Trying to understand the Capricorn stubborn streak.

by MissTru83
(St Louis)

I am an Aquarius woman and I don't understand this Capricorn man. He originally pursued me since we were as young as 11yrs old, one thing we had a common the most is we both worked at jobs as children and would always come across each other in the work field But I just never saw him in that way. I was just getting out of my most recent relationship and all of sudden start receiving emails from my cappy and still didn't take them as serious due to the circumstance of my current relationship. So times i would reply with closed ended responses that would still end up with us going nowhere. So one day he sent another email. I felt i was completely out of my relationship so i called and we hit it off instantly, but I'm not generally trusting of men so I didn't take him as serious and treated him with a long handle spoon.I love how we dated due to the fact we were not in each other's face a lot so when we were together i would be new and special. I ended up seeing some things on his FB page that completely pissed me off, so I stop answering his calls and emailed him a message calling him some manish things and calling it off. Well he got my attention one day with one of his stat's a month or so later, so i responded and we emailed each other back and forth till i felt comfortable enough to call him the next day. Well he did a 360 on me and started to treat and talk to me horrible, in which I knew it was all his ego. So i started to feel bad about the situation and continued to call him on and off , he always answered return my calls right away,but if i didn't call him he was not calling me, it was like he couldn't really stand me anymore, so i pushed a little harder than he finally agreed to see me at his home in which one thing led to another, and was great, so much passion and unspoken emotion that was bottled up, i felt his emotion but also felt his anger by morning as if he was mad at himself for taking that step. I really miss him and now I have took my hands off of it and now putting the call on him if he wants to ever date me again. What should I do, if I don't want to give up on him, he just requested me as a friend again on FB after us going through blocking each other, but i made a new page and he requested to be my friend, i accepted but he never says anything. What is that about?

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