This Sag plays hard to get.


How do I break the ice and get her to channel in on not fronting in front of others, or putting on a show in front of others? How can I get her to slow down the mouth game and see what I'm working with? When I'm nice to her she's mean. When I'm mean to her it turns her on. Is there somewhere in between I can meet her so I'm not just thugging her?

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Personal gut feeling
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm a sag girl and I believe that she is engaging in intellect games with you. Just try surprising her with something that amaze her or amuse her, it might do a trick :)

by: Anonymous

Be Assertive. Don't give give and give. Don't move to quick on just serving that silver platter to her. ask her what she wants on it first. we are very decisive.

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