Taurus man question and advice

by Cancer Lady
(Orlando )

I am a 28 female cancer he is 25 taururs man. We met things were great he said love really fast, being a cancer I was already there. Then one day he said he wanted space so I texted him a couple of times then two days later he texted me back.

He said he wanted space cause he saying he loved me scared him. After talking to a ex I figured out he still had feelings for her. I talked to him and let him know I totaly understood and I was here when he was ready. He said he still had feelings but wanted to move on and wanted to be with me. After a couple days of no calls or texts he said that he wanted to just have sex and talk.

He is leaving in a month to go away for school and will be gone for a yr in another state. Being in love with him I aggred although I want more. After talking face to face he said he wants to date me again when he gets back from school. He hardly ever texts unless it's to ask for pics or set up a day to stop by. His ex told me that he even told her he wants to date me when he gets back.

My question or issue is that if he wants to date me then why does he act so casual now?
Being a cancer my mind really doubts it and I am so scared to wait and get hurt in the long run....

I told him I will wait which I will but I just wondered if anyone women or tarures man could relate...

Looking online I find lots of blogs where alot of women have had the same issue. I have asked him and he says he wants me but not untill he gets back...

Any advice for this crazy cancer women?

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Yeah tell me about it!
by: Cencer Women

Its weird cause sometimes he will be so sweet all over me texting for almost four hrs straight then other days he wont ever call or text me at all?!? Men... But who can give you that great Taurus Man i know i am hooked i get my fix when i can sad but true.

taurus girl
by: Anonymous

he's probably being serious, but his behaviour shows me that should he change his mind (it could happen, probably will) then he will WITHOUT a hesitation walk, maaaaybe a little sorry, but that's all.

i hate to admit it, but as a taurus girl, we can bs sometimes.
like the whole he needed time cuz he was scared of him loving you...BS. lol (sorry for laughing, but that's just halarious) lol. it's funny, i think we're so good at bsing that a lot of times we convince ourselves of our lie.
i don't know how to explain it. we're stubborn. we always have to have our way, if someone is pushing us in a direction we don't want to go, what do we do. start a fight? no. talk it out? no. we usually agree on the surface (ie. making excuses, bsing, pretending) all the while waiting for the perfect moment to break free, and get on with what we want to do.
we do go a little deeper than usually writen about us. what you see is NOT what you get with taurus people. we have our agenda, and nothing is more important than that...not relationships, not nothing. we look out for number 1.
many sites say how we're good people to lean on, i don't know if that's true. we're hard as rock, but i don't know if we have what it takes to be another persons rock. Don't get me wrong..like i'll try to give as much as i possibly can to others, to be for them, support them, etc, but ultimately if i have to chose btwn u or myself, i'm gonna chose myself.

lool..i don't really know what i wanted to get accross to you, just maybe make you aware of some of the things to watch out for with taurus people. ie.
- what you see is not what you get
- we'll be nice to you to make you feel good, not nessesarly cuz
we love you...lol..infact we're initially kinda mean/guarded when we like you lol.
-you will NEVER truley know what s/he is thinking, planning, etc..You can't be a part of his world (MAYBE if you've been together for yeeeaaars)....DON'T try, this will just push them away.
- overall, my advice would be don't push them. lol. we're slow. find ways to fill your time while wating for him....if he is taking too long for you...tell him "you're taking too long, i'm leaving"...if they make the effort to make you stay, they're serous, and will prob change....if not, just leave... threats are the best way to make them speed up. lol.

-btw... a taurus person will never get scared cuz we like someone ''too much''...if we like you, trust me we want to spend every milisec. with you, we think/obsess about you all the time, . our emotions do tend to be intense, we're use to that, we expect that in everything we do. That's why i laughed in the beg.

by: Cancer Women

Before he left things got more serouis and we went from casual to friends to heck if I know. He is now away at school he can't text email or call often cause it's a marine school and first entering it's more of a miltry style. I feel he has good intenctions as his texting has picked up quite a bit and been more about general things than just sex. I went though many diffrent phases from being worryed about what he wanted to just letting it be what it was and enjoying our short time together. It seems to me when I pushed the breaks and just kept myside casual he would get into more of the romantic side of things. Where we go from here I don't know but I am just guarding my heart and trying to keep myself guarded.

Thanks for feedback I apprecite it. I see now that Tarurs people will come around on their time you just have to deside if their are worth the wait for me I feel a conection so I am waiting wish me luck :)

Your getting played
by: Anonymous

I'm a Taurus man,if he wanted to be with you he would be. but hes leaving,and is cutting ties with you so he can move on with other people when he leaves.date you when he comes back? he is setting it up so he can have someone there when he does get back.remember as a Taurus man he is co-dependent so it's very hard for him to be alone.

More to Update
by: Cancer Women

So things have changed yet again this may be a good book... So we have been texting quite a bit he says we are back at GF BF status. Being a Cancer moon and sun I was making things a bit uneasy by always asking and wanting more it seems when I finaly let go and just let be what was he changed. Now he talks again about us living together and says he misses me like crazy and wishes he was with me. But again this could be like the man above said he dosenr want to feel alone there are details I have left out things I have done and still do for him. I wonder at this point if it's more of something he feels he owes me for what I have done. I wish with his family and we chat none of his other GF have done this. I am in deep here I am just letting it go and see where things go I see at my older age pushing dosent work only time and understanding! If nothing else I can say that I have had a lot of fun... Wish me luck my fella web site vistors I am hoping not to get hurt but I am too far in to turn back now!!!

I'm a Taurus Male
by: Anonymous

If he tells you he just wants sex and wants to talk. He just enjoys your company, and, speaking from personal experience, he's using you to move on from his previous relationship. He wants somebody there, even if it's not a mental connection or aspect, because physically he's satisfied with you, and that's getting him through.

Now, on another personal level, I know of two Cancer women, one who is in the NAVY and in Japan, who I wanted to be with. And one that is close to me here at home, that, me and her truly enjoy eachother's company, and she misses me from time to time, but we've never done anything physically or sexually. And I'm involved with another woman now, a Virgo for about a month, but, I just got out of a eight month long relationship with a Saggitarrius about a month ago, and I now have feelings for the both of them. But, with this Cancer, and her coming around again recently, I plan on seeing her, and if I feel anything, I'll act on it. I don't care anymore.

But in your situation. I think it's physical. However, if he's willing to wait, and you're willing to wait. Maybe their's something more to that. I just think, from a Taurus stand point, the urge for a body next to us, and the urge for sex is going to make long distance and the waiting game impossible. For probably the both of you.

by: Cancer Women

He left and came back for a couple of months. While he was away the true Tarurs came out he texted me all the time I mean all the time! He said we were dating and that he dident want me to see anyone. Now he's back and we have spent quite a bit of time together. I am not getting too ahead of myself we Cancers always fear the heart break but we will see!

More info
by: Cancer Women

While he was still away I asked what made him want to change from just being friends to datting. He told me that he relzied that I was a good women and that he was taking for granted all the things I did foe him and mainly how much he missed me like crazy and thought about me so much. I know some people have a hard time understanding but where he will be going to school it's a mility style school for seaman ship. They are not allowed to leave campus at all it's not like the army or other mility where u can go to a bar and sneak back in they are realky wantched. So that levee women on campus which they are but in the field most if not all the women look like dikes. I am sure that is a chance a hot looking women could work there or come to the school but you run the same risk anywhere u are you have to trust until there is proff they have done something wrong.

Like many of you said though mabey it's a issue of sex and he just tells me what he thinks I want to hear....

For the other Taruars guy that has many women I wonder I though most taruras men and women like one womrn or man why would you have so many?

Cancers and Tauruses
by: Lady Taurus1

-To CancerLady/Orlando

I am a Taurus woman. I will have to agree with some of the comments from previous posters. However, I do not believe that your Taurus Man is playing games or b@ll-sh@tting you. He did NOT set out to hurt you intentionally. In my opinion, he confused love with lust and got side-tracked. When he realized that he was not in love with you (and couldn't take it back), he panicked. With Tauruses, there are no middle grounds. It's Black or White. We will either be extremely blunt and hurt your feelings(straightforwardness)and split from you cold turkey. Or we will run and hide and pop back into your life (pull disappearing acts) to resume our sexual relationship with you (if the sex or food is delicious!).

I dated a Cancer man previously. Let me tell you, there is an undeniable sexual chemistry with Cancers and Tauruses. It's unexplainable! Although I was addicted to him sexually, nevertheless, I did not see longevity. In the beginning, I thought I was in love because the sex was out of this world! I couldn't explain this feeling I had for him. I was all over him, and did present myself as a suitable prospective girlfriend. In reality, I didn't see longevity, but did not want to mention this to him. I wanted to maintain the sex benefits. When he wanted to introduce me to his friends and family, I totally bailed! He never forgave me. There went my sex with benefits. Unfortunately he wanted more...

With Taurus men and women, it's all or nothing! We either see a 100% potential partner or 100% F@_ckbuddy. We will not attempt to combine the two. Which simply means to appease our sexual appetites, we want a FWB to be available on our terms and our terms only. Yes, this is the selfish side of a Taurus. The generous side reveals it shine when we're in love. Then we become loving, protective, giving, and caring.

If you want to remove yourself from this category. Abstinence, abstinence, abstinence! Refrain from being his sexual lover. Set boundaries. Tell him he can only see you if he wants to socialize, go out to dinner, and hang out. Taurus is a complacent sign. Don't allow him to get too comfortable with the sex arrangements. He may never get out of it, until he finds someone else.

It's real easy to fall in love with a Taurus. We are quite nurturing, calm, relationship-oriented, classy, witty, funny, intelligent, and carry a silent confidence and auora that captivates people to make them want to marry us. Don't get hooked on this Taurus. He's probably hooked on you sexually, but chances are, he's defintely not in love with you.

-Good Luck
We're complex people

by: Cancer Women

Taurus Women or Men....

So with him claiming that we are dating does this mean hes telling me what i want to hear for sex?!? He is very affectionate kissing me and holds my hand is front of his friends, when he introduces me to his friends he will say this ____ she is my Girl...

I dont want to be used either but as the Taurus women said i love the sex our connect is nothing i have ever experienced before....

Cancers and Tauruses II
by: Lady Taurus1

"Taurus Women or Men....

So with him claiming that we are dating does this mean hes telling me what i want to hear for sex?!? He is very affectionate kissing me and holds my hand is front of his friends, when he introduces me to his friends he will say this ____ she is my Girl...

I dont want to be used either but as the Taurus women said i love the sex our connect is nothing i have ever experienced before.... "
Your Taurus man senses that you do not want to be used. He's preventing you from retreating into your shell. So he's selecting his words wisely. Tauruses are alot more intuitive than people think. We can assess a person within a matter of minutes. Bringing you around his friends and introducing you as his 'Girl' means nothing! Being introducted to his family members as his 'Woman' means everything! That's his inner circle. That's where you need to lean if you want a future with this man.
As for affection? Tauruses are very affectionate with people that we're both physically and sexually attracted to. We just can't help ourselves. It does not have to be synonymous with LOVE. It's just in our nature. With the Cancer that I dated previously, I couldn't keep my hands off of him. If I could lay there and have sex with him all day I would. Yes, Bulls are nymphos (despite the reserved demeanor we give off) and pretty much get whatever and whoever we want with very little effort. I didn't see a future with him. He sensed it. You're right about one thing, Cancers hated feeling used, especially if it's someone they care for.
Which brings me back to the original advice I gave you. Abstinence, abstinence, abstinence! If you don't want to be used, then you have to treat it as such. Remember the mottos of a Bull.
1. If it aint broke, then don't try to fix it!
2. A spade is a spade!
This simply means we will continue to treat a situation according to the way it presents itself. So, we will become complacent and resilient to any form of change, course or action. Which means it will be left up to you to withhold the sex for a while if you want to progress with this Bull. Ask him out for coffee, a movie or dinner. A comedy show or any form of the arts (dance, music,etc) would be nice. If he's not interested in that, he will split from you completely. If he is interested, he will stick around....

Cancers and Tauruses II
by: Lady Taurus1

"i don't know how to explain it. we're stubborn. we always have to have our way, if someone is pushing us in a direction we don't want to go, what do we do. start a fight? no. talk it out? no. we usually agree on the surface (ie. making excuses, bsing, pretending) all the while waiting for the perfect moment to break free, and get on with what we want to do." (By Taurus Girl/Anonymous).
Taurus Girl/Anonymous was spot on when she made this comment. Be careful with this Taurus. I did the same thing with my Cancer. If we're benefitting at the moment, but indecisive about where we want to take it...we will pop in and out of your lives if it's convenient for us. But trust me, we will leave a window of opportunity open. We're bullheaded and possessive by nature. We're masters at being evasive. We will usually agree on the surface or play along.
Cancers fall hard and quickly. Admirable traits that Tauruses appreciate. This gives us a feeling of stability. But we NEED more. As a Crab, you will need to come out of your 'shy' shell and grab your Bull by the horns, or else he will stomp all over you. Let him know, you're a lady who will not be toyed with. Withhold sex. He will be retorting, pissed even, but eventually he will simmer and adjust to the new arrangement. We're also very practical people.

Another Hopeless Cancer Who Fell Fast & Hard for My Taurus Man
by: Anonymous

Taurus Ladies: Thank you very much for your insight on the Taurus nature. You know your natures and clearly understand yourselves. It's been really helpful. UGH. Cancer Lady, our stories are the same. I'm going to go get sick now. When he is with me, I feel like he is completely mine. He says all the "right" things, appears sincere, makes me feel loved, and beautiful; when I confront him with my fears, he is quick to reassure me...then he walks out the door and I do not hear from him for weeks. Until he is good and ready. The last time, I got so angry at him, but 'controlled' my behavior, and 2 days later, I just needed to apologize, and he seemed 'hurt'. I don't know. The sex is like I have never had in my life. Thanks Taurus ladies again....eye opening.

by: Anonymous

Thank you Taurus guys...for your perspectives as well....its interesting, how astrologically, Taurus can correctly chose Cancers as a companion or mate...my Taurus is dating someone, who is also a Cancer. PS. he did not tell me about her...

The Tarurs Man is finaly mine!!!
by: Cancer Women

Ok so I finaly won the battle of my Tarurs!! After many days nights and weeks of quessing I finally am now sure we are on the same page. To all you guys and gals who have your heart with this fun crazy and hard to read sign hang in there it will get better!! It did for me!

taurus men
by: Anonymous

he sounds as if he is playing you,taurus guys like dominant woman so if u want him,and u feel in your heart he loves u,go after him

Now I am questioning my own Taurus-Cancer relationship...
by: Anonymous

I am a Cancer woman and I met a Taurus man a few months ago. There was an instant spark between us, so we traded phone numbers even though we live several hours apart. We've been talking and texting each other constantly (minimum of several times a day, and it is not at all one-sided), and we've met several times for some mind-blowing sex.
The problem is, a couple of weeks into the relationship, he told me he was on the rebound and not emotionally ready for a relationship. I was fine with that because I was already questioning how I was going to have time for a long-distance relationship with all the other time commitments I already had; also, I may be a Cancer but I have always been in control of my emotions, and I don't get attached unless I choose to. So we agreed to continue as "friends with benefits."
Fast forward to the present-some days he's telling me he loves me and misses me, others he tells me he's a mess and I have no business getting involved with him. I, on the other hand, am completely head-over-heels for him; I am in love for the first time in my life. I fought it for as long as I could stand it, but finally last week I admitted to myself, and him, that I love him. This didn't change his status at all, except to make him feel guilty for "using" me. Now what do I do?

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