The unpredictable Aquarius man

by 3rd chance

Ah, the Aquarius man....I met mine almost 20 years ago in college. I am a Libra. Instant attraction and the relationship moved very fast and was very intense. Then, fizzled out. 2 years later it began again, but both still being very young and dumb, it ended fairly quickly. Fast forward 15 years. I had married, he had married. He's currently going through a divorce and I am at the beginning stages of mine. We got back in touch about a month ago and expressed feelings that had never died for each other. It got very intense very fast again and he retreated. He came back and the whole scenario happened again. I have to laugh about it because it's typical Aqua behavior. Every time he runs, I give him his space and wait for him to return. He will continue to do this over and over again until he is comfortable with the friendship. I'm hoping it will eventually turn into something more, but with his divorce and my divorce, I know I will need to be patient with him if I want it to turn into something lasting......

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The unpredictable Aquarius man
by: Leo Schmeo

Move on, they're emotionally retarded!

Re: 3rd Chance
by: Hope

May 11, 2010

That's a very interesting dynamic between the two of you. Please keep updating. I am interested to see how it turns out.

oh wow
by: libra also

Happened to me exactly....

libra going insane
by: Anonymous

Ive been seeing an Aquarius man for almost a year now and he cant decide what he day he loves me and its great and then its oh shit im getting too attached and he runs...give it up...i have a feeling ill be doing this my whole life...get out and find another Libra at least you know how you are.

Even I'm baffled..
by: Aquarian26

Glad to hear I'm not That sort of aquarius! I can only assume he's been emotionally hurt very badly (or repeatedly) in the past, perhaps in childhood even, and is simply afraid of losing yet another good thing in life. Your shared history would only make him more fearful.

I'd almost recommend an ultimatum; stand your ground. Get your head around offering up your heart to him Once more and only that. Force him to think about it and get back to you. If the love is there he will get his stubborn head around 'somewhat limiting his life and choose you.

That or somehow rationalize walking away from perhaps the most loyal and best thing to have ever happened to him. In which case, I say he deserves himself. It's time for the roles to switch and for him to get a little flexible for once. Somehow his -ex made him do it, right? ;)

2 Aquarius Men
by: Anonymous

OH MY GOD! My husband is a 29 Aquarius moon, he is so totally detached I sometimes don't think he's alive.

I've had an affair the last 5 yrs w/29 Aquarius Sun, we are both Libra rising the same degree
He has run hot and cold and I just stuck it out until 2 days ago when I finally decided I can't do this anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My solar parts Ascendant is 29 Aquarius (His sun sign), his solar parts Ascendant is 12 Taurus (My sun sign).

His Mars is 10 Libra, my Venus is 10 Aries in the 1st to 7th houses. It has been a total physical realtionship, hot and heavy!!!!!!!!!!

We are both in our 60s, not teenagers. I just can't believe I spent 5 yrs waiting for something to be more than me meeting me at his place of business, which I call the MAN CAVE.

I'm done, just can't do this anymore, especially after he blew me off the other night after we had set a time to meet. I'm tired of being stupid

17 years waiting for Aquarius Man
by: Anonymous

I fell hard and fast for an Aquarius man in1997. We moved in together, bought a house together and lived together for 3 years. That third summer he announced that he had bought his own home and was leaving me in 90 days. It was pure torture. He lived in a spare bedroom until the day he moved out. He said the reason was because I "nagged" him too much for a commitment. He moved but has always "kept in touch". Several times over the next few years he reappeared in my life to see how I was doing and to sleep with me. Then, he would vanish to the detriment of my continued broken heart. This last time I had not seen him in 8 years-now he is back. Im giving him an ultimatum, so yes I think 17 years carrying a torch for my Aquarius is enough. Don't let time go like I have-still hurts time after time. Enough. Good luck all Virgo women who fall for Aquarius men.

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