by RedStar

I cannot thank you enough, all of you, for your input. I was about to give up on an EXTREMELY great man because of certain traits: Communication, aloofness, feelings, etc. But I am more than overjoyed that I now understand why. I feel close to tears.

The sex is so amazing.. sensual, passionate, fun, erotic and very pleasing... he has the stamina of a bull and I adore his efforts in pleasing me.
Most of all, I am so grateful to hear about the compatibility.

I am a sag/cap cusp (Dec. 22) and wondered what what wrong with ME...but I see now, omg..I feel like it's a new beginning with this understanding.
He is THE EPITOME of a Virgo man...I mean to the effing T!

Now what I do with this information is key. Thank you all for sharing, and thank the website for having this forum!!

Peace and joy to you all!!

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my relationship with my I am 24 cap hes 33 virgo man
by: dee

That is what I am sayin to girl. my man will fuss about me sayin somethin that he says im not tellin the story correct about .tell me im liein .leave and space his sele from me. we just made up yesterday yet i wasnt sure if that ment we were gonna get into a serious connection or what.he told me everything is perfect about us, we are gonna just be friends ,and we will see what is comin in the future for us because we are still talkin every night but he had just said no we are not gonna work on buildin anything with me. so he shocked me last night when he told me he has got to gone and cuff me down and he loves me so i really am lookin at every post and it seems like im doin everythang right.i have been really moody around him showing my emotions all the time.i came to realize that we only express ourselves for real in the bedroom.

since i know in my heart that we have a genium connections i told him im not goin anywhere and that i can not see my self with anybody else i told him that he can answer my phone if he would like there is no one callin me except the guys i told you about and that is not every night . when we first met he and i had a mutual friend but she started some he said she said bull so i have cut her off but i told her we cool i m just not hangin like that with her any more. i told him since i know hes the one that im gonna marry oneday since i know hes the man god sent to me who matches me so perfectly i am not lettin her or no one else tear what we have apart .so i am exactly what he wants i just have to start lettin him think hes right and shy away from debates that turn into arguments and we will be aight i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve him and he loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees me tooo now thats whats up

Cap woman just dumped virgo man
by: Anonymous

We argued abt Silly stuff, he loved to change subject without resolving anything, he is a widow so he never understood my issues with him dating me and him wearing his WEDDING RING!! I was tired of walkin on egg shells, i couldnt ask a question w/o him takin it the wrong way! He would ask if i wanted him to help me with anything, he'd help then throw it in my face every chance he got. He always brought up old arguments, during a NEW argument. I deserve REAL LOVE, not the I LOVE YOU, just to say it crap!!!

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