Taurus Scorpio sexual attraction

I am a Scorpio woman and I always find an uncontrollable sexual attraction to the Taurus men and visa versa! Its very interesting when my eyes meet a Taurus mans, its immediate uncontrollable sexual attraction! Not much emotional attraction with these men at all. Was wondering if anyone else had the same feelings as i do??? Is it just me? I know that both our horoscopes tend to be sexual.

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Me too!!!

I'm a Taurus male and I could ALWAYS sense when the person I meet is a scorpio and I feel such attraction. I'm in a 2 year relationship with a pisces and since I don't believe in cheating I won't pursue them, but if I ever brake up with my girlfriend I have no doubt that the next sign WILL BE a scorpio woman.

Sexual attraction
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman and am inexplicably attracted to the man I'm dating. He is a taurus, and I'm wondering if this is part of the reason.

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