Taurus Man online dating advice

by Nicole

I met my Taurus Man through an online dating site. I have been burned in the past so I am skeptical of men who come at me with with hot pursuit... which he does!! He has been patient with me and works hard to dispel any fears or issues that I have with him or our situation (he is on the east coast I am on the west). We have not yet met in person but I am looking forward to when we do.

He seems so straightforward and knows what he wants (which he has decided is me) I have never dated a Taurus before but my best friend is a Taurus Female. She keeps assuring me that this is normal behavior for a Taurus. More often than not he leaves my head spinning after our conversations... he seems to have our lives planed out...wow.

After reading about a Taurus Man, he seems very typical... has even stated that he cant wait to come and claim his woman. Is it possible for a Gemini and a Taurus to have a relationship?? I am very much a Gemini... I have tried to back out of this relationship several times out of sheer panic of the methodical way he pursues me (not in a creepy way). He always has a way of stopping me from hanging up the phone and leaving him in the dust.

He is soothing to me and I really want to give in and say ok you can have me.... but I am terrified. HELP!!! Will this work??? I would love to hear from other Taurus Gemini couples...

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Taurus Man online dating advice
by: Anonymous

Well..You do have to meet first :) There is a big difference between fantasy and reality. His best pictures and all the conversations in the world can't compare to how you feel in someone's presence.
I too am a Gemini and I dated a Taurus many years ago. He took great care of me but he had a very childish temper and would throw/slam stuff when he was angry like a little kid. Turn off!
My advice don't let anyone make you decide how deeply you are committed to them until you meet, feel physically attracted, have easy conversation while looking into his eyes and see ACTION and what type of lifestyle you will seriously have together in a long distance relationship. Good luck!

Dont worry
by: GeminiGirl

Dont worry about it :)
I'm a gemini girl who has the same situation as you. I met him (taurus) online and three moths after we met outside. He's very cute, romantic and loyal AMAZING.

Chill out, go meet him and dont give him up!!!!

My taurus is typical taurus :D I cant say more about my bull, but all I want to tell you is Keep Up, fight for your love and fight for him :P

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