Taurus Scorpio sex is awesome

I am a Scorpio woman and I am dating a Taurus man. I would have to say the journey so far is one like I have never felt before! We are going on 2 years of dating...

We met at a park and I was walking and he wasn't. As I was about to pass him walking our eyes met and it was something about the way we locked eyes that to this day I can't fully describe the feeling that I felt (maybe it was the surprised moisture I felt, LOL!)! Even our first conversation that day in the park was beyond words. This man is truly every woman's dream!

We don't fight but sometimes I feel like we don't agree on simplest of things and or he leaves me confused and frustrated at times! However the sex is sooo explosive that he doesn't compare to anyone I have every had sex with. I am a freak by nature (but a woman in the streets) and he satisfies all of my needs and then some! One could say that I was waiting just for him to unlock them! There is no limits to things or the places I would go with this man!

It has been a journey worth taking!

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Taurus Scorpio sex is awesome
by: Anonymous

I also have my special feelings 4 Taurus men! my first love was, of course a Taurus, but it was a bad experience. the relationship was great ... we complimented each other n had great bed times but he was unfaithful n always denied it. we were so angry at time wit each other that we'll cus n spite each other but if we were left alone in a room u no what will happen! we both loved sex. even though we had so much complications in our relationship n broke up ... we couldn't resist each other, we couldn't keep away from each other. I miss him but will not get back wit him. I eventually replaced him wit a more loving n honest Taurus. I love my new relationship but will not forget my 1st love.

Taurus Scorpio sex is awesome
by: Anonymous

6 years ago I, a Scorpio woman, dated a Taurus man for 2 years. It was a whirlwind romance that rocked both of us to the core. He cheated on his girlfriend to get me, and get me he did. So yes, they cheat. We were so in love, took trips, wrote cute notes, gave each other insane gifts, and the sex--EXPLOSIVE!!

I followed him from city to city, supporting his career, and one day, he just didn't love me anymore. He said he lost that loving feeling, and he couldn't even explain why.

We became friends after breaking up, maintaining a very unhealthy not just friends but not loves kind of relationship. It was very hard for me because I never stopped loving him, I probably loved him more.

After FOUR years of being his friend, neither of us dating others, but not dating each other, I decided that I couldn't live with what he had to offer. 7 months ago, I told him to leave me alone and he did.

I feel ruined, and desolate. I miss him, and truly believe that he's the love of my life. I feel that I'll love him forever, and that we have a connection something bigger than both of us that had brought us together.

Beware of this charming, generous, passionate man. He can break your heart, but you'll have the time of your life!

It cuts both ways.
by: Anonymous

My first real love was a Scorpio woman. I had a few girlfriends and sexual relationships before her, but none felt lke love util the scorpio. One day, quite randomly, I realized I was in love with her because I just couldn't picture my future without her.
She was a virgin when we met and we were together almost nine months before we began a sexual relationship. Perhaps we were just too young to make it last, and perhaps I was too insecure to know how. But I had always had a nagging feeling that my love for her was much stronger than hers for me, and that someday she would leave for someone that gave her more of a sense of self importance. I was not able to communicate my insecurity to her, and in retrospect I don't think it would have made a difference. And I think this insecurity jaded my reaction to her more and more. I began to sense her pulling away and she became embarassingly flirtatious in front of me. Ultimatey she cheated on me with a (not so) good friend of mine.
This wounded me so deeply that I never quite got over it. After this betrayal, we were on again and off again for a year, and every time it would end with her betraying me. The most wicked betrayal was when I finally found someone I was genuinely interested in and she came back to me just long enough to destroy this budding relationship. And then she left me for another. But I think the sex between us was so powerful that she never found an equal.
I ran off to become a fighter pilot to get away from her. After we had been apart for a couple of years and then I called her on a whim. We rekindled the romance and the sex and I was foolish enough to marry her. It wasnt three months into the our marriage when the in-your-face flirting was on again and then the a few months later, the next betrayal. We were living in Europe where I was assigned and she wanted to go home to visit her family, and I knew whe wasn't coming back, and I knew deep down I didn'twant her to, and that she was doing me a favor of great magnitude.
I think the worst outcome was that I was so emotionally disfunctional that over the next few years I hurt scores of women who I know genuinely loved me, but I jsut couldn't get that powerful bond that I first had with her when I was first in love many years ago.
I've had a series of failed marriages, two children, and even today I am single ... and hungry: that "constant craving that never ends."
Perhas it's too late to mend now.

RE: Fighter Pilot
by: ScarlettLetter

Scorp girl here, moved by your story. I'm so sorry that your scorpio girl was such a negative and unforgettable experience for you. She seems to have had some deep issues in her life to be so self destructive. You must believe me when I say she did this to herself and not to you.
We all have weaknesses and lessons to learn in life... and perhaps your lesson is to learn to let go, and truly forgiving her for the damamge she has caused you. It's the only way for you to be able to forgive yourself and allow yourself to be happy and invite positive experiences to come to you.

I know that Taurus is VERY stubborned... perhaps more than us Scorps. But there comes a time when consistency doesn't work for you, it works against you. And that is when you need to embrace change.

Your life here on Earth still continues, and I truly hope that you give yourself another chance to love and trust again. Love in the innocense and trust that everything will be o.k.

By being happy and hopeful, your energy will be lighter and brighter and that my friend is only a magnet for happy healthy females looking for LOVE!!

The best of luck

I am insatiable and we can go for hours together
by: Anonymous

I am a true Scorpio when it comes to sex. I love it long lasting, hot,super steamy and yes...kinky. I have finally met my match with my Taurus bull. We drive each other wild in bed amd it is so fun with him. He never gets tired and we can literally go for hours and lose track of time. The first time we had sex...we went so many rounds, we ended up in having sex for 10 hours. He is not afraid to "go there" with me and tells me he loves how masty I am...lol. I love that he is so sexually fun and playful and understands what I want and gives it to me....and he always asks me if I want some more, which I think is so sweet....

I love my Taurus guy
by: Rainbow

I met my Taurus guy seven months ago. I met him by chance one Saturday afternoon. I was checking out and he was waiting on me. I did everything I could to keep talking to him. I thought about him for three days and went back to see him. He wasn't there, but I left my number and two days later he called me. We've been talking ever since. He is the most amazing, sweet, loving and sensual man I have ever met. We had(still do)an amazing emotional connection. And when we made love for the first time it was explosive! I had never experienced anything like that with anyone else. He is raw sexual energy. Intense and passionate. I've never had a connection like this with anyone before. I've met the love of my life.

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