Taurus Woman pushing me away

A Taurus woman just did a complete turn on me. We've known each other for 4 years through work. Past 2 years we've grown closer and she displayed all the signs of a woman that is interested. She even does the whole physical contact you guys are always talking about.

When we hug she hugs me tight and the last time we hugged she almost kissed me. She constantly stares at me and immediately brighten up when she sees me. She did kiss me once on my neck. She gets seriously jealous when girls come around me even if they're friends.

Not too long ago I gave her an edible gift which she loved. Recently I gave her flowers and now she's stating that our relationship should just be professional and she didn't mean to come off as she is interested. I then said ok and I would like for us to be friends. Then she stated that we are friends and will always be friends but just said she only wanted us to have a professional relationship. She also loved the gift.

So now I'm just like what happened and where did that come from? She is the type of girl that if someone made an advance and she wasn't interested then she would say it right away which is why I was shocked at what she said because she never denied any of my advances or flirtatious conversations. I serious need help deciphering this. And I just want to add that I'm a Capricorn and I only make moves when I'm sure and I was 100% percent sure.

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