The type of woman Virgo men like

by Shona
(Atlanta Ga)

I seem to attract virgo men a lot, maybe it's because i'm so conservative in dress. They love that! They don't care for slang language. They prefer their women on the "pent up" side. (think frazer's ex-wife.) Conversation is very very important. Gotta have smarts.

Virgos remember everything you say, so try not to get caught in any lies. Watch what you say to them! They are human so they do have feelings, it's just that you have to let them express them their way: hand holding, Opening car doors,
helping you with your coat. When it comes to sex, they like it freaky and clean at the same time! (not slutty outwards, but behind closed doors is good!). They love sexy lingerie under those conservative clothes! Make sure the bra matches the panties! Be clean, smell good, on and on... for more of the picture rent the movie "the secretary" with Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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