Toxic virgo man

by Pink

I will never date a Virgo man ever again. They chew you up and spit you out. I really don't know how these Virgo men portray themselves as being that humble and shy, when all the while they are manipulating you and are very controlling and say everything is your fault. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. They claim to be faithful, loyal and innocent which is not the case. When they pull back they are pursuing other women behind the scenes. They are commitment phobics and transfer their insecurities onto the other person in the relationship with criticism and toxicity, cold blooded and detached and extremely self absorbed, in a narcissistic way, full of self importance and arrogance, sucking the life out of you, take, take, take and throwing a few crumbs back.
I was with a Virgo man for two years in a relationship. Then I was demoted to a 'friend' for another couple of years with no sex. In the beginning he was very attentive, paid me compliments and was really into me, then all of a sudden I was cut off at the knees and he said he only wanted to be friends and no relationship, but they will only be friends when they have nothing to do and are bored, so you feel used and abused. I put up with it for a long time. He was always blowing hot and cold and was the catalyst in arguments, causing embarrassing situations when we were out, and turning it around saying it was my fault. He took great delight knocking my self confidence, if I stood up for myself he didn't like it, he belittled me and put me down in public and behind the scenes, getting other people on his side and making me look like the bad person who had committed some serious crime and used bullying tactics, emotional and mental abuse. He was a great drama queen; would have made a great actor. Once they have spoken all about themselves, and you have fed their ego, they get bored and move onto someone else for a narcissistic top-up. He says he has now met someone else (it won't be long before he's looking around again) and I really feel for whoever this is and other potential victims. They seem to like their women not to have a voice and stay mute, as anything I wanted to talk about it, he told me to shut up or storm off. They can't deal with 'life' at all and think they should stay away from women and I feel sorry for their next victim, as I would not wish any of it on my worst enemy. They cause the worst damaging pain you can ever experience. I was very caring, sharing and supportive. After all this it took its toll on my well-being and having to deal with a trail of wreckage and devastation I am now just beginning to recover and slowly repairing my confidence and this has made me very cautious and vigilant and now I do not know how to trust another man.

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