Tell me if this relationship is still on, is over or can be saved!!!

by sarah

Hi Everybody
I am in a kind of relationship with an aquarian man. He is much younger than me. Initially the friendship which gradually transformed into love was fabulous.But suddenly after being together for about 10 months he is behaving like a total stranger. he doesn't wait for me anymore. We dines at the same table but he totally ignores me. Question is of not talking to me but treating me like dirt. But he scraps me and mails me and says that I'm his best friend. After being so close with him for practically 24 hours a day it's difficult to bear the stark reality. On my part I haven't done anything wrong. I felt cheated. I am trying my best to go on with my life. I don't have much problem with him talking to others but how can you even ignore and run away from your best friend eventhough I am not making any demands. Everything was fine just in the morning the next day he changed. He is also hiding some other love affairs of his from me although he keeps telling me of his previous girl friends. Can somebody help me out if there some other positive way I should be thinking of his behaviour.

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