Taurus woman obsessed with a Virgo

by Lilliana

I'm a Taurus woman, obsessed with this Virgo man. I've never been so insanely in love before. Mind you we met over 2 years ago working for the summer at Panera and haven't seen each other since. But the love we had was so strong. All our colleagues teased us about visiting one another when the other wasn't scheduled.

He was leaving in the winter for China and I was going back to school in the fall. He wanted me to go over to China with him, but I declined. Honestly, I've regretted it ever since. We never told one another we liked each other. Never did anything physically. I always thought it was obvious and when the time came that he liked me enough he'd tell me. It never came. Instead I gave him my favorite cds to burn to his computer and he never gave them back. I still think about him everyday and sadly check his facebook almost everyday. It's sick!

I feel like it's so unhealthy to feel this way. I've had every man I've ever set my eyes on. Except for him. Every guy I've dated since I've compared to him. I've legit gone through 10 boyfriends in the last 2 years because I want someone just like him and they don't measure up. My passion for love hasn't been the same since. After a year of not talking he texted me and told me he had moved to Atlanta and I should visit him so he could give me back my cds.

It was so random. I never went because I worried about looking crazy. He moved back north a few months later. We've made plans a few times to meet and he's ditched me each time to sit at home and post facebook status', as though to say "hey I'd rather sit at home on the computer than see you". I know I'm crazy. But I can't stand feeling this way over someone I barely see anymore.

I can't help it. Though he hasn't had a girl friend since he's met me, so maybe he fells the same? Hahah, or he's gay which would make me feel better. But I wonder if I should tell him I fell in love with him summers ago and I think about him all the time? I've never been so upfront with my feelings. I'm afraid he'll just ignore me afterward for some reason. Though I know he thinks about me as well judging from the random emails and texts. I've never been this confused or thought I was crazy. Please someone give me some advice!

I don't know how to move on in life!

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Help with Virgo
by: Anonymous

I think you should go for it and tell him how you feel. I am a Taurus woman as well. Our biggest relationship dilemma? PROCRASTINATION! Thoughts, ideas, aspirations, and passions live and die in our heads! We will create a million 'What ifs' rather than a million 'Why nots' to pursue ANYTHING in life. I know it's going to be difficult to make the 1st move. You may feel awkward expressing yourself verbally, especially if it's not something you're used to.
My advice, write a letter. Proofread it about three times. Virgos are finicky, trust me!

Be bold and unafraid!
Good Luck!

go for it
by: Jacqui

I too am a Taurus girl madly in love with a Virgo man... ours started when we were in school, because we were so young our families intervened and we separated. Throughout the years fate has stepped in and we've met, always with bad timing, him being married or me... Here we are 27 yrs later, him now divorced but again engaged. Problem is our feelings are exactly the same as those two kids we were all those years ago... Time has a way of passing and regret sets in. Go for it, what have you got to lose? If he snubs you, only you two will know, but what if he doesn't.... imagine that possibilities ;)

by: Anonymous

You will know if a Virgo man is into you, They do whatever they can for you and want to spend as much time as possible with you... I am sorry to say it doesn't seem like he is that in you at the moment... But you just have to show some interest and step back, like fishing! He will take notice and if things are meant to be they will be! Good luck!

This coming from a Virgo man
by: Brian

Girl..you have to be forcefull with him. He does want you because he pops up out out of the blue about some cd's, chances are he thinks about you alot probably. Virgo men like to be pursued, we don't chase women because we tend to be shy with are feelings, but when were are confronted and its time for us to react on are feeling, we tend to erupt like a volcano. So go get this man if you cant stop thinking of him. I was in a relationship with A Scorpio and she literally broke into my house while I was asleep and woke me up to tell me how she felt.

Taurus Woman Wants her Virgo Man
by: I want my Virgo!

I met him in 2005...he's the epitiome of what a perfect husband would be, we share the same values (for the most part) and i admire his intellect and desire for all good things. He is strong and wise, sweet and tasteful. We've dated others, I got in a few serious relationships, although he never did. We always kept in touch. Somehow we ended up back in the same state. (Finally) He's mest some1 new...but they're not officially dating. He always has texted me in the past...really sweet and random so I know theres intrest. But I am willing to compete with this "other girl" she lives in another state. So it shouldn't be that hard. I know she has the upperhand b/c he and I have lost touch in the past...but we're right back in it for a reason. I love him and I hope to make him mine.

I'm obsessed with a virgo guy!
by: Anonymous

I met him in 2006. He was single at the time but I was married so I couldnt be with him. We lost contact in 2008 and I saw him again in 2009.

Not for a second I can stop thinking about him. He went back with his wife and he has two kids. I'm still married. And I know is no right to be thinking about him but I can control my feelings.

We talk from time to time, then he will just disapear. I wish I can understand the way he acts. Even more I wish I can just get him out of my mind!


Go go go
by: Anonymous

Go for it! Just meet up with him, if only to confront your fantasies. I'm a virgo guy and I demonstrate the exact same behaviours as your Virgo does. We muster up some courage send some weird nonsensical text msg about Cds for example =P He is definitely thinking about you make no mistake you just have to corner him, kindoff

Signs are for Fools
by: Anonymous

I'm a human obsessed with an alien.

This makes about as much sense as "I'm a Scorpio obsessed with a Libra".

Complete nonsense. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you'll leave planet Neptune and come back to Earth.

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