Taurus who dated a Scorpio

Im a Taurus who dated a Scorpio 3 months ago. on our first week of getting to know each other,things run smoothly its just that every time we meet he wants to give me money for shopping to which i got offended (i m earning enough). succeeding days his personality changed. he act like he owns me. as if im his wife..he is soooo bossy, sensitive, unpredictable moods! he always talk mostly bout his car, his salary, etc that i dont have interest with! on our 8 days of dating he gave me a ring to which i refused.his face got crumpled asking a lot of Why's? after explaining my side he said "dont u know the price of this ring?" haha.p ast 3 days before he called asking for an apology. exactly 2 weeks, he sent an Sms saying "love, where are you? its too cold, wish you're here so you can embrace me". i replied jokingly" if you see a wall or tree there, you can embrace it for the meantime"! he responded saying youre too much!y ou hurt me!w hat do u think of me etc! I laughed out loud..that was our last conversation

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Scorpio is unsafe
by: Anonymous

Whoa this Scorpio is horrible. Stay away from him Taurus. He want to have sex with you by giving you a ring, money (how much money? a million?) and saying something else after 8 days. Let he embraces the tree or wall if he is cold. As I knew, Scorpio is a bossy and manipulative. Scorpio man is bad. Be very very careful. Be smart dont let a very cruel Scorpio engulf you. Take care.

re-scorpio is unsafe
by: Anonymous

hey it looks like you hate scorpio? dont worry pal,its already a close book.he tried winning me back but he didnt succed!!
thanks and take care too

From a pal
by: Anonymous

Scorpio is a fool, a lonely, a cheater, a liar, greedy, and too selfish that he cannot hide from me as Virgo. I knew him from the start. Can you imagine how much I LOVE HIM?? I never been detested Scorpio at all. I love and forgive as I could. Don't think that he can come back to me. Nooo wayy...a man has no heart and words TO COMFORT ME.

Taurus inlove with a fool scorpio
by: Anonymous

I remember having an affair with a scorpio woman. She's little bit quit,hot in bed,moody,sensitive, materialistic,liar,cheater and secretive. unfortunately,Our relationship lasted for 3 months upon discovering what her true colors are. I have long patience,tolerate things as long as i can but when you broke my trust you cant bring it back again. Loving her was a big mistake i've ever done

I cannot trust Scorpio ever a gain
by: Anonymous

Not only you who had an affair with the wrong person who is Scorpio-female. I did too with a Scorpio woman since we are in school together; she broke all the promises that she has promised with me. Your comment is absolutely correct. I'm Virgo have been through with this moodily, materialism and secretive lady. I need to end up with a cheater a liar, and dark heart.
Now I met a little Taurus friend who has a big red heart and thoughtful. I learn to forgive, forget, AND NO REGRET. BEST WISHES!!!

taurus girl
by: Anonymous

as a taurus, i can say i love scorpios,
the crazier, the better :)
what you described sounds like my dream guy...minus all the talk about money,cars, etc.. that's kinda a turn off

from a taurus
by: Anonymous

I DON'T THINK THAT IS a true scorpion , passionated , so deep , so unique , ans iam still studying him , will add more ,his confident personality fir me much

I'm a Scorpio Man
by: Anonymous

I'm home sick today so spending some time researching things like Astrogogy. My Wife, a Aquarius is basically sexless. After spending a few hours reading descriptions of all the signs, I think there is some truth to this stuff as a generalization. I just wanted to say that I think that not all Scorpios or other signs are the same. All I can say is the main characteristics are mostly true for me. I love to love and be loved. I'm passionate and love to experiment. Been married for over 30 years and have never strayed. I desire passion more than anything else. Sex without passion is just using someone elses body to masturbate with. Useless. When I see a women that I find attractive I think more along the lines of, "I wonder if she is passionate and would love me?" I would return the favor, and then some. Opps, I've said too much.

Tarus Girl
by: Scorpio Man in Ga 5/20/11

we should find a way to meet. Im not as wack as her study project but I am a rariety or so Ive been told. I will not offer thoughts of myself as I see it personal views are rarely similar to what others will think of us. yet the views of otheres generally follow closely in opinion

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