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I just met a Taurus man and he is so confusing to me! I'm a Pisces girl by the way.

He would stare at me for a long time, some flirting (in his own way), show me pictures of his little nephew, and I would always catch him watching me. After the last time I saw him he called me about a week later, and I got all excited, but it was just to talk about work (we used to work together).

He said he "thought of me" for a project, but I think it was an excuse to call me. It was an awkward phone call, I could tell he was nervous so it was brief. A little later I texted him to say hello and that I hoped he was good, but he never replied.

A week later I texted again just in case he didn't get the last one, again just to say hello and that I hoped he was good. Again, no reply. So does this mean he isn't interested anymore? or is he just being really slow about it?

I am a Pisces female and am extremely fascinated with this Taurus male - he is fascinated with me also. When he first saw me - he said he had to make some effort to communicate with me. I have never felt this type of energy from any other another male that I have dated nor from my ex-husband (Libra) as this is my first romantic encounter with a Taurus male .

This attraction is CRAZY! I have tried several times to stop communicating with this guy - he is the typical Taurus - operates at HIS OWN PACE and this was frustrating me. But he has insisted that the communication to continue between us and has given in SLIGHTLY to my demands on some of his ways. His aura is so attractive to me - and we have not even kissed yet!

I am also a Pisces female and have had an on again off again relationship with a Taurus male. The highs are extremely high and the lows are awfully low. We are both stubborn and fiery and because I am a typical emotional Pisces we tend to break up and get back together often, it has been 2.5 yrs and we truly, deeply love each other. No matter how much we try to stay away from each other with each breakup, we simply can't. There's a crazy chemistry and attraction that keeps bringing us back together, at times this is plain dysfunctional but like I mentioned the highs are amazing and there's a ton of love between us, we also are very supportive to one another and that's another plus.

I am a Piscean and I have this weird but interesting relationship with a Taurus man. When we met, the chemistry and connection were intense. But after a few months, we broke up and he has not given me his reason why he went away but he courted me again and showed a sudden intense love for me. He keeps on coming back to me because I am the only one who can fully understand him and can get along well with him. He has this tendency to completely shut down if he is battling some problems or if he's so busy and just pops out suddenly to say hi and asks me out for dinner if he thinks he is not so occupied anymore with his activities or problems. Overall, this Taurus guy is responsible, keeps his job but he can be just silent at times. Anyway, he has a good head above his shoulders and also very passionate.

In my experience I have met two Taurus men. One a couple of years ago we hit it off quickly. I saw this cute guy, and suddenly he asked me to dance. I should be embarrassed to say that I along with everyone at that party got drunk and I actually cried to him that I wanted to do better and that I just got over my ex. (bad idea, no) He asked me out a week later, and we saw each other for two months. He was so sweet although surprisingly stingy or tight w/ money. We had sex after about 2 weeks and it was awesome. I was naive and didn't put standards as women tend to forget with men, u must train them like dogs or kids or they will expect whatever they got for whatever they gave under no conditions. Well after two months of him calling me whenever he wanted, maybe once a week or every 10 days, I talked with him about being serious and he totally turned me down. He said he's not seeing anyone but didn't want a relationship. So I ended it. He came back about three times but we had really good sex even though we were cool too. But he was too flaky and a mama's boy... moving on.

Now recently I've been seeing a new Taurean man. I actually saw him in the dance scene but was turned off when the second time we danced he did not remember me. Months later fortunate for him I gave him a chance when he invited me out with a friend. We had so much fun dancing, hugging, cuddling then kissing. Every day after that he wished me a good morning text and how he couldn't wait to see me. I realized after 3 dates that week that I definitely liked him as much or more than he did me although he admitted it quite often. But after we had a 4day period of not seeing one another, we met up and actually had an argument. Now I know I have fire in my chart although I am a Pisces, but I also realize it's not what I said but how I said it, and that I never wish to see that temper again. But now I'm wondering, is that his problem, or is it mine? Is he the hot tempered one? Cause I know I am. Or should I be the peacemaker?

Hey, I'm a gay Pisces male in love with an also gay Taurus man. He is very sweet and charming and always does little sweet things (letters, cards, pictures, etc.) to show he cares. Overall, this is a very caring, intense, and devoted partner. They listen well and provide good stability. Pisces can generally be unstable at times, and Taurus provides a strong, yet romantic and practical anchor. I love my Taurus boy and will go to the ends of the Earth to be there for him. He's absolutely priceless in my book!

I'm a Pisces girl with a lot of Sagittarius in my chart (moon) and I met a Taurus guy - the first one I ever really knew - we started off as friends. Both working away from home and he would call me intermittently and ask what I was doing, he seemed lonely. One night I went to his house and we had sex and it was the best sex in my life. We fitted together so well. We talked, he's married, I'm married but separated. We don't have anything in common and I didn't see it going anywhere other than company, friendship and sex but I had intense feelings for him. Then one day he came and told me it was over, it was so sudden and I was devastated, shocked and confused. I know he's had many liaisons during his marriage and I don't see him at all as loyal and faithful. I think he is a player who is searching for experiences to boost his ego. I can't blame him, aren't we all?!

am in relationship with a Taurus man he told me he loves me through message and suddenly disappear and again back to me and I really love him so much ... what to do now?

I am a Pisces woman. I was in a relationship for 4 years with a Taurus man, and was devastated for a LONG time after it ended. I still have dreams about him and it still hurts in my heart when I think about him. The other day I met up with another Taurus man and again from the start it seems that we are very drawn to each other. I have only known him for 2 days, but we both have gone out of our way and put off other errands to be around each other. He is so comforting to be around. He is re-assuring and gentle. Just listening to his voice relaxes me. The sex is absolutely mind blowing (too soon...I know) Its like he has some weird magical power of seducing me. I am trying hard to stop falling because I know that as a Pisces we tend to love too quickly. I am very scared that he will break my heart like the first guy and I know I cannot handle that kind of devastation again. People do die from broken hearts and I know that would happen to me. I will just have to live it moment by moment I guess.

ok I knew my Taurus for two years and of that two years we were together for like half a year, it was soooo perfect I was in my own little dream world when I was with him everything about him turns me on and the sex is AMAZING and I NEVER want to leave his presence when he broke up with me I was soo confused and hurt and I still am hurt I hate seeing him having to put a smile on and talk to him we have already discussed our feelings and why we broke up but all I want is to be back with him I just cant wait to get over him but I don't think I will, but for now im walking into a new relationship with a Capricorn so we will see!

im a Taurus man, (cintarius) I'm extremely in love with this Piscean female! 1 of her family members to me out to a restaurant in the city where she was. her family member called her to come to the restaurant. when I asked who was coming she said "MY NIECE". (this woman who worked with me who was her relative, was apart of job that she was forbidden to tell me her personal life, bring anyone unaffiliated with her work around me, nor the other way around.) I have great talent in every forms of art. it's kinda hard for me to fall in love again after I was with someone 775 day's embracing a immersive strong power of protection, and satisfying her every desire. if something happened to her, I knew what happened my associates knew what to do. without ever getting in trouble. (i am most remembered at this place for deals made with higher authority chain of commands.) however I don't believe in flattery or treating a woman improper. she must be told she's beautiful he must not be treated with some respect of one kind. she must be highly embraced with love, comfort, protection, the sincere assurance of being in places that fit her soul as well as her astounding aura that makes her beauty as what it really is,... once beautiful forever beautiful, but all on the real- honest note I really admire this this seraphim in human form!!!!!

Hello people, I am a Pisces woman as well. I have met a Taurus man and in some way admire him. I think he is so cute! But I can never tell if he is flirting or being friendly. I really like him and want to get on a level more than friends but am unsure of the next step to take. My friends say they can tell he likes me and he always gives me attention and acknowledges me. But I don't want to take his actions for more than what they are....so confused...But still plan to get him.. lol

I'm a Pisces woman seeing a Taurus man. I only say seeing because we don't have a relationship. We go out, have great conversation and sex. I don't like when men come on strong and I think he's a person that does things at his own pace. For right now this is great for me. I'll text him to see if he's free and he'll do the same. If we can meet up, we meet up...if we can't, we don't. I admire his passion and determination he has for his personal goals. Perhaps because I'm a cusp Pisces (Pisces-Aquarius) I'm realistic about things with us and I appreciate that we don't ask what we are (as far as relationships are concerned) because we already know. Once you have sex nine times out of ten someone is going to get attached. However, I think with both of our personalities we'll have a long standing friendship.

I am a Pisces woman married to a Taurus man and both of us are deeply in love but it wasn't always that way before he use to play so hard to get but I got him! He is mines now, he's loyal and expresses his love better in the bedroom he authoritative just what I need. When I was younger I always broke up with him but 2 days later I will find myself back into his arms so I come to the realization that I should say or do things that I do not mean because in the end I am the one who looks like the fool. As bad as I might feel like I want to leave till this day I wont say it, plus history has proven itself if I was going to really leave him I would of done along time ago but I couldn't because only because I am deeply in love with him and he is my soulmate even though he gets on my nerves sometimes there is no better man for me. thanks for listening

Hi. I'm a Pisces woman who has had good, loving, affectionate relationships with Taurus men.

I almost got married to 2 of them. My best friend whose my brother is also a Taurus, my other best friend

is a Taurus. But I can tell you this: Taurus men r stubborn! My goodness they know what they want and they

Will not budge once they mind is made up (especially when they want to be with you). Taurus men are loving,

caring, affectionate and touchy feely. It takes a lot to break into their head, but once you are in, you are in!

They need to be loved, someone to be loyal and to prove that you are the real deal. Once you have their heart, they

are yours till your done. So with a Taurus man its all about endurance, patience, loyalty, affection, persistence,

did I mention patience? you need patience because they are stubborn. But they are not spiteful. They are truly worth fighting

for because they will do anything for you.

I am a Pisces woman (age 29) who is madly in love with a Taurus man (age 28). We broke up 4 months ago. I miss him like crazy. I still love him and he says he still love me. He is simply overwhelmed with his finances and stress. My heart of hearts prays that we are just on a break. Esp since I reason for the break up didn't involve infidelity. I pray daily the we get back together once he has things sorted out. I have to agree with those above. The chemistry between he and I is amazing. And when its great between us it is really great. Its just sometimes his actions are confusing to me. I know my best bet is to fall back and just let life happy. If we are truly meant to be. Then we will be. I miss him so much. I have never loved anyone like this. Good luck all the Pisces woman who have a Taurus man. And to those who want to get theirs back.

I am 47 and a Pisces totally in love with a Taurus definitely difficult finding a way to his heart (he is however currently going through a divorce) but I am hoping to one day. When we are together we have great fun dancing talking and yes sex and then he plays it really cool and hard to get help I am so confused!!

I am a Pisces woman, 25, with mostly Sagittarius and Aries Chart (Sag Rising and Moon). I've always read that Pisces/Taurus is a good love and friendship match. However I've never truly dated a Taurus? I'm wondering if it's because I have so much fire in my sign, that I wouldn't be "as attracted" to a Taurus male as maybe another typical Pisces would be. However..

there is a male Taurus I work with. He's about 10-11 yrs older than me, which is attractive. He's married with kids and seems happy. Since I first saw him, I was taken back by his boyish good looks and his charm. He's very intelligent and speaks well, he's very soft spoken too (well in the office he is, anyway) We occasionally have lunch together and talk lightly. During the day we joke around and play off each other's humor and I appreciate his sense of humor. I'm very sexually attracted to him, he's very very sexy, and I think that he's everything I just listed just adds to the sexiness and the physical attraction. If I had it my way, we'd be more than friends. I'll see him catching a glimpse of me as I walk by, but NEVER has he given me a reason to think that it's just a "friendly look".. every now and then he will flirt with me but I get a "joking" impression about it.. UGH! Talk about a tease lol

All in all, this is probably the first Taurus male I've ever really been attracted to.

We'll see what happens!

I love Pisces women, I love emotions, I like their dreamy beautiful watery eyes, I love their gentle ways, and I love their compassion for others feelings. I really want to date a Pisces so bad I just love emotional Pisces.

The man of my life is a Taurus. I love him immensely..... I was engaged to a Taurus man 10 years ago. He was killed and I missed him terribly....not the sex, but I missed my friend.

8 years later, I met a wonderful Taurus man....he pursued me. He called me, and asked when he would see me. I never pursued him. At first, I did not like him. I found him to be "different", and he reached out to me. I met him online and communicated with him for 2 weeks before we met face to face. Our first conversation on the phone lasted for 3 hours. He was SO EASY to talk to. He watched me. He listened to me. I cooked for him and would meet him to bring plates of food to him. On New Year's eve we shared our first kiss and it was electrifying.

Ladies, as a Pisces woman familiar with Taurus men- if they want you they will let YOU know. DO NOT pursue them. Be FEMININE. They will not like seeing your masculinity because they are the true alpha male types.

My Taurus man is a wonderful father to my 5 year old and we are expecting our child in October. I am so thankful that I have a friend, lover, confidante, and a partner again....I WAITED for 8 years and went through a horrific marriage..... but I have him and he has me.....GOD BE PRAISED.

I am a Pisces woman. and im in love with a Taurus man. he is seriously everything I could ever ask for. he treats me like im a goddess. and he's always interested in my wants and needs

How is it that everyone born around the same time have the same luck and temperament in relationships?

I am a Pisces woman just newly involved with a Taurus male. I am 28 and he's 36. I am so intrigued by this man but he can be soo confusing to me and at times makes me feel unsure. He pursued me online. On our 1st meeting he was very odd to me so I left w/in 45 mins of meeting (he doesn't talk much & I am a talker so I interpreted as he wasn't interested) and he kept a distance from me which was odd but felt this odd connection to him at the same time. Next day we reconciled as misunderstanding & decided to try again. This time he invited me to his place which was surprising to me. He's a high profile man who's in the film industry (behind the scenes-writer/director/producer etc) & very educated & intense (which I love). This meeting was a lot better and we did become intimate which was an amazing experience & amazingly enough he opened up during & after. He was kissing me on my forehead as we were laying in his bed & being very affectionate. He text me the next day saying he had a good time. Text later to make sure my day was going well & then said he wants to get together that nite...which it today! I am so nervous & excited but he still doesn't verbally communicate much which I NEED that...when I tell him that he makes me feel unsure all he says is...OK. What am I supposed to do with that? But then he does other things to make me feel he is into me. I just know this is going to be some kind of ride, I just hope it ends w/out my heart being broken.

Hi I am a true Piscean dreamy woman!! and have a Taurus partner and my god is he special! we met through dating online. I was weary but, once I started to talk on the phone to him I just knew he was amazing!! he is incredibly kind, caring, funny, and just wow in the bedroom!! I have butterflies every time I am with him, think of him!!

we are inseparable now after 4 months!

It's the best time in my life after a miserable marriage!! any Piscean woman thinking of dating a Taurus man don't thin twice do it!! you will love him forever!!!

Hi, I'm a Pisces girl and I have had a huge attraction for a bull where I work for about two years. We are both highly educated, though I am his PA. He looks at me in a way I've never been looked at before, not blatant at ALL, but he looks right into my eyes even when we're just passing in the hall. I feel that there is some kind of non-verbal connection, it feels intimate and kind of secret somehow. We don't socialize at all; it's just not done where I work. However, I know he had a girlfriend but has since broken up with her. But he's not making any moves; I think maybe he's afraid to take the risk of starting something cuz it would be difficult to sustain a relationship when we work together and it could cause complications if it went wrong. Which it wouldn't, but he doesn't know that! :o) Or maybe he doesn't care at all and it's just wishful thinking on my part. O the torture!! I wish I knew for sure!! He's quite quiet and reserved and I suspect he's slow to trust. I know he likes me, I'd even say I think he has an affection for me. But I just have this gut feeling that I mean something more to him. Or am I just imagining this? lol! Anyway, I've tried so hard to ignore my feelings but just can't and it's making me crazy. Phew. Thanks for listening.

I have recently met a Taurus man and all I can say is WOW! I am a Pisces woman who was once in love with another Taurus male back in high school. Those feelings lasted/lingered for almost 20 years before I truly was able to let go of the "dream" of he and I and move on. Since then I have dated the astrological spectrum and still have never come close to the intensity of those feelings I had with my first Taurus male love experience. Until possibly now. My new Taurus has taken me totally by surprise and the insta connection we had is so surreal and yet very real it amazes me to no end. I have to wonder though, with all that I have read about Taurus males and how slow and long it takes for them to open up and express their verbal feelings to you, how it is that my new Taurus guy has not only told me he is in love with me but also has spoken of marriage and children as well. While not possibly the norm, is it possibly for a Taurus man to come to the conclusion that you are "the one" for him so quickly?


I have been in love with a Taurus man now for 5 years. and most of the stuff I read are true, but please tell me this, are Taurus men liars? Do they see the Pisces kind elements as stupidity? I think he enjoys women that snub him, could that be possible?

There doesn't seem to be any commitment part in him, but we do see each other, enless he is just using me.

It took me over two years of waiting for him and now three years in an intimate relationship with him I don't see the good qualities all the zodiac claim for Taurus.

Is there a dark evil side to them that like hurting others?, because too often he throws hurtful comments.

Please help

I dated a Taurus man and at first it was great BUT please be aware they are very stubborn and very manipulative. They will love you but things always have to go there way and be done there way and it can become really unfair.

I'm a Pisces and he is a Taurus. We work for the same company. We've always gotten on well. Lately our conversations have gone from friendly, to innuendo, to him admitting that he really likes me. I'm single and he is married. I do not 'DO' married men, but the attraction is there for the both of us. I know a lot of people are often in loveless married relationships and I'm not looking to bed him BUT he's just a lovely, lovely guy. He joked the other day that he'd love to see me, and I said I would have said yes if it weren't that he was married. Why do the ones that are not available seem so attractive?

I'm a Pisces woman married to a Taurus man. When we met it was pure bliss, love at first sight, and the sex was incredible! But I found him rather slow to commit. After three years together I wanted marriage but he just felt pressured by my needs, though he did marry me. After 4 years I wanted a baby and again he felt pressued but my biological clock was ticking and I couldn't wait any longer. So we had a beautiful, amazing daughter together but couldn't get along anymore. I developed post partum depression and he developed a problem with alcohol abuse. One stress feuled night when I was in great distress (he had given our baby to his parents without my consent) he challenged me to hit him so I slapped him across the face. He said thank you and walked out on me and now refuses to communicate with me on anything other than our daughter. He claimed the slap was a violet assult. He provoked me so he could set me up. I think he wanted out of the marriage and this was hi s way of achieving that. His demons got the better of him and the sweet gentle man who loved me so much now bitterly resents me with a raging hatred and is completely overwhelming. He's a terrible liar who spied on me during our marriage. A very sad ending to what was once a great love.

Im a Pisces Woman 26 and I am sooo in love with my Taurus Man 32 :-) at first we were just friends and I never even looked at him in a boyfriend way. He would flirt with me from time to time but I would just shut his advances down. After 2 months or so of us being friends I broke up with the guy I was "dating" it was an emotional breakup and I really needed a secure male presence. For some reason (I think fate LOL) something inside me made me look at my Taurus man in a totally different light. One night I was over his house and I decided I would test the waters. I climbed in his bed and he looked shocked. I waited for him to try something for I was too afraid and would never make the first move. The whole night he didn't even touch me !!! I thought he didn't like me..... but that morning he was every bit of his bull sign and I must have been the color red :-) it was great!! We were just friends with benifits for about 10 months. I started catching real feelings around that s ame time a gentleman I had been talking to wanted to become serious with me! I told my Taurus lover the situation, not giving him an ultimatum but just letting him know he had competition :-) Long story short we has been in a serious relationship for about 9 months now and he is soooo great our sex is wonderful and I feel like I get closer and closer to him everyday. My only problem is I need him to be less frugale and we need to spend more time together outside of the bed :-)

I am a 17 year old Pisces girl and Im in love with a 18 year old Tarus male, we are so inlove, but there is one thing about him I hate, he doesn't like it when I complain and I need help coping to his emotional needs..

So, I'm a Pisces (rising-gemini,moon-cap) and my first love was a taurus. It didn't work out in the end, and I hate how little things still remind me of the past. My brother is a Taurus and his girlfriend is a pisces. I think I can speak for her and myself that when its good it's great and when it's bad it's devastating. I think it's because in the beginning it's amazing and you put a lot of trust in him, but if/when he rejects you, it's really painful. In these times pisceans usually don't make a move and just hang on to see what happens. so, listen up taurus: please treat your Pisces like the delicate flower that she is; you know no one can care for you like she can!

I am an older Pisces woman who dated an older Taurus man (we're in our 50's) for 14 months. I like him when we first met but didn't feel that certain chemistry. He pursued me heavily and I went out with him and liked him very much, still not hot chemistry, but good chemistry and I wanted to see how wonderful he was. When it was the two of us, we were so happy and acted like teenagers. The sex was fantastic, super fantastic, he would go for an hour, and we would do it any place we found privacy. He was fun. He was so thughtful about our dates and put a lot of thought and effort into what I would like. I had the most fun with him that Ive had with anyone in as long as I can remember. After 3 months he started proposing on a regular basis, but I wasnt ready and told him I was getting there, slowly, and that I did love him.

One of the girls here asked if Taurus has a dark evil side. My experience was one where he turned into his evil twin. For one month both myself and my son were ill. I barely saw him that month. I believe the lack of physical contact made his start looking negatively at our relationship. After that is was 2 months of: "you never this, and you never that"... "I think we should break up",..."I love you so much"..."this is so hard" (as if he had to force himself to leave me) "Im thinking of you" "I miss you" "We have to break up" "Why is this so hard" No matter how much I said I loved him and I didn't want to break up, he kept pushing through with the break up, like he was on a mission. For a while I got the feeling like he was trying to make me break up with him so he didn't have to be the bad guy in the realationship. Finally the conversations turned toward money and how he was getting older and had to get a better job, and have and IRA etc...

To make a long story short, I found out reconnected with his high school girlfriend, a successful woman, around the time I first got sick. He tried to make me belived they were just friends, but he snuck away and married her 3 months later. We were actually texting each other while he was in the airport flying to their wedding and he was telling me was going to a job interview. So yes, Liar, cheater, and more interested in money and financial stability than the loving relationship we had built. He broke my heart because I did think we were working toward marriage... Now I think perhaps he had a hidden agenda related to his financial security and I didn't but into it fast enough, so he moved it along to the next available girl. When someone proves to be this calculating, underhanded and selfish....you're always better off with out them regardless of their sign.

I am a Pisces woman that is madly in love with her Taurus. We fell in love our first week of dating. After about a year he asked me to marry him. We married and I couldn't be happier!

My Taurus is practical, career orientated, stable, and passionate. He is protective and must feel like the provider. He needs to feel needed.

I am dreamy, not very practical when it comes to money, very loving and giving. I find money and "real life" somewhat a nuisance. I give one hundred percent to my Taurus, Nothing is too good for him. I am loyal and if pushed I can be fiercely protective of the man I love.

What I think really makes our relationship work is that we balance one another. He is practical and helps me meet my goals. On the other hand, I am a romantic and I help him notice the beauty and romance that can be found in everyday life. He is stable and protective and he fulfills my need to feel safe and wanted. I am loyal and I love to show him how much I appreciate and love him, and this fulfills his desire to feel needed. He makes me feel beautiful, loved and protected, I make him feel needed, in charge and loved... he says I make him feel "like a man."

We are both very demonstrative and passionate. We kiss, cuddle, hold hands and touch constantly.

(I do notice that he needs his alone time, and I try not to smother him with attention. I encourage him to hang out with other guys. I have remember to step back and let him play a video game or read a book once in a while.)

We are both passionate and our sex life is absolutely amazing. Taurus is a generous, giving lover. I love being dominated by my strong Taurus. He likes feeling in control and loves that he can make me absolutely wild for him. He loves feeling my need and desire for him. I love giving him pleasure. (I notice that he sometime likes me to be in control, especially if he is stressed about something, so I make a conscious effort to sometimes be dominating.) But usually he wants to be the one in charge which is super hot to me. Its a win-win situation. We both love giving and receiving pleasure.

I think Pisces and Taurus make a wonderful match :-)

I've been in a committed relationship with a Taurus man for almost a year now. We knew each other as acquaintances but one night in February we stayed up talking for 9 hours in his car. I left the Capricorn I'd been with for a year and a half for this Taurus the next week. He's the first man to ever really make me enjoy sex. At first, we had the typical communication problems, my insecurity, his stubbornness and jaded emotions, which almost led to him leaving me. However, I'm a charismatic Aries Venus Capricorn moon so..."no" isn't something I ever take from a man I've set my sights on. He had been heartbroken before, and I assured him this would be different. To this day, he thanks me for never giving up on him when he got stubborn with me. Now we live together and are expecting a little Cancer baby in july. I couldn't POSSIBLY be happier with how seamlessly our lives and love fit together. It's as though we both finally have someone who appreciates the vast amount of affection that we have always needed to give. My only advice to other Pisces ladies out there is this: don't give up, be your naturally gentle and understanding self, and all that mental/emotional affection you have needs to be made physical! hugs and kisses are key!

I am a Pisces and I am liking a man that is a Taurus but yet he confuses me with what he does when we around each other it seems as if he wants me under him and to his self but when we are not with each other and I text him it seems as if it takes forever for him to text back.. I'm still in high school and he's in college and I like the fact that we have our space but whenever he asks me what college I think about going to and if it is not his he has something negative to say.. I just wish I had a better understanding of things with him... But as I Pisces I won't rush him and I guess I'm pretty much down for the ride however long it takes !!

I am a Pisces woman. a few months ago, I had broken up with my terrible Scorpio boyfriend when I met a really cute, nice Taurus man. I was depressed because my ex had depression, and it rubbed off on me. the breakup itself did not hurt me in any way whatsoever, but everything else in my life was just not right. and along comes this guy. he was very nice to me and actually cared about my feelings and I absolutely adored him as a very caring friend. we talked often over the course of a few weeks and everything was going beautifully! then, all of a sudden for no reason at all, he flat out shut me out of his life. he stopped talking to me, giving me hugs. I don't know if it was just me, but whenever I gave any other guy hugs, he would glare at me with the meanest expression on his face! I mean, he was really rude to me, and this is for no reason! he was incredibly sweet and nice when he talked to me, but now its like im a piece of gum on his shoe. since then, he has only even said hey to me twice. I have no idea what to do!

I've just started seeing a Taurus man and he is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. I am very independant and through past disappointments hold a little back of myself as I have never truly felt protected. He makes me feel safe and very special. We have very similar taste in almost everything and he makes me smile HUGE! He's an absolute darling. Very open, deep and romantic. Lucky girl!

I've had 2 other Taurus boyfriends...one was so needy and dependant but I put that down to his mother issues..the other was an absolute doll also but left to go travelling...by the time he got back I had moved on...with a Virgo - NEVER AGAIN!

Oh god, at first I could not figure this Taurus out! And it drove me mad, so I kept chasing him. I fell hard for him almost immediately, while I could tell he wasn't as emotional about it. But anyway, after dating for a year, our roles reversed and he started to chase me. And I hate to say it, but I think I just got bored with him.

But to this day, he is a great person and I respect him alot. He understands me more than anyone ever has, and still does.

This is such a bizarre website. So many Pisces-Taurus connections, it's given me shivers!

I'm 29 and i've been married for 2 years to a Gemini guy. Things are up and down, not as passionate or as sensual as I would like, but ok. And then, a few weeks ago I met a Taurus man at my acting class who intrigued me and somehow held my attention. I didn't dwell on it too much but was aware of his gaze. He came right over and asked me out after the 4th class (last week), only to learn that I'm married. There is an incredible, magnetic attraction here BUT I am married. I didn't know what to make of it, it's been keeping me up at night and I don't even know why. He makes my heart throb into my throat and I've got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about seeing him again. Reading this blog I understand why. I have no idea what is going to happen here. I will not cheat on my husband, that's not me. But.... what do do with these bizarre feelings that I can't seem to control ?! thanks for listening x

I am a 21 year old Pisces woman and I am dating a Taurus man.

We met 4 months ago at a local bar, and although I was unsure of him on first meeting I spent a while chatting to him and we hit it off.

He was/is incredibly shy around new people when he hasn't had a drink or two to increase his courage, so the first couple of dates were somewhat awkward. But it's in my personality to be patient and this helped alot.

For the first 2 months we were inseperable. I would see him every night of the week without fail and we would stay up to early hours chatting and joking.

He asked me to be his girlfriend just after christmas and I said yes without hesitation.

But since then he seems to have either lost interest or just given up trying to impress me.

When we are with each other it's amazing. So much affection and laughter and friendship and love. But as soon as he leaves it can take anything between 20 mins and 3 hours to hear back from him. We now see each other once or twice during the week and one day at the weekend - which is a dramatic difference to before we made it official.

I don't want to question him about it because I am worried that he will take it the wrong way or think I'm nagging.

I'm so confuuused!

I really really like this guy and he tells me he feels the same. But why doesn't he act like it when we aren't together?

I am a Pisces woman who has just met a lovely Taurus man. I say met but we have only been talking on the phone and messaging each other for just over a week. It is so intense and I am very drawn to him which is surprising as I am in a "I'm not looking for a relationship" stage in my life. We talk for hours at a time even though our lives could not be any more different. He makes me laugh until my sides hurt, he is very loving and he can be very sweet. I wake up everyday to a lovely good morning text.

The other night he said the most loving things and made me feel so special but the next day did a complete turn around and said we should just be friends as he doesn't have much to offer me. Now he wants to travel over 100 miles to come and see me.

I am so confused!

Im a Taurus guy and Im with a Pisces girl. We love each other and we have great sex. She is always there for me and I love her very much. She knows how to be on top lol.

I am a Taurus woman, met my Pisces man last week. All has moved so fast for us (mostly him). He's the most sweetest, romantic, genuine man I have ever met! Its almost overwhelming. He's very upfront and honest, a bit in what I call lala land BUT overall he's my Mr. Perfect! I forsee this being our forever.

I'm Pisces woman, and have the most mysterious relationship with a Taurus man. We are not anything defined. & I find that in most of my relationships I am usually doing most of the mysteriousness/shadiness, but I never know what my Taurus is up to and I think thats the part that keeps me so curious and keep thinking about him 24/7. & The sex is amazing, very passionate. But I find him so confusing at times, I feel as if I have little control over him. but he never fails at keeping me wondering.

I just got out of a relationship with a Taurus man & like many have stated, the chemistry is intense. He's the first man that I can honestly say I fell in love with. Everything was so perfect, until it wasn't. Constant Ups and Downs. Because as a Pisces I get over emotional, I immediately resort to a break up whenever we fight, but we've never managed to make it official. I just ended things with him yesterday because after so long I started to realize that he is so unappreciative. I gave and gave and gave...and when I asked for something in return, he was unable to provide. All I asked was that he do more for our relationship, but like a typical Taurus he procrastinated. I honestly don't know if I want to get back together. We do love each other, but I want to feel appreciated. He was very neglectful and spent more time with his friends, to the point where I would see him only once a week. As a Pisces woman, I need more affection than that.

I'm a Pisces woman I met my Taurus man in high school. I was extremely attracted to him there is defiantly something about him I can't get over.. he went into the military and I went to school we have talked on and off for the past four years, now, we are talking again that fire between us is still there and I cant wait to see what is going to happen between us.. its funny though as a Pisces you have intuition and my intuition has always told me I'd marry this one.. I always let him go when I wanted him the most and he has never let me go always keeping in touch with me and although we don't see each other often when we do its amazing!! Ive done the compatibility test and Libra, Taurus and Capricorn are our top picks ladies but for me I pick Taurus I'm like a moth to a flame with him!! :)

I am a 19 year old Pisces girl, with a Taurus guy who I have been with for 3 years. I love him to death but I cant help but wonder cause he has cheated on me twice if im good enough or if something is missing. He comes back to me every time and begs me not to leave and tells me he loves me and gets rid of them. I always stay with him even though we break up repeatedly because he seems oblivious, he barely seems to pay me much mind and only seems to show concern when I tell him im leaving. He is very affectionate and all that and great in bed and cares for me. He and I are planning to wed and have a life to gether. I don't want to leave him, but I have to know if there is a good percentage of a chance of us lasting. I don't want Tylor and I to break up, I love him dearly and would die for him, but he doesn't show me his emotions, and doesn't really seem to be that interested. Hell he rarely takes notice or says anything about my clothing changes when I make a change, bu t he is all happy dappy it seems to be when he sees me and wants to keep me around. Both of our zodiacs match, im a Pisces Monkey and he is a Taurus Rat but I just want to know if keeping my babe is going to work, is there a good chance marriage lasts?

Im dating a Taurus guy I love him so much we are so much alike I can't stop seeing him. The first time we met I was instantly attracted to him It took him I long time to commit but thats okay I got him now and I'm never leting go.

I am a Pisces woman dating a Taurus man for over one year, I can agree there is a strong connection between Pisces and taurus, but I think it depends a lot on their character and personality. We had a lot of ups and downs in our relationship, since the beginning, fightings that seemed to never end, also many break ups. It is strange , we don`t know exactly what keeps us together, maybe the huge love that we have..when we are not fighting everything is perfect but doesn`t last for long. Wish all the Pisces women in love with Taurus men all the luck for the relationship to last forever..same wish for me..

I'm a Taurus who just met a cute adorable loving Pisces, and wow I am so in love with her. We met on Facebook, and when she added me as a friend I wasted no time asking her to be my girlfriend, and she said yes. So is so caring, and loving I love how she tells me she loves me on my page her love is automatic, and her love makes me feel secure. We often meet on Webcam, and she is so affectionate so lovey dovey Within a week we both had a "married" status on our Facebook profile at this moment she lives in Hong Kong, and I live in USA but we are holding on to our love for we know God will bring us together for I plan to marry her, and bring her back to USA. For any Taurus man who wants an affectionate, lovey dovey, sweet, and compassionate woman you need to get a Pisces woman.

I completely agree with Pisces above...I am a Pisces girl and am married for twenty years to a Taurus Male we have had our ups and downs...they are mama's boys and everyone else comes first, except their immediate family. Us Pisces people love hard and we also are very emotional people. Taurus men always want love but never gives back much in return...now am not asking for love every single days and don't care for Jewelry and other material stuff. I would prefer for him to tell me he care about me and loves me every once in a while than ignore me completely. It is true what they say, Taurus, they don't want you and don't want anyone else to have you is more of the way I would put it. Several occasions we went to parties, he leaves me in a corner and go hang with his buddies. Family friends come and ask me to dance and he would come right in between and break up the dance...is that jealousy...more like possessiveness. They are family men, but like most men, they always want they're cake and eat it at the same time. I know several Taurus men who have been married and fool around behind their wives or girlfriends back. We are currently going through a divorce. They never feel they need help or want to talk about anything because of their stubbornness of what they want and only think of themselves.

I'm a Pisces woman and dated a few Bulls in the past. And true when a Taurus stops playing and being a ladies man things can be pretty good. Only problem is that most men mature after most women and Taurus men are even slower to mature and settle down. They can be sweet but they are controlling (not in a good way), have double standards in relationships, and stubborn when it comes to compromise. Good luck to those that want to brave this storm.

I am still in love with a Taurus man and I am a Pisces woman. He has not talked to me for about 3 weeks. I try to go on and not think of him but I do. He left me about 3 weeks ago, when I brought up marriage between us. We have been together about 5 months, but I just wanted to know what he thought about marriage. I am 58 years old and he is 51 years old. We have lots in common, both working on a PhD in Psychology and we have worked as social workers. He is a therapist. However, in all those 5 months I have never been to his home. He acts like he does not trust me. Now he has completely disappeared but the last time we talked he said we would get together even if he got mad and left me on a date when I was talking about marriage. I keep e-mailing him and calling but he never calls. I am about to just go and meet other men but keep feeling I love him and I am grieving for him.

Help and do not know what to think. He said he would never get married, and has been hurt. He was hurt in his marriage but he left her.

I am a Pisces girl and Im still like my ex Taurus man its like when Im with him I feel safe. We still have are romatic moments and then he turns around and starts to act like a dick. He cheats on his girl with me its like this connection its werid. When he says he is done he still lets me back in. The sex is awsome, incredable. 1st time he call me a crybaby but stil turned around wanting more. Its crazy how I keep saying no but still I love being with him in his arm x

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