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"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder" this might be just a saying for some but for some..........but it's the truth. It was the first day of secondary school........ a girl sat on the first bench of the class. She had glasses and seemed studious.

Gradually she started interacting with the people. He fell for her on first sight. As the days passed he noticed that she spoke to everybody in class but him. This annoyed him. Then he saw her in classes. As time passed his feelings for her grew. He was in school just to see her.

Gradually their friendship grew stronger. They started studying together, helping each other with tests, assignments, homework and so on........ Three years after the first day of school, they both are committed.... they fight, they cry, but still their love is as innocent as it was on the first day of their commitment.

They get older and go to different colleges......... some 300 km away from each other.. when they see each other after months, when they hear each others voice... or even when they hear other's name...

The girl is none other than me, a Sagittarian... bold and strong. He is a cute Taurus...... who can go to any limits to keep her happy... This was a dedication to him. I love him!

aw that's such an adorable story! :D

I am a Sagittarian woman and am drawn to Taurus men. While these relationships have not lasted more than a few years I continue to magnetize to these men!

I am a Sagittarian woman who has fallen head over heels in love with a Taurus man. The passion is hot and I must agree the communication is a bit complicated. I guess more so because im very talkative and leave nothing unsaid and yet he believes something's are best left unsaid. However he is an honest man and u can tell his feelings are true and genuine and I love him so much. we are working on compromise and I know we will make it the best relationship.

Let's just say. one convo and 2 days later I haven't heard from him

I have been in an ever increasing battle with a Taurus and let me tell you it has been hot and heated. There is a major power struggle going on between us. I am head over heals in love with him. I told him so and he has yet to respond. He is always staring at me and where ever I am there he also is for the past year now. Of course I am a fiery Sagittarius and I am in love with this man. I love how he tries to control me it is so cute. He makes these male statements when I am around like "This is the mans chair" or If I suggest he can not eat something he says, " I can eat anything" it is so cute to watch him display his bravado. Yet, communication breakdowns are the norm for us all of the time. We are ridiculously magnetized by each other...

WOW. I'm a Sagittarius female with a Taurus rising. But have a moon and mercury in Sag. I was with a Taurus male for 4 years. We were inseparable, he was creative, fun, funny, all things I was extremely attracted to. BUT HE NEVER WANTED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. He always got mad at me for talking to 3950830495834 people at parties, like me talking and my light hearted flirting was the END of the world. He got mad when I was too outspoken about our relationship. And would ignore me for hours on end when we would get in arguments... I would smile and laugh at his stubbornness but not to make fun of him, just to make the situation more light and not so serious.. and poke fun of ourselves. THIS would make him even more angry. I liked to talk about our problems honestly, admitting my flaws and wrongs done, he would run away and NEVER admit he was wrong. I felt very neglected so I'd do bad things to get his attention like flirt with other people or purposely cause arguments over nothing even though I wasn't even mad I just wanted more passion.

In bed... He was very keen to my needs but I wanted to be thrown on the floor and told to shut up and be RAVAGED! he was too soft and conservative for me in this dept.

"He was very keen to my needs but I wanted to be thrown on the floor and told to shut up and be RAVAGED" LMAO!! EVERYTHING You said was DEAD on! (Sag-sun, Taurus-Moon Girl)

I love my Taurus man and I am 8 years his senior. We are expecting a son next spring. It's been a difficult ride. He's very to himself and doesn't express his feelings and I tell him everything so it can be one sided at times. But when he does open, it is so worth the wait. I love my Cookie

So, I just read the Taurus traits. Let me tell you, from reading these experiences to everything the traits said, and everything I have experienced with my boy, emphasis on 'BOY.' I fell head over heels, and im a Sagittarius, apparently we like freedom and hate possessive people etc. etc. I am complete opposite and I think it was because I formed to him. They are stubborn, stuck in their own mind set, NEVER EVER EVER will admit they were wrong, jump to conclusions, worry like it's going out of style, oh and my favorite...Accusations! Otherwise known as Jealousy. I (in his mind) have slept with the entire world. Also, VERY big on money issues. I am care free with money and he would always tell me I need to stop spending my hard earned money stupidly. OH! the fights! we've not talked for days, weeks and months! They never express themselves, ever, but when they say 'I Love You' you keep trying. If your planning on getting involved with a Taurus, yes the sex is unreal, they are amazing lovers. Be wary of when they are alone and their mind starts to think, that's when you'll end up fighting!

Well I am a Sagittarius woman, December 9th, and he is a Taurus, may 13. Yes, the sex is unbelievable, but he really did scare me when he asked me to marry him. We were in the middle of sex when he first told me he loved me. I didn't know what to think! It was a week after we had gotten together, so I just said ok, I love you too. Then I realized later on that it was possible to love him this early on. He has a very dull lifestyle, and I want to do new things, but I understand that we can work through it. What are some tips to get him more lively, and fun?

I as well am a sag, I've been dating a Taurus for a year. It's true, they are BORING,EVASIVE,JEALOUS,AND POSSESSIVE. I too have been accused of sleeping around. Honestly, I will if I don't get what's needed at home. With me being open and honest about what it is I want, I feel there should be no reason why a man should be clueless of what to do with me. My Taurus doesn't say I love you, he texts it! He's always right up under me. I notice that he doesn't like the attention I receive from men...I can't help that I'm sexy and flirtatious. I do love him so, but I really don't think I'm passive enough for him. You can not tell me what to do, and have so many negative things to say, and yet you can't express love or communicate in any way about it...where do they come from? I think a sag will spend more time then necessary trying to master a Taurus because we like men who are masculine, but they're just acting, they are more feminine then we are! The relationship won't last because one day the sag female will wake up and say is it worth it, am I happy with him or am I just use to him. I always get this question "do you want to be right or alone?" I say regarding a Taurus... alone! A Gemini Man is wonderful in bed also, he will do it anywhere with a sag! Get over the sex, Be your adventurous self live life stress free especially with what you can control.

I'm a Sag - Cancer rising, Virgo moon. I have a Taurus man after me. He says I'm beautiful and sexy and that he felt a connection when he first saw me. Trouble is, I've heard he's a tart and flirts with women all the time. He told me he wants to settle down which got me dreaming (remember Cancer rising!). How can I tell if he's stringing me along of if he's genuine?

Everything is so true that I have read. I am a sag and have had 4 dates in 2 1/2 years with a Taurus!!! How slow is that?! I have been 100% faithful in that time! How sad is that!!! There is definitely animal magnetism. sag being half horse and Taurus the bull! What a strange combination though! As a sag I love my freedom but I also want to balance that with security and devotion something I think the Taurean can give EVENTUALLY! Lets see... any relationship can work if you are open minded and put the effort in! Its about give and take...

I'm a Sagittarius female with a Taurus male. We've been together for a year (although I've been in love with him for two years; we only finally got together last year). We get along wonderfully most of the time, although occasionally I feel that he's not being honest enough, and I'll become paranoid, and ask direct questions so that he'll answer me more directly. Other than that, I can't say that we ever find each other too boring - he's open minded and willing to try new things, and he loves to travel. He likes to avoid confrontation, but so do I, so that's good. I am the one who expresses things first, though. I had gone after him, haha. Well, my persistence seemed to have paid off. And we both enjoy romantic things, although we rarely express romantic stuff to each other. I try to, but I wish he'd do it. He's really never said anything sappy to me, and I keep waiting for when he will. Trouble is, I've always kind of made fun of sappy stuff, so he probably has no idea I secretly wish he would be sappy with me! Hahahha.

I dated a Taurus for 4 years. Everything was amazing at the beginning. I seriously thought I'd marry this man, but our differences became much too strong. Over time, I was sick of staying in and doing things that were in his comfort zone. I was ready to go out and mingle, meet people, and explore the world. We were not compatible in this way. Little things started to bother me constantly and I found myself having a wandering eye for other men. I stayed faithful all 4 years and still miss him often, but I know that it will never work again.

im Sagittarius girl and im in love with Taurus man and he is so kind and passionate and very loyal as well; but he rarely say the love word to me even when I ask him to say it he answers I don't like to say it we are now together like 3 years and i want to marry him I feel he is slow and need time to get married but I love him and im going to wait

everything I have read is so true.. im a Sagittarius lady and im over heels in love with a Taurus man for 3 yrs and still counting yrs.. we always fight for small things because he didn't wants to do things for me.. he is effortless.. sometimes he is super sweet then after a day he is so moody.. Taurus man are hard to understand.. he like to be the boss and wants to possess you. while I, hate possessing, and he never admit that he is wrong...even all d evidences is there.. so if you planning to date a Taurus man,, be patient .. they are so moody.. but they are loyal and faithful partners.. they like to be treated like a baby.. ahahah

I'm a Sagittarius female with a Taurus male. We've been together for a year (although I've been in love with him for two years; we only finally got together last year). We get along wonderfully most of the time, I ask direct questions so that he'll answer me more directly. Other than that, I can't say that we never find each other too boring - he's open minded and willing to try new things, and he loves to travel. He likes music, but so do I, so that's good. I am the one who expresses things first, though. I had gone after him, haha. Well, my persistence seemed to have paid off. And we both enjoy romantic things, although we rarely express romantic stuff to each other. I try to, but I wish he'd do it. He's really never said anything sappy to me, and I keep waiting for when he will. Trouble is, I've always kind of made fun of sappy stuff, so he probably has no idea I secretly wish he would be sappy with me! Hahahha. Lots of fun is in Store for us

Seems like there's no Taurus man has spoken here. Then may I be the first one. I don't know much about sign and all that, but honestly, people are different. I, for one am quite different from what the descriptions of typical Taurus man. I like travel and enjoy stay home too. I like to cook for my loved one and also like to be taken care by her. I think balance is what works best for me. Not too hot, not too cold, I'm sure you know what I'm saying. I got two very opposite sides...

Recently, I work really hard to approach a Sag girl. I believe she is the one I've been looking for my entire life. Reason why I'm here is doing research for a novel that I'm writing for her. I know things will work out. I know we will compensate each other's flaws. I know we will love each most and grow old together. I just know it.

m a sag dec 3rd dating a Taurus man may 5th..we met online and we ve bn going steady now 4 som few mnths..though we vent met there is a strong connection that I dnt even get..he has no problem sayin I luv you or I want 2 be with you 4eva..yes he is very stubborn,patient,calm,funny,avoids confrontation..he wil rather a misunderstandin is ignored than addressed..he is possesive too..which is funny blc we vent even met...i made it clear 2 him I wont tak him not callin or messagin at least once daily & seems he got d message...d control thing is a struggle blw both of us & somehow he liks that I ve a mind of my own...so far he is not boring & luv goin out with his friends once in a while..he behaves lik he is in luv with me already & I don't undestand blc they re meant 2 be slow..somtims he acts withdrawn & suddenly he wil say somthing shockin lik I want 2 marry u..or create a luv video 4 you with a title 'only made 4 my lovely babe these music xpress hw mch I luv u' then post it on you're facebook wall 4 all 2 see...wen we chat online he luv talkin about our future 2geda...he rather not answer you're question dan lie 2 u...he has introduced me 2 all his frinds & recently introduced me 2 his elder brother...when I asked him why, he said 'i don't want 2 hide our relationship didn't you hear I want 2 marry u?'...i don't know what 2 think anymore..i luv him already & though I luv freedom;stability,security & devotion is important 2 me as well..& funny 4 a sagg m more indoor than outdoor a lasting print I got 4rm a 2yrs relationship with a scorpio....but seriously I need help here...is he really into me already??

I'm a Taurus man seeking advice from a Sagittarius lady. I'm seeing a lot of comments that Taurus man can't say "I love you" and I'd like to bring in another point of view. My Sagittarius girl likes to avoid relationship talk which can lead to emotions and she doesn't want to deal with it. Is this another trait of Sagittarius, avoiding emotions because they don't like commitment?

I am a sag girl and been seeing a Taurus guy for two years he still hasn't asked me to be his girl friend but we do everything that couples do. We talk all the time he calls me on his breaks at work and suddenly he goes into a shell and ignores my calls. He is like a toddler he needs you to pay close attention to his aches and pains, he have lots of expensive toys that only he can touch, the sex is amazing and last for hours "stamina" he is a home body and prefers to stay.home.and watch movies but I would rather go out, if he doesn't like you he wouldn't waste his time calling, spending time with you or beening protective he's slow but sometimes is well worth the wait...oh yeah he's very good with his finances balances his check book to the penny every Friday

im a Taurus man and I was going to get with Sagittarius but she like had 6 boyfriends and she cheated on them with 4 other different men I decided not to because I think all Sagittarius women are sluts

Taurus man seeking advice re: Sag woman. Talking from my own perspective. I will avoid relationship talk, if I don't feel ready for it and this could be because I am either working through my own emotions or undecided and not ready to commit yet, or not interested in being more than just friends. Once I am comfortable or sure about a relationship, my partner will know this, mostly through my actions, but I don't find it easy to talk about emotions in an overall romantic way. I am a bit scared of commitment, but once I am happy on all fronts, then there is no turning back for me. Hope this helps - from a Saggi female.

ive done everything a Taurus hates (even went out w/his friend to try to make him jealous), it didn't work, now he doesn't want to talk to me. but I cant get him of my mind, is just how I feel when im w/him & how girly I feel around him. I don't know what to do???

Sagittarius girl one thing is i'm not a slut, but anyway I was with a Taurus man and I really liked him and he really liked me but one day he stop talking too me I don't know if it was the fact that I didn't see him enough. He once told me I put him on the back burner and he hasn't talk too me since the thing is I really loved him but didn't know it till he left me, oh he said he loved me, so does that mean he really did any Taurus men can answer me back please!!!!! Taurus MEN ADVICE ?????

(The rambling begins...now) I am a Nov 29th Sag and my Taurus man is May 5th. I absolutely adore him and I am totally confused by him as well. We have known each other for 3 years, but he apparently had been liking me for 3 years before that. We dated for four months then broke up...didn't talk for almost 6 months then started talking again, and now we're back together. I know this sounds weird, but I know that despite or disposition (we have a long distance relationship), I have tunnel vision. We bump heads all the time, but we always come back. He's the only one that I want to be with( even as a grumpy bumpy)...I know that we're not "astrologically" compatible, but my heart feels otherwise. Sorry my fellow Sag ladies, but these Taurus men have a hold on us...and maybe we can learn some patience in love from them...we need as much help as possible. :)~Caio! Shaneys baby

(begin rant)

Ok, I?m going to post a long winded vent here, and I?ll be surprised if it even gets approved, but I?ve been reading SO much smack talking on so many sites about how bad Taurus is (the men in particular) that I have to speak up.

First of all, let?s get something straight right here and now. Mentally and emotionally healthy and well-adjusted Taurus men are no more ?possessive? or ?jealous? than any other sign -UNLESS WE ARE GIVEN A REASON TO BE.

(Note that in the above statement, I am not including people whose psychic/mental/emotional state is damaged as a result of a dysfunctional past ? because although a Taurus? potential for possessiveness may intensify the effects of such damage, it?s by no means exclusive to any particular sign.)

The most jealous, possessive, insanely insecure woman I have ever dated was an Aries. That two-year period of my life was the most strangling, choking, suffocating relationship I have EVER been in - and I?ve dated two Taurus women who came nowhere NEAR her level of jealousy (when they were even remotely jealous at all)? but I digress.

I particularly like reading comments from Sagittarius women who say ?I can?t help it if I?m flirtatious,? or things like that.

Uh?YES YOU CAN. That?s a personal choice. It?s called taking responsibility for your own actions. Just because you don?t INTEND anything by it doesn?t make it right. And another thing ? you?d be well advised to take a hard look at what YOU consider harmless flirting, and what your significant OTHER considers ?harmless? flirting. Because although you both might actually do it at some point or another, there ARE limits to what is acceptable; and those limits are (or should be) pretty much standard across the spectrum of healthy relationships. And if you find you constantly need to flirt with other men, then you don?t need a boyfriend ? you need a therapist.

A Taurus man ? one who we?ll assume is fairly well-adjusted ? will make you the Number One Person in his life, make no mistake about it. In his eyes, the sun will rise and set on your face. You are THE most important woman in his life (let?s exclude dear old mom for now), in every way shape or form. And we will SHOW that, in everything we do. We will show that to you.

And the only thing we want is*the*same*thing*in*return. Period. I mean, seriously - it?s not rocket science, people.

For starters ? let?s talk about the folks who complain because their Taurus boyfriend likes to know where they are and/or what they?re doing. Are you kidding me? News flash, folks: that isn?t possessiveness, that?s called basic respect, consideration, and decency. That?s where the ?commitment? comes in, in a relationship. If you?re going to TELL someone that you are committed to them, you?d better walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. Otherwise, it?s just platitudes, gibberish, and empty words. Don?t like the idea of your boyfriend or fiancé or husband knowing where you are or who you?re with? Then don?t even bother being in a relationship, because you ain?t got what it takes. You don?t. I?m telling you right now. Want to be able to spend time with other members of the opposite sex in ways that go above and beyond a normal platonic friendship? Again, you better think - and re-think - whether you?re cut out for a real relationship. Especially if you?re considering gettin g married. Go look up Webster?s definitions of devotion, loyalty, fidelity, and commitment and get back to me.

Perhaps those people ? these ?carefree,? ?fun-loving? folks who want their ?freedom? should ask themselves exactly what that word means when they say it.

?Freedom? to do what, exactly?

Go to the park and relax somewhere by yourself? That?s fine, and you should be able to do that. Go to the mall by yourself shopping? That?s also ok, and you should be able to do that. Go to a club with your friends? That?s also fine, and you should be able to do that too. You need to have things that are your own; to have a healthy relationship with one?s own self is paramount to one?s happiness. Only a psycho would try to stop you from doing those things, no matter WHAT ?sign? he was born under. Don?t use his Taurean nature as an explanation - that?s a load of crap, it?s an excuse, and it?s a stupid excuse at that. Blaming one?s behavior on one?s zodiac sign effectively relieves a person of TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for their own behavior.


You want to go away for a weekend with a female friend somewhere, without your boyfriend or husband? That?s fine, you should be able to do that.

Going away with a GUY who isn?t your boyfriend or husband? Not fine. Sorry to break it to you. I don?t know what world you think you?re living in, but it?s not the real one.

If that?s the kind of ?Freedom? you want, then do yourself a favor and kindly remove yourself from the ranks of those who say they are looking for a ?committed relationship,? because chances are you have no idea what you are talking about.

And this brings us back to what I wrote in the beginning of this post. There are certain things ? certain thoughts, actions, words, behaviors ? that in a healthy, committed, monogamous relationship, are meant for your significant other and THEM ALONE. Only someone with a seriously distorted conception of society and human relationships could possibly a problem with this. And here is the rub: If you are in a relationship with a Taurus, and you decide to betray their trust, or even TOY with it ? then you damn well better expect the nasty reaction that such behavior warrants. Do you WANT to flirt with other guys? I don?t mean here and there once in a blue moon; it usually happens without people even realizing they?re doing it, and nothing comes of it. But when it goes even one TINY step beyond that, you?re one step closer to utterly and completely betraying the person who has committed themselves to you.

And you know damn well you?re doing it when you do it. Don?t say you don?t know. You?d have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to know when you?re doing it.

And if by some bizarre chance you don?t know, then ask yourself how you?d like to see your Taurus boyfriend or girlfriend holding hands as they walk with another person, or being hugged by another person longer than a few seconds (children and relatives don?t count, don?t be ridiculous), or spending a quiet candlelit dinner alone with that person, or hanging on them all night at a bar, or flirting with them over the internet, or spending long evenings lying in bed talking quietly and intimately with them on the phone. Go ahead, envision it, and then see how that vision makes you feel.

Go ahead, do it. I?ll wait.

Doesn?t bother you? Then you?ve got problems. Don?t even pretend otherwise. You have no business being with your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse if such a vision doesn?t bother you even the slightest bit. Again - go find yourself a therapist.

In my life I will say this: except for some ridiculously irrational behavior which ended once I got out of my teens, whatever possessive and/or jealous behavior I ever displayed towards my girlfriends in the past (and it did NOT happen with all or even most of them, thank you very much) turned out, in the end, to have been completely, utterly, one-hundred-percent justified. Yes, they were lying to me. Yes, they were cheating on me. Yes, they were hiding things from me. And yes, they were falling out of love with me.

You wanna know why such behavior sets off our alarms? Because the only people who hide things are PEOPLE WHO FEEL THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE.

No, people are not possessions. And they should not be treated as such by anyone, regardless of their horoscope. But if I give you my heart, my trust, my devotion, my commitment and my loyalty, then I have given you a gift, something that is of great value to me; and if you accept that gift, you now have a responsibility: that you will not abuse it, neglect it, disregard it, or put it away in the bottom drawer at times when it?s not ?convenient? to haul it around.

This is not someone?s car, or socket wrench, or winter coat that you?re borrowing. This is a human being?s mind and feelings.

This business of Taurus men not showing their feelings, or communicating? What? Are you serious? I?ve been told that I communicate TOO MUCH. I have absolutely no problem talking about my emotions, or my significant other?s emotions for that matter. I?ve been called a ?wordsmith? because I am willing to talk so much about things? not superficial, silly things (well not all the time), but the deep, meaningful things in life and in relationships in particular.

There is no love, NO love, like the love that you will receive from a Taurus. None. And it?s NOT just sexual, either. Anyone who has ever been in a healthy relationship with one knows what I am talking about (unless you didn?t recognize it when you had it... and that is entirely possible). If the only relationships you?ve had with Taureans have been dysfunctional ones ? or ones with people who were the worst examples of the sign ? then you have no idea what I?m talking about. And that?s not your fault, of course, but there it is.

Oh, and the comments about Taureans being ?dramatic?? Pfft. We act as we feel. And believe you me - we FEEL. Oh, do we feel. You WISH you could feel emotion ? any emotion - as deeply and powerfully and intensely and overwhelmingly as we do. You WISH. Again, I am not talking about sex. I am talking about the heart. You WISH you could fall as deeply and profoundly and soul-crushingly in love as we do. It is like the most powerful of drugs, it is like the air you need to breathe. To love another person the way we do is truly to see the face of God. And just as it is our biggest strength, so it is often our biggest curse, because others often simply cannot fathom or understand the depths of such strong feelings.

Of course, in the end, that's their loss.

Incidentally ? what is this nonsense about us being ?dramatic? anyway? Let me get this straight: When we downplay our emotions, we?re not expressing enough. When we give our emotions full reign, we?re being dramatic. Which is it? Make up your mind already.

And finally - for those of you who just can?t ?handle? such intense commitment and responsibility to someone like us?

I?ve got news for you: you don?t DESERVE us.

(end of rant)

Wow. I enjoyed reading that rant immensely. I felt as though I was reading the words of my ex boyfriend actually. I am a sag female.. went out with a Taurus male for two years... wow a rocky rocky road. If he only would have stopped putting a fence around me .. more like a cage..then we would have been okay.. I had not been with anyone else in the two years we were together.. but it seemed like he insinuated I was with the whole world! I have never been attracted, physically, to anyone like I was him, but it was not enough. He was extremely moody, jealous and possessive.. and in the end.. it just forced me to run a mile!

Ive been dating a Taurus for about 5 months and he is horrible at communicating with me. He started seeing this other girl and when I found out he straight told me "Yes I am seeing her" so I took as he didn't want me anymore and I told him look I really do have feelings for you cause I felt like maybe I didn't communicate it enough to him but he just completely ignored me and that was just it for me.I excommunicated him out my life basically let him know I didn't want nothing to do with him, everytime I saw him I ingored him like he didn't exsist and didn't answer none of his calls or texts.This went on for like a month in a half maybe two until he finially text me saying he don't like us not talking and that he is really sorry about how thing went down between us and that he was upset about some other thing and begging me for another chance. I just told him I don't see any reason for us to getting back together and just left it at that for like a week so when I did decid e to text him, he wouldnt stop telling me how much he misses me and now he acts like a totally different person from when first started dating.

I respect people's opinions, but that "ranting taurus" is going to ruin all the fun. All you had to do was ask your girl early on, "do you tend to enjoy one on one time with other men while you're in a relationship with a man?" Without getting mushy, that one simple question could have saved himself a lot of time and a woman. It would have brought certainty to your life. I got intimate with a sagg girlie (2 years younger than I) that I knew for a while. In a way, we grew up together, but her family moved to another state. So I loved her before any romance/intimacy manifested. We're not together but I def. love for her to be happy, and, from what I can gather with my eyes and ears, she has the same sentiment. That's all I expect. No one is entitled to anything in life, including fidelity. The best we can aspire towards is making that decisions for ourselves. ie If you like someone, then make the decision to be loyal irrespective of what'd they do in return, be cause a real man leads himself. If you'd prefer to be loyal to a woman who will bring respect to your name and memory--- then select your female you better!!! OR don't beat yourself up when you pick the wrong one. Aside from the sagg's big feet (lmao), sagg's are soooo beautiful and free spirited in general. You see the colors I see and help me put them into words.

~Mr. Evolve and Level up (Taurus man)

What a rant!

I am female sag but the way Taureans been described on that rant it seems that he was describing me. I am actually possessive and such a homebody person . Loyalty matters to me so much. I am jealous at times especially when I think something fishy is going on.

Anyways, for now I am starting a relationship with a Taurus guy. I met him online. The first time we met I thought he doesn't like me but when we went our separate ways he started texting me that night. He ended up txting me 109 messages and on top of that he brought me peanut butter sandwich carefully wrapped around 1:30AM!!! It was so sweet and had an amazing feeling that day. However, after that, I thought I lost him...but once in a while he will text me . After 20 days, we see each other again and I asked him why does he has to see me again? He said "because your my girlfriend".... We had a walk in the rain and kissed once in a while. Embraced. Hold hands.

But after that day...it took him 4 days to text back . #$%^&*(%^&*(.... I actually don't know what to say or what to think. Is he really into me? I in fact erased my profile on the dating site w/o telling him. He said that we should give our self a try. He's Caucasian and I am Asian. In addition to this, he wrote on his profile on the dating site that he's a very busy business professional. I can sense that he's really doing his job seriously.

Anybody out there who can explain what's going on with his mind? lol...

I defintly AGREE WITH above comments. I am sag gal. I am meant to best match with Libra - I find them too boring and too much of a "frnd"... follwed by Aquarius. Infact Aquarius guy, was the love of my life...but sumthing was missing. Incrdbly, sumthing about a Taurus man draws me to them. They are loyal, honest, sincere. There's no mystery to them. They are laid back, relaxed, calm which is so sexy, specially for me who is always stressd out. As a result I am a calmer person. More content. I went on one date with this Taurus boy and finally was capable of saying the 3 lil words out loud to him. I, a sag gal who have always been on the receiving end of the" I love Yous"...However, they are Terrible at communication & commitment, which worries one as I would like to know where things are heading. I know I am meant to be patient...lol But think all the sag gal will agree we are not very Patient by nature.

I recently met a Taurus man and I am a Sag woman. He was into me pretty quick. Too quick for me to wonder if he was too good to be true and he was. The timing with this guy was way off. Sag woman are very intense and live and love that way. I do. This is why I am no longer dating him. He told me I was too intense for him. But the love from a Sag woman is the greatest love you will ever imagine if you are lucky enough to catch her heart. I think Taurus and Sags can have a hold on each other that goes deeper than the physical.

from a Taurus man: Well, I think sag women need to take care of Taurus men more, by texting, calling or stick to him. When he gets subborn, just yell at him and keep silent, keep seeing him but try to show that he has to apologize you. Also, be more active in romance, constantly give him signs of love, Taurus love touching. He will sure get it. Another thing, never let him alone, without seeing you a week, even when he is angry, he will start thinking and it's just not good. The Key as a Taurus man I see is keep seeing him, never leave him.

I've been dating a Taurus man for a little over a year and things get rocky sometimes. I'm a Sag woman (go Sag) and I'm very open and I like to express my emotions in the form of discussion; however, for whatever reasons, he gets really distant with me sometimes and I never really know what I did or said to make him upset or uncomfortable. He's only expressed his feelings for me verbally a few times. I think that we are both very different, but with a little compromise and understanding of each other's personality, I think that our relationship will grow.

I'm a sag woman dating a Taurus man- its been 3 months so far. He is very clingy and not even within a month of dating him he told me that he loved me. I didn't know what to say! I didn't love him back. But to keep him from emotional distress- I told him that I love him too. I've read that taurus's are not outgoing..but mine is! Which is nice because like the sag I am...I love being wild and outgoing. There are definetely times when I question whether or not I should break up with him...yet so far that havent been any fights- just smooth conversation. What annoys me is after we go on a date and literally spend all day together, he texts me at night and says how much he misses me and how he wants to cuddle. don't get me wrong, I love cuddling with him, I just find it ridiculous that he misses me after one hour!

As a sag woman I tend to always run into Taurus men... My first was a Taurus. They tend to chase me instead of the other way around... and I make great friends with them. I don't understand why they say the compatibility is bad when one of my best friends is a Taurus guy who I use to date! Funny thing is he was still with his ex (Taurus woman) when he was with me and I broke it off and told him to just be with her (they'd had more history than me and him) and he kept contacting me checking on me and it annoyed me for a min but I'm the type to forgive and not hold a grudge (sag trait) so we became friends again and we've been great friends since. Our relationship was great (minus the ex that came back) but I will say I got my heartbroken but them 3 times :( but I will say they do apologize and try to make it better. So it's easy to forgive them. The sex is amazing haha and they're very freaky... not to be mean or anything but in a relationship they bore me sometimes, but it was nothing major.

I think the integrity of Saggi females is being abused, we are not necessary shallow and disloyal. We need some space/independance, but can definitely be faithful and also want healthy, respectful relationships. Sufficient emotional and cerebral interaction, as well as physical activity and some adventure is needed, and when we get this, you probably won't find a better partner! Life with us is generally quite interesting and unpredictable!! (or so I have been told.) Obviously there are good and bad in all star signs though.

Interesting reading all the similarities and different perspectives. I am a sag woman very new seeing a Taurus man. He from the get go was Extremely into me. He, without fail, tells me how beautiful I am and how lucky he feels to have me in his life. It does annoy me at times.. because he says it so much it almost stops us from having Normal conversation if I don't guide him away from talking about how he Feels. He is definitely emotionally in tune. Almost in a feminine way. But he is very focused on school and goes to the gym without fail. Haven't experienced any deep physical contact yet, but the first few kisses were awkward due to him being "afraid of offending me" for moving too fast. Lets hope when he finally see's he isn't it will get better. Not sure if there is something i'm missing. He is almost Too good. good grades, great with children, works with the mentally challenged teaching them to swim. No bad actions, records, nothing. I don't know... maybe its ju st me being skeptical by nature. Can never be too sure right off the bat. good luck sag girls!

Im a sag woman that got hooked up w a Taurus younger male by eight years,by her bestfriend. He also so happens to be her lil bro! He first contacts me thru fb...we talk nonstop for three days...he's so taken that he books a flight to meet methat very next weekend...WE LIVE IN DIFFERENT STATES! Everything went amazing....so amazing he flys me up tohis hometown that very next weekend! My three day visit turned out to be two weeks...THAT'S HOW WONDERFUL MY VISIT WAS! He was calling me his girl...introduced me to his whole family and friends..which they all loved me! Kept telling me how happy he was and how he was falling for me. We even discussed me moving there in the future.So finally when I do make it back to my home state...I noticed the flirting and closeness started to fade...Like he didn't have much to say to me.I just had got out of a hurtful relationship...and was very hesitant to get involved w him in the first place...HE BEGGED AND INSISTED HE WOULD NEVER HU RT ME...and me being the person I am...I believed him! So one day one the phone I asked him if something had changed...if he thought we had moves too fast...not much of a response and he pulls away more.I FEELING HURT AND CONFUSED LASHED OUT AT HIM AND SAID THE TWO WORST THINGS I COULD OF EVER SAID....i tend to do that when im feeling scared and vulnerable.It just made matters worse of course and even tho he has forgiven me....he has not forgotten. I know I should of watched my words and never said what I did...but I could feel his pulling away...for no apparent reason...and I wanted him to hurt like he was hurting me! Now he says he needs to be single and doesn't know what the future holds...He's having to move and is having some financial troubles to top things off.All I wanted was a little communication...and none of this would of happened! Im just wondering if all the things and feelings he shared were in fact real and if in time he will remember how natural and amazing we were together? Does time truly heal all wounds even for a Taurus male? Should I fight for him...or simply let it go? Im devastated and wish I could turn back time! Im very disappointed in how this all went down! Plz...anyone have any advice for me? Thx!

I'm a Taurus Male. I fell in love with a Saggittarius Female. And I'm still in love with her. My rising sign is actually Saggittarius as well. If that means anything? I'm not too keen on the deeper aspects of astrology. But, basically, she told me the same thing I've read here. I can be the sweetest man in the entire world at times, but, I can also be a tyrant that knows how to break a woman down.

I tried so hard to love this woman. I tried, and I tried. And I tried some more. We kept fighting, constantly, over jealousy issues, from her end, not mine, mine weren't always there, now and then I'd accuse her of cheating, only because she had a fling with her boss at Zaxbys way, WAY, before we started seeing eachother. But, I always loved her honesty, if I asked a question, she gave an honest answer. And sometimes, I'd regret asking it later.

But, I love this woman, she's everything I'm not. But, like she said, we're almost alike, in the ways that we are both stubbron, and head strong. It's like the clash of the titans when we fight sometimes. But, it's over. She told me yesterday that she didn't want to get back together. That I shouldnt have lied about seeing other women.

What happened is that she wanted a break back in October, I paniced, Im afraid of losing feelings while on a break, I'm either all in, or not in at all. You know? So, I started getting desperate, before I knew it, I was out the door, with my things packed. And she talked to me everyday up until I messed up. I went out, started seeing another woman, and I lied, told her I had done things with her in the bedroom. I completely destroyed my trust between her and I. And she told me even if we did get back together. How could she ever believe me? I just tried to make her jealous, to see if she would come running back to me.

But, it back fired. But, I'd give anything to have that woman back in my life. I really would. I would die for that woman, give her the last penny in my pocket. But her independecy, and her need to control everything in the household was such a heavey load to carry around at times.

I'm a Taurus male. And I dated a Saggittarius woman for about eight months. We knew of each other back in Highschool, I graduated in 2007. She graduated in 2008. She had a class with my girlfriend at the time, and she couldn't believe that I was her boyfriend. Anyways, me and her, we weren't all that close in school, in fact, neither one of us were hardly there, but, she approached me one day during gym class, I was sitting all alone, like I normally do, I didn't feel like talking to 'children" I always felt more mature, and more experienced than any other kid in highschool.

I came from a different, not so peachy background, and I was all about getting school over with, and heading straight to work during my senior year of school. Anyways, I was sitting on the bleachers, high up, away from everybody, just isolated, and, I was listening to my music, and I looked down, and I see here there, just, this beautiful girl, staring at me, she had a few guys around her, and keep in mind, this woman is gorgeous, she's got a beautiful face, a nice little body, but, a 32 H bra size. Her breasts always drew in boys, of course, naturally. Lucky for her I'm not much of a breast man.

So, anyways, I get up because the coach was handing out grades that day, and before I got up, she had starred at me, and smiled, and I kind of looked away from her, thinking nothing of it, especially because I had a girlfriend at the time, going on almost two years with her, and I'm extremely loyal, almost to a fault. So, I get up, I got my report, as I'm walking back, I notice her, all the way at the top of the bleachers, sitting in MY spot. And she smiled at me, and she said "I stole your spot". And I smiled back, and I said, "That you did". And from that day on, we just kind of spoke for the rest of the period, she was listening to my music, going through my I-pod with me. She told me about her boyfriend, I told her about my girlfriend. Etc. Well, the next day, same class, she approaches me with one of her friends, and we started passing little notes back and forth, making fun of the people around us, etc.

And then, after that, never really saw her again, until one day, I'm walking down the hallway, with my girlfriend, and I see her walking down my way, and we both, without missing a beat, she smiled at me, and I smiled right back at her. Her and my eyes, I know they lit up right there. And we didn't have to say a word. So, I graduate that year, I added her as a friend on Myspace or whatever. NEVER talked to her or sent any messages or comments. Nothing. Just added each other I suppose. So, about a year later, me and my girlfriend split up. For like, the third time, and this time, it's finally over.

About, I'd say, roughly.... five months later, almost six months, of going out, partying, enjoying my freedom, but going home to an empty bed, I get on Myspace, and, randomly, out of nowhere, after about three weeks later, from me just leaving a Comment on her page that said "Hey how you been?". She sent me an IM, asking me what was going on, how I'd been doing, and I did the same. She told me about how some family things had gone down with her older sister, and she was there taking care of her and her niece for right now. She asked me if I had anybody special in my life, I said no, I asked if she did, and she said no, I got her number, and I gave her mine. And we started texting each other back and forth constantly. Finally asked her out.

We went out to shoot pool that night, and I was already intimidated by her looks, she's so beautiful, I couldn't stand it, the entire time I was driving, she did most of the talking, I couldn't look at her, I couldn't do it. And I was nervous. I felt like a duck on water, calm on the surface, but underneath the surface, my feet are churning a mile a minute to stay a float. So, we go out, shoot pool, conversate, go to the movies, and after the movies, chilling in the parking lot, I don't know where it came from, but I had this urge come over me, and I just straight up asked her, "Can I kiss you?". And her face just lit up, she was excited, she said "Walk me to my car". And we get to her car, and I said, being funny, or nervous, maybe both, I said, "Soooo... was that my que to kiss you?". And she smiled and said yes, so I did, and, I'll tell you the truth, when I kissed her, instant spark on my end, I'd never felt that with any girl I'd had ever kissed, I was instantly turned o n, I wanted her right then and there, I leaned out, and I said something to her, we talked, and without asking this time, I just went right back and kissed her again, we both took a long breath, said goodnight, and, after that, we started seeing each other more and more.

She was hard to see consistently, and after awhile, I told her, "Look, you text me EVERYDAY, you always have an excuse for not being able to see me, I'm guessing you don't like to date nice guys, I'm close to giving up". And she asked me back "She said, I'm sorry, do you really want to give up?" And I said "Do you want me to give up?" She told me back very quickly, "No, I want to keep trying". And we did man, we did. And then after that, it seemed like this girl had a hold on me. I was driving anywhere between 45-60 minutes a day out of my way to go and see her in Callahan from Jacksonville. I was staying over there all night, and going home, or, she'd let me share her bed with her, etc. Before I knew it, I practically lived with her. It was crazy. It all happened so fast.

But then I got to know her, found out about her troubled past, all the issues and losses she had experienced, and then she found out about my mother and her alcohol problems, my problems growing up, my mom's controling ways and how she used me up financially. And then, before I knew it, we were talking about getting our own place together, how she was wanting to even work two jobs to get our own place to save me from my mother's dependency of me. Etc.

She just had some really, REALLY bad trust issues. And jealousy issues. And that was the downfall. That, and the fact that, she displayed very little love or effection towards me. Didn't know how to open up verbally to communicate about how she felt for me. And, she admitted that she had a hard time doing this, but she told me, constantly, I love you, I really love you, and I care about you, I just don't know how to express it I guess. And that hurt me. Because, eventhough my sign says I'm not this or that, I HAVE ZERO issues communicating about anything, I told her in person, in letters, in messages how I love her, how much I value her, how much I wanted her in my life. Etc. On a consistent basis.

She just had a plethora of issues, that came to an abrupt head, and it really brought out a furious rage from my own end. She was bitching at me, yelling at me, questioning me, throwing stuff at me. And, it got so bad, that, I punched a hole in her wall after she split my elbow open with a metallic candle holder. And that was kind of the last straw. Sort of. Eventhough we broke up a few days later.

And, what's so bad is that, she didn't want to break up, she just wanted a break that night, some space, for the both of us, but, I paniced, and freaked out, and that's when she ended it. So, after that, she kept calling me and texting me EVERYDAY, and we finally agreed to see each other for dinner one night about two weeks late, but, we didn't talk about anything because she had her kid neice with her, etc. And then, a few days went by, and I got aggravated, told her I couldn't keep doing this. That it was torture to me. That, she acted as if nothing had ever happened between us that night. And everything was okay. Although it wasn't. And, she found out that I was hanging out around other females. Because I'm done with that "waiting and I'll think about it" approach with these women.

So, one night, around two in the morning, she calls me up, and we talked, and she told me, "You know I love you, and that I care for you and miss you". But she followed it up with "But...". And that's what mad me more upset, how can you sit there, and say, "I love you, care for you, miss you"... but then continue to display your doubts? It's pointless. I didn't want to wait around for her.

So, two weeks later, and this is actually two weeks ago, I told her I was seeing a different girl, and that, I didn't know what to do, and that, I was giving her until Thanksgiving to decide. So, it got worse and worse, I got drunk one night, and just went off on her. She text me three days later, after I had been a butthead about things and she asked me if I was feeling better now. And I ignored her, the next day at work, I layed into her again, because she had went out and seen some other guy. But, who was I to get mad at her? I had done the same to her too, even sooner than she had done, and I lied about it to her. So, after that, she blocked me off of Facebook. Or whatever. And I deleted her number, and I told her to stop contacting me, that I was tired and done of this mess with her.

And now, she's seeing this other guy I suppose, who is also a Saggittarius like her, just a day older than her to be exact, and, I'm seeing a Virgo. And, I'm bittersweet about it all. I want her back, I want her back so bad it kills me to literally get up everyday, I hate thinking about her, I hate listening to certain music now because of her, I can go somedays, and get by just fine, and other days, it feels like my entire world is about to cave in, I can't sit still, I get up, and pace back and forth. And I try to ignore any and all thoughts of me and her. And eventhough im with this Virgo now, when I close my eyes, I still see her. And this Virgo, she's a great girl, she's always been able to keep up with me since highschool, etc. I met her family about a week ago. I just don't know what to think or feel. But, at the same time, I'm not willing to admit I'm not over Christina (Saggittarius) because, to be truthful, I'm not even over my first girlfriend, April (Leo). I still think about the BOTH of them. Because it's just failures that constantly drive me and motivate me to be this amazing, profound, persistent sweetheart that I know I'am. And Christina told me that, she said, "I love you because at times, you can be the most sweetest man that I've ever ran across in my life, but, at the same time, you can be the most hateful person I know of".

And that's difficult to swallow. It's a bitter pill. And this Virgo, she's a sweetheart. Texts me every morning, texts me throughout the day, misses me constantly, likes seeing me, spending time with me, sleeping with me, doing things with me. Etc. And, I don't mind her company, it's just, I feel like, she's not giving me something I need. She's giving me what I want. She's not a challenge, that Saggittarius was a challenge. I love her. I'll always love her. And I'll always want her back. And she knows that. I've expressed that completely.

I've never wanted anybody more. And what hurts the most, is that, she finally confessed it to me, see, with her, I fell in love with her about two months into our relationship, I know the exact moment, the exact location, and almost the exact time, when, I looked at her, and felt my heart explode, felt that warmth come over me physically and mentally. And the night she ended it, I asked her to tell me the day she fell in love with ME. And she told me, she said the first night we went out, she fell in love with me. And I asked how and at what point? She said everytime she bent over to shoot at the pool hall, she'd look up, and I'd look away from her, and I'd have this smile on my face, and my eyes would sparkle when we locked. And she said that our kiss sealed the deal. And that, let me tell you, has made my heart weep, and literally, sink into the pit of my stomach. I fell even more in love with her after discovering this.

And I'm still falling for her. But it's over. I know it's over. And, I'd give up my life right now, just for five seconds, five minutes, just to hold that girl again, look her in those green eyes, and feel her next to me again. God or the Devil himself could come to my doorstep, and take my life away on the spot, if they'd grant me just that one little brief moment in my life. I love that girl. Just typing that makes tears water up, and I'm fighting them back right now. She'll never know just how much I love her. She'll never ever know. No matter how many times I've told her in person, written it to her, she'll never ever understand how she's touched me. And that kills me. It really does. It eats me up like a virus. A disease.

I thought after April (Leo), after four years of what she put my heart through, that, I could handle anything and anybody, and I was wrong. I thought I'd never love anybody like that again. And I was wrong. Christina (Saggittarius) she came into my life, and made me 10x better as a person, and she opened up my views on life. And she left me, and my house of cards fell off the table when she did. I fell so hard for her, and she left me, it was like pulling the carpet from underneath my feet, I can't breath. I can't sleep, because when I close my eyes... I see her. I can't eat, because I feel so damn depressed and broken up about this. And Mia (Virgo) she can't do enough to fix this yet. Maybe in time, I'll forget about her, like she'll forget about me. And maybe me and this Virgo can work out. Now that I've learned from those two fire signs. But, I'll be damned if I don't admit that I'd like to have that Saggittarius in my life again. And I know that she's THE WORST companion for me according to this astrological chart, but, to me, she's the only sign I wanted to see in my life.

I am a Sagittarius girl, and my boyfriend is a Taurus. We make a very good couple. Everyone says we make the cutest couple, the most adorable, the best relationship. I love him with all my heart. He loves me the same. He treats me like the most special thing in the world. He holds my hand in class, puts his arm around me when we walk together, hugs me tight, kisses me gently, says he loves me in front of his parents, there is no compare to any other relationship I've ever had. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We have such a strong relationship, that we made it three months of summer break without seeing or talking to each other. I love him with all my heart and I want to be with him forever.

Wow! I see some sad stories out there but, God, in most cases simple understanding could've been the way to make it work.

Well, the first thing: I personally don't understand all the Sag women who claim they simply couldn't be faithful!!! IT seems totally bizzarre to me...!!! Do you love him??? If so, NOTHING could make you cheat, Sags are not sluts in any way!! Some just tend to use it in their defence which is really awful it makes us look TERRIBLE!! It's a real shame!

I've been in love with my Taurus for 4 years and I've NEVER felt the need to cheat on him !!! ..

Yes, I adore travelling and exploring new things and the general Sag description fits me quite well but I am also extremely feminine, so not everything about Sag women is true..and Taurus with Saggi woman can make a perfect couple really!

About Taurus men not being possessive.. hhaha, NOT TRUE. I can HONESTLY say I've NEVER given him a reason to be jealous but he does stuff like, well for example, in the middle of a conversation on one outing with a lot of friends we stood close to each other and he saw who I was talking about but suddenly noticed his best friend standing next to me talking to some other gal and he immediately placed himself between me and this best friend of his which was something I could totally not understand (not even to this day, haha) but I seriously LIKED IT! I don't feel "trapped" or whatever, I'm trying to do my best to understand him... I've always done ANYTHING I COULD for HIM :)

...If possessivness is one thing of saying I love you for him (because you won't hear many I love yous from your Taurus at least at the beinning, haha ) then why we, Saggi women, should feel offended ,c'mon!!! Just UNDERSTAND THEM! ...

So don't worry Taurus men and Saggi women, the relationship can really work out with LOTS OF COMPROMISES and a real desire to understand each other and make it work...

And one more thing, NEVER GIVE UP! Plus,Saggi women, try not to be too rush in whatever you do and say when it comes to your Tauras lover! ;)

I've been with Taurus for 2 yrs already, and we're living together for the same amount of time. We had our ups and down first, and in first few months I'd say we would never make it work - fighting all the time, jealousy, issues with his ex (yh, it was HIS ex, not mine). Therefore, we waited patiently and got to know each other better. It paid off! He's the best partner I ever had: fun to be with, good with money, excellent in bed, caring, jealous, controlling - and I love it! Because it shows how much he cares. He defo loves to be cared for and loves hearing all the sweet words I say to him. So I guess people really need to try hard for the ones they love - nobody said it will be easy! Good luck all the sags and Taurus couples!! :)))

Taurus rant-thank you for that, bout time some real ish was spread about not only taureans but how people should behave in relationships. its like morals and respect decrease every year. think your bang on the money.

I see a lot of confusion with us Taurean males here. Me being a Taurus male, I would like to clear up a few things. I am very emotionally involved when it comes to all aspects of life, especially relationships. I urge you Sagittarius girls to not be intimidated or confused by our clinginess. We just have to express our love in such a way. When we let someone special into our lives, we give our heart and soul to them, and want to be with them A LOT. I would not let this freak you out because it will pay off in the long run if you want a truly secure and loving relationship. However, as I know you want your freedom and space, I would simply communicate this the best you can, and be reassuring with your love for him! Don't allow a Taurus male to even question or think too much into the subject of your love for him, he will become angry and withdrawn if he feels there is any chance you are drifting from him. Yes we are clingy but with good intentions.

Also, I am a very outgoing Taurus. I think most of us are. If we get boring, I think the best thing to do is give some encouragement. We can be fussy at times and it can seem that our tempers can stem out of nowhere but if we are showing signs of this I would try and talk about it as calmly as you can, and remember to reassure us! The best way to do that is to walk up behind him and put your arms around him. Remember we like the sense of touch. Personally this would make any worries I may have vanish. Don't bombard us with words, bombard us with touch.

I'm currently after a Sagittarius woman, and I must say that I have strong feelings for her already. I only hope that I can win her heart without creating the fear of an early commitment that you Sagittarius girls can get.

I feel kind of silly writing this because I don't really have a relationship with a Taurus man. But I'm a Sag female and I met a Tau male online. We have been talking close to a month so far but haven't met in person yet because I'm away for the holidays as well as he.

Well, I felt it was necessary to comment on here because I started noticing some differences in our personalities right off the bat. I kept saying things to him like "I really get under your skin without even trying" or "you're way to sensitive for me" and "wow lighten up"

I've said those things because I joke around A LOT anyone who knows me, knows that I joke a lot. He does as well, but I guess I have a sharper tongue and he takes things so darn seriously. I've never even met him and we have had 3 arguments because "I don't think before I speak" I wanted to read up on us and see if there were any reasons why we wouldn't work out if we ever met up and a lot of those reasons why it wouldn't workout were a lot of the reasons I've thought about before even reading up on our signs together.

I feel that I need to date someone with a little more spunk, if I say any cuss word he flips out. To make the mood lighter I just joke about it more. I mean who cares about a word I'm using in privacy right? Well if I continue to talk or joke about it, he hangs up and ignores me for hours. I mean what the hell are we in high school? He is 27 and I'm 24.

I know I have a sharp tongue and I'm very blunt and often have no sensor. He on the other hand just ignores me if he is mad and ALWAYS thinks he is right :). I feel a connection and he does too. I'm just wondering if I'm wasting my time meeting in person in the next few days. ESP if we are fighting already lol. If you read everyone's post none of the relationships last past 3 or 4 years. Kinda sacrey to read that.

NEED YOUR ADVICE!! I happen to met a Taurus man in a occasions and we have been chatting and ve spoke over the phone once in a every occasions and festivals,..he is a celebrity,.a very very busy person,.,but yet he tries to keep in touch with me with his messages atleast once in a day,..its been happening from past 9months and v are planning to meet soon,..i love him soo much I just cant explain,.i feel he is the man I am looking for and waited all these years,...but I really don't know wot he thinks of me,.i need your valuable advise regarding do's and dont's,.and all the help to make it happen from those who made a tauran man fall for a sag girl,..and im keeping my fingers cross to make it work!!

I am a Sag Woman and he is a Taurus Man. Communication has been our only issue because he would go from wanting to be with me to just want to be friends-and see where it goes. It's been almost a year now and I must admit there is no other man I'd rather be with! He puts in WORK in the bed, he is always sensitive to my desires and RAVAGING is what he does best. Although, we are still working on communication and compromise, it is working for us because I am proving to him I can be his security blanket, and he is proving to me that he can compromise when we both put time into our relationship. He tells me and shows me how much he cares for me and my child and the bond they share is amazing! We do not have titles yet but working on ourselves first and managing our steamy relationship is showing me that the end result will be our family and happiness.

I am a Sagittarius female. I was approached by a Taurus male six years my junior at work. His approached was extremely sexy and peaked my interest. We exchanged numbers and adventure began. By the first week he was telling me that he wanted to make love to me. He cornered me in the elevator at work one day and needless to say his kisses and his touch were simply amazing. He confused me one day when he got upset with me because I didn't display any interest in him at work. But yet he wants to keep things between us under wraps. He displayed his feelings through text messages but only after he had gone home for the night. It was like he had to make sure that I was still interested but the ball has to be in his court. I found myself being extremely attracted to him. I have never desired a man so much.

I'm a Sagg (dec. 8th) and I'm currently dating a Taurus (April 21st). We've been seeing each other for like 4 weeks now and, although we met via Blackberry Pin and met personally last Saturday, I can't help but feel totally drawn to this guy. He's 3-4 years older than me, and that for me is a lot, but damn I find him incredibly irresistible. We've only seen each other that saturday but I wish to see him everyday. That night was so special and he made me feel so safe.. I'm a bit worried because I have heard he used to be a player,although he swears he's serious now. I don't really let him know anything I feel. We talk everyday, and i"m trying REALLY badly to play hard to get because I don't want him to take me as "easy". Still, I wish to tell him how much I want to see him and kiss him. I don't. I even wait like 20 min to respond him so he thinks im not just desperately waiting his answer haha. I'm not sure if I should keep playing hard to get, giving the fact that I m 15 and well, he is a bit older...

He's eyes and his gentleness make me want to faint most of the time, I don't show it though. I'm extremely insecure and I don't to make him feel like I don't trust him, but I .. don't know...

Help??? Should I keep playing hard to get?

Hi I'm a Taurus guy and I've just met a Sag woman on line, first date is this Friday.

I've been reading all the other posts for some inspiration to be honest, I've had relationships in the past with Aries & Gemini women and well was together for along time with each but well neither worked out.

My Father was a Taurus and my Mother a Sag, and they were married for 26 years, sadly my mother died and my father lasted for eight years more until his untimely death.

His last thoughts was that he was going to be with my mother and that they would be together again'.

I guess that shows that although were very different in personalities there is always hope!

Well, as to our date we have been talking every day, our phone conversations last for hours and we discuss everything - were so alike in personalities I'm more outgoing than the typical Taurean trait - love to travel and explore new things.

She's fearless in personality and although has her own fears will just do things just for the he'll of it! Which amazes me with her courage and zest for life!

I don't know by nature what Sag ladies are like in romance / loving making dept but well from my own part, I like to show my feelings as well as voice them. I'm adventurous in bed but can show my tender and loving side too.

And personalities aside really am not that stubborn lol I'd call it more determined then stubborn!

If any Sag ladies can advise me then pls feel free as our date's this Friday, lol wish me luck!!

I am a sag woman with Taurus male, almost years. My taurean although a homebody when it comes to spending time with me loves to go out with his friends on fri and sat nights. I am feeling neglected because I feel if you can go out with your friends you can go out with me. He blows it off that bwcause we live together we already spend time together. He is very short tempered and does not let you get a word in edgewise, very opinionated and doesent like to think outside of his box. He is sweet and can be affectionate at times, but is that enough to keep my fire burning I don't want to cheat on him because I think that is unacceptable, so the only other option is to end the relationship if it doesent change of which I don't see that haPpening as he is almost 40 and set in his ways....sigh

just to clear everything up.. I don't think all sagittarius's are the same as well as I don't think all Taurus are the same... for the comment that a Taurus made about sum Sagittarius chick was wit 6 guys and cheating on them with like 4 others.. so that makes you believe that ALL sagittarius's females are sluts. well im 23 years old and im a Sagittarius Dec 18th.. i've been with a Taurus for almost 6 years.. I have not once cheated or even thought about cheating on him.. there are actully some faithful females out there.. but as far as our relationship goes.. its great! we have a 3 year old to be honest we do argue just about every day.. but if we don't argue at least ONCE a day then somethings wrong.. we r ment to be with one another... he is organized just like I am. he's not a slob he's a great father to our son and I don't think I could ask for anything more.

I'm a sag woman who has been burned waay too many times by Taurus men. I mean alot. their cuts always hurt the most because they can be so vengeful. I've spent hours, days, even weeks trying to figure out what went wrong. I think i'm learning that they are very emotional people who are EASILY hurt and mis-understand what a Sagittarius may say or do. I also think that their sensitivity and over emotionalness scares them, so they behave in terrible ways to get their balance back.

The miscommunications are crazy! it's not even funny. my Taurus man always jumps to conclusions then goes away just to punish me. then when we sit down and talk, it all gets cleared up. I think for a sag and tau to work there must be lots and lots of effort and understanding through COMMUNICATION. just a wilingness to understand where the other is coming from. but the truth is, I think sags and taurus' are not only on the different pages, but reading totally different books! We simply don't get eachother. But if you really love your Taurus man, or Sagittarius woman the effort will be so much worth it, butttt it's a constant, constant, constant effort, just be ready for that!!

Im a Sag, and I'am dating a Taur man. We've been dating for 15 months now, and yes I did cheat on him, but it was cause he was married when we met and in process of leaving his ex-wife, I wasnt sure where things were going, i've lied to him about everything under the sun. So you know what that means, no trust! well he hates my frineds and think that there bad for me. I love my freedom, but he wants to keep me on lock down. He's an awsome dude and treats me great! I wish we get married, I just have to be very humble and patince, cause I go off alot! ALOT, things gotta go my way and he feels like things gotta go his, so it hard! Love keeps us together, LOVE!

Hi, having read all the above and all the various mixed views regarding these incompatible star signs including the your ages I am inclined to agree and disagree with some of them.

To some of you "GROW UP AND STOP BEING PIG HEADED AND SELF CENTRED" and im talking to you Saggies, I am one aswell but through time and with age I have sat back and had deep and meaningful conversations with myself and discovered room for improvement which has worked (we always look to improve and be liked). don't forget when we were made they broke the mould, don't put us to shame. (to the one who called us "sluts" sorry!!!!), obviously too young to understand.

To the ones who fell in love....if I am correct your Saggitarian loves have been lost forever now but you have had an experience of a lifetime and the memory of it you should cherish and will always be warm in your heart. My personal experience in life is that I have never reverted back to my past as we have a passion to move on to experience new things and learn from it. Sorry! If I am wrong then please let me know.

To the "bull in a China Shop", you have now thrown all your toys out, now put them back....lol.....nothing like a bit of fire for a Saggie....I like it! lol

My story

Im the female in this and had dated a Taurean on four occasions....

The first occasion we met up at a restaurant, everything was perfect (he talked a lot lol and I listened), it was fine, as we were leaving I slipped (almost doing the splits mind you! haha) and we laughed all the way to our cars and said a happy good bye. This seemed to break the ice I think for our first date and it was good.

The second occasion he picked me up and the decision was made to sit in a chip shop and eat a plate of chips. When we got out of the car to my surprise he immediately grabbed my hand (something of which has never happened to me) but which I either mistook as a possession thing or that he wasnt ashamed to be openly affectionate in public. I liked it which is quite unusual for me.

Cut the sorry short but something about this Taurean has baffled me....despite all the displays and signs of compatibiity between us (and the first kiss was the most amazing and wonderful experience, when I did let him kiss me that is lol) why he felt the need to continue to flirt, communicate and date other women????

I am over forty so do consider myself as the more mature type.

Its seems to be me that the Taurean male either thinks too much and constantly changes his mind which can be rather frustrating to a Saggitarian female as he is indecisive whereas we are head strong and love life and anything new and refreshing... well thats me anyway.... and cannot tolerate faffers, but there is something about you that has placed a marker in my mind...im not sure whether to stay clear of you or whether there is another underlying problem.

Hi, having read all the above and all the various mixed views regarding these incompatible star signs including the your ages I am inclined to agree and disagree with some of them.

To some of you "GROW UP AND STOP BEING PIG HEADED AND SELF CENTRED" and im talking to you Saggies, I am one aswell but through time and with age I have sat back and had deep and meaningful conversations with myself and discovered room for improvement which has worked (we always look to improve and be liked). don't forget when we were made they broke the mould, don't put us to shame. (to the one who called us "sluts" sorry!!!!), obviously too young to understand.

To the ones who fell in love....if I am correct your Saggitarian loves have been lost forever now but you have had an experience of a lifetime and the memory of it you should cherish and will always be warm in your heart. My personal experience in life is that I have never reverted back to my past as we have a passion to move on to experience new things and learn from it. Sorry! If I am wrong then please let me know.

To the "bull in a China Shop", you have now thrown all your toys out, now put them back....lol.....nothing like a bit of fire for a Saggie....I like it! lol

My story

Im the female in this and had dated a Taurean on four occasions....

The first occasion we met up at a restaurant, everything was perfect (he talked a lot lol and I listened), it was fine, as we were leaving I slipped (almost doing the splits mind you! haha) and we laughed all the way to our cars and said a happy good bye. This seemed to break the ice I think for our first date and it was good.

The second occasion he picked me up and the decision was made to sit in a chip shop and eat a plate of chips. When we got out of the car to my surprise he immediately grabbed my hand (something of which has never happened to me) but which I either mistook as a possession thing or that he wasnt ashamed to be openly affectionate in public. I liked it which is quite unusual for me.

Cut the sorry short but something about this Taurean has baffled me....despite all the displays and signs of compatibiity between us (and the first kiss was the most amazing and wonderful experience, when I did let him kiss me that is lol) why he felt the need to continue to flirt, communicate and date other women????

I am over forty so do consider myself as the more mature type.

Its seems to be me that the Taurean male either thinks too much and constantly changes his mind which can be rather frustrating to a Saggitarian female as he is indecisive whereas we are head strong and love life and anything new and refreshing... well thats me anyway.... and cannot tolerate faffers, but there is something about you that has placed a marker in my mind...im not sure whether to stay clear of you or whether there is another underlying problem.

I'm a saggy girl, 5 Taurus men i've known...3 cheated on their partners and started relationships with me, claiming to be single! 1 traveled for work, he kept this going for over a year, was always vague about things! Another flat out lied, to my face over and over again even as i'm holding 100% evidence in my hand of his lies, he lies about! I don't get these men, they want to be happy but when they find someone who makes them happy why do they lie instead of ending the relationship and starting new, they all ended up leaving the women but by the time it was said and done I was so bitter and angry, the relationship was pointless! I don't need or want a liar! Still years later they are trying to make it good, but thats just a hurt I don't need a refresher course in and wont relive it, they'd probably do the same to me, anyway!

I was chasing after a beautiful sexy Sagittarius girl for like a month, even though she loved the comments, and affection I showed her she would never be my girlfriend she liked getting the attention from me but as far as she was concerned we were just friends. I admit I set myself up because I was the fool thinking she would ever give me the chance to be her man but I found love through her friend who was a Pisces, and the Pisces woman gives me so much attention, and so much love.

sounds just lik my Taurus guy he's soooooo sweet. I went to 5th period class and there he was, I was surprised he was in there. I was lik he's so omg, I was going crazy over him I still do, especailly wen im bout to call him. well one day I came to class lik any other day and here he comes from behind he hugs me puts his cheek up against mine and ask" y you fight for"? because I got in a fight week before wit some girl. "i said because she was messin wit me". I just melted in his arms :). that next mornin he's lik marry me I was lik wat? ok? later that same day he had to go to isap he hugged me and said I love u. I love you too I felt natual kinda weird almost to say. I was lik whoa I wasnt with him at the time, now I am one month and some days.it seemed a little early to be sayin I love you especailly in the first 2 weeks, but oh well. I broke up with some one else to be with him. I love him soo much. I want us to work better than my exs, everything has to be perfect. he almost seems to good to be true but its true. I miss my baby now. sag gurl.

I posted two long stories on here last year. I'd say about maybe eight or nine months ago. And it's time to mention things again. I'm the guy that met Christina in 2007, and we broke up, and now I'm with this Virgo girl. Anyways, in a nutshell, Christina went through that other guy, and then another guy within those months since me and her haven't been together. And I was having up and down issues with this Virgo of mine. But we've been steady at almost eight months on our own. Long story short, Christina has been in constant contact with me since the beginning of the year, I'd say about around the ending of February, she was keeping in touch with me frequently and often.

Then in March, her and that boyfriend of hers break-up. Basically he wasn't mature enough, didn't have his act together, and he blew her off a few times. Which is a surprise. I'd never disrespect Christina like that, she's a diamond in the dirt. She deserves better than that. So, that didn't work out, so she ends up seeing this other guy, she didn't date him, she never wanted to, she was just trying to help the guy I suppose. The kid's got issues as well, and needless to say, she stopped talking to him and never sees him anymore. She says those two guys were mistakes. So, while all of these events were occuring, she was talking to me. I'd say honestly, we text each other everyday, she'll call me frequently at night or late afternoons after she's off from work or when she knows im alone and free to speak with. Now, don't get me wrong, communicating with her hasn't always been peachy during this period. I'd get mixed emotions and feelings about speaking with her because I do, in fact, still love her with everything I'am as a man. And even after almost a year, I still can't let her go. And this Virgo can't even come close to this Saggittarius I'm in love with. She can't get her off my mind.

So, now for the good parts and not so good parts. One night, actually, last Saturday to be in fact, on the 2nd of July, she had been texting and calling me that morning, well, I was with Mia, my Virgo, at her house, at the time. I had dinner and a few drinks. Nothing special. Christina texts me, telling me that if I don't come over tonight and see her now that I'll never get to see her. So, I lied to Mia, and said I was sick, and around 9:30 PM I bolted for the door and went to see Christina out in Callahan. Her and her brother had been drinking already, Christina was practically wasted, but she instantly smiled the moment I walked in through the door. But that's when the issues started coming up from her end again. She was upset, crying, couldn't breath good. I was getting aggravated, threatened to leave a few times, and she'd cry and ask me to please stay, don't go, don't leave. So I stayed more. Eventually I ended up laying down with her on the floor, she made-out with me. Then I'd get up to make sure her brother was alright. She made-out with me again. I put her to bed. Sat up in the chair and looked over her, for about an hour, she asked me to lay in bed with her, and she got close, held my hand. And we didn't do anything that night. Morning comes around, and she's up an hour early before work. We're laughing, talking, playing around with eachother, and she makes-out with me again, after her brother leaves, I can't help myself. I'm all over her. She wanted to sleep with me. I was in the moment with her, but I couldn't do it. Maybe it was my emotions, maybe it was guilt. Maybe it was both. All I know is that I stopped, and then she got up, got ready for work, and she said I could either go now or wait until she has to leave. Obvisouly I stayed. So, as she's getting dressed, we talked, and she said she doesn't think I'm attracted to her anymore. That's a lie. So I got her up against the door and started kissing her again, her eyes lit up, it was amazing, it made my heart skip quite a few times. She told me stop. So I did. And then we went outside, and she hugged me goodbye. She said something was wrong, it was written all over my face. She knows how I feel about her. I've explained this off and on prior to seeing her that night. And she knows I love her more than anything. Of course she could see it on my face. So as I'm driving home, not even five minutes goes by and she calls me and we're talking like we normally do. And she apologized. She said she had no intentions of trying to sleep with me. That she doesn't remember much from the night before. Yet she came onto me strong all three times and gave me the oppurtunity to make moves.

I don't understand how she feels. She doesn't want a relationship. She wants to get her stuff together first. I'm somewhat with her on that. I wanted to build something back up with her slowly, I'm not asking for a daily type relationship. Just a once a week ordeal to see where it goes. That's not working so far. She won't tell me how she's attracted to me. Although I know the answer to this one. In the past few months, I've told her I was going to end the communication between us two. And everytime she'd have a fit. And question it. Me and the Virgo split up for a month back in April. On my terms. Not hers. Never gave Mia the true reason why. Although I know she's not a fool and must know deep down. When me and Mia got back together, Christina had a fit, she was jealous, admitted later on last weekend that she's selfish. Selfish for what? She let me go. Deal with it. So, here I'am, the liar, the cheater, and the confused 23 year old man with a burden in my hands. I can't hav e the woman I love, and the woman that loves me will never be enough for me to overcome Christina. I'm bittersweet. I don't know what else to say or what else to do. I'm stuck. And I hate this situation. Me and Mia got into a fight on Wednesday, she still has no clue what I've done with Christina. I've ignored her calls and messages since then. And when I hear from Christina, I'm happy, I'm content. And it makes me miss her. I'm trying to see her tomorrow night. She often speaks of me and her probably having sex together. And when I say I'm okay with that, and I'll leave you if you want me to leave after something like that. I can. But she twists it around into "So you think I'm trash?" or "You'd treat me like trash?". I always say no. I have too much respect for her to ever do that. I just said simply to her that I'll do anything that you want me to do to make you happy. That I'd rather not wear out my welcome with you and your life. That look in her eyes that morning, when I came onto her for questioning whether or not I was attracted to her. It was amazing. She looked timid but at the same time, she looked like she wanted that. I don't know what to do. And it drives me mad. . .

I totally like a certain guy, he's a taurus. he's sweet and cute. problem is he is in a reltionship with a another woman who has a kid, not his kid tho. we have a relationship however I don't wanna fight for it because I want him to realize on his own. I want him to have the initiative. so im hoping he would make a right decision. I just wonder why would he cheat on hi gf?

I met a Taurus man online late last year. I have to say that that was the first time I have been "swept off my feet". He called every day, wrote poetry, and the most sensitive and romantic love letters that I could never imagine. When we met I had this feeling that he was the person I was meant to be with.

Unfortunately, my ex was still hanging around stirring up trouble. My new boyfriend went from being a lover to a protector. After a few months, he said that he felt like his role in my life changed and that he now wanted to be friends. Friends as in stay at my house, sleep in my bed wiht me (no sex), and generally do "couple" stuff but no committment. He is in a transition time in his life - changing careers and is very proud. Doesn't want to be in a relationship until he re-establishes himself.

Anyway, it hurt too much to have him so close and get nothing - so I told him I didn't want to be his friend until I "moved on". I still think about him every day, miss him, but no communication. He told me that he still loves me and that things could change in the future, but I felt that he had ended our love relationship and I wasn't motivated to make it "easy" for him by having everything he wanted with no committment. Not sure how this will work out, but am taking it day by day.

I am a Sag Girl..falling in love with my Taurean coworker and I just want to kill myself!!!! How can he be so weirdly cute??? How can he just smile at me and melt my heart the way he does?

Everyone around us thinks there is something going on between us...but the truth is..there is not :(

They all think we are potencial lovers, but he havent said anything to me. He looks at me, smiles at me, buys me drinks when we go for after office, talks to me when he sees me passing by. Is he into me?? Last time we went out for after office one of my coworkers asked him what was going on between us (we were all kind of drunk..lol). He told her he is taking it slowly as we are coworkers, that he is a traditional and romantic man. What the hell does that mean?? That same night there was a missunderstanding between us and I got so mad at him that I texted him to drop dead (again, we were all drunk) We havent talk to each other for one week until he confronted me and explained what happened and told me his side of the story and I told mine to him. He apologized and so did i. That moment I knew he cares for me (after one week of not talking I thought he didnt) Funny thing is when we were talking alone he was telling me how bad he felt I texted that horrible thing to him, and th at he tought that night I left without him without looking back or caring of were he was and when one of my coworkers showed up he was like..Yeah yeah everything is ok, it was a missunderstanding, we are all friends again, nothing happened here....WTF?? O.o...Somebody please help!!!

Great rant man, I'm a Taurus male and I totally agree. All this Taurus bad mouthing is completely unfounded. Listen Sag girls... If your not even going to have decency to treat your partner with respect, why do you bother getting into a relationship? Of course your partner is going to get angry if you tell them you love them but don't show it, it doesn't matter what sign they are...

omg. what a rant. you really need to get over urself. you hatefuly speak of the Aries woman so badly but I know for sure that you made this woman feel unloved, insecure and totally bullied. you look at urself as high and perfect. Ranting like the bull headed creature that you are. Conceited to the max. That uncontrollable rotten temper really showed in you're so called mad rant. I could just imagine you in any relationship. NASTY UNPLEASANT INADEQUATE. you are inferior in every way to both of those women that is why I try so hard to convince everyone how superior you are. It just made you more STUPID and also with a huge problem that you need a shrink. you're nothing but an egotistical twit. Every womans worst nightmare. Do us a favour and disappear. UGH YUCKY man.

I've been with a Taurus man for almost a year now. He was into me from day one, and is definitely possessive, wanting to know my plans for every day. Initially I felt this was too restrictive, but as I our relationship has developed, I understand that this is part of who he is. He is extremely attentive, loving, caring, and is always doing something thoughtful. Now I am used to and enjoy all the attention, it kind of feels like being in the sun, and if he is busy, I can even feel a bit neglected, which is crazy. I used to be totally independant, now I love his nurturing! We can also spend hours, and many consecutive days together, (whenever possible) and can't seem to get enough of each other. It feels more intense as time passes, but I find myself wondering how long it will last, as it seems to good to be true. Sometimes it feels like we are one and the same person. We both love sensual stuff, (especially food)and tend to feel very connected when in nature. We are also both quite physically active and share some sporting interests. My sun sign is his rising sign and his sun sign is my moon sign. Would like to hear anyone else's feedback?

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