Taurus man rocky relationship

by Mari

Hello, Where do I start? Ok I was with my Taurus for three years, it's been a rocky relationship but it also had its best. He was everything that I have read about a Taurus man and more. We have two children together, and this past Christmas he just left. Telling me that he didn't feel the same way he did before, that he's needs to think about some things concerning himself, and that I'm to wait....I'm an Aquarius, and we are not too patient or wanting to wait.

Yet I love him so much, I miss his touch and care. What is he doing?

This isn't the first time he has done this, when I was four months pregnant he left, but came back on his own. Will he do that again? Please help me.

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No longer in love with you
by: Aphrodite Bull

I hate to admit this, but he's no longer in love with you. Somehow, he felt the need to try to work things out with you because of the baby. Tauruses are very faithful to their nuclear family. They have a 'duty-bound' mentality to protect their children and loved ones. We also have a stubborn streak, to hold on to something that we know in our hearts is no longer working. He's probably cheating, or in love with someone else. But my gut instinct tells me he fell in love with someone else.

Right now, he's probably torn between the woman he wants to be with, and the woman who beared his children that he's no longer in love with.

My advice to you, don't wait. Even if he chooses to stsy with you and the children, his heart may still be with someone else.

by: Anonymous

hi im taurus girl and i think you better leave what he's up to and focus in your life.

many women forget about their hobby, life and jobs when they are in relationship. what do you like to eat? where do you want to go? what do you want to be?

i knew a young mom with three kids and she told me the more you wait the more you end up in mud.

i do not know much about this man but one action can explain alot of his character. To me, he will do the same thing in the future.

Some weak Taurus men run away from all the duties he was not ready for. they hate unwanted responsibilities. He;s a love bird. better see the reality.

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