The Aquarian man and I

by Scorpio25

I am a Scorpio woman who has hooked up with an Aquarian man for over a year now. He is very charismatic and has a certain "pull" towards him. I find him ULTRA sexy... We hardly communicate with each other when he is not around, we both have our own separate lives and do our own thing.

I live in a different country from him and i don't travel alot, but he does. Whenever he is in my town he always calls me and demands that we hook up, and i being the patient one waiting for him to call am always anxious to see him. He is the only guy i am sexually active with for the past year now. Sometimes i don't see or hear from him for months, but it's cool with me i have no reason to be jealous of him being with other girls or getting upset with him invading my space. The funniest thing is that we had sex the first day we met, he was so sweet, holding my hand in public, whispering things he wants to do to me in my ear, and staring at me like he wanted to rip my clothes off infront of everyone. He was very "touchy feely", which drove me insane and wet. Each time we hooked up it's just like the very first time (hot and steamy).He is a single father now and very busy due to the work he does(entertainer). But for some strange reason i am yearning for a longterm relationship with him, i sometimes dream of a future with this man, knowing that he is the only guy who i am in anyway, shape or form attracted to. Can this be done?

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Space is A must
by: Vlad

I'm an can be it with him and trust it will be worth it...

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