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I'm a Libra woman and I dated a Taurus man for 2 years. We were engaged to be married, but it didn't last. The relationship was tumultuous and often hostile.

He did worship the ground I walked on, but so much so that it was suffocating. I think the only reason we lasted that long was because the sex was out of this world. He was by far the best partner I ever had, and he has confirmed the feeling is mutual.

We had great physical chemistry but couldn't agree on anything. He liked to be lazy and do nothing all day and I wanted to go places in my life. He wanted marriage as soon as possible and I was still wondering if I even wanted to get married at all in my life.

I gave in and said yes as when times were good, they were great. However, he had a horrible temper and would threaten anyone who even looked at me. It got to the point I couldn't go anywhere without him or he would show up and insist on staying.

It was horrendous towards the end and I am so glad I came to my senses and broke it off. He would often threaten to kill himself if I ever left him. He is still doing nothing with his life and blames me for his inability to love again. By far the worst relationship I ever had, other than the sex of course lol.

My name is sabana and I am 20 years Old and a Libra. I have fallen in love with a Taurus man and he is 27 years old. When we first fell in love we were very close and we sacrificed everything for each other. But after time passed he revealed his real character. He is a dominant Person. He likes to be in control.

Some times we carry a lot of baggage when we come into a relationship but men do too. I dated a guy who's Ex left him and married his best friend and all he saw growing up was his mom using men. He felt like every woman was out to get him. He had no idea how to be good to a woman he was fine but an azzhole. I told him deal with your issue's with women and keep it moving. I am no psychologist. I can not fix what went on in his past. Me trying to prove to him I was different was exhausting. SO MUCH DRAMA!!!!!! We remain friends but nothing more.

I would like to say something to all women. Please Don't settle for a bad relationship. Choose your man first and then learn his character before you fall in love. I think it is the best way to secure our self. Because you only live once. Why should we waste our precious time with poor relationships?

I'm a Libra woman. Some Taurus' can be really lazy and others very ambitious. I dated a very successful business man who happened to be a Taurus. We met standing in line at a fast food restaurant. The moment he spoke to me it was like a volt of lightening hit me. I had never felt anything like that before. Later on as we got to know each other he said he felt the same thing the moment we met. My issue with him was his work. He was a work-a-holic. Although we spent mostly all of our free time together, work was primary in his life. I know the man had to make a living, but he was already pretty well to do when I met him, however, he had one goal in his business and that was to rise all the way to the top. I took a back seat to his career many times, in exchange for very expensive gifts and trips to wonderful places. Where ever I wanted to go, he took me. The love making was off the chain. He never exhibited jealously around me. He could be painfully blunt and forward. Tact wasn't his strong point. However, the relationship ended because he received a job offer in another state and I wasn't willing to move. He did ask me to marry him, but I didn't love him enough to be his wife, or at the time I thought I didn't. I regretted that decision later on. I soon found out there weren't very many men out there who would spoil me the way he did. I think about him all the time, I've obviously lost contact with him, but I can say it was the first best relationship I ever had.

I am a Libra woman married to my Taurus man for over 10 years. We have amazing chemistry even after this many years! Being a Libra I definitely have to think things over before any decision or during any problems or important things that come up in everyday life and what I love about him is he gives me this time and doesn't hound me about what is wrong? He just knows that I need my time and eventually when I am ready I will either make a decision or discuss it with him. I can't speak for all Taurus men but my husband is amazing and I think we make a great team in every way!! So Libra Women if you find a good Taurus man it can be a wonderful match!!

As a Libra I've found Taurus men who are born in may to be more compatible with my personality than the ones born in April. So it depends. And remember no matter what the sign if its meant to be its meant to be.

I am a Taurus man, and although I've never dated a Libra woman, I did work for one, and it was a living nightmare. Way too much attitude, self-indulgent, and out-right nasty. Definitely don't want to tred these waters ever again.

I'm a Libra woman and Im currently with a Taurus man. Although sometimes I want to light him on fire, I love him almost too much. He's so lovable and warm and he just drowns me in his love. Even when he's jealous and possessive I find it cute. I honestly think he's the one for me. I couldn't speak for all Libra women and Taurus men, but I believe the compatibility is down right incredible. Libra women, if you want to feel loved and in need for some warmness and common sense, find a Taurus man!

I am a Libra women and the last couple of guys that have been interested in me and vice versa have been Taurus men. Taurus men can be selfish and self centered. One minute you are the most important person and the next he doesn't want to be bothered. At this point, I will run like hell if a man approaches me and reveals that he is a Taurus.

I've had a great experience with my Taurus. He is actually that nest man I've know, but I have dated two others ones before that were not so great. This Taurus is caring and there, but it took a lot time to get to this point of knowing just how much he cares for me. However, they are very slow as I am still waiting for my Taurus to propose hope it won't be forever, but all in all this is my very best relationship but of 4 failed ones with other signs that lasted much shorter and had way more problems. If you find a good on great, but then again they are good and bad men in every sign.

I'm a Libra woman and I will never ever date a Taurus man again! lets just leave it at that!

I am a Libra woman who is married to a Taurus man. We have an EXTREME Love-Hate relationship. We dated for 2 years and have been married almost 2 years, but we were best friends for 2 years before we started dating and lets just say the personality of my best friend is not congrusive to the personality of my husband. We argue all the time over NOTHING important and it usually always ends up in a BLOW OUT ARGUMENT. But, when we do get along, its amazing. He is the best lover I have ever had and I know I'm his. We can have fun together but he always just wants to hang out at the house and watch movies, where I want to see what's going on in the real world. Unfortunately after fight after fight 4 days ago we started to take a break. It hurts but when I weigh out the pros and cons... the cons definitely win. I love him to death, but I do NOT like him very much. BE CAREFUL WITH TAURUS-LIBRA COMBINATION!!!

I am a Libran woman who has been dating a married Taurus man for 10 years. It is the strangest relationship that neither of us can seem to break off. First, the sex is incredible and I must say, after all of my escapades (and as a Libran there has been many!) he has satisfied me most in all of my life.

He can be inconsiderate, pouty, and downright mean. But I am inconsistent, don't give a care and pretty nasty myself at times. Somehow it works when we get together. He is committed to his marriage even though she can't handle the on-going lustfulness he displays continuously. I wonder sometimes why they are married but he is loyal to a fault and a marriage between the two of us would have been disastrous. I can be very flirty and unfaithful and they abhor that behavior in a woman. Because he is married however, he can't put any restrictions on my activities but his sexual exploits keep me "faithful". I want no one but him in that way.

I recently broke it off with him because in this society, monogamy is celebrated (why?) and what we are doing is deemed "wrong." Since divorce is out of the question, I have chosen to go my way after all of these years but I will miss him forever. If you are contemplating a relationship with Taurus and expect them to be yours, make certain they can be. I'm not sure that a marriage between us would work but after ten years, I got tired of sneaking around. Maybe I will find someone who pleases me just as much. It certainly will be a very hard act to follow.

I'm a Libra woman engaged to a possessive Taurus...he is the apple of my eye and by far the very best lover I've ever had and will experience. The mental stability is wonderful, the emotional stability is great, he is controlling but not to the point where I can't make my own decisions. Libra woman you have to know how to woo them and be wooed...stroke his eagle make him proud to be your king and you will have the man you've dreamed about all your life! The Taurus man I have is an all American dream man every woman wants what I have trust me he's all that and than some...so be patient with him as he is with our indecisive selves and you will grow a happy home

As a Taurus man, I have been in relationships with 3 Libra women over the years. Initially, I am very attracted to Libras and things proceed well for awhile. . . but the Libra "airy" personality traits are always just too flaky for me to live with day-to-day long term. After 3 strikes, I don't even consider Libra women any longer.

I am a Libra woman who dated a Taurus man for 2years, everything was great for the first year, he helped me get through a lot of things going on in my life he treated me like a princess! However, the second year was a downfall. He would break up with me saying that I deserved much better, but later come running back to me saying that I was the one, it was like one second he couldn't get enough of me and the next he didn't care about anyone but himself...I being young and naive took him back every time, I did it because the chemistry, sex, and communication that we had was amazing!!! It was something that I have never felt with any other man, nor has any other ever come close to making me feel this way. We tried being friends for 4 months, but that ended up with us getting together. until one day I found out from all his friends that he'd been trying to ask this girl out for the past two months. needless to say I ended it. I don't know if I can ever date another Taurus man, they are very possessive and ground that airy part of being a Libra and make you feel very loved and secure but just as easily they can turn and give that feeling away to another leaving you empty and alone.

I like a Taurus guy, but this states that of he's interested in me then he will make a move. We look at each other and then I look away cuz im shy.. Anyways, he's gorgeous & I want him.

I am a Taurus man that had just started dating a Libra. This is the first time that I've dated a Libra, although I had 10 month relationship with a Virgo which ended last summer. Even though my Virgo ex and I had much to talk about, enjoyed similar pleasures, and had mind blowing sex, I can't say how happy I am to be out of that relationship. I know that people say not to think about how great the potential of a new relationship could be early on. Now it seems to be more evident to myself, that as an interesting Taurus, and one quite fond of astrology, I really just can't help but try to find out related opinions of this possible match. I know that I am not an expert in astrology, however I'm a true Taurus and I know what I feel and hopefully I can express it well too. The aura of this Libra princess just permeates a room like crashing thunder. But this is the good kind of "storm" many Taurus's wish to have on their coming forecast. While not seeing it as a be leak, damp, and dark venture, as many may be intimidated by the social status and beauty of a Libra. But like a bull charging at the color red, it seems the strong-valued foundation and genuine heart can be what's making so many men like myself charge! As a Taurus, I do have more drive than most people I've met and also want to achieve success to bring the finer things in life to my family and home. I'm not that kind of controlling nut case which may be assumed for being a Taurus, rather one who will analyze everything. Being a Taurus is just who I am, holding back on sharing my constant reasoning, now that's something I'm working on (most Taurus's do.) Seeing a Libra express her value of fairness just gives me Goosebumps sometimes. After being with high strung women, seeing a relaxed girl that wants to contribute, just blows me away. I know us guys are expected to pay for most things, but I'm in it for the real deal. My future wife is going to have to be someone that sees everything we do as a team effort. From paying the bills and raising a family, its gotta come from both sides. What I will say that Libras seem to really want to get to know you're for real, whether or not you're phony or just trying to add another notch on ones belt. After reading other posts, I see that they take there time. It makes more sense in the long run to do it that way, rather than my last relationship when we fell too hard too fast. So all I can say is that I'm going to do everything I can to woo her as much as she's wooed me. My initial vibe from her is just perfect, I try to keep it smooth and not act attached. I really hope this can be as great as many say it can. FINGERS CROSSED!

I'm previously seeing a Taurus man. And I must say he is something else! First of all, he is super domineering and controlling. But a fantastic lover the best sex I've ever had! I t would be very difficult for me to leave him.

I'm a Libran woman who has just started dating a Taurean man. He is wonderful! I am very fond of him. He has this wonderful positive energy, is always making me laugh and his smile just lights up a whole room.

However, he can be a little too frank sometimes and this has taken a little getting used to but I've tried to view this as him just being honest in his own way.

He has been nothing short of kind and has treated me like a princess. He is very generous, patient, intelligent, loyal and sincere and very handsome and I can't wait till our next date!

I am a Libra woman who's married to a Taurus man he is a sweet man at times, he wants to be in control of everything. He is loyal to his family. But we do have the love - hate relationship. He is very jealous of me that's the down side. But when we are not arguing we get along fine and sex is wonderful. Stubborn, controlling, and wanting to stay home all time makes me crazy. Libra women like myself like to be beautiful, social and out going. I love my Taurus man, but I dislike his ways.

I'm a Libra woman and dated 3 Taurus men. The worst experience was the last one that I dated. He portrayed himself as a guy who was ambitious and knew what he wanted out of life. He also lead me on into thinking that he wanted a long-term relationship, but that was all a lie. He was always inconsistent, he never wanted to go anywhere, but just stay in the house or leave to go be with his friends. The only good thing that I can say about him was that the sex was great! Other than that, we were not compatible. We don't get along....it's always a blow out heated argument with us. And to top it off, we have a baby girl together and we can't even raise our daughter together as parents because he wants to be dominant over how things go in my life and that's unacceptable for me.

I am a Libra woman and I was with a Taurus for 10 years. Why I stayed with him for 10 years still goes through my mind. We were to get married in six months, but he called it off. Thank Goodness! That would have been a huge mistake. Now I am dating an Aquarius and I have never felt this way about any guy. I don't think Libras should date a Taurus. We are too outgoing and Taurus men like to sit around the house and do nothing. Libras don't waste your time.

im 25 years old I was with my Taurus for almost 5 years the first year was so much fun I felt as those I had my soulmate!! by the 3rd year it was a love hate thing, the SEX was so amazing though it was always so good like tantric, I felt so connected during intimate times, but the fights we had were BAD. he ended up moving out of state. He wouldn't leave me alone on the phone it was so hard , we were supposed to break it off but just couldn't leave each other alone as always). I went out to AZ to see him and I thought we'd get be together but nothing, months later im almost over him and now he's coming to MI in a week and wants to see what we can work out, cuz all the pain I felt he now feels, its so hard cuz the relationship all of it even now is so intense and passionate, so ladies my exp was intense, if you can compromise then it will be the most real love you ever felt if you cant compromise and share you're feelings it will be the most heart breaking ending you will ever feel in you r life

I am a Libra woman married to a Taurus man. We have been together for seven years and recently got married. I knew I wanted to marry him right when we started going out. He is very attractive but its true these men love to stay home and watch movies when we Libras want to go out and socialize. That is probably our main problem and we do have a love hate relationship but I can't live without him. We definitely balance each other out and complete each other. He is a hard worker and will do anything for his family, he is a little controlling and jealous but not to the point where its scary. He is very much a pretty boy and loves to look his best but not into material stuff. He is by far the best lover I have ever had.

Im a Libra woman and I dated a Taurus man for 2 years. It was great till he got another girl pregnant! I left him and never looked back. Once they think they have you their off to conquer another woman, things will be good at first and then they go bad. RUN AWAY Libra LADIES!!

Im a Libra woman im dating a Taurus man. He is very possessive with me. Me im a social butterfly and when im around people I branch out to talk to everyone me and my girl pals have a lot of friends some who are guys who I do talk to now and again but nothing serious. He hates that I do but I cant stop talking to people that's not right. At time his jealousy cooled off when I tell him you don't have to worry about any guy taking you place I love you and always will you have a special place in my heart and that's that, usually after that things get heated in the bedroom ;-( if you know what I mean. He is the best lover ive ever had. I no how some people say there Taurus is a lazy stay at home type of guy but he cant help who he is. But if it leads to you wanting to go somewhere and him wanting to stay home in front of the tv then express to him how you feel about being in the house all bunched up you need some fresh air and hey! even add it that its healthy to do so!! lol But don't try to control him either he likes to be in control now and then so let him do so. But if you have a reallllly good one hell treat you like a princess and he'll worship the floor you walk on. This is a hard relationship to come out of hopefully it works out for the best.

So I have a question for both other Libra women, which I am, and for Taurus guys. I really like this Taurus guy and I feel drawn to him in a way Ive never felt with anyone else before. I haven't gotten a chance to spend a lot of time with him and really have only seen him in group settings but Ive had one great one on one conversation with him and definitely want to learn more. Still worried that its a bad idea because our signs aren't very compatible and I don't know if he's even interested in me. We have been very physical in a play hitting kind of way but he's compared me to his sister several times and is always talking to his best friend who is also his roommate and fellow marine, So please I need some advice on whether I should really open myself up or just enjoy the physical "abuse" and let sleeping dogs lie. I should also mention that I was born on September 25 and so Im at the very beginning of Libra and have a lot of Virgo personality traits: I'm a big plan ner-I always want to know where Im going and what's expected of me, I find peace in order and while I find a deep joy in socializing I also love just being at home and consider myself a bit of a recluse. What do you think I should do? How will I know if he likes me or my sister who is a Capricorn (though she does have a boyfriend is till don't want to be anyone's second choice) and how should I approach him if he does reciprocate my feelings. Help please!!!

I am a Libra Lady and I've dated both types of Taurus men. The first one was the nice , sweet, outgoing, love life, mammas boy...he really was a great guy but we went to college in two different states and the long distance thing didn't work :-( but be cause of him I tried another Taurus guy a few years later. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!! He was very violent and very controlling and even went so far as to try and kill us both in a fit of rage. He was sneaky and vindictive...won't be rollin the dice on Taurus men ever again!!!

I love my Taurus man! he is sexy, hard working and very direct and by far the best in bed. He is however also jealou s, and domineering, but I can see myself with no other guy. :)

Hello my name is Paris. Im a young ASTROLOGIST!!! Well im a sexy Libra and my boyfriend is a Taurus. Me oct5th 2nd Decan libra/ Him May 10th 2nd decan Taurus. Well imma make dis short honey!!!! Good part of my Taurus- very loving, sensitive, FREAKY, good love maker, Very sumissive!! always promising,jealous of otha guys im friends wit. lollss and spoils the HeLL outta me!. I just love my man

Bad Part- fake, switch up,shy!,dont speak or interact, not a good communicator. He hates when im sick mad or have an attitude with him. Dis man really loooovveesss me! Ill curse him out sometimes even smack him or even beat on him!! Sorryy. It use 2 turn him on a lot cause he feeds off my dominacy!!! Datz jus how allll Taurus are!!! It turns dem on 2b controlled by someone dey love and adore. Ok have any questions comments or concerns hit me back!!! and I'd let chu kno

I am a 21 year old, Libra girl who was in a relationship with a 23 year old, male Taurus for three years..in the beginning it was almost love at first sight. Instant physical attraction as well as emotionally. About 6 months into the relationship I learned that he had a cocaine addiction and he kept this WELL hidden ladies, I was already emotionally invested in this man and stood by his side until he was sober..stayed that way for a year..proposed to me, I said yes..then he lost his job and all went downhill from there..back to cocaine as well as excessive drinking..he got physically abusive and became so distant it was almost as if he became another person. I will say that even though we are not together I will ALWAYS love this man and will NEVER put anyone before him because when it was good it was great..be careful with this fragile man ladies and be prepared to pick him up everytime he falls. Good Luck!

Okay this is my experience, I have always attracted Taurus men, I don't know why but I have. I had a 5 year relationship with a Taurus, he was very self centered, only thought of himself, the sex was not great cuz there was none, it felt like the longest five years, the only good thing that came out of that relationship where my two greatest boys that are not Tauruses thank god. I have been in a relationship with a Taurus for 3 years, we just moved in together. He is very controlling, jealous, stays home playing games, makes his own decisions, never talks about anything, very very very stubborn hardheaded, but when you put all that to the side he is very much caring, worries very much about my needs and my kids, he's a family man, hard worker, and the sex is very much alive and wild. This relationship would fall under the love-hate relationship he is the love of my life but he needs to sleep with one eye open....All in all best-worse man in the world.

Heelllp please! I'm an Oct.15 Libra and Im in a Relationship with an April 20 Taurus man. We met a little over a year ago. We started out with crazy chemistry...but he was pushing too much for sex so I thought he was trying to make me another notch on his belt and I backed away from him....we had an on again off again friendship over that year. I dated other guys and he dated other girls. We never had sex. Well finally I fell for a Leo in our off again stage. He shows up again and its all friendship at first...but then I fell for him. I had never cheated on any boyfriend in my life nor had I ever become sexual with any of my guy friends(my Leo ex girlfriend moved in his house with him out the blue one day...so that def made us go down hill) So Taurus and I finally have sex and its awesome! He's was already my best friend plus the sex...WOW. WELL he started being very mean to me and saying really hurtful things about my relationship with the LEO. I was preparing to leave him...but I didn't do it fast enough I guess. Fast foward...I move to my very own place(without the Leos name on it) and Taurus and I give it a try...but I'm still snappy with him because of the way he talked down to me b4. He was changing but I still have a raising my voice problem which he hates.not even a week later one night I tell him I still have love for my ex but Taurus is the only one I want. He explodes...starts accusing me of still being in love with him starts telling me he will give me space. I start yelling tellin him to shut up and listen to me but he tries to leave. I take his keys and hide then he becomes enraged and starts saying really mean hurtful things. I get pissed and throw his keys out the door. He goes crazy and throws my cellular into the wall alonge with my laptop. Picks them up again and smashed them to pieces. And just walks out. The next day I go to his house to talk, he keeps me waiting for an hour to come to the door. Finally he comes but is leaving. I try to talk to him but HE tells me not to TOUCH HIM, that he could never be with a women like me that provokes him or makes him that angry and that he didn't love me anymore. Yeah pretty harsh treatment for a key thief....will he apologize? Will we ever talk again? Did he take it too far or am I tripping? Please help.

I'd seen this Taurus man only once before the encounter where he very shyly came over to me and asked if I had his number (in June). He made a comment about me being very sweet and mentioned to text him sometime. I was (and am) very interested and did text ...and text ...and text...but that's all we do. He's always responsive, always makes comments about how pretty I am, how funny I am, and sends me pictures of his dog that he adores. He even called and sang happy birthday to me in Oct. HOWEVER....When I suggest "hanging out sometime" he ALWAYS dodges me! I saw him last week briefly to hand off a gift he was kind enough to deliver to a mutual friend and even got a text from him later saying he was sorry he didn't have more time to spend with me when I was there...so I suggested we get together soon ....and again, completely blown off. I'm so confused and really don't get it. Does he like me? Do I need to give up? I've flat out asked if he's dating and he said he wa s in a relationship that ended a couple months ago (right before our texting began).

Libra woman (32) super confused ... help!

I am a Libra woman and I have been seeing a Taurus man for nearly a year. It took my Taurus man 7 momths to ask me out. He is very slow in expressing his feelings and will generally not commit or go through with something if he doesn't feel it worthwhile. If he wants something he will peruse it, he's very persistent and even tho he doesn't show his true character he can be quite the jealous man. When my Taurus man and I have a fight, he generally leaves it, when things get emotionally too much he can't handle it, or he doesn't know how to handle it. He rarely ever talk about his feelings!! Everytime we fight we don't see speak to each other for a few weeks. I don't know what it is.... But we seem to always go back to eachother, he is very stubborn!!! But the chemistry between us is amazing!! He can be blunt at times and doesn't know how to communicate well with his feelings. But this man makes me feel secure and safe when I'm with him, and he knows how to love me, an d of course me being an indecisive Libra find it hard to make important decisions, he guides me.

Okay, we must be the strangest Libra/Taurus combo ever. I here a lot of Libra ladies complaining about staying at home with their Taurus guy, I seem to have the opposite problem. I am the homeloving, homebody and he (My Taurus) is the party hopping always on the go hardly home long enough to see the kids to bed.

I'm a jealous, possessive as hell kinda Libra lady, he is a jeolous, possessive as hell kinda Taurus gentleman. We have been together for 8 years and still counting. The relationship is passionate to say the least. When we fight with my Taurus guy, all hell breaks loose and yeah! I can let out floodgates alright. But when things are going well between us, it's like heaven on earth. Very much a love/hate relationship though. Love him to death when it's all good, hate him sooo much when things are bad yet never enough to break-up though I've come deadly close to it. He is the biggest flirt between us, though I probably could give him sleepless nights if were to do the same.

I love him dearly, he frustrates the hell out of me, too predictable at times, never admits to his faults, double standards rule in his world, narcicistic, generous, loyal to a fault, dependable when it suits him, committed fool, prone to lie at times just to get or stay out of trouble, can be extremely kind, loving and always, yes always protective of his family and wants nothing but the best for it.

Yeah! if you're a Libra lady you've found yourself one heck of a gem in a Taurus man, challenging to say the least but worth it in the long run. They are sticklers and won't leave you for anyone in the world even if they happen to be philandering, but obviously no self-respecting Libra woman will put up with a roving eye of any mate, even our earthy crunchy somewhat flighty (my Taurus mate) Taurus mates.

I am a Libra female. Dated a taurus. The connection in the beginning was out of this world. thats the problem, thats how you get drawn in. Cheated on me, took him back. Quit my job, left the state to move with him, broke up with me. He was VERY EMOTIONAL, hot and cold, very VIOLENT. but of course the sex was amazing. He was full of hidden inner secret problems. stay away

I am a Libra woman who has been with a Taurus man for almost a year now. We have a wonderful relationship, we are very different but compliment each other in so many ways. We take care of each other. It truly is the best relationship I have ever been in. I have been married to an Aquarius and Scorpio, and have been in long term relationship with a Leo and Gemini. This is certainly the best of everything. I will cherish the time that I have with this man... I would love for it to last forever but having this man in my life has made me realize how I've settled for less in my past.

To: Libra woman (32) super confused ... help!

Just tell him to come over and give you a back and shoulder massage. Trust me, he can't say no to being tactile. Taurus' LOVE being tactile.

I am a Libra woman and I am in love with a Taurus man whom I have been seeing behind his wife's back for a little over a year. I am married also, but my husband is away. I know she knows he's with me, but he denies this.I will not stop being with him because of her. I will stop when I'm damn ready. I never expect him to leave her. I know he has history with her. Just like I'm not leaving my husband.

When we lived close to each other, we would sleep together every morning we could until people found it out. After a few months, I became pregnant and he crawled into himself and got mad at me. Even though he seemed proud that we produced a stillborn son.This destroyed me ( I wanted our son), but he said he did not care. He said he would never SAY that he loves me, and he would not ever love our son because we agreed to not make a baby. I kicked him out. But took him back after a week.It was like he waited for me to do that.

On the one hand, he has been very responsible for me, while at the same time he has said things that make me cry. He has a very bad temper, which he never shows me, but he has made it clear he is my man in every respect. When we get together, he expects me to always do what he wants in bed and at times, I miss who he was in the beginning (more giving sexually). He has left me over and over only to come back without an explanation. I knew he missed me, though he will never admit it. He keeps me separated from everything and tells me nothing about how he feels (true to his word).

I love him because of the good parts we DO have: We can talk about a whole lot, we care about each other's well being, we both enjoy being homebodies, whenever I call him he comes to me, we make love in the dark with the TV off, candles lit and we always touch and feel each other, he does ask me how I am when we are doing that, and he says that I do satisfy him. We make beautiful love when he is not tearing me up in bed, he takes care of me, provides for me, makes sure that I am safe and is very protective of me. He always knows when I am crying and he is patient with me about that. Inside of him is like a storm and when we get together, I'm able to calm him down. I love the father of my son.I will always love him.

I married a Taurus man.he is very cold and don't want sex daily and not even once a week.he love me but he don't have sex with me as I want sex daily.i m a Libra woman.

I am a Libra woman who has been married to a Taurus man for 22 years. First of all he is my soul mate, we are the very best of friends, our passion and intimacy has always been dynamic, but has only gotten better and better over the years.He is a faithful friend,steadfast,unwavering.Totally trustworthy.

My one and only heartache is we have 2 children( age 22 and 16) still living at home...they both have been deeply hurt, and often feel rejected by him. He has never been a hands on kind of father..though he is excellent with giving advice, counsel, and discipline. He is just not an outgoing person, and would rather read his favorite books, or do his own thing. He values his time alone. My son told me the other day that he just doesn't know him. It really broke my heart. So I am in the middle here.We deeply love each other very much, but over the years I have found myself becoming bitter and resentful the way he has shut our our kids.He can be very self-absorbed, and selfish.My kids need to see the wonderful man he is..the man that he keeps hidden away..but the man I so understand, and know so well.Yesterday when I read that Tauruses are fixed signs, and one of the most stubborn and cautious of all the signs..I pretty much knew it in my heart already, I have hoped and waited for him to change in this area our whole marriage. MY husband is my soul mate, and I can't and won't give him up .. I believe in miracles..and I will keep on believing.

Here I am a Libra woman at 27 dating this 23 year old Taurus man. (all smiles) We met at a bar, where he was working security and I was there on a fluke bcz my date from earlier that evening got a little too loose at the lips and I ended up getting out of the car without so much as a good bye. Anyway, Im outside smoking a cig, and he walks up- tall, handsome, working- HELLO!..besides that the look in his eye made me smile from afar. Although he was shy and did not approach me. At the end of the nite, I nodded him over to me, and we've been attached at the hip ever since lol. I find this to be a relationship Im WILLING to deal with. The things I find most important- he possesses. We havent had an argument yet, although Ive felt them introducing themselves. I think it helps that Im the older of the two of us bcz he listens to me, especially since I don't make him feel bad about not knowing any better. Communication is great, but I regulate that- If I feel pressu red- I stop answering. And when we do finally talk again Im buttering him like a piece of toast lol. But he likes it! He says- "Im mad at you" I say- "U have a right to be, but are we getting together this wknd or what?" He knows that I don't have time to play- he can be emotional for both of us, while I concentrate on how to make our lives better! But this is what has worked thus far. Its been less than a year and my engagement ring is on lay-away, while he's wearing his. I cant say that I'm in love with him yet- but I don't want to date anyone else. And for a Libra to decide this early on I know he's special to me. Libra ladies must zone in carefully on that fair scale when dealing with this guy. Know when to push and know when to pull. Im completely satisfied!-- know all I have to do is get rid of my 12 year on/off again Scorpio and I'll be free to love this Taurus the way he loves me. Good luck ladies!

I am a Libra woman (Aries rising/Moon in Sag)seeing a Taurus man (Gemini rising/Moon in Aquarius) for about 1year & half now. We have wonderful chemistry in bed & excellent communication. He is in a relationship with a Pisces woman but says he cares for me & often refers to me as "his" woman. I honestly love this man & the sense of security & calm he brings when he's around. We've had only a few serious arguments when getting to know one another but now things's are as close to perfect as I've ever had in, except the fact that he's not available. I struggle with the belief that we'll be together since I've beleived that since Day 1 but he's still not made a move to committ. I guess only time will tell but this is a love I will never forget!

I am a Libra women and I have been married to a Taurus for 9 years. He is a hard working, stable, and devoted man. But at times I can't stand his ways. On the flip side, he is jealous, controlling, and meanspirited. I feel like if he doesn't compromise more with my emotional needs, I will eventually leave. The sex is wonderful though.

This is real!! Stay away from Taurus men!!! Libra woman are too outgoing & social for these possessive, jealous Taurus men! The 1 and only Taurus I dated was controlling and confused! RUNAWAY like Kanye says.

Hello...I am a Libra woman that's married to a Taurus man. We have been together for 4 yrs. When I first met him it was an instant attaction and we have been together ever since. When we first moved in with each other it was kind of hard due to him having a bad past relationship, but after I showed him that I was the one and that he could trust me..it has been heaven!!!. True he can be jealous and possesive sometimes, but it has never been to the point where I could'nt do anything or live my life. Libras we have a tendency of being jealous and somewhat controlling ourselves so lets not be too hard on Taurus. I love my husband..he treats me with respect and to him family is first. He is a very hard worker and will make sure that both me and our son is well tooken care of!..OH YEA AND THE SEX IS OFF THE CHAIN..(lol). Libra women there are good and bad in every zodiac sign. Taurus men are good men "if you find the right one"......

I'm a Libra woman and have met a Taurus man online. From reading the many stories of various relationships Libra/Taurus. I'm experiencing an amazing connection via phone but we both look forward to meeting in person very soon. He has told me he has made up his mind that he wants me to be his woman after viewing my pics and video. The connection/chemistry is amazing so far, just would like to know if it's the same in person as well....(smiling)

I'm an Libra woman , well Taurus men are great lovers he knows how to treat a woman he will give her his last and all but they just like to argue over the simplest thing yeah they make great sex yeah some r often lazy while some r determine to pursue a career

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