The Waltz of Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman

I'm a Scorpio woman who is becoming good online friends with an Aquarius man. This is my first experience getting to know an Aquarian this well. What a treat! He is an Aqua man with a Scorpio moon and Scorpio rising. I am a Scorpio with my moon and Venus in Scorpio and my mars in Aquarius. I hope things work out for us.

Are there any other Aquarius men who are willing to share the pros and cons of their relationship with a Scorpio woman? What made it great? What elements concerned or annoyed you. In what ways did she make you happy and feel secure?


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dating the aqua man
by: Anonymous

Im a scorpio female and ive dated a couple of aquarians and have made some really good aquarian friends. The guys ive dated have always been wonderful in the beginning. We seem to connect mentally right away. But as I got to know them, its always seemed to end of the same way, with me letting them go and moving on. Aquarians in my perspective do not understand me and I dont understand them. Aquarians have to many people in their face and everyone seems to be their friend. Im not like that. But I tell you as just plain friends, they make the best.

Very Interesting
by: Hope

Thank you for taking the time to post this. Aquarius men do make very good friends. I hope I can learn from others abput how to keep the magic going when things do go beyond friendship.

I hope you will keep checking back, as I could benefit from your experiences.

Great friend, not so great boyfriend
by: Anonymous

Scorpio female here, and from reading your story, I can say I definitely relate to whole Aquarius Scorpio dilemma. I've had crushes on Aquarians before (I liked them because of their inspiring ways of viewing the world) but like your case, it always ended on a cold note. Air signs in general enjoy the idea of love more than the love itself. Water signs need intimacy and emotional love. Aquarians are the last of the air sign, making them the most idealistic and hopeful. & that's just now how us Scorps swing.
That being said, Aquarians do make great friends with many people, and Scorpio is one of those people. In fact, two of my best friends are Aquarius. I think one of the strongest connecting point between us is that Scorps and Aquarius have that innate fixed quality on the things we are sure of and the things we aren't sure of. Likewise our curiosity regarding human nature and the sciences usually draw us to one another.

by: Anonymous

This won't work! It took me 8yrs to figure it out, I ignored astrology and ended wishing I didn't. He will never begin to understand your emotional needs.

scorpio x aquarius
by: Anonymous

Sorry to say, but I have to agree with the comment of another contributor.
This will not work. I also ignored the sings and reading and wasted 6 1/2 years of his and my life (I am the Scorpio girl). The last 4 1/2 years went without physical touching, sex or anything like that.
It was a very lonely road I took, hoping things will change. We can be good friends, but that is as far as it will go.
Last year I met a man whose birthday is on the same date as mine - both Scorpios, and we hit it instantly.
If you want friendship you will get it, if you are looking for more, read some compatibilities and judge for yourself if the price you will have to pay is worthy.

Re: Great friend-not so great boyfriend
by: Hope

Thanks for sharing your experience. There are many similarities between Aquarius and Scorpio. Are they are the things we both keep hidden. But we suss them out in one another—and instantaneously know that our secrets remain safe between us.

Honestly, there is an incredible emotional trust between us. I share more with him that anyone I’ve ever known. He shares on a personal level as well, but then them he seems to detach the next day and it takes a couple of days to get him back the that cozy Scorpio “depths of emotional honesty” place again. That is definitely one of the ways we differ.

Obviously there is no way I can predict the outcome of our relationship, but so far things have been great. We try to spend at least 15 minutes video chatting each night, however that often turns into 2 hours. We are both very much sleep deprived. We are going to finally meet the last week in May. I’ll post how that goes.

Re: rUN!
by: Hope

Lol! Shucks. Too late! I’m already in too deep, I’m afraid. This is month number 8 for our online friendship. We won’t actually meet in person until the end of May. However, we've had no arguments or fights so far. We have lots of exciting exchanges of ideas, but always respectful and productive. He often plans fun online activities.

Last night we shared the same bottle of red wine and dark chocolate via video chat. He “took me to dinner” once, by making reservations for me at a great place in own city. He went to a restaurant in his area. We video chatted, laughed, and flirted throughout the entire meal.

I do agree that the interaction with Aquarius is different than anything I have previously experienced. I have posted in earlier threads that he kept encouraging me to date other people. Well, many Scorpio women are incapable of dating more than one person at a time. Once we have decided to pursue, we spend every moment thinking of, and acting on ways to keep our loved one happy and content. I didn’t understand back then, but he kept saying he was fearful that he was not going to be able to give me what I need. I realize now he was talking about my emotional needs. Aquarius man does understand that we need to go to the ocean floor with our emotions, and take our partner with us. It is just that I think Aquarians prefer short, but meaningful and memorable interaction, and then want to head off to the next adventure.

I'm fine with Aquarius’ sense of adventure—we just want to join you in your fun. But Aqua man would rather us go have our own adventure and then meet for dinner to discuss. Since this is just an online friendship so far, it has not been a problem. However, I see the potential for pain and hurt feelings (mine) in this.

Re: Aquarius X Scorpio
by: Hope

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I wish I could argue with you, but I can’t. I sense was you are talking about. We have discussed this as a probable barrier to a healthy relationship with one another. He approached it from a needing me to trust him standpoint. However it is not about trust for me. And it isn’t about the fact that he needs to get out and enjoy life.

I support that as well. I tend to do the same. But I think it has more to do with the unspoken stuff that is behind it that can create hurt feelings. I tend to make plans for myself when my partner is busy with other things. I don’t make plans if he wants to spend time with me. With Aquarius it's another story. Not a bad thing, but will definitely require lots of supportive understanding and communication on both our parts!

Scorpio women can't deal w/ my aqua guy
by: Anonymous

it makes exactly a year that we met. At first, I wasn't really into him but as time passed by, I fell for him and he just became more detached everytime, to the point that I fell I was just used for sex. Something would tell me that he had feelings but just didn't know how to show it. Very aloof, distant and no tactful at all. I just ended it and it's killing me but that was not going anywhere. Even once he sold me out on a date, he was just with his family. That was a first for me and just couldn't take it very well. I will miss him but eventually I will go back to my stable life and not the rollercoaster i was in. He can call 2 or 3 times a day and then be 2 or 3 days without calling. Not me, I am not controlling but want to hear from that person, I need to know that we are attached even though we are not physically together. Oh, he was very caring and loving and the sex was AMAZING. I will defenetely miss my aqua guy.

Tips for you
by: Anonymous

I'm an Aquarius man who had his heart broken by a Scorpio woman.... So, from my view- here ya go: If you are heavily into the signs, take a step back and look at him as an individual (not just what the charts say he is).... Anyone, from any sign can be a total jerk or the love of your life. Give him that chance.... When you, as a Scorpio, may want to pull back behind your walls because "it seems too good" or "easy" (lol- must be a trick, right?), just go with it. If we sense that someone is holding back, we tend to get that "detached" appearance as a defense... Not saying it's right, but its no different than the walls put up by a Scorpio. Just enjoy it and tell him you enjoy it...... Don't ask "loaded questions" as we will feel that it's a "trap" and will answer you honestly, but quite watered down- again, as a defense not to scare you away. But, that type of thing can cause mixed signals and confusion.... If you have a quetion- just ask- we will usually give it to you straight, but nice.
All things I read say the scorp-aqua combo is a tricky one...... And maybe it is if you go into it closed minded... But, the passion, sex, and fun if the combo was such a great mix for me..... I can honestly say I would give anything to have her back, but, on an "everything on the table" way so that I knew there were no guessing or head games (avoid these).... We can respect your need for privacy (secrets), but throw us a bone once in a while sones know you care about our feelings.... Have fun with it.... No relationship is guranteed and there is always a chance of heart ache..... But don't forget the chance of a completely rewarding and magical relationship is just as strong a possibility......

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