Actions speak louder then words (at least in the beginning stages). Does he go out of his way to do things for you? Does he only talk to you? Does he make you laugh? Does he seem to be opening up to you? Does he sacrifice his time doing something he likes to text you for hours or talk on the phone? Remember, we don't move fast and our nature is so contrary to yours but, if he DOES like you, you will eventually know it. If you're driving in a car, do you need the driver to say "We're driving in a car right now" for you to know for sure? If it progresses to the point of love he will love you more then you could possibly know - you are the most preci ous jewel to him (this is why some of us are very possessive and jealous). This is also one reason why we move slow because if we love someone (a woman, family, friends) we love them extremely hard and can become EXTREMELY devestated if we lose them. As strong as we are we are secretly very sensitive (although we won't admit it).

Am a Leo woman married to a Taurus man for over 8 years. We are not compatible with each other and would argue over every little thing. We are surely not made for each other.

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