Taurus man taking things slow

Ok, so we meet 9 years ago in highschool. We quickly fell in like and he completely pursued me and it was great. Then just as quickly somthign changed and he backed off. He started dating someone else. We remained friends. We hung out in a group of mutual friends. Some time passed and he was single again and we were still friends and we hang out just us cuddling and he was pursuing me and I really wasn't sure what was going on. At the same time another guy hit on me and we ended up dating. I found out about a week after I started daing the other guy that he was upset and that he thought we had a thing going, I hadn't realized that, but stayed with the other guy for about a year. When the other guy and I broke up we were all still mutual friends.
I was single for a while and then started dating someone outside of this circle. He also started dating someone outside of the circle. We were still friends and still hung out from time to time, but were just friends, but every time our others weren't with us, the conversation would quickly turn to "back in the day." This went on for a few years, lots of talking and no action. I ended up leaving the guy I was dating and started dating my husband. I was incredibly happy and life was fine. He attended my wedding with his girlfriend and I was as happy as I thought I could possibly be and we were friends.

He ended up dating someone new and telling our mutual friends that he really screwed up and wished he was with me while he was with this new girl. I was not told this until recently because I was happily married. Well, my husband passed away. It was horrible and tragic and I am still in so much pain about this. When this happened, our mutual friends were around my life a lot again. I ended up hanging with him because he is one of these mutual friends who were trying to keep me busy and comforted. I was leary to do this because i know how we are with each other and didn't want those feelings at the time, but he was genuine and just being a really great friend.

Fast forward a few months and we were still hanging out all the time and the feelings started creeping in. I brought it up to him, and he admitted that he felt them too. I told him that I needed to wait because i was not ready for a relationship yet and he agreed. We still hung out and our close freinds are aware of what was going on. He was pursuing me and things were fine. Then things got weird. He told me that he thinks that we need to take things slow and that he doesn't want to rush me. He told me he is afraid that he is my rebound guy. I have tried to tell him this is not the case, but i don't think he believes me. We have told each other we love each other and i know he is telling the truth. Now he is vague and weird and only responds to about half my texts and it is a long time in between them. i have told him i don't want to take things slow and he insists that it's the right thing to do.

He is making me crazy. i am not sure if he is just buying time and doesn't know how to let me down or if there really is something there? Any suggestions.

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He's not buying time...
by: BrooklynTaurus

I am a Taurus.

He's not buying time. He's head over heels in love with you, but may feel due to the tragic death of your late husband, that the two of you may be rushing things. He knows you love him and feel the same way about him. But he doesn't want your love, he WANTS YOUR HEART! We, Taureans are very possessive that way. It's difficult to explain. But I will show some examples.

A Taurus will start a relationship with no emotional bagaage, no ties to ex-wives or girlfriends, no memorabalias that includes photos, love notes, or items from past relationships. Why? Because we hate to regress, we would rather move forward and leave the past behind us. We want to love our current interest wholeheartedly. We want them to do the same for us. The mention of an ex drives us nuts! We abhor competition. We want to possess our partner (not in a stalkerish way)but in a way that lets us know that their hearts belong to us, and no one else.

Right now, he may feel that your heart may still lie with your late husband. He may still feel that he's competing with your late husband. Photos, items, and love notes of your husband may make him feel uncomfortable.

My advice, give it time. Good things come to those who wait. Everything happens for a reason. Utilize this time to mourn your late husband, and allow the love you have for your Taurus man to bloom, blossom and evolve into a greater love the two of you have yet to experience.

-Good Luck

To Brooklyn Taurus...
by: Anonymous

You're one of the sweet, sincere Tauruses? the other posts were making Tauruses seem like selfish, liars to get sex and anything they want. If I can ask age and are you early in May, or later in May? Maybe this makes the difference...in your perspective. But you're certainly my favorite...thanks for your perspective and sharing...

A Taurus pulling away
by: Giosi

Hello...I met a Taurus man online in June after getting many emails from him since last march but I never replayed because I wasn't attracted to him. I finally said hello and after few conversations over the phone he asked me out. Let me tell you that when I saw this guy I almost died. He looked totally different and we had the greates first date! The chemistry was mutual and I can say that he is the one. He texted me every morning and gave me many compliments. My mistake was that because I like home so much to start a little bit to play hard to get, not too much though. We had a short second date and he was all over me and we kissed. We kept talking on the phone but he was the only one making the phone calls and one day we didn't go out because we was expecting me tos call him. Next time we spoke he brought it up and he said "my phone receives phone calls as well" and I just said..."ok" . He asked me out for the third time and when he called me around 3:30 pm to ask me what I wanted to do he asked me if I wanted to come over his house and order some food. I definalty said no! I said if you want to watch tv you stay home and we can meet some other time. He said its ok we'll. Go have dinner...40 mins before the date he called me too cancel! He said that he didn't feel good. Since then he Shea's been acting weird and had a trip 2 weeks ago and alled me before leaving and said that we were going to get together when hi is back. Never called me again. I texted him now and then and he responded. Called him once and never called me back. Do you think that I still have a chance? Was I wrong not going over his place? I just wanted him to respect me...I know he limped me a lot! It is possible that he still does? and should I still text him even when he does not get back to me? I want him to know that I am interested.
Thank you.

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