Totally undeserved

by Rose

I have been known, well, I don't even dream to really say that I know everything about this Leo man. Anyway, technically me and this Leo man have been already in the same institution for years, but only started to really talk to each other couple years ago. I don't even think about him but then suddenly, bang, he's all over my mind 24/7. As you may already have read about Scorpio, we really are very intense. Once we put our finger on something, we can't stop thinking about it until we manage to attain the success.
So, it all started when he teased me, in a sudden. I mean, I never have talked to him before. Ever. Then he came along, ruining my peaceful/laid-back/drama-free situation. But my intuition says he's not playing around aimlessly, I can't say that he doesn't have a good heart. However, I didn't grow any feeling for him. It took me some time, quite some time to open up. But he managed to interfere my mind eventually.
Of course, apparently I can't stand not to thrive on drama. I started to think he didn't even want to be with me, he only used me for his own personal gain. This all happened when he started to go out with someone else while he sometimes still called me. I don't know his motives are! Well, is it too overanalyzing that he only did that to make me jealous? Or perhaps knowing that all the efforts he made for the past few months are fruitless, so he was moving on?
Gee. I can't know that for sure. All I know, when I was about to go to different institution - after I manage to rise myself from desperation - he started to apply the same institution with mine. Then there we are. I know, I shouldn't have jump into conclusions right? But honestly, whenever we accidentally met, even after years past since the last call, I still carry major crush for him.
Totally undeserved.

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