Understanding Aquarius woman independence

by Kennedy

we Aquarius women can seem unemotional and detached. emphasis on the SEEM, really we have very fiery and intense emotions and they are very changeable. We live in our minds so emotions and feelings might be the only unfamiliar territory we DON'T want to explore. and that's saying something. we dont trust people easily (at least I dont) and we probably wont go out with you unless your one of our closest friends. we can be very complicated and expressing our emotions can be very hard.

So a warning to all passionate lovers! Leos and Pisces and other signs alike, don't mistake our independence as a sign that we don't love you because most likely we do!

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Insight from an Aquarius woman
by: Anonymous

As an Aquarius woman, I mostly agree with the generalities attributed to this sign. I am definitely a true humanitarian, and will always fight for the underdog. Also, a tremendous disdain for stereotypes give me more of a reason to be as unique as possible, and I have no pre-conceived notions about various people upon meeting them. I have a rebellious nature, one that is flaunted just to be different. I tend to come off a bit distant, even cold, however this is never done with an intent to hurt someone's feelings. I have also been called selfish by many people, yet the only rationalization I have for this is because so much energy is geared towards helping others and being there for them, when the opportunity to indulge presents itself, I take it! No questions asked.
I value my independence and dislike opposition to my plans, especially if they are for the benefit of myself or someone else.
Intelligence is the top most quality I seek in a partner, for my mind never shuts off and requires philosophical stimulation. But, I will be loyal and give my all to any relationship I deem worthy and significant. My values and belief structure were created from experience and are always evolving, so it is not that I am flighty or flaky, just incorporating new life lessons as they present themselves.
In summation, I am quirky, strange, different, intelligent, impulsive, and extremely passionate about what is important to me. Truly one of a kind!

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