Understand how Aries man thinks!

by Need some understanding

A few months ago a friend from my past (who is an aries male) whom I haven't seen in well over 15 years has contacted me. The last time we seen each other was when he was 20 and I 15 yrs. When he contacted me he revealed how much he liked and cared about me however he couldn't get involved with me because at that time I was to young. He told me over the years he was looking for me and every time he would located me I'd move and even told me where I live over the years. He stated if he had found me I would have been his wife. I also felt the same way for him and have been looking for him also over the years. The problem: he is married! However since the lines of communication has been open he has been revealing deep feeling for me.

What I would like to know is why would he confess to me how he feel while he is married? Also I feel the same way he feels. However need to understand why he may feel the same way for me he felt when we were younger.

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