Taurus Trouble with Libra girl

by David

I dated a Libra female for 3 months, in the beginning it was beer and skittles but as time went on things became rocky and ultimately lead to our demise. This was due in part to the fact that she was socially addicted, constantly checking FB and trying to keep up with the rest of the world. Also when she missed a part of the conversation we were having because she was checking, I was furious. I have no need to be constantly abreast of what the rest of the world is doing, and when you are with Taurus male you must be with him.

Taurus males have perhaps the strongest libidos in the world, making it difficult for them to understand why sex would not be an important part of a relationship. When my Libra told me she wanted to wait and "do things right" but yet I had knowledge of her having previously had sex with a past partner again I was miffed. You cannot under any circumstances tell a Taurus that sex is out of the question or they will without hesitation move on.

I very much loved her, put her on a pedestal and kept her there but there was still a deeply seeded nagging suspicion that she just could not be trusted. As fate would have it such was the case and I was left with nothing but a broken heart and a feeling of mortal hatred. I have not written off Librans completely but I am much more cautious and wary when I meet them now.

All in all I was very unhappy and would hope that not all Libra ladies are like this. Yes, we Taureans have a tendency to be very passionate, romantic and loyal but betray that and you have made a mortal enemy possibly for life.

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