Taurus man slow and deliberate approach

by ConfusedGem

This is a new experience for me...having a Taurus man in my life. We've known each other for a long time but not in constant contact. I saw him a few months ago while dining at a restaurant with some friends. He came over and said hello and told me it was good to see me.

For some reason I've never been able to look him in the eyes for too long, always found his gaze to be a little intense. He gives me a nice, sensuous rub on the shoulder and was on his way.

Fast forward a few months and I see him at a party. I can only say when I realized he'd been staring at me for some time that he had this energy that I've never felt coming from another man. It was like a giant ball of sensual, sexual energy. Again, with the eye contact. So I am sitting there trying to tie in the events of the evening, another nice long shoulder rub, he calls out my name to get my attention and snaps a picture of me with his camera phone.

At the end of the evening he intentionally sits by the exit so I would have to talk to him before I left. He seemed to want to say something but couldn't quite get it out. I wanted to talk to him but didn't know what to say so I sent him a text about something silly. I go about my business and I think intentionally leave my phone in another room so I couldn't hear the call. Lol. He calls back, I dont have my phone and he leaves a message telling me he he loves me! So I am contemplating calling him and telling him he's confused or something. How can someone say something like that?!?!?!

I was told by a couple of people that Tauruses think things through and don't randomly make calls to women telling them the love them. I guess, as a Gemini, I am a bit skeptical. The word love almost has to be forced out of my mouth by threat of violence. Lol. My heart feels the words but my head is running interference.

From the posts I've read it seems like they like the slow and deliberate approach. It amazes me he is so open with these words. Why would he do that?

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