Taurus man sex talk

by Lizart

Well All is true about me... But in intimacy, I do like a bit of roleplay , Fantasies and sex talk...
Well, mostly with the one whom I admire or crave for

Anger is one thing that I cant seem to break...
Other then that I have tried to change my self by understand a lot of people.

---E thinker---

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your a taurus?
by: Aquarius/Pisces Girl

so your a taurus?... if you are maybe you can answer a question I have... Supposedly, the taurus guy I have know for 16yrs has always wanted me... he told me that he's wanted me forever... but everytime I talk to him he brings up wanting to be with me sexually; we have been intimate before- but this time I told him I would only be intimate with him if we were in a committed relationship... and he said that was fine... but still tells me how much he wants me... But goes to reassure me that he wants all of me and only time will tell? So does he mean what he says or is he just working me over... i know Taurus men are said to be the "what you see is what you get" type of guy... I just do not want to miss read anything... I'm very confused & do not want to get hurt this time!

by: Taurus man

Well I am not the original poster but I am a 26 year old Taurus man. I ould say the guy likes you. You have to remember that we like physical attraction. I love sex, it is the ultimate way to express your feelings to the one woman you love. A lot of women miss read this. They think that all we care about is sex and that we don't love them and so on. This is not true. We like stimulation through feeling and touch. We do not express our feelings through words, only feeling and emotion. We like things that are Tangible.

Now I want to address what the original poster said. I agree, that was the one thing that stood out as wrong in the description. I love roleplay and other sex fantasies. Most women I have been with never seem to get it. Keep a Taurus man happy in his home, more specifically in the bedroom and kitchen, and we are not going anywhere.

Entirely correct...
by: 20 y/o Taurus

I have to agree with these comments, I also enjoy some less conventional sexual activities, but I will admit that it took a long time in a fairly stable relationship for me to express this. On the other points too, I also try to be understanding of others, and I pride myself on my ability to see other's points of view. Of course, my friends think otherwise, whilst they appreciate my ability to see all sides of a disagreement, they do find it irritating when trying to convince me of their own argument, as I can nearly always spot the flaws immediately.

I think this is probably at the root of another commonly quoted problem, our inability to express ourselves in words. Words come too easily, and their meaning is malleable, a simple "I love you" can mean anything from "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" to "I want to spend the night with you" or could even mean "I want you to pay the bill for me". Actions, on the other hand, carry real weight. No matter how much you debate semantics, a hug is still a hug, a kiss is still a kiss, and to a Taurean, they carry a fixed, irreducible meaning every time, one which cannot be taken back or altered, they are an expression of true commitment. I guess where we go wrong there is not appreciating that their exact meaning varies from person to person.

Lastly, anger. I am ashamed to admit, my temper is one of my defining features. I have learned (through some of the greatest mistakes of my life) to control my temper, to the point where I have developed almost limitless patience. Almost. It may take a lot to trigger it (the fastest way is to upset someone close to me, I'm pretty thick-skinned myself), but when I lose my temper, I've been told my anger is palpable. I direct every waking moment of my life to settling the score, and I won't rest until I have utterly destroyed the person who incurred my wrath. Again, I don't trade in words, I actively work to twist their life out of their control. I'm just thankful that most people in my life are aware of this, and take care not to test my patience too far, but it is a constant worry of mine. One word of advice, if I am typical of a Taurean, you'll never cross one if you can help it. The metaphor about waving a red flag in front of a bull is entirely appropriate here, you'd better be prepared for one hell of a fight.

If you're after a relationship with a Taurean, I'd recommend learning to be patient, it takes us a long time to decide if you're someone we could truly be with, and we WILL test you during that time, extensively. We like to know all the details about what we're getting ourselves into, so we will try to get to know EVERYTHING about you as early as possible, I'll generally have been sat in the corner quietly observing someone for quite some time before even introducing myself to them, and I won't even consider a relationship unless I have known them for a few months.

taurus girl
by: Anonymous

wow reading all it seems like all the posts are touching ground. i can't agree with you more. love surprises role play fun relationship. my expression is never good with words, b'cos words are not perfect enough!

flirt with words is fun but it is not as strong as body language. so i rather go and touch push tease with body and hands. it makes me calm down more. some told me it's like children but i think it is a pure gesture of affection. no love no kiss yes love yes kiss :)

Taurus Sex Talk
by: Anonymous

Hi, I´ve found interesting how you taurus guys deal with your sexual desires. Now I have one question if a taurus guy, who I´ve been intimate with has asked me enourmously to sleep with him having a real date and spending the whole night together, but I have asked him, that I would as long as he didn´t hurt me, as long as if he felt right, he wouldn´t shut us out. And he has accepted those terms, but hasn´t called me back. Would you consider I pushed him away, that he was actually not being honest with me, or is having second thoughts?

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