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Taurus man seeing a Taurus woman for 2 months now, and its fantastic, I worried it might be boring or predictable, not at all - if the yawns set in both of us are capable of shaking it up with the greatest of ease

Well, all I can say im a Taurus who just met another Taurus. it was "so unexpected & so simple" just by having coffee in a cafe. I was being served my coffee by the same Taurus person each day I stopped there, we didn't even know each other, & what do you know.. we ended up committing to each other after going out just once. that simple. I was guessing to myself this person definitely is another Taurus before I had asked this taurean's birthday. I was right! we were surprised the fact were both Taurus who didn't expect it & so far so good we really do feel loyal & everything else. it actually was like love at first sight!

Im a Taurus woman and I happen to be married to a Taurus man. The wonderful thing about it is we share the same birthday, and no im not kidding...April 23rd I feel as though he is my soul mate and he knows me inside and out he completes my thoughts, my heart, and my dreams.

Im a Taurus, and I just recently started a relationship with a Taurus man, and let me tell you! It is the best relationship I had ever! He is so understanding and comforting. He doesn't judge me and I really connect to him. When I first started talking to him, I was wondering why he seemed so familiar. Turns out he's a Taurus! He makes me laugh and makes me smile and feel warm inside. I miss him when we're apart and I love him to death when he's with me. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. :)

I am a Taurus woman, and I am in a relationship with a Taurus man. We met through the internet. From the first letter that I received from him I got really interested in him. First it seemed for me like he new me inside out. It was very scary and weird. Imagine that you are speaking with a person that you never ever seen before, but that knows you like you were together for years! Then I saw his intelligence, and sweet, kind character. He is so sensual and romantic! And honest... I fell in love in 4 days! Amazing how fast (and for me its not so easy to fall in love) In addition when I saw him, I was shocked from my candid feeling of desire! My God how he makes me feel... I still can't believe that I found my angel.

Hi I am a Taurus woman. In love with a Taurus man. I must say I can never have a better match than him. we are passionate and share same values. I had dated a Virgo Man before, But I found him too dominating and not appreciating of my efforts in a relationship. But In this relationship with a Taurus man I have the warmth feeling which I just can never express in words. I just love him very much. Will be marrying him soon :)

I am Taurus girl madly in love with a Taurus boy. The truth is even though we are quite perfect for each other he can be soo stubborn its insane. I am outspoken and with him always being so thick headed we barely get anywhere. Our love making is phenomenal but he can be a little to sensitive. I say "Baby bend me over and f*ck me hard" and he says "No Honey were not f*cking its love making" A match like this could be awesome but one of the partners needs to be able to give in and not feel like they are being taken advantage of. Well good luck and just remember its not all about the zodiac, its really about chemistry. Its about finding someone you love and someone that can take care of you. Finding that special person is about following your heart, not your body part, or your zodiac signs. :)

Taurus & Taurus.. together, the sexiest couples of the zodiac ;) just had to say it.

my cousin introduced me to this friend of hers over the telephone, they both live in the same state, he happens to be a Taurus, and I happen to be a Taurus as well, our birthdays are a few days apart, we are the same age, we are both left-handed, my last name is his middle name, my mother first name is also his father's first name, he and my brother share the same first name also, his grandmother raised him, so did mine, we both have daughters, that are the same age, we both love to dress nice and good food, love the home life, so many things in common it scares me, I think I finally found my soulmate, one problem, we live so far away from each other, and he acts like he is not interested sometimes, but his mother told me that he loves me, this is crazy, we never met, just exchanged pictures and talk on the phone for the past six months, his phone calls has slowed up a little, it went from every night till the next morning to twice a week, can somebody please tell me what's up with that type of behavior?

well I am a Taurus woman madly in love with a Taurus man and it gets no better. he gives me his undivided attention at all times and cares for me like no one else has ever. I love him so much because he listens and understands me. I don't know what I would do without him.

I just met mine and it was love at first sight he had me at hello and I had him we shall see were we go from their im real happy though!

im a Taurus girl and I like a Taurus boy and I don't no if he likes me or not he looks at me and smiles all time and he is a nice person but he always flirting with girl Idk no what to do I need help I want to be more then friends someone help me please :( because I really like him

I just met a Taurus man that is nine years older than and 13 inches taller than me. I thought perhaps this was not going to work out. But, we had dinner and a very enjoyable evening talking and laughing. We both have the same kind of humor and we both feel about so much the same way. I had never realized that I could feel so much at ease with someone like myself. He came over to my house and we watched a movie had some wine and ended up having the best sexual encounter I have ever had. He asked me if he could spend the night with me. I did not give it a second thought. Taller, older it did not matter we have a connection. I want to pursue this to see if we could have a solid relationship that has longevity. D.B in California

I would never date another Taurus guy and Im a Taurus women. The one I dated had serious anger issues I know we are supposed to bump heads but this one literally throw things, punched holes in walls and was very disrespectful in front of my family because he couldn't control his temper. And he wasn't always loyal like they say, but because we were Taurus's we stayed in this for 7 years, no ring no nothing he was a total full of crap loser! so women just watch out for those tempers !!!

I am a woman dating a Taurus man, my first, he is my male me, I love him, although he told me he loved me first we have so much in common and he is really a great guy, couldn't have asked for a better partner. It will be permanent. I love him

I am a Taurus 4/20 and he is a Taurus 4/21. We love hard. fight hard...eat hearty Love to dress. Everything is emotional and extreme. I can't breathe without him and he the same. I love him and hate him we go from A to Z in one afternoon.

I don't see myself with anyone else nor does he.

We plan to marry. 11.11.11 How lucky is that?!

Well I'm a Taurus woman I seam to attract a lot of my kind. my last 1 yr relationship was with a Taurus April 23 and I'm April 22 know what I mean' we broke up and now I'm dating another Taurus April 25 wow it gets better he just broke up with a Taurus as well ain't it crazy but what's amazing is that dating a Taurus always feels like dating a mini me we have amazing chemistry love making yer we're the best lovers we deliver we're very romantic sweet and sensual we rock Taurus and Taurus great relationship

I am a Taurus woman in love with my Taurus guy. We have been dating for 6 months but it feels like I have known him for years. He is simply amazing and I respect him for who he is. He is not great with mushy words, but the little things he does, makes my heart melt right away. I feel really lucky to have met this guy, although I don't really believe in fairytales and soulmates, our relationship makes me think otherwise. As a couple we are compatible in every aspect, from being lazy bums to having great sex. And everything seems so natural and yet so perfect. It breaks my heart that now we are in a long distance relationship, and I love him way too much to break up with him. Even if we did break-up, it will be really difficult for me to be with another guy, 'coz my Taurus guy has raised the standard ten-fold! I know I can be happy only with him.

I'm a true Taurus man mellow, gentle, very affectionate, and loving. I want a Taurus woman who has those same characteristics as me if you are single email me at kinglovermusic@yahoo.com

I'm a Taurus woman and I recently met a Taurus man in this bar thinking he was someone I knew from another state. Turns out we never knew each other but we will soon for our 1st date. I feel like he's something special already because he's just like me its so crazy. I actually think we will if not be good friends be a great couple soon :)

he's an 4/22 and im a 4/21. we love hard and fight hard. I hate him soo much. but I lov him so much. true that with the boring part, pisses me off so much. Its forever:)

makes me feel like a princess(im a taurus), Taurus men are true Princes in nature whether royal or not ,high potential to be a match to last a lifetime as friends, lovers and a couple at once.

Am searching for a Taurus guy :) :) :) wish me luck ladies! Hope to meet mine somewhere on tis earth! Am a Taurus and I do get well wit other Taurus s fantastic! I hav a Taurus friend who knows me inside out. . . To the extent without even asking for details I can read her silence, understand her problems , and even solve it! Its amazing! Huh hope to meet my guy somewhere soon ! :)

i'm a Taurus lady, and last night finally connected with a long time Taurus male friend. there was an intensity I couldn't even describe. we spent hours laying in my bed holding each other and kissing, nothing more, but it felt as satisfying as sex. I am also slightly involved with a Scorpio man, and while I love his intensity, the gentleness of a fixed earth man plus extreme passion is much more comfortable for me.

I recently reunited with my high school sweetheart who is a male taurus. After 23 years we instantly clicked. He makes me laugh, and our conversation is always interesting. When he came home we had sex. Or should I say we made love. It was tender, gentle, we had amazing chemistry. And his touches made me melt. I could love him. If he only knew. I can't tell him. He makes my heart smile.

Im a Taurus girl and I met my Taurus guy in the 7th grade. We always talked about being together forever and all that really lame gushy stuff when you're that young but some how even when we broke up we ALWAYS stayed in touch through the years. We have stuck together like cubans links, he's been here through all my other boyfriends and I've been here through all of his other girls but in the end we always seem to start talking again and the love is always there. For this whole four years we have been together/good friends, we havent even had sex yet and he is still here. We had some break ups but we always talk, and work things out. I feel like he is my best friend. He knows me soo well and we are in the same state of mind a lot of times. It is the best. We are both only children, same mixed race, and 15 days apart in age. I know that I'm still young but we're almost adults and I know that we will end up together no matter what. I think Taurus and Taurus is wonderful .!

Taurus and Taurus the best match ever!!!! Both can connect to a deeper level. It is amazing to be with someone who naturally clicks with you,undrestands you and makes you feel safe. Between the sheets it is just unbelievable,so intense,we can spend hours and hours making love. It has never happened with me before. Great match!!!! The friendship,everything is so awesome!!!!

I met this Taurus man on December 8th and we been together for 4 months and when I started to communicate everything was familiar and I knew he was a Taurus he makes me deel so good about myself and I love being around him he makes me feel inpowered and when he's not aroud I go crazy he's like a drug I love him to death and like I told him it was love at first sight we do everything togother and he do any and everything for me we we\ill get married

I met this guy over the phone on a chatline. He sounded so good but at the same time I didn't know that he would soon be mine. we talked for awhile but soon seen each other and that when everything started to sparkle and the fireworks were so bright. and he made me so happy being over the phone but in person it was so much more.

Im a Taurus women with a Taurus man and besides him being my best friend its the greatest love in the world.Through my hard times he's there and always knows how to make me smile.Ive never thought someone would be on the level to understand me mentally and be there for me more than I am for myself.But,the relationship is amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

ima Taurus and so is my husband we are 11 years apart his birthday is may 10 and mine is may 11 we were so bless to find one another he loves hard he kisses the ground I walk on I love him toooo death we bumps heads a lot but were made for one another

I agree with you all. I think Taurus and Taurus match is one of most gentle and slow relationship ever. it is almost impossible to fight because one understands the other quite well. and one of the best thing is that he does not force me to express anything. He accepts the way I am and I feel so safe. No push no rush flow togather on the water.

I met my Taurus man almost 3 months ago at college. He was really shy and quiet but I was so intrigued I couldn't help myself and flat out told him that I wanted to get to know him... One thing led to another, and now we've been dating for two months. I know its early in the relationship to say this, but I feel like I have found the one. Granted, he is my first boyfriend and I am his first girlfriend but I feel like that aspect especially really helps out our relationship. He is so caring, kind, gentle, and extremely sincere. He is only 10 days older than me! I feel like our love is the simple kind, which is nice because we don't feel like we have to do anything extravagant to show each other how we feel... I feel like we're on the same level about everything relationship and not-relationship related. I love him so much and I know that he will be my first, and last, boyfriend. x

Hi I am Taurus girl who is seeing a Taurus man for 5 months. He approached me on the street, then asked me for coffee and we started to see each other since Feburary 2011.

We are having fun and feel comfortable with each other. However, I am very cautious and he is the same. We never talked about our relationships or our feelings.

When we meet or talk on phone, we are intense but not much through txt messages. we do not send messages everyday (even if I want to I resist....) and even if we do, We never messaged each other about [why don't you txt me] or [where are you] or [what are you doing].

We had dates every weekend, went to galleries, movies, restaurants and walked streets together while holding hands. Although we are pretty much grown adults, we dated and shared time like kids. Sex between us was never rushed, we decided to have sex about two months after the day we met.

We put our works before relationships, did not like to promise anything too serious, never forced anything and never asked too much questions to each other. I still have a lot to know about him, he is the same.

However, he told me that he feels safe when he is with me, and somehow I do too. Strange. Our relationship is developing very, Very slowly and we open our minds very slowly.

is this pattern common between Taurus men and women couple? It seems like this is the only sign which Taurus women do not complain much, and I feel very weird that we both are very happy about our relationship status.

I am a female Taurus and a married Taurus guy is obsessed with me. I told him I cannot give myself to him or show how I feel about him because he is married. I do like him, but cannot accept that he is married. He has all the traits of a Taurus man,but questions "a Taurus man is faithful to his partner"? I did not agree on that trait! I told him to stop, but is still persistent.

I met this Taurus man, novemeber 2010 and it seemed like we both had huge sexual appetite.

i met two sag, two Aquarious men, and one Gemini before him and the experiences I had with them, helped me a lot to make our bed games light and fun.

He was like an actor who enjoys dress ups and set the situations, loves adventure, spoils and surprises. Very active and fun to be around. He never talked directly but I could read through his actions very well. he called me a female version of him, we were like mates and lovers.

it ended after few months because we got interested in other people. We are still good friends and we share our experiences sometimes and I like this so much better than us as lover haha

I met a Taurus man on Feburary 2010, but did not work out.

i am calm, steady Taurus girl where as He was very curious, active, ambitious and sacarstic person.. I was more emotional, artistic, he was more of a business man.

Whenever I wanted to have nurturing conversations, he could not be patient or able to sit down in one place to have a decent conversation. He was confident and always wanted to led conversations. Also, he was very physical man who was already touching and tried to kiss me before even ask me out.

The way he acted made me feel very uncomfortable during the first date, because I knew these Touchings do not mean that he likes me. They were more of an action based on a personal Interest and curiosity from a young man towards a 'New type Girl'...

My intuition was telling me to run away from him becasue he was a 'explorer' who was 'Searching' for someone. Someone who can attract him and have fun together. I was afraid to know him more, but I tried to give a shot, which now I think, was a WRONG decision..

When we were dating, He always put me a game. The way he want to play, the way he want to handle me and the way he planned our dates was like a test. A test to see who this girl really is... it was like watching a meaningless game to me.

I hesitated when he asked me to come to his house in the beginning, because I had bad experiences with that routine before. However, He pursued me for a month, and tried to hug me and kiss me more. When I finally slept with him and showed him my feelings he rejected - Story end.

i realised then, that he was being just curious with me. I felt so cheap with myself and cried many days after. I know I should not caught by my past, but this really hurt me badly and now I find very hard to trust any men.

All I want to do is just be careful and avoid men.

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