Taurus men can be elusive


So my Taurus and I met last Fall, it was love at first sight and he even said he wanted to run away with me. It felt like we could be soulmates it was all very intense for about four months and then he left for vacation. He didn't call and when he did he said his phone was broken and that he had to get a new one. Then he said he was extending his trip so I took that as a sign that he didn't care for me the way I cared for him.

I also thought that he could be with other women too. So I was upset and also afraid of being hurt so I stopped contacting him and ignored him. Maybe I was wrong... So to make a long story short we didn't talk or hang out for 3 months until one day he showed up at where I worked and I was surprisingly happy to see him. I thought this showed that he had some real guts since I was the one to break things off.

I found out that he worked on the floor below me and waited to come see me until he felt the time was right. I thought this was all very romantic...So he started pursuing me again and at first I said no, but finally agreed to hang out with him. I liked him more this time and things felt surreal mixed with a bit of deja-vue...he still really liked me and wanted to see me all the time again, so I decided to give him a second chance...

i know that Taurus men are known to pursue you and then once they have you they may drift a bit. He is doing that now, but again called to ask to hang out and i said no, but we planned to hang out for my birthday. He made it extra special for me and pampered me. He was opening up to me more too.

Could this mean he does have deeper feelings for me than i realized? He hasn't called in a few days and I'm wondering one; if he needs time or if he was getting me back for ignoring him, or just doesn't feel the spark anymore. All I know is that I'm ready to stop playing games and be in a better relationship with him, but I'm confused as to what I should do...any advice would be much appreciated!

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He needs to be reassured....
by: BrooklynTaurus

I am a Taurus.

Tauruses do not play mind games. In fact we hate it! When he decided to extend his trip, you actually over-reacted. This is probably why he didn't fight for you when you terminated the relationship despite how he obviously felt about you. YES, WE'RE VERY STUBBORN PEOPLE. We will not cave in.

A Taurus will give someone the world, fidelity, pampering, romance, financial security, and happiness, povided that the other person be PATIENT in return. It's true, we're chronic procrastinators when it comes to love, but when a person chooses to exercise some form of patience with us, it lets us know that they're in it for the long haul.

My advice, you were given a second chance with your Taurus. Trust me, his feelings for you are mutual. Give him that reassurance that you're not going to end it every time the both of you are faced with trials and tribulations. We HATE uncertainty! If this kind of uncertainty persists, a DARK side of a Taurus will emerge. Once crossed, consider yourself finished. Trust me, it won't be pretty. His stubborness will be magnified to the 10th power, He will emotionally disconnect himself from you. He will be blunt and hurtful, not tactful. He will be flighty and less reliable. He will openly flirt with other women in front of you. Not to drive you crazy, but to look for your permanent replacement. Once he ends it with you, this man rarely looks back! He never regresses! It would be as if he never loved you at all!

2010 Sept
by: Anonymous

And what is your star sign exactly? Maybe you are not compatible?

good luck
by: Kellen

I'm a Taurus too and I agree completely. I HATE mind games. I may not tell you everything right away, but I'm not playing games. Just waiting for the right time. You DID over-react. You assumed it was for a woman. Maybe it was for family or friends.
I wouldn't say we're procrastinators...more like we do things on our own time. We're both patient and confident that things will happen when they need to, so no need to rush it. When it comes to love, we give EVERYTHING and expect very little in return but patience, understanding, and at least put something into the relationship when you take something out, just to show you're not using us. We take longer because if we're going to give it our all, we want to make sure we're giving it to the right person. So here we watch and wait, to see if you won't burn us after.
Once again, I agree. We only give so many chances. For me, once the door closes, it's closed forever. I may still think of you from time to time and miss you, but it doesn't mean I'll ever let you in. I may even still talk to you, but you'll never get back the same me ever again. I've erased all evidence of any ex's...except for a pair of sneakers because they were useful.
So in the end, take what you got and run with it. We're not always easy to handle, but we'll always be there for whatever reason and you'll never need anything. If you mentioned a pair of earrings you liked, he may have already bought it or is waiting for the time to give it to you...even if you mentioned it five months ago. We have great memory and to us, it's the little things that count.

Taurus man out there please advise...
by: Aquarius/Pisces Girl

I have a 16 yr history with a Taurus... I was his first girlfriend in Elementary school! I ended up going to another school & didn't actually interact with him until I graduated highschool... we hung out, became intimate & then he went to school 8 hrs away & I got hurt... this happened one more time. then we went 6 yrs without talking, same thing we were intimate & then he started dating someone else & told me he couldn't talk to me anymore. That was last yr. Exactly a yr goes by & he contacted me again but promised that this time was different. That he wanted all of me but that he just got out of a relationship. I am in no hurry to rush into a relationship at this point myself, and I have come to realize how much he means to me... any advise? He came out and expressed his feelings, telling me he couldn't stop thinking about me & has always thought about me. He was texting me non-stop. He told me he was so excited that we were back in contact. He's sick right now with the cold & has a big event coming up tomorrow & has basically closed up... Should I be concerned? I haven't said anything other than I hoped he was ok and that I hope he has a good day... or night... I'm trying to give him his space & let him come around on his own... I just do not want to push him away... I want us to end up together eventually... How can I do that? Am i off to the right start?

by: Another Taurus Man

I cannot agree more with the previous comments. Mind games are irritating to say the least. Give him reassurance and I’m sure it will pan out. To not try to persuade or direct a Taurus against his/her own will. It won’t work, we are too stubborn. If you showed any signs of this when he told you about his extended vacation it is probably why he avoided you for so long.

Aquarius/Pisces Girl
by: Anonymous

Your best bet.

Be direct and honest as to where you want to take it. I will have to agree with the previous posters. Tauruses hate mind games, emotional maipulation, and lies. Take it sloooow! Don't rush him, and enjoy the ride.

A little more advice
by: Brama Bull

To be truthfully honest with you yes he does like more than you can possibly imagine. I do agree with the other comment in the sense that you might be overreacting. However it also depends on the maturity level of the person that you dealing with. If he is a young taurus he probably playing the field as young taureans are known to do but if he is willing to go through the rigors of romance then I can assure you that he is playing the game of seduction and that is a game of patience. All Taurus understand this sacred art. We definetely like to feel like we are in control when it comes to wooing a woman. We have the ability to give ourselves completely and wholeheartedly to a person but we have to be absolutely sure she is worthy. We have in our minds a checklist of the qualities we look for and yes we check it a million times when we have found someone worth the effort. If you want to occupy your time brush up on what attracts a taurus man and try playing the game and seduce him a little bit. He wont hold it against you. Being seduced not pursued but seduced is one of the greatest forms of flattery to a taurus. But do remember we dont like feeling like we are being forced or we will charge like a bull going the other way. He likes you and is biding his time but rest assured he is checking you out the whole time and making sure that you keep up with his standards. Trust me I would know.

taurus men
by: Anonymous

i would say you're a lucky girl and hes definitely smitten with you,but i disagree on 'steadfast loyalty' from any taurus man under 30,they often are sowing their wild oats,also a taurus man could be prone to having affairs when away from you because they love having their ego stroked and if its not fully serious they could def have an affair if a girl flaunted it,give him another chance but let it be a fresh chance and give it TIME.it will feel right if it is right

Is this taurus man playing games?
by: Anonymous

Is he leading me on? My ex bf left me about 6 weeks ago,I tried not to make any contact for the first 2 weeks even though he would text me every other day to see if I was ok. I always just gave him short and simple replies. After that, he began calling me frequently and since then he calls me every night and we talk for long hours on skype as he is in another country.
Whenever we talk, he gets really personal with me so basically talks to me like he did when we were dating, he compliments me all the time, asks me about work and my day and shares his day aswell. He also always tells me where he is and what he is up to even when I don't ask. He tells me about job interviews he is doing and keeps me updated on his progress and he asks me to keep him updated about my life aswell. I am starting to get used to us talking all the time and I don't want to get carried away if its nothing. On valentines day, He sent me a sweet message but ended it with 'thanks for being my friend xx ' which I thought was sending mixed signals.He also said he bumped into an old friend of mine on valentine's day who didn't know we dated and when my friend asked him what he had planned for the day, he said he would probably just go home and talk to me.And he felt silly that he let it slip so he went on to say that we dated but are good friends now and whatever happens he would still wantto remain good friends. I wasn't sure if this meant we were trying to work things out but if it didn't go well he would still want to be good friends with me.
He also makes references to us hanging out in future and sometimes when I hold back with saying things he always says to remember that we said we would work on our communication because that was our main problem of breaking up. He said I wasn't very open about how I felt about him and he often felt unnappreciated and assumed he liked me alot more than I did him.
He also always brings up the things we did together and thinks he liked most about me and tries to get me to say what it was that I liked about him when we were together.
I really don't know what to think now, does he want to make things work and is scared or is he just lonely?

Taurus male
by: Anonymous

Sounds to me like he likes idea of being in control and by not technically being in a relationship it is just his way of taking it slow. Like one of the previous commenter’s said Taurus’s have a checklist of things they want in a relationship and if even one of those things begin to slip he will probably not talk to you for awhile until he feels he is ready to try again. That’s just the way it goes. Also a Taurus rather sit back and talk about nothing rather than talk about something uninteresting to them. We especially hate being forced to reveal are feelings to someone while what we say may be true at the moment we say it, it scares us that you got that much information out of us and we no longer have control of the situation. Don’t ever do this to a Taurus! Let them tell you on their own time and the feelings will stick. My advice would be continue talking to him but do not make him talk about his feelings he will do this on his own when he is ready. Along with not forcing him to talk about his feelings also do not force him to introduce you to his family and friends. He will come around to doing this when he is ready and once you are in you are in.

On an interesting side note we are great at relating to situations and can usually put things into our own perspective this is what gives them most of their good qualities and makes them so interesting. We love being right and in some cases we will go to extremes to get answers or flip a situation around to favor are self. I even did it just now answering your question. I started answering in 3rd person view and then switched to 1st person by the time I answered your question lol

yes they are elusive
by: Anonymous

i had this one guy,n like the first person said,there are tymes when they suddenly missing,n i tried to contact him ,then after few days he come back like nothing happen! it freaks me out everytime he did that,she is not over acted n i did felt it too,i cried for days ,i get annoyed and mad n restless n worried,but he didn't understand it ,for me it's like a mental torture,,they didn't like mind game because it's a torture for them,same goes to us,we didn;t like to being left without any notice,don't leave us ,at least give reason,n he always over slept even he knows we have a date, n when taurus guy is mad ,the good part is taurus guy good at cooking,he is so understanding,n when u go shopping with them,they always willing to follow u around the mall to get all the things u want,n the next day after u had a fight he will do something very funny (n seriously so not like them) n u will fall in love again with them

Move on!
by: Anonymous

Yes time to move on!!for sure!!

Confused teen pisces girl forever in love with young taurus male--
by: Anonymous

Hi i'm 17 & I'm in loveeee with my ex who is 20. He is a Taurus male... We met on my birthday when I was messing around with his older brother-- he doesn't know that though. We started messing around in early April & then I watched him fall in love with another woman. It broke my heart, we stopped talking for 2 weeks & then they broke up & we started talking again. I don't play mind games with him or any guy I am a straight up person. But eventually a couple of months later.. He would ignore me, I would give him space & that never seemed to be enough with him. He gave me Thrush (a yeast infectio in ur mouth) I still talked to him.. He did me wrong sooooo many times & I got burned a lot. I was always confuse because he never told me how he felt.. Which I HATED! But yet he would mess around with other girls but still wanted me in his bed every night! I couldn't emphasize that more. Now we just stopped talking for about a week.. Will he come around again? How long should I give him?? He's always staring at me when he sees me, & makes it obvious. What are some signs when he's in love, annoyed, & just needs space??? Please help me. I'm so confused. But I know I wanna marry him...

Married Taurus Man..meets up with Ex Girlfriend 17 yrs ago via Facebook
by: Anonymous

Yes, I'm a Married Taurus man who while in College 17 yrs has a Leo Girlfriend for 1 yr..Lots of Romance, Compatability but Lots of Arguments for last 4 months of relationship which caused the separation to end, hoping one day I would meet her again. Well, I never looked for her again until 17 yrs later on facebook she finds me. Me, married for 13 yrs with same woman (capricorn) for 16 yrs, when I saw that FB email from my ex, felt like the 'ground shook' as in the 'pirates of the Carribean I' movie when the gold medallion neclace drops to the ocean floor to 'resurrect the Curse'. Well, after FB conversations about how are you,,and each others request to email pictures back and forth from the 'old-days' another request to have dinner was made. Well, that went ok and it was great catching up. Until a request to visit again only this time to check her PC (a virus issue), well went over again and a quickly a massage by her on my back led to me recipricating the same to her..but i realized quickly that 'a spiral' was starting and i ended it..and kindly excused myself & left. Anyone else in my situation would have either not visited in the first place, or would have stayed continued and allowed 17 yrs of lost passion of two lovers to reach fruition. Nonetheless, I still respect the time we shared talking and recapping about old times, it definetly makes me respect those classic love songs about Love many yrs ago and what ever happened to SO & SO. Incidentally, However, in the last 2 yrs i've found myself love struck by a young Pisces co-worker beauty, nothing physical materialized other then a lock on each others' eyes and a smiling gaze toward each other. So I can vouch for the fact "love at First Site" between a Taurus Man and a Pisces Woman is 'indeed True'. But when I found out she was 15 yrs. younger than me, i emailed and told her so,.,,and encouraged her to find another taurus. I couldnt say goodbye..Taurians dont say goodbye..its too emotional for us. Well, less than 2 yrs later she married a Younger Taurus man closer to her own age,..so Im happy for her. Now, Lately, I've headstruck by another co-worker, a tall GEMINI ..however, after realizing the age difference and horoscope compatability issue I guess i'll no longer think about her and focus instead on Looking and Loving the One "i should always" be looking at, my Capricorn wife.

need help !!!

my case is kind of ridiculous but i will write about it anyway. I met this taurus man on facebook at first he was sooooooooooooo sweet. He asked me to add him on whatsapp so we were connected all the time to chat we talked about kids and everything... he was always so attentive and if i didnt asnwer fast he wouldlk ask me what i was doing ? and everytime i went out he would ask me to send him pics to see with whom i was. he kept saying I LIKE U VERY MUCH U R SOO BEAUTIFUL!... i dont know after a month he started acting elusive ignoring me at times and he apologized saying he was busy. One day he wouldnt talk to me at all only texted me hey baby excuse me ! and then i sent him an emoticon and that was it... next day i was some angry that i wrote me since u dont wanna talk to me anymore i wont bother u anymore...take care kiss..... I regreted after 2 days and wrote him apologizing and telling him how sorry i was but he completely ignored me and since i wrote him from facebook he was connected the whole week but never wrote me...
I dont know what to do i really like him and he wont talk to me...help!!!

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