Taurus man mixed signals driving me crazy

by Jackie
(Philadelphia, PA)

I'm a 46 year-old Leo woman, and I was talking to a 41-year old Taurus man for about four months. We went out only a handful of times (he has a crazy work schedule, and is a single parent), but we talked, texted and emailed daily.

I found him to be very secretive and slow to open up. I'm a true Leo in every sense, so having to be the pursuer is new and FRUSTRATING for me. My Leo pride screams "awwww HELLLL no", but I really liked this man. So I hung in there. There were a few times when I was ready to throw in the towel because I just didn't think he was interested in me. But, just as I was ready to walk away, he would say and do just enough to pull me back in.

After seeing each other for 4 months, we were intimate. It only happened one time (and it was AMAZING). A week later, we were texting and I told him, "I'm having a Steve craving." He asked me "why is that", and I replied, "because I really dig you".

Haven't heard from him since. So, now I feel really stupid for putting myself out there like that. And, at this point I really hope he doesn't call me at all because I hate this yo-yo feeling.

Can one of you Taurus men help me understand what the heck happened???

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Dont pursue them
by: Anonymous

Do not pursue them. They know what they want. If they are indecisive and you have to do the work they havent decided yet. Honestly, they really have decided they put people in boxes and the person doesnt even know it.

Taurus Girly
by: Anonymous

Listen, He is very protected of his family (child) in this case as you've mentioned he is a single parent. Taurus do not like change and it takes us time to figure out if we want to have people in our lives or can we even see certain people in our lives forever.. We aren't good with one night stands and we despise pushy people, you sound very pushy and controlling and that doesn't sit right with us because we are stubborn and fixed and we move at our own pace and not that of others.. Be a lady and let him pursue you, we are very upfront but only open up to those who aren't so pressing. I mean every word of this fall back and he will respond, and don't take it personal he's more than likely trying to either figure you out, or as mentioned above has place you in a box..lol

try keeping a steadier pace.
by: Anonymous

You probably just need to give him time to think. Try to think less like an escalator and more lile those things you stand on at the airport because he's probably got bagagge. Like you said single parent, crazy work schedule, he definitely will have a lot on his mind at all times. Try backing off for a lttle bit see if he tries to reel you back in again. That'll will definitely be a sign of desire. He knows what he wants its more about knowing what he wants now. And not just how what he want but how and when or if he wants it because he will chase it he just won't rush it, at all.

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