Taurus man possessions, cooking and sex

I am a Scorpio woman and am finally dating a Taurus man! Before he had used me as a rebound on another Taurus women, but after a year he finally decided I was the women for him. We both gave ourselves to each other on the day we started dating and have been happy together since. Although I cannot get the feelings I had felt for him before I know deep down I love him, because without him I am always miserable. He changed so much once we were finally together and he loves possessions, cooking and sex

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by: Anonymous

Haha. he loves cooking possesions and sex, as long as he doesn't go overboard especially money-spending wise, then what's the harm? That sounds perfect. Even in psychology it's been studied-and women tend to lose passion quicker than men apparently. Find ways to get excited again. I don't doubt your love for him, don't lose it because imagine how you'd feel if it was over if you feel miserable without him now? Make sure you're making it known to him how much you care and love and appreciate him, and his sexiness, etc. If he's going overboard with any of the three you mentioned, find gentle suave ways of distracting him from those things, logically and slyly convince him that what he has is great as is, and the logic behind not needing to go overboard. Best of luck.

The REAL side of Taurus Men!
by: Aphrodite Bull

Taurus men are actually the MOST conservative men in the zodiac. Seriously. Do not let the 'playboy image' or outgoing personality fool you. This man is very shy and introverted. This means do not expect any verbal communication of Shakespeare sonnets to transmit to you. He is silent, observant, and very protective of himself. Because Tauruses set high ethical standards, they're under the impression that the entire world is dishonest...but them. Which is why he thinks he is ALWAYS right and knows the most! He will keep you at arms length because of this. But this is just the slow initial stage. When he is not with you or calling you, he's doing his homework, which includes gathering info about you. You may see him at a location, and he may just merely say 'hi' and nothing else. This will leave you baffled. But the entire time he's watching you when he thinks you're not looking. He's observing how you interact with other people...and carry yourself. Loud, vulgar, disrespectful, and cheap women turn him off. Also, this man has a jealous streak. The thought of you flirting with another man will drive him nuts. In his presence, avoid this at all costs!

Persistence and patience are the two key factors to attract a Taurus man. This man will have no problem holding your interest. Although he is shy and introverted, he carries a strong silent confidence. His magic? Working you with his sensual kisses, spoiling you, making you feel as if you're the most important person in the world, and then...DISAPPEARING for a couple of days....

He's not playing games with you. Tauruses are 'old mature souls' and beyond game playing. He's assessing you. But he needs a break from you to do so. Pick and choose your words wisely. Avoid being pretentious. He can spot a phony with his eyes closed. He has an impressive memory, and is perceptive to bullsh$t. So if you're someone who lies or manipulates, the two of you won't last very long.

How to keep a Taurus interested? Taurus is ruled by Venus. I hate to admit it, but you're dealing with a vain man. Be very attractive, and take personal pride in your appearance. Be a great cook. This Taurus LOVES to eat! Suggest art shows, jazz concerts, wine tastings, but couple them up with sports, beer, and buffalo wings! An all-nighter sex romp would be a definite bonus.

What isn't said to you will be shown through romantic gestures and plenty of affection. Why? Because he wants to be with you, and no one else. If he feels that you're whining about non-verbal emotional communication, then he will sense you're either insecure or a pain in the @ss! His response "I'm here aint I?"

If your man is a Taurus, consider yourself LUCKY! He is very dogmatic,quick temepered, non-communicative, stubborn, and at times can come across as an

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