Understanding Aquarius women

I am an aquarius woman and I love to see confidence in the man who is trying to get me. I want to go to quiet, unknown, and interesting places for dates. Take me to a Perkins and its going to be fun but I'll never go out with you again.

I like to know whats going to happen or if its going to be far away. I want to know because I just want to bring more things with me. I am almost never surprised by the things people say or do. I think because of this if I am surprised it really takes me some time to accept it. I feel dull and out of touch when that happens and so I do not like surprises.

I hate it when people are jealous and it seems to happen a lot because I'm good at many things. I don't want to have to reassure my partner that they are fun, smart,or that I care about them because I find it annoying. If you were none of those things I would not be with you! I also feel that "I love you" should be said with real intent and not as an end to a conversation.

People criticize me saying I don't have emotions or that I'm snobbish but I don't feel that way. I feel very deeply I just don't put it out there for everyone and I am willing to hang out with all different kinds of people. Maybe you did not show enough want to hang out so I walked away or said I'd call you later. I almost always forget to call later and when I do remember I feel its to late and will call another time.

I am ok hanging out with my self. I like to hang out with friends and all but I don't need too. I have lots of friends but find that most people lie so I have very few real friends. I mean real as in they are the only ones I am going to share with and probably won't share everything. I am honest. Ask and I will tell you and you may not like it but its the truth as I see it.
You can choose to accept it or not it won't bother me but if you don't and then complain about it later it will annoy me. I love dancing and music. Theater is great and hiking too. Choose an interesting new place to take your aqua and she will enjoy herself. Even if she does not call you she will tell someone she had fun. She is probably waiting for you to call.

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Aquarius woman here
by: Anonymous

Mind Games capture my interest, but then its hard for me to take them seriously. So if you want to be taken seriously, raw constructive Honesty
really does help.

How True!
by: Jan

In 6 simple words....you have just described me PERFECTLY!!!!

by: Anonymous

Totally understand you, but I'm a Leo guy.

virgo+aquarian=good food sex love and adventures

I understand you because my mom is an aquarius and my girlfriend is one as well and I am a virgo :) I don't know how I fell in love actually I do her kindness and smartness is what attracted me. <3

So true
by: Jess

You just described me perfectly. I can not STAND the fact that people think I am snobby just because I state my opinons and am honest. It's very irratating. Also, I am not emotional and do not like to feel emotions but when I care about someone, I give them my all. I am very loyal but it has to be with the right person. Mental connection is most important and I HATE liars.

Another aqua personality
by: Anonymous

I will tell you the truth and you may not going to like it, because being honest is part of aqua intergrity. And if i know the truth will hurt you so much, i rather not say anything.
I wont continue argument if the reason is not valid. I am very emotional aqua, but i wont show it to all. I do have many friends-still in contact though. But only few are the privellege.
If you ask me do that, i will not do that, but if you ask me don't do that, i will do it. That's me aquariuan. If all the people jump from the bridge, i will turn back-i don't care.
I see people attitude, i can describe them well. The one that disgust me, i won't even say hello.
But i am not snobbish. People will suddenly pour their problem to me. And i need to keep their secret. Forever.
Maybe thats aquarius, even the aquantance trust us so much.

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