Taurus men and comitment

by Heather-lynn

I dated a Taurus (who i am currently re-dating) He, is definitely the definition of a Taurus. He never really liked to talk much, but my rising is virgo, so i never really liked to talk much either, but that was my problem. i love attention so i never gave it back, thats why he left me the first time, But losing him made me realize that i really loved him, so i became a little i guess you could say "obsessive" over him, not sure if he liked it or not.

Out of nowhere he messaged me asking me on a date a year and half later, i didn't get it but, he was the only man that made me feel like i was someone. I would even care if he left me again as long as i could hold him again, if you like commitment, and longing love. Pick a Taurus.

I'm a Leo (female)

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