Taurus man security for a Scorpio woman

I am in love with a Taurus.. He is everything, just like everyone has mentioned about a male Taurus; relaxed, loyal, etc. But there is something about him... Wisdom I guess and I have this sense of security whenever I am around him. The only problem is he can not be mine. (possessive, I know, I'm a Scorpio) I guess there were opportunities, but I just never made a move... I'm a shy one. Now he is with someone else, but I consider him to be one of my greatest friends, but yes, I do love him, a lot. And every time we talk.. his eyes, the way he pays attention...I don't know and I guess I'll never know. I just know he is my first and my last love.

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Taurus man security for a Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

im a scorpion chick dating this Taurus guy for a week now...had sex on the first date and haven't regretted it!!!! it was AWESOME!!! for some weird reason I need security from him and I feel that he needs it too

hi dear!
by: Anonymous

Same is my case. i too feel possessive about him. i never realised a taurean could have made me feel this way. i just wish him goodluck in life N now his happiness is more important to me.

scorpio women in love with taurus man
by: Anonymous

im a scorpion women 55 yrs old in love with a 73 yr old taurus men. sexually makes me feel great.he has a great personality. caring, loving human being. when im around him i cant stop kissing and hugging him and we both love being together.im afraid of were we are gonna end up or how serious this relationship will get. i am just confused

Why I love a Taurus Man
by: Zoe

Since going online to meet men, I find that Taurus men seem to come after me the most.
They seem to have that same quality of being so practical and also being a very hard worker.
They have a strong sense of self and always doing the right thing.
I am a Scorpio Woman and quick study. I can see right through a man and know if he is genuine or not. I am not turned on men who think that they are entitled to sex because they take you out on a date but would rather have sex with someone who doesn't expect it and I am attracted to him from the start.
I am in love with a Taurus man who says very few words. Just like my Virgo father. But I couldn't understand why.
I was always in awe of him from the beginning and felt save with him I suppose and most of all was intrigued by his quiet sense of self assurance.
I can only love a man who I think is successful in life and will help other people and I can admire.
This man is like that and I want him to love me and I didn't think I would fall in love with him as I don't see him as much as I would like to but I did. So I think that has scared him away.
I didn't call him or have anything to do with him for many months but finally gave in and spoke to him and was surprised how nice he was to me.
So I think he still likes me and told me off for self deprecating and said he was mad at me for that and that I was not to feel any less of a person over something I said.
Being a suspicious Scorpio that I am, I took that as a way of being sorry that he really didn't want me and was trying to make himself good in my eyes.
It does hurt to be in love, and I have cried many tears over this man and prayed to God to bring him back to me. But I am a proud woman, and though I hate to lose in this situation and I have told him that too, I would never beg him or any man to love me. You can't force love from another person. It has to come from within and if they don't feel the same, well then, you should really move on I suppose.
Eventually, that will happen and meanwhile, you have to weigh the pros and cons and see what happens.
I read this somewhere the other day, trying to get your man back and I wrote it down for you.

To The Man You Love and Can't Have

If I hadn't met you,
I would not like you.
If I hadn't liked you,
I wouldn't love you.
If I wouldn't love you,
I wouldn't miss you.
But I did, I do and I will.

So it is time to start looking for different signs I think!!!!!!!
Good luck and just play your sad songs and have a good cry and feel better, like For the Good Times by Perry Como and also Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson.
Who knows, something might bring him back and then I will be happy again!!!

in hell with taurus man
by: Anonymous

help me please. been madly in love with this man for six years. hes wild dangerous. im smart and never been in trouble. hes always putting me in bad situations, i love him with everything i have. found out he was seeing someone else. how do i leave him.

so in love
by: Anonymous

i'm madly in love with a taurus man. From what he told me after sex with me,he had always had a crush on me but couldn't tell me because he was scared. And somehow, we got drunk one night and had sex. I hated him at that moment and thought I could tell him off the following day. But ever since that day, the love has but only grown. And i'm really in love with him even though i don't very much show him that. Twice I've visited him I have met his ex. Asked him but he said they are just friends now. He always comes to my house but has an excuse whenever I want to go visit him. I feel he's still dating her. The bad thing is, I'm finding it hard to break up. But since we are in the same class and I'm in a situation where i always have to see him, it would be very hard. What do i do? He's the most caring I've ever met.

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