Taurus men are not intuitive

Maybe this is just the Taurus im with but he cannot read between the lines to save his freaking life! now I know that its not fair for more to expect this of him... but I have such a hard time collecting my thoughts and expressing them clearly to him.. so sometimes I just want him to be as intuitive as I am. am I being irrational? or should I suck up my fears and learn to properly communicate with the man who I love most....

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If he's worth it to you- keep trying!
by: Valerie

I too am in love with a taurus and love how he makes me feel. Men of the taurus sign are known to be far less intuitive than men of other signs (great, right?! As if it weren't bad enough most men aren't even half as intuitive as women!) but they're other qualities are typically perfect for long-term relationships. I understand how frustrating it can be to have to literally explain your feelings all the time- especially if you are innately intuitive yourself... I practically had to right the man (my taurus boyfriend) a letter explaining that I was truly interested in him because taurus men suck at "reading between the lines" and picking up our (in our minds utterly obvious) signals... He is such a perfect match for me otherwise. My advice to you is to keep trying to communicate with your man if you really love him and he makes you happy. If he's worth the effort (as mine is for me) it will eventually become natural for you to express yourself to him and it won't seem like such a huge effort. Also, over the years, the man should slowly but surely get to know your looks and signals... I wish you a lot of luck.. Hope what I shared is helpful. :)

by: Anonymous

I am a Taurus man and we are DEFINITELY more intuitive than you think. ANY man has the perception and depth to see past what a woman(or anyone) portrays. It is shown in the way you think, move, breath, laugh, etc. Give him more credit than you think he needs. And Maybe, JUST MAYBE, it's not him, it's YOU!! A Taurus man knows what he wants and strives to get it.. If you are not it, he will do his best to let you down in the easiest, most mannerable way he can think of. Nine times out of ten, he did not want you at first but being the optimist he is(about EVERYTHING), he decided to give you a chance. Make sure you are direct with him. He will respect you in the long run. By that I mean "Say what you mean, and MEAN WHAT YOU SAY!!"

Tauruses are inutitive and perceptive
by: Anonymous


We're actually both intuitive and perceptive. We know when someone likes us. Due to our cautious nature, we just don't care to react right away. Chances are, we may not have an answer for you right away. Or, we may just want you to confirm what you're feeling just in case there's a slight chance we might be wrong. If you want a direct answer from us, make sure that your level of communication or question is bold and direct.

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