Two sides of Aries men

by Kita Seay
(Signal Hills, CA USA)

I am currently dating two Aries men and they are both so different, The First Aries Man that I have been dating for 11 months keeps me questing on how he feels, he takes me out on really nice dates and on really expensive trips, but when I ask him about his feels for me he just totally ignores me, I have meet his whole family.

The second Aries Man is constantly telling me how much he loves me and every wants to be with out me in his life, I mean Mad over hills in love with me, he would give me the world.

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Flexability is Key with a Aries Man
by: Brother Aries

What you need to keep in mind is that all the information that is compiled about the Aries Man is a reflection of our collective personality traits. It rarely takes into consideration of a particular Aries Man personal background and how that will affect his Aries presence.... You need to keep in mind of culture, religion, ethnic background, education, life experiences, and upbringing as a child will affect the way he will manifest his Aries personality.

The Aries man is more complex then is known and even taught about...As, a Aries Man i can tell you we are a awesome piece of work and extremely challenging for a women. But, if you stick with us and win our heart, it is nothing we will not do for you. When we love...we love for real!!!!!! Aries Men will always be real and authentic whether he is manipulative, caring, loving, kind, mean, impulsive, compassionate, etc.. He will be that through and through. You will always know where you stand with us or not. If, we do not want to tell you how we feel, then we won't period!!!! In our mind it is our world and the rest you are just visiting!!! I know it sounds rude and disrepectful, but it is that way with alot of us.

We can be extremely arrogant and cocky especially if we know we have our shit together. So, learn to be flexiable when dealing with Aries Men and treat each one as their own man and proceed from there. If, you like rollercoasters...then prepared to have your shit rock!!!!!!

2 things
by: Aries

Man # 1: not attached to you. End it.

Man #2: has feelings for you. Explore it.

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