The way to a Libra Ladys heart

by Kasey

Okay,lets be honest here; Libra Ladies are so complicated to understand. I'm a libra (I was born Oct.6) and I know I'm wicked complicated. But, the thing is, I'm only complicated in the minds of those who don't really know me. The key to getting a Libra lady to like you is to GET TO KNOW HER.

From the comments I've seen, and the understanding of myself, Libra's are shy, but very interesting. We like adventure-we like people who make us forget to look at our phones, people who bring out this sense of freedom and love and laughter. Make us laugh. (I love a man who can make me laugh aha) Just be spontaneous, fun, funny,gentle, and caring and you can bet that any libra woman will be happy to have you.

I guess to really simplify it all for you-libra ladies are shy at first, but once you get to know them they are the greatest girl ever. We're sweet. Understanding. We're naturally so intune with the world that we make sense of all things around us due to our need to always please people (We silently analyze everything about a person we are interested in and though the way I worded this it sounds pretty creepy have no worries! haha we are doing it so we can be the very best lover for you. We are doing it so we know how to make you happy emotionally, mentally, physically, and most importantly-sexually.) You're welcome. We're good people who genuinely care about your mind-and we aren't bitches.

We're fun, creative, gentle, driven, creative, original, and there is no other girl or zodiac sign like a libra. We get along with pretty much everybody not because we talk a lot but because we are genuinely nice people who naturally feel fulfilled when everybody around us is happy-I personally get so anxious and uncomfortable when I see people who aren't happy-I just want to like run over and give them a hug, a sandwhich and a listening ear. Then I wanna go do some fun shit with them to get their minds off of it-Like lets go do something awesome and crazy and have the time of our lives.

Like seriously lets go do some fun crazy shiz together. :) I'm sorry for how long this is, and I thank those of you who actually took the time to read this haha.

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